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    A black screen welcomes us for a brief moment, the sound of cheers rushing forward and getting ever so louder. The cheers continue until we see a clip of new Hall of Fame inductee Big Will standing tall at Kingdom Come.

    Mikey Stormrage: He was the first...

    Shots of Big Will transition as we hear “One, Two, Three” in the background and see Titus, long before his reign as Eurasian Champion, standing tall with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship defeating Everest at Kingdom Come II.

    Justin Cooper: Icons and legends, long before they were ever known as such, battled on this stage...

    Once again we fast forward to the next year, this time Kingdom Come III, where Ty Burna stands triumphant over ‘Showtime’ Cougar.

    Theron Daggershield: And it was on this stage, where they rose, where mortal men become more...

    From Burna standing tall to now laying defeated at Kingdom Come IV as confetti falls from the ceiling with Steven Kurtesy holding the WZCW Heavyweight Championship proudly above his head.

    Flex Mussel: They risked it all for one chance...

    A three way battle between Steven Holmes, the reigning champion, Drake Callahan and ‘Showtime’ Cougar. The intense battle goes back and forth with each man nearly walking away with the title but in the end, Cougar rights the wrong of two years ago and wins the World Championship at Kingdom Come V.

    Garth Black: In front of millions watching from home...

    Two men with a claim to the World Championship - Matt Tastic and The Beard walk onto the biggest stage in WZCW. A fierce battle takes place and Tastic walks out with the gold he fought so hard to get in the first place.

    Eve Taylor: Just as Big Will did all those years ago...

    The most recent main event is shown between Theron Daggershield and Dr. Zeus. A brutal Last Man Standing contest which sees Dr. Zeus emerge as the SURVIVOR and new World Champion. His evil smirk burns into the screen.

    Austin Reynolds: To become a legend, to have a moment that’ll live on for the rest of time and when we fade away hope that our efforts on this stage live on.


    Our main event for this year - Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper stare at each other as the World Championships sparkles.

    “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Kingdom Come!”

    Where history happens.

    Cut to Kingdom Come II; Rush collapses in the middle of the ring having a heart attack during his match with Blade.

    Constantine: Moments that will live on forever.

    And clips of the historic War Games match at Kingdom Come V between The Sacrificial Altar and Team Strikeforce - D.C. is seen pinning James Howard to end the contest.

    Matt Tastic: Our greatest victories...

    Several clips from Kingdom Come III and the King for a Day match. It ends with Big Dave hitting the Stamp of Authority on Barbosa.

    Celeste Crimson: Our most crushing defeats...

    At Kingdom Come V; Chris KO renders Titus unable to continue and retains his Eurasian Championship.

    Logan McAllister: This event makes us dig deep and do whatever it takes...

    The arena is now empty, it’s the Superdome, and Xander LeBelle is sitting in the stands looking around at the enormous building that will host Kingdom Come.

    Vee ADZ: Just to hear those people cheer...

    Mikey Stormrage stands tall after defeating his best friend, Matt Tastic, at Kingdom Come VII.

    Noah Ryder: Or boo...

    Mark Keaton is doing up his wrist tape, for the first time, waiting to experience the thrill of Kingdom Come.

    Titus Avison: This is what we compete for all year long. The chance to step onto this stage and walk to that ring at Kingdom Come - the biggest stage of all.


    Flex Mussel: We put pride on the line...

    Cerberus clash at Kingdom Come VI in an intense triple threat for the Elite Openweight Championship. Eve Taylor emerges as the winner leaving her former brothers in arms defeated.

    Xander LeBelle: Our very careers are risked...

    Various clips of Mayhem Championship matches throughout the years; then it switches to King for a Day chamber matches and finally ends with a shot of Abel Hunnicutt and Austin Reynolds.

    Vee ADZ: But we don’t shy away...

    Team WZCW vs. Apostles of Chaos from Kingdom Come V is shown and the hard fought battle is highlighted. Ultimately seeing Team WZCW fall short.

    Batti Otuka: Because this is what we’ve dreamed about all our lives...

    Again, various clips of S.H.I.T and his impressive record at Kingdom Come, including his victory as part of Hard Metal Penetration over Cerberus.

    Mark Keaton: It is the pinnacle of professional wrestling.

