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  1. DJ

    DJ I've wrestled alot of countries

    Feb 22, 2008
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    In 1969 Jason Wright opened a wrestling company named Championship Wrestling Alliance.CWA ran head to head with the WWWF and eventually bought them out in 1975.Since then CWA has ran without many problems.They have held 19 Wrestlemanias(the first in which was in 1989) and are celebrating the 20th in 2009.Also Last Year Jason retired and handed the business over to a unknown person.......We join CWA in November 2008.....

    Debut : 2005
    Titles Won: CWA Tag Titles with Chris Masters.
    Finishers: End Game(Running boot to corner),The Playmaker(Inverted Suplex)

    John Morrison
    Debut: 2003
    Titles Won: CWA World Title x2,CWA US Title x5
    Finishers: Moonlight Drive(corkscrew neckbreaker),Point of iMPACT(Corkscrew shooting star press pin)

    Chris Masters
    Debut: 2005
    Titles Won: CWA US Title x3,CWA Tag Titles with MVP
    Finishers: Masterlock,Master Slam(half nelson suplex)

    Shelton Benjamin
    Debut : 2002
    Titles Won: CWA World Title,CWA US Title,CAW Tag title with Charliee Haas.
    Finishers: Superkick,T-Bone Suplex

    Debut: 2007
    Titles Won : CWA Tag Titles with Cloudy x2
    Finishers : The Deluxe

    Debut : 2007
    Titles Won : CWA Tag Titles x2
    Finishers: Yoshi Tonic

    CM Punk
    Debut: 1999
    Titles Won: CWA US Title,CWA World title x3,CWA Xtreme Title x2
    Finishers: Pepsi Plunge,G2S

    Alex Shelley
    Debut: 2008
    Titles Won: CWA Tag titles with Chris Sabin,CWA Xtreme title x1
    Finishers: Shellshock,Shinning Wizard

    Chris Sabin
    Debut: 2004
    Titles Won: CWA Tag titles with Alex Shelley,CWA Xtreme Title x4
    Finishers: Cradle Shock,Overeasy DDT

    Debut: 1995
    Titles Won: CWA World title x2,CWA Tag Title with RVD,CWA Xtreme title x4
    Finishers: Camel Clutch,Springboard Cutter

    Mike Quackenbush
    Debut: 1999
    Titles Won: CWA US Title x10,CWA Xtreme Title x2
    Finishers: QuackenDriver(Tombstone)

    Chris Hero
    Debut: 2001
    Titles Won: CWA US Title x2
    Finishers: Heros Welcome(rolling cutter)

    Nigel McGuinness
    Debut: 2000
    Titles Won: CWA World title x1,CWA Tag title with Doug Williams
    Finishers: Lariat,Tower of London

    Doug Williams
    Debut: 2002
    Titles Won: CWA Tag title with Nigel McGuinness
    Finishers: Chaos Suplex,Bomb Scare

    Debut: 2001
    Titles Won: US Title x3
    Finishers: Ki-Krusher

    William Regal
    Debut: 1994
    Titles Won: CWA World Title x2,CWA US Title x3
    Finishers: Regal Strech,Regal Plex

    Paul Birchall
    Debut: 2007
    Titles Won: None.
    Finishers: C4,Curbstomp

    Vladimir Kozlov
    Debut: 2007
    Titles Won: CWA Xtreme Title
    Finishers: Top Rope Splash,repeating powerbomb

    Super Dragon
    Debut: 2006
    Titles Won: CWA Xtreme Title
    Finishers: Physcho Driver

    Bryan Dainelson
    Debut: 2001
    Titles Won: CWA Xtreme title,CWA World title
    Finishers: Tap or Snap,Super Tigerbomb

    Weekly Show: CWA WAR

    Current Champions:

    World Title
    CM Punk

    CWA US Title
    Mike Quackenbush

    Xtreme Title

    Tag Titles
    Cheech And Cloudy

  2. DJ

    DJ I've wrestled alot of countries

    Feb 22, 2008
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    A massive pyro display goes off as The 3/11/08 episode of WAR Kicks off.We go to the annouce table with JBL and Micheal Cole.

    Cole: Welcome to WAR!Were coming of the massive No Mercy where CM Punk retained his world title in a cage match againist MVP and Chris Masters.

    JBL: What a night it was Micheal!And wait here comes Punk right now.

    "This fire burns" ring throughout the arena as CM Punk comes down in his street clothes.He stops on the entrance ramp and holds up his belt to a massive belt.He enters the ring and grabs a mike.

    Punk: Last night I gave my best performance to date.And I capped it all of by hitting the G2S on the top of the cage.It felt so good to see that cocky S.O.B MVP Fall 15 feet to the ring floor.But now onto new challgenes.Masters and MVP are gone for now and I need a new challenger.So If anyone thinks they have what it takes on the straight edge superstar get your ass in my ring.

    The Arena goes dark and a spotlight shines directly on the entrance.Out steps Vladimir Kozlov and he looks to the sky before walking to the ring.He takes punks mike.

    Kozlov : Excuse me Mr.Punk But I would like to challenge you to a match tonight.And If Me,Vladimir Kozlov win......

    Punk: And if you win..........

    Kozlov: I gets a title shot at Revoultion.

