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Who currently is the best 1st baseman?

  1. Lance Berkman

  2. Prince Fielder

  3. Adrian Gonzalez

  4. Eric Hosmer

  5. Paul Konerko

  6. Albert Pujols

  7. Mark Teixeira

  8. Joey Votto

  9. Other (please state)

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  1. Megatron

    Megatron Justin Verlander > You

    Apr 24, 2010
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    These type of threads were done a few years ago by Blue Cardinal, and now that a few years have passed, times have changed and we may (or may not) have a new perspective on who we think is best. This series will be used to help identify who WZ think is the best current baseball player. While some positions are deeper than others, if you aren't the best at your own position you can't be the best in the game. With that being said, here's the criteria I'd like you all to use:

    Who you think will play the best for THIS season only? Not in 5 years, not who's been the best in the past 5 years. Salaries aren't accounted for either. If you choose Eric Hosmer over Albert Pujols, it better be because you think Hosmer will have a better season, NOT because he will give you more bang for your buck.

    This ISN'T a lifetime achievement award. Think of it like this: if you are a GM, and you have any 1 first baseman you can take for THIS YEAR ONLY, who would it be?

    Also, for 1st basemen, try to use guys that will play primarily at first (so no DH-first or multi-position guys (unless their primary position is first))
    For my selection, you can cut the pool down to about 7 or 8 pretty quickly:

    Once you get past them 8, your homerness is really showing. Here's my ranking of them, in descending order.

    8. Hosmer - He's still young and eventually will be up there, but for now even being slightly involved in the discussion is a tribute to the talents this kid has.
    7. Berkman - While he regressed a bit in the second half, he still had a huge bounceback season and shouldn't be as worn out playing first as he was in the OF.
    6. Konerko - getting up there in age, but always is a consistent producer of 30 HRs, .280-.300 AVG, and around 100 RBIs. While his defense is shoddy, you could do a lot worse than Konerko at first.
    5. Teixeira - Great defense, but his obp has declined each year since 2008. Somewhat takes advantage of the short dimensions out in right at Yankee stadium, but still is a 30+ HR guy.
    4. Fielder - kinda the opposite of Teixeira - great offense, bad defense. There may be a slight adjustment period to the AL pitching, but this guy still will provide great protection for Cabrera and still should be able to mash.
    3. Pujols - A slight upset here, but the main reason is because he's switching leagues, his stadium is even tougher to hit HR's in, and hitting in the Coliseum and Safeco isn't as friendly as hitting in Miller Park, Great American, or Minute Maid.
    2. Votto - Tough decision between him and Gonzalez, but with Gonzalez saying he wasn't fully healthy last year makes me appreciate what he did more.
    1. Gonzalez - He raked in Petco, then in his first year in Boston raked for most of it despite being not completely healthy. He plays great D, and I wouldn't be surprised if we get even better numbers than his time in San Diego.

    So who's your current best 1st baseman?
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  2. Harthan

    Harthan Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

    Jun 28, 2008
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    No question for me. Albert Pujols. I get what you're saying about having a player for this season, not relying on past experiences, but I still want Pujols over anybody else in the league. I expect him once again scuffle at the very top of the charts in both OPS and wOBA, and lead first basemen in home runs and RBI. While Fielder and Votto might top him just a bit offensively, Pujols brings things to the table that they don't. Pujols isn't the gold glover he once was, but he still outclasses Fielder defensively pretty heavily. Votto I think may be a better all around on the field player but he can't touch Pujols as an experienced player with leadership experience and two World Series rings to help my team when they reach the postseason. In terms of being a complete player, Pujols does it. He has everything you could ever want and I don't think switching leagues will be much of an issue for a guy of his caliber. If I'm signing someone to a ten year contract, I'd rather have Fielder or Votto, but this year, I'm taking Pujols all the way.

    Gonzalez is a pretty good candidate but I'd put him 4th on my list. Offensively I don't think he'll quite stack up to the three above, and I'm not confident in his defensive ability all around. He had a brilliant year last year but had never been that good at 1st in the past, so I'm hesitant to pick him up, as you said, this year alone. If he repeats his defensive performance from last year we might be having a different conversation here.
  3. PlayTheGame

    PlayTheGame The Cerebral Assassin

    Jun 29, 2008
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    I think you have to give it to Albert Pujols. Besides the fact that he's statistically had the best start to an 11-year career than anyone else in history, he's hailed by many as the current best player in MLB. Pujols is on track to set numerous hitting records, and was just paid an ungodly amount of money to leave the Cardinals and join the Angels. While his fielding ability is impressive at 1B, he's obviously mostly known for his uncanny hitting ability and the hard work he puts into it. I just heard an interview with one of Pujols' Angels teammates on ESPN radio today in which he was referenced. He stated that Pujols works possibly harder than anyone else in practice, similar to reports of other greats working harder than their peers (Kobe, Brady come to mind). It's no wonder why guys like Pujols are able to do what they do. Besides the awe-inspiring talent he was born with, Pujols trains and practices like few others do, allowing him to stay at the top of his game. I'm expecting another big season out of him this year. I'd say Pujols is the best at 1B in the game right now.
  4. JamJam

    JamJam It's goin' down forreal!

    Dec 23, 2010
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    Hmm, now that I look at it, First Base is pretty stacked. A lot of good choices here. The obvious choice here would be to go with Albert Pujols but again, I'll switch it up a bit and give the nod to Mark Teixeira. I think Pujols will struggle a bit because of his switch to the American League which to me, is the better division. So back to Teixeira, if I wanted to start a team, he'd probably be at the top of my list. He had a pretty solid 2011 with 39 HR and 111 RBIs. Not only that, but he's a great defensive 1st baseman and that's all we really want. So for me, it's a battle between Teixeira and Pujols but Votto will eventually get there. Man, what a contract that guy has.
  5. OptimusReim

    OptimusReim The Brock Says.

    Feb 6, 2012
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    1st is really stacked looking at the guys on this list, and I really like Pujols, arguably the best player in the game, if not then he's no farther than the top 3. But if its just this season were going for ill take Prince Fielder. Think he'll do great this year in detroit, if they keep him in the clean up spot, and knowing that miggy will more tha likely get his plus .300 AVG and and his on base is always around 400, i think Prince is gonna get a whole lot of RBI's this year, and of course get his 40 or so homers. Just think Pujols will need a year too adjust to the AL, maybe not even the whole year, but i dont see his numbers being what they usually are.

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