    Shots from all seven previous events and the fans going mental, cheering wildly, as the camera pans over them.


    Constantine: Tonight, we compete for gold...

    The video speeds up and shows Vis Imperium battling it out with various tag teams. It then shows their opponents, the Salvific Knights defeating Runn Reynolds Runn. Vis Imperium stand on the stage looking down at the ring holding the challengers, while they hold up the WZCW Tag Team Championships.

    Matt Tastic: We fight to settle grudges...

    Flex Mussel and Matt Tastic brawl alongside and at the same time Theron Daggershield and Titus brawl to end Supershow 5.

    Titus Avison: Scratch, claw and climb just to survive...

    It transitions to completely focus on Titus and Theron. The number 437 appears on the screen but is shattered by Theron as he ascends the ladder and stands at the top, looking out at the empty arena where their match will take place later tonight.

    Mikey Stormrage: Until only one stands tall.

    Various clips of Mikey Stormrage throughout the year holding the World Championship, it then shows him putting Justin Cooper through a table and standing over him.


    Celeste Crimson: Legends rise from the ashes...

    Amongst a rush of fire, Celeste emerges and a phoenix soars high in the air.

    Xaitlyn Serpiente: Rookies seize opportunities...

    Xander Lebelle, Mark Keaton, Tony Mancini, Xaitlyn Serpiente, Batti Otaku all of whom are Kingdom Come rookies are shown.

    Tyrone Blades: The bright lights shine down...

    Veterans of the event like Matt Tastic, Titus Avison, Tyrone Blades, Constantine, Austin Reynolds and Eve Taylor are shown looking just as nervous as the rookies.

    Abel Hunnicutt: For those who are ready...

    We see backstage where production people are hurrying around, a lot of chaos as everyone prepares for the big event.

    Kagura Joheki: Destiny will come knocking.


    A time lapse begins to play on the arena and thousands quickly fill in the empty arena.

    Garth Black: On this night...

    We see Mikey Stormrage from behind as he straps on the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Theron Daggershield: In front of millions...

    Elsewhere, Justin Cooper takes a sip of water and leaves his locker room for battle.

    Austin Reynolds: History will be written and lives will be changed.



    Abel Hunnicutt hits the Tombstone Piledriver on Austin Reynolds through the announce table; Reynolds fires back with a sneak attack with a steel chair.

    Sebastian Copeland: Betrayal at its worst! Only one will walk away as this blood feud reaches its end.


    The Battle Royal participants fight it out in a six person tag match.

    Jack Cohen: One of their lives will change with a victory at Kingdom Come. A title shot awaits the winner!


    Flex Mussel and Matt Tastic trade punches in the middle of the ring.



    Eve Taylor calls out Celeste Crimson; the icon answers and flames engulf the screen.

    Sebastian Copeland: A dream match we never thought possible, Taylor vs. Crimson - Kingdom Come VIII.


    Tyrone Blades walking through the crowd; Garth Black walking down the ring and both men lock eyes. The World Championship opportunity awaiting the winner of their match.


    Mark Keaton and Constantine join forces and are named champions. The Knights rush down to the ring but the champs escape by mere inches.


    Titus Avison sits on top of a ladder and shows off his Eurasian Championship.


    Theron Daggershield rushes down to ringside and we see Tables, Ladders and Chairs flash over the screen. Next second, Titus has run away up the ramp as Theron stands alone and climbs the ladder and proceeds to imitate unhooking the title belt.

    “For the first time ever.”


    Mikey Stormrage holds up the World Championship to the roar of the crowd.

    “These two men have a date with destiny.”


    Justin Cooper emerges at the top of the stage and is flanked by Mark Keaton.

    “One will walk out as World Champion.”


    Stormrage and Cooper collide in the middle of the ring and trade punches.

    “Right here...”


    Security tear both men away from each other. Stormrage holds up the title and Cooper spits back at him.




    *** PYRO ***
    *** PYRO ***
    *** PYRO ***
    *** PYRO ***
    *** PYRO ***

    The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is going wild as the pyro for the start of the show goes off. The arena is packed for what is sure to be an amazing event here tonight. Thousands of signs are all over the arena and the crowd jump into the air as the camera pans around to show that not a single seat is left empty in the entire arena. Many of the fans have merchandise on and proudly show it off as the camera zooms in on a few. We swing around to the announce desk where the three best commentators in the business are standing by to call this blockbuster event.