    Punk: Well,since no one else has come down I guess it me and you tonight.If you win Kozlov its me and you at Revoultion.Good Luck Kozlov.

    Punk goes to walk off but Vladimir grabs his shoulder and thorws him back into the ring.He kicks Punk in the stomach and Lifts him up for The Dinamite Bomb.He hits the first powerbomb,and the second and finally the spiral bomb.He spits on punk and walks off.

    Commerical Break

    Match 1
    Cheech w/Cloudy vs Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin

    Cheech and Alex lock up in the middle of the ring.Alex pushes Cheech into the corner.Alex then slaps Cheech which gets him heat.Cheech comes out of the corner with a elbow and begins to plant more and more into Shelleys head.Cheech tosses Shelley into the ropes and as he comes back Cheech hits a dropsault.He goes for the cover and only gets a 2.

    Cheech puts Shelley on the top turnbuckle and begins to hit some punches.Cheech goes to the other corner and runs in Shelleys Direction.He jumps and goes for jumping super hurricanrana!But wait!Shelley catches him!Powerbomb to the outside!Wow Cheech is in pure pain!The ref begins to count but still Cheech shows no movement.The ref counts to 10 and he calls down medics

    Winner-Alex Shelley by Countout.

    Shelley gets a mike-"Remeber the name-Motor City Machine Guns."


    The Kings Court is backstage.

    Regal: Right boys.Tonight Doug and Nigel have a match againist Quackenbush and Dainelson.And young Birchall you must be at ringside.Understood?

    Nigel,Paul,Doug-Yes Sir!

    Regal-Right!Now get ready!

    Low Ki vs Super Dragon
    Super Dragon is unleashed as soon as the bell dings.He hits Low Ki with some knees to the stomach and begins to work on Low-Ki's back.He hits some stiff chops on Low-Ki's back in the corner and puts him in a tree of woe.Dragon hits the ropes and comes back with a running boot to Low-Ki's face.

    The ref unties Low-Ki and warns Super Dragon.Dragon pushes the ref out of the way and Low Ki hits a extremely quick kick to Dragons face.Dragon falls to the ground.1,2 Kickout!Low Ki brings Dragon to his feet.He whips him into the ropes,Low-Ki also goes to the ropes and but Dragon comes out faster and connects with a brutal Lariat!Low-Ki is out!Dragon hits a curb stomp and follows up with a Phsycho Driver.Thats it!

    Winner-Super Dragon.

    Commerical Break.

    CWA returns with Quackenbush and Dainelson walking to the ring.

    Quackenbush and Dainelson vs Doug Williams and Nigel McGuinness w/ Birchall
    Williams and Dainelson start off this one.Dainelson and Williams exchange chops.Dainelsons chops come faster and quicker and he soon has Williams at the ropes.He Irish Whips Williams across the ring And Hits a massive elbow!1,2 and McGuinness breaks the count.Dainelson whip Doug into His teams corner.In comes Quack and he hits a massive pam into Dougs face.He screams at the crowd and gets pumped up!He goes for a lariat but misses and williams hits a backdrop!

    Williams tags in Nigel and Nigel locks in the london dungeon.Quacks in pain but is not giving up!He manages to escape.He makes a hot tag to Dainelson who runs in and connects with a massive headbutt to Nigel and Doug!He goes to the ropes and hits a massive european uppercut on Nigel!Quackenbush goes to the tope rope!Wait a minute Dainelson goes up there aswell!Belly to Belly suplex from top rope!Dainelson has attacked his own partner!Now hes leaving!Williams off the tope rope with the bomb scare on Quackenbush.Nigel goes for the cover and he gets it

    Winners-Nigel and Doug w/Birchall

    JBL-Im surprised Birchall wasn't involed.

    Cole-What about dainelson?

    JBL-He taking out the champ Micheal,smart move!And here comes Kozlov!

    Kozlov vs Punk
    Punk is hurt from earlier tonight and its clear hes the underdog here.Kozlov is keeping Punk in the corner and is kicking the stuffing out of Punk!Kozlov hits a running boot to Punk and taunts the crowd.Hes getting big heat.Punk starts to fight back!He rocks Kozlov and he heads to the top turnbuckle.He jumps and what a catch by Kozlov!He thorws Punk onto his shoulders and does a steam roller!He heads to the top rope and hits the Kozlov Splash!1,2,3!Thats all she wrote!

    Winner-Vladimir Kozlov.

    The show ends with Kozlov standing over Punk with the CWA Belt.
  3. DJ

    DJ I've wrestled alot of countries

    Feb 22, 2008
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    CWA Insider
    In the next week its believed that a smaller B-Show will be born in CWA.Names are being thrown around for the show,which would feature all WAR Talent.

    Cheech took a bump againist managements advice and has paid for it.Cheech has injured his right arm and will require surgery in the near future.

    CWA next PPV will be Revoultion.It will be held in the Pepsi Center

    Kozlov and Punk is confirmed for Revoultion.Expect A Dainelson/Quackenbush match and something with The Kings Court/MCMG/Cheech and Cloudy.

    Its believed Kozlov receieved a push because of his impressive performance at No Mercy.If you remeber Kozlov destroyed John Morrison with a splash through 2 tables.

    CWA is preparing for the "unknown business person" to debut at Revoultion.Names are being thrown around for the part.
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