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    I hope I explained that good in the title but I want read your unique wrestling experiences

    In late 2001, around November tickets went on sale for WMX8 in Toronto. I live in suburban Detroit, and Toronto is just a few hours away. Me, my 2 best friends and my dad (we were 17 so we needed an adult) spur of the moment bought 4 seats for 80$ American each. When the nWo were announced in late January we we so psyched as in 98 I was a Nash mark, my one buddy was Halls biggest and my dad was a Hulkamaniac from the 80s. What an environment.

    4 months later Vengeance was held in Detroit and of course I had to go. Hbk had joined the nWo but when Nash got hurt they dropped the nWo totally and the storyline where HHH had until vengeance to join them or not. They replaced it with HHH choosing between Raw or Smackdown. Now to me Shawn Michaels is the best of all time so I was bummed he wasn't going to be there, or will he?

    As a joke I was telling people Hbk was going to convince HHH to join Raw. During the segment stage hands set up Pyro across the ramp. I started poking my friends and yelling "holy crap, only one guy has Pyro like that". And my joke came through. I literally got 50+ high fives from the people around me. Not to mention the rest of the card which was widely regarded as one of the best B ppvs of that Era. Including Rock beating Angle and Taker in a great match.

    So between March 17th and July 23rd I saw Mania (with the epic Hogan/Rock bout) and Vengeance (Hbk pseudo return, Hogan losing his last championship and what I thought for a decade would be the last title the Rock ever won)

    Anyone have events like this where your favorite guy returns unannounced or able to attend 2 ppvs that close together or maybe multiple Manias (I also went to Mania 23 here in the D) or you were on TV in.the crowd clearly.

    Just myself and Brock on TV together.

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    I'm from Detroit also and was at that Vengeance 2002 PPV and it was awesome. The triple threat matches is probably one of the 3 best triple threat matches in WWE history(with WMXX and RR2015 being better). It's too bad the crowd was so dead though. It felt lively in my section but watching it back it was lame.

    But to answer your question, I don't know if it is unique per se or anything. But looking back on it it was historic and I didn't realize it at the time. And that was attending the go home Raw before Mania X8. The Main Event was Rock and Austin vs. The NWO(HOgan, Nash and Hall of course). At the time I obviously knew it was a huge match in terms of star power, but little did I know then that that is the only time Austin and Hogan ever wrestled against each other in a match before. So I witnessed the 2 biggest names in wrestling history face each other for the only time without really even caring about it at the time.
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    Not an actual show but I once met Lita in a bar and tried to chat her up. She told me to get lost almost instantly and so I did.

    Casey Affleck to play me in the movie. :blush:
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    wcw house show in 98 @ spectrum (r.i.p). ft. goldbergs 3rd loss ever. philly crowds!!!

    ecw "ecw arena" shows, 3 in 2000 including thee very last ecw "ecw arena" show, dec 23rd, 2000.

    ecw tnn taping in asbury park, nj. @ the same arena as "guilty as charged" 99. this show featured the horrific "explosive barbwire boards" match between balls mahoney & vic grimes but the crowd was hott. ft. new jack vs steve corino/jack victory & a balcony dive, mike awesome vs masato tanaka & a over the top rope awesome bomb, 3 other visiting fmw wrestlers: jado, gedo & kintaro kanamura.

    ecw house show in bethlehem, pa. cyberslam 2000 weekend.

    roh "generation next" 2004, was outside under a tent at the national armory.

    roh "hell freezes over", " arena warfare" 1st time at ecw arena & "100th show", all in 2006.

    chikara " national pro wrestling day" 2015 in norristown, pa.

    czw "tournament of death 14" in townsend, de. 2015


    oh, & a wxw rage tv taping in allentown, pa that ft. low-ki, da hit squad, backseat boys & gene snitsky before his wwe run. year, 02-03?

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