    Copeland: We are live here in New Orleans, Louisiana for Kingdom Come Eight and what a wonderful video package to open the show. Truly showing how much this event means to those men and women who work so hard in WZCW. As always, I’m Sebastian Copeland and tonight I’m joined by Jack Cohen and Cat Connor. How are we tonight, partners?

    Connor: Always great to be back with you Sebastian. What a night we have in store for the fans of WZCW. It’s been a fantastic build to this event this year and I cannot wait to see what the competitors deliver. You heard it in the opening, they all want to step up and have a Kingdom Come moment. I’m sure we will see a few tonight.

    Cohen: Listen up, Seabass. And you, CC. Tonight is going to be fantastic. I can feel it in my bones. So many big matches like Matt Tastic going up against Flex Mussel, Eve Taylor against Celeste Crimson and Abel Hunnicutt and Austin Reynolds. So many rivalries to be settled here tonight. It’s going to be brutal seeing some of these matches. I don’t know if the ring will be able to hold them.

    Copeland: Of course, a total of four championships will be on the line tonight. You didn’t even mention those, Jack. I think that speaks to the strength of this card. So many great matches and they’re not even for title belts. We could have history tonight in one of those title matches when Titus Avison defends against Blackjack Theron. If he wins he’ll tie the record set by Black Dragon for the number of defences with the Eurasian Championship.

    Cohen: Hang on a moment, I’m getting word that the General Manager of Ascension is making her way to the ring. What a way to start the show!

    Connor: Why is Becky Serra coming out to the ring now?

    The camera turns around from the three announcers who are confused as to what is happening. Confusion is running wild as everyone awaits the arrival of Becky Serra for some kind of announcement.

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    The camera cuts to the ring, where Becky Serra is standing with a huge smile on her face. Dressed in a sharp power suit, Becky cuts the figure of intelligence and influence. In one hand, she holds a microphone as the fans curiously begin to cheer for the upcoming speech.


    A massive cheer goes around the Superdome as Becky, simultaneously, welcomes the world to the show and laps up the result of her cheap pop. Becky lets out a wry laugh as she begins pacing around the ring, thoughtfully thinking about something that she has on her mind.

    Serra: What a huge night we have on the cards for all of you here tonight, ladies and gentlemen. As we head into the tenth year of WZCW, we bring you the 8th annual Kingdom Come event. And what better place to emanate from than right here in beautiful Louisiana?

    Another cheap pop hits it's mark as the fans give a collective cheer.

    Serra: The matches that you will see tonight, I guarantee, will go above and beyond any Kingdom Come that we have ever produced. The history, the talent, the audience... All of it is going to lend itself to delivering the best show of the WZCW calendar. So many scores will be settled and so many legendary stories will begin. Strap yourself in, folks, this is where the ride kicks into it's highest gear!

    Becky whips the microphone away from her mouth in dramatic fashion as the energy and emotion of the night begins to show on her calm demeanour.

    Serra: But I do have to make one quick announcement before we get things started. Tonight, we were due to see 9 matches on a stacked card. Those 9 matches offered all four Championships being defended. However, it is with great disappointment that I announce that out 9 match card has been reduced to an 8 match card.

    The fans boo sharply as Becky allows a grimace to appear on her face.

    Serra: I know, I know! I am just as sad as all of you. Unfortunately, our Elite Openweight Champion is a little forgetful as you all may know. And despite me reminding him a hundred times that it was the Superdome in Louisiana... He ended up in the Silverdome in Michigan...

    Suddenly, a tremendous laugh goes around the arena at the thought of Noah Ryder turning up to an empty sports arena.

    Serra: And whilst this may not have posed a problem, Logan McAllister could not attend tonight's show for personal reason that I will not go into. The great shame of it was that he would have been awarded the Elite Openweight Championship by default had he just shown up...

    Becky stalls for a moment, quietly pondering her next move.

    Serra: But although we now only have 8 matches to offer, we will still offer 4 Championship matches!!

    The crowd come unglued as their disappointment immediately clears.

