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    I used to watch this as a kid, and decided to pick it back up again and boy, this here is some good shit let me tell you. Things I didn't know I wanted but they have now are as follows:

    • Pyro, sweet sweet pyro
    • Drones
    • Drones getting swatted out of the sky
    • Flippers that send robots at least seven feet in the air
    • Mini bots that aid the Main Battlebot
    • Four bots battling it out at once
    • One even has a cannon (Double Jeopardy)

    It's just good family fun. Not once have I been bored watching this stuff. Anybody else into this show lately? They've got a roster full of awesome robots, with a few classics like Tombstone and Mega Tento (the ladybug bot) still around and new ones like my personal favorite, Bronco. They've got quite a few things going for themselves lately and if you're into metal carnage, you're missing out if you're not keeping up with this.

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