Could you make a sig for me please

Discussion in 'Requests' started by pastie154, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. pastie154

    pastie154 Guest

    hey people as i have no idea how to make a sig could you do me one please what i want is:

    the wales rugby team emblem
    with writing underneath sayin future world champs

    or if you cant do that:

    can i have one of gareth 'alfie' thomas tapping his head (the iotalah) after he scored a try for wales and underneath 'whats it all about alfie?'

    thanks much appreiciated

  2. pastie154

    pastie154 Guest

    o yeah if you do one i'll be forever in your debt and everytime you see me post you could smile in knowing that you made that sig.
  3. ssean

    ssean Guest

    hey dude ill try it. And you dont need to credit me!! how much sweeter could it be?? lol
  4. ssean

    ssean Guest

    Here you go dude ill also PM it to you ;)

  5. pastie154

    pastie154 Guest

    thanks thats great your a legend
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