    Serra: So tonight, at Kingdom Come 8, we will see a new Elite Openweight Champion crowned. The battle royal match, which initially served as a number one contendership match going forward will now be rewarded with the Elite Openweight Championship as a prize. What's more, the match will now be an elimination match. The winner will claim the Championship, whilst the competitor who comes in second place will claim the original prize of their choice of attempt at a mid-card Championship. How about that, huh?

    The crowd continue to cheer as Becky finishes her announcement.

    Serra: That's it from me, folks. Sit back, take it all in and enjoy the show!

    With that, Becky tosses the microphone to a stage hand on the outside of the ring and then makes her way out of the ring herself. She gives the fans a wave of her hand as she moves up the ramp and out of view.

    Copeland: WOW! What a massive announcement to get us underway, folks. The number one contender match that will be happening later on will now crown a new Elite Openweight Champion! Only at Kingdom Come!

    Cohen: Good! It means that Xander LeBelle doesn't need to go around the middle man. He was going to win a championship when he eventually won the match tonight. That announcement just quickens the process, if you ask me!

    Connor: What a massive announcement for all of the people involved, Jack, not just your favourites. 6 men will enter the match and 2 of them will earn themselves a worthy prize for their efforts. Truly, this could be a ground-breaking night for all 6 men and women in that match.

    Copeland: Absolutely, Cat, the stakes are so high in that match. But speaking of high stakes, it is time to bring you the first match of the evening. And the it's gonna be a personal affair. Let's have a look at Abel Hunnicutt versus Austin Reynolds and the tale of the tape...
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a no disqualifications match!

    The crowd cheers at the announcement of the first match of the evening.

    Without any fan fair, Austin Reynolds begins to make his way onto the stage and down the ramp. There are a few cheers for the former Ratings Winner, but he ignores them and focuses only on the task at hand.

    Copeland: Ever since Reynolds returned to WZCW, he has been a changed man. Tonight he looks to right his wrongs against his former Vis Imperium brother, Abel Hunnicutt.

    Cohen: It will be a tall task Seabass. On the biggest stage in this sport, there will be no rules and he is literally stepping into the ring with a monster.

    Connor: Tall being a key word. At six foot ten and over two hundred and fifty pounds, Abel is one of the largest and violent superstars on the roster. Reynolds may have bitten off more than he could chew when he wanted this to be a no DQ affair.


    The familiar music of Steven Holmes quickly shifts to that of Abel Hunnicutt. As a spotlight shines down onto the stage, the music continues to play. Where Steven Holmes would normally make his way to the ring, there is only Abel. A sneering grin upon his face as he makes his way toward the ring and Austin. He gets to the ring and paces around, stalking Reynolds. He finally rolls inside and takes his place in the corner.

    Copeland: Even without Steven Holmes, who has been nowhere to be seen, Abel is just an absolutely scary man. There are no two ways about it.

    Connor: And you have to think that without the restriction of rules, that Hunnicutt is going to thrive and be an even bigger monster.

    Cohen: One word guys. Pain. I predict pain upon both men tonight. This is a hell of a way to kick off Kingdom Come!

    Referee Keith Morse informs both men that anything and everything will be legal, and calls for the bell.


    Reynolds wastes little time, charging right at the bigger man. Abel however is ready for him and powers him into the corner, where he begins to ram his shoulder into the midsection of Austin. After five shoulder thrusts, Abel takes a step back, but Reynolds is ready and begins to throw forearms to the face of the big man. They barely daze Abel though, who powers Austin back into the corner and throws big shoulder thrusts for a second time. Five more powerful shoulders to the midsection, before Abel lifts Austin to the top turnbuckle. Instead of a throw or suplex, he simply punches him straight in the gut, doubling him over, before he throws a big clubbing forearm across the back, knowing Austin down. Abel wastes little time, grabbing a handful of hair and dragging Austin to his feet. He then proceeds to drag his face along the top rope, halfway to the next turnbuckle, before he throws him hard to the post. He hits some stiff short punches in the corner, showcasing his striking ability, before he connects with a kick to the midsection that drops Austin to a seated position. From there he begins to stomp away at Reynolds. As Reynolds tries to get his hands up, Abel switches it up and uses his filthy boot to choke the life out of his opponent.

    Cohen: I want you to pray ladies and gentlemen. Pray to whatever deity you believe in, because Austin Reynolds is going to need it tonight.

    Reynolds does his best to force the boot off his neck and managed enough separation to gasp for air. Abel doesn't quit though, he wraps his hands around Reynolds' throat and lifts him to his feet. Reynolds does his best to fight back and measures up a punch right to the eye of Abel. It causes him to stumble and Austin comes back with a knee to the midsection, then a second. He connects with a kick to the shin, then looks for a kick to the midsection, but Abel catches it. He laughs at Reynolds before he tosses him back to the corner. A stuff chop across the chest of Reynolds softens him up before he throws him across the ring like a rag doll.

    Connor: I hope for their sake that Reynolds' family isn't watching this.

    Copeland: An absolute mugging thus far.

    Reynolds springs to his feet, and runs and tries to launch a flying knee. Abel simply catches him and runs and rams him into the corner. he starts to kick and stomp away at Reynolds, dropping him back to a seated position.

    "This is my house!"

    A brash Abel taunts Austin, taking a moment to soak in heavy boos from the crowd. As he advances back on Austin, Reynolds connects with a straight kick to the head which dazes the big man. A running knee connects and Abel, for the first time in the match, is down and against the ropes. Reynolds runs and rebounds off the far ropes and connects with a stiff knee, driving Abel through the ropes and to the floor. Austin takes a moment to hype himself up before he runs and dives through the ropes and crashes into Abel, knocking both men down as the crowd roars their approval.

    Copeland: Vintage Austin Reynolds with the high risk offense!

    Reynolds is first back to his feet and immediately looks around, and eyes the steel steps. After a bit of struggle, he manages to separate the top half from the bottom and picks them up. He turns around, only for Abel to run at him full force, shoulder blocking the steel steps and knocking down Reynolds. Abel takes a second to shake out his shoulder before he lifts Austin and connects with a picture perfect European uppercut, dazing Reynolds. Abel lifts Reynolds on his shoulder, looking for World's End to put it away early, but Reynolds slips out the back and shoves Abel face first into the ring post. Abel doesn't go down, but is dazed and using the ring apron to stay on his feet. Austin climbs onto the apron and to the top turnbuckle, where he launches himself at Abel, and takes the big man down. The crowd cheers for Reynolds like they haven't done in years and it fires up The former Ratings Winner. He kips up, and walks to the announce table.

    Cohen: Things are about to get up close and personal.

    Reynolds waits until Abel is on his feet, and then leaps off the announce table and connects with a modified elbow that drops the big man. Reynolds looks around, before he starts to dig under the ring for something to use. He pulls out a chair, but before he can use it, Abel runs and clubs him across the back, knocking him down. Reynolds rolls to the barricade, where Abel runs and kicks him in the head. Abel wastes little time, and lifts Reynolds onto his shoulder. He then drops him face first onto the announce table, Austin's head bouncing violently. Abel smiles a sickening smile as he stalks Austin. He removes the hood from the Spanish announce table, but doesn't bother to clear the monitors. He grabs Austin and just muscles him onto the table. Reynolds, who has taken a beating, rolls limply off and to the floor. Hunnicutt grabs the hood and begins to slam it into the back of Reynolds. The crowd boos, some in the front row pleading with Abel to stop as he places the hood over the back of Reynolds, before he leaps onto the back with a double stomp, breaking the hood and possibly the back of The Ratings Winner. Abel continues to smile at Reynolds as he lifts him and drops him face first onto the ring apron. The referee runs to check on Austin, who hasn't moved since falling off the table, but Abel shoves him aside.

    Connor: Absolute disrespect shown by Abel to our official. he was just trying to do his job, and Abel throws him aside like a sack of potatoes.

    Copeland: I hate to try to justify Abel's means, but this is no disqualifications. Reynolds wanted this match, and I think he is paying dearly for it.

    Cohen: And I am loving every minute of it. Reynolds should have just stayed retired. He brought this upon himself.

    Abel rolls Austin back in the ring, but takes his time climbing through the ropes and back inside. Reynolds gets to his feet and begins to throw kicks to the back of the leg of Abel, trying to find a way back into the match. As he attacks the hamstrings, Abel gets spun around, but he connects with a devastating clothesline that absolutely crumbles Reynolds. Abel walks around trying to shake feeling back into his leg. He turns back around to see Reynolds crawling, so he steps on his hands. Reynolds screams out as Abel leaps and stomps down on the hands of Austin. Reynolds crawls to the corner, but Abel begins to throw short punches and forearms again, before he switches it up and begins to power his shoulder back into the midsection. Just before Reynolds collapses, Abel props him back up before he runs across the ring. He hits the far corner before he runs back and leaps and connects with a big body avalanche to Reynolds. As Reynolds stumbles out of the corner, Abel locks in a bear hug.

    Copeland: This can't be good on the likely injured back of Reynolds.

    Cohen: Austin may need to tap out, and after the punishment tonight, there would be no shame.

    Reynolds tries to fight, throwing elbows. He creates enough separation to break the hold. He keeps throwing elbows, dazing Abel. Austin hits the ropes, looking for a big move, but he runs into a giant boot to the face from Hunnicutt. Abel checks his head, and a small trickle of blood begins to drip from under his eye. This just seems to piss off Abel as he wipes it away and begins to drop a giant pointed elbow to the midsection Reynolds. He drops a second, then a third, and a fourth. He goes for a fifth, but Reynolds rolls out of the way. Abel lands hard on the point of his elbow, possibly dislocating it. Reynolds uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, and gets to the second turnbuckle. He leaps and connects with an elbow. He gets to his feet and climbs back to the second turnbuckle. The crowd urges him on and he gingerly heads to the top turnbuckle. He leaps, but Abel springs to his feet and catches him in midair, locking on another bear hug. Reynolds struggles, trying to throw elbows, but they aren't as impactful as they were. It takes longer, but the elbows eventually work and Abel has to release the hold. A stiff kick to the knee of Abel drops him to a kneeling position. Reynolds struggles to the top rope but he leaps, only to be caught again. Abel throws him with a fallaway slam. As he shakes out his knee, he laughs at Austin, who is trying to use the ropes to get to his feet. Abel grabs Austin and begins to connect with a series of backbreakers. He throws him aside after three backbreakers and goes for the first pin in the match.

    Copeland: Please let this be over.

    One!...Two!...Austin kicks out! Abel is angered but covers him again. One!...Two!...again Austin kicks out! Abel slams the head of Austin into the mat and covers him again. One!...Two!...kick out a third time!

    Connor: Reynolds refuses to die.

    Cohen: If he keeps kicking out, Abel may literally kill him.

    A frustrated Abel slaps on a chinlock. Reynolds fights the hold, but Abel keeps it locked in. The former Elite Champion fights to his feet, but Abel keeps the hold locked in. Desperate, Austin tries to claw at the cut on Abel's face, but Abel turns his head away. Just before he collapses, Austin bites the ear Abel! The hold is broken and Austin begins to fire off rapid fire kicks and forearms, backing the monster into the ropes. A kick straight to the midsection doubles Abel over and Reynolds hits a swinging neckbreaker. He then climbs to the top rope as Abel gets to his feet. He leaps and connects with a dropkick that causes Abel to stumble backwards into the corner. After catching his breath, Reynolds runs and splashes Abel in the corner. Abel doesn't go down, so Austin goes and splashes him a second time. Abel slumps but doesn't go down. Reynolds runs across the ring and goes for a third splash, but Abel catches him and positions himself for World's End, but Reynolds slips out the back and connects with a dropkick right to the back of Abel's head, dropping the big man. Reynolds steps on the head of Abel, before he lifts him and connects with his signature elevated DDT, End Of! He makes the cover...One!...Two!...Abel kicks out at Two! Reynolds looks stunned.

    Connor: Reynolds may have just fired his best shot.

    Cohen: And Abel still kicked out. What else can he do?

    Reynolds slaps the mat and grabs Abel by the long hairs. He tries to hit him with a second DDT, but Abel blocks. Abel then spins and looks for World's End, but Austin slips out the back. A huge roundhouse kick takes Abel to the mat, but Reynolds has to fall to the ropes to keep his balance. Reynolds pulls Abel to his feet, trying for the DDT, but Abel blocks. He hits a low blow, dropping Reynolds. Reynolds falls to his knees, and Abel connects with a boot the jaw, before he locks in Aristocracy Reigns. Reynolds does his best to break the hold that Abel adopted from Steven Holmes. He crawls to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope, but the referee informs him there are no rope breaks. Austin uses the ropes and does his best to muscle Abel over, onto his back. He manages to slip out of the hold and manages to lock on his finishing hold, Silence! Abel struggles, trying to fight off the tap. Abel rolls, trying to break the hold, but Reynolds switches the hold to a triangle in the chaos. Abel is yelling in pain, but he manages to lift Austin with one good arm. He slams him down, but Austin keeps the triangle locked in!

    Cohen: The raw power of Abel, matched only by the hatred Austin holds for him. He refuses to give up the hold!

    Copeland: Abel though, refusing to give up.

    Abel begins to punch away at the midsection of Austin, trying to break the hold. Realizing the punches have no power, he tries to lift Reynolds again. It takes everything he has, but he manages to lift Reynolds into the air. Reynolds elbows away, trying to do damage. Abel runs and powerbombs Reynolds in the center of the ring. Both men are down on their backs, sucking as much wind as possible. After a minute or so on the mat, they finally begin to stir, Abel on his feet first. He gets Reynolds to his feet and Irish whips him into the ropes and connects with a flapjack that lays Austin across the top rope in a hangman. He makes a lazy cover...One!...Two!...Kick out by Reynolds at two and a half, but Abel looks like he expected it. He nods his head a few times before he rolls out of the ring and stares down the announcers.

    Connor: We may need to get out of here guys.

    Abel instead grabs a chair sitting next to the table. He slaps it on the table a few times and turns around, just as Austin Reynolds leaps off the apron at him, smashing the chair between them. Austin is back on his feet first, having taken less of an impact. He grabs the chair and smiles before he begins to lay into Abel. He smacks him across the back twice before Abel tries to climb back into the ring. Reynolds climbs in with the chair and swings at the head of Abel, but Abel grabs the chair mid swing. They fight over the chair, and the bigger Abel wins out. He swings but Reynolds quickly goes low on the monster, causing Abel to drop the chair and fall to the mat. Reynolds grabs the chair and positions it in the center of the ring. He then drags Abel over and hits End Of on the chair! He makes the cover...One!...Two!...Thr-NO! Abel gets a shoulder up! Reynolds can't believe it, and neither than the capacity crowd in the SuperDome. Reynolds is cursing up a storm as he grabs the massive leg of Abel and tries to pin him again...One!...Two!...again a kick out as two and a half. Reynolds slams a fist into the mat before he rolls over to the chair. He grabs it and slams it across the back of Abel. Abel rolls in pain, but takes a second chair shot across the back. Reynolds then grabs Abel by the hair and positions him on his knees.

    "One fucking more!"

    The crowd erupts as Reynolds slams the chair into the skull of Abel, dropping him. Reynolds makes the cover...One!...Two!...ABEL KICKS OUT!

    Copeland: How?!?

    Cohen: Abel Hunnicutt isn't human!

    Austin Reynolds is beside himself, as is the seventy five thousand plus in attendance. Austin rolls out of the ring and begins to rummage underneath it.

    Connor: Looks like the wheels are turning.

    Austin finds a ladder and his eyes widen. He slides the ladder into the ring and climbs in himself. He sets the ladder up, but Abel is stirring. Reynolds stomps at Abel, trying to soften him up. Abel grabs Reynolds foot though, and powers him away. Abel begins to throw fists once he is on his feet. He connects with heavy shots, but Reynolds responds in kind with shots of his own. They trade blows, but the bigger Abel is able to put more power into his shots. He connects with a double axe handle that stuns Reynolds, before he boots him right in the face, dropping him. He eyes the ladder and hoists Reynolds over his shoulder. He then begins to climb the ladder. He is slow, with Reynolds over his shoulder, but he climbs toward the top and positions Reynolds for World's End. Looking to end Reynold's career, he climbs to the highest step possible. Reynolds throws elbows and manages to slip out. He lands on his feet, and before Abel can adjust, Reynolds grabs the chair and smacks it across the back of the monster. Abel clings to the ladder, and Reynolds quickly runs up the opposite side. He grabs Abel and positions him for and connects with End Of off the top of the ladder! Both men crash to the mat hard, but Reynolds is able to crawl and drape an arm over the limp body of Abel Hunnicutt...One!...Two!...Three! Austin Reynolds has vanquished Abel Hunnicutt here in New Orleans.

    Copeland: What an incredible maneuver by Austin Reynolds!

    Cohen: Neither man currently moving, the medical team rushing to check on both men after a hard hitting affair.

    Connor: A career shortening match, but Austin Reynolds has vanquished the monster.

    Copeland: He had to pull out all the stops and hit moves he hasn't hit in years, but Austin Reynolds is victorious here tonight ladies and gentlemen.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, Austin Reynolds!

    Reynolds is barely able to raise his arm in victory as the medical personal help him to his feet. Abel still hasn't moved as the crowd applaud the effort of Austin Reynolds.


    The camera cuts away from Austin Reynolds making his way up the ramp to a backstage shot of Johnny Klamor. He is standing with a microphone in his hand.

    Klamor: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage.

    Cheers from the unseen crowd are heard as the champ makes his way into frame, his title belt draped across his shoulder.

    Klamor: Mikey, tonight you defend your World Championship against Lethal Lottery winner, Justin Cooper. For weeks he claimed to be a changed man, but you have refuted those claims each step of the way. Why? And how do you plan to contend with the presence of Mark Keaton at ringside tonight?

    The champ takes a moment to adjust his title belt before he speaks.

    Stormrage: Well Johnny, first off I want to say it feels great to be in The Big Easy. I can't think of many better cities to host our Super Bowl. As far as Justin Cooper goes, well I think the evidence speaks for itself. A leopard can't change it's spots. Cooper may claim to be reformed, but just look at his actions the past few weeks, especially those with Mark Keaton. Who would let their best friend join forces with Constantine? Who would blindside me with their finishing move on a talk show? Justin Cooper that's who. He isn't a changed man, he is still the same old rat he always was. And he knows he can't beat me fair and square, that is why he made sure Keaton will be at ringside.

    Klamor: What happens if you do lose tonight?

    The champ eyes Klamor.

    Stormrage: You know I never did like you Johnny.

    With that the champ walks away.
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    The camera cuts to a static shot of the three WZCW commentators sitting behind the commentary table with massive smiles on their faces. All three of them are looking extremely well-dressed – something befitting of the occasion. A few stage hands work around them as Jack Cohen surveys the scene in front of him.

    Copeland: What a tremendously extreme match to get us kicked off at Kingdom Come 8, ladies and gentlemen. Both Austin Reynolds and Abel Hunnicut brought everything they had and have, undoubtedly, set the bar so very high for everyone to follow later tonight.

    Cohen: And that's saying nothing, Seabass. What about the health and well-being of Abel and Austin? What about Vis Imperium?

    Connor: I guess we will have to wait and see what the future of both men are after tonight, Jack. But one thing we know for sure is that neither of them will be the same after a match like that.

    Copeland: So very true, Cat. The futures of both men are well and truly up in the air. But I want you to, for a moment, consider the past. Last night was an amazing night in the history of WZCW as we inducted 3 more terrific superstars into the Hall of Fame. There were laughs, tears and cheers as the class of 2017 got their ring and, more importantly, the recognition they deserved for years of hard work in this business.

    Connor: Let's hand you over to Selena Anderson in the ring.

    In the middle of the ring, the veteran WZCW interviewer stands alone, dressed in a beautiful red dress and clutching a microphone in one hand. She flashes a massive white smile at the crowd before bringing the microphone to her mouth and beginning.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your WZCW Hall of Fame Class of 2017!

    The fans are on their feet as the announcement of the Hall of Fame goes around the arena. A huge round of applause can be heard beginning to ripple through the crowd, reaching a crescendo as Selena announces the first name.

    Anderson: Introducing first... VENGEANCE!

    In the arena, the lights begin to flicker mysteriously. After a few harrowing seconds, the lights go out completely until one red spotlight picks out the stage area. Suddenly, the myth that is Vengeance makes his way into the spotlight with a stoic look of concentration on his face as he surveys the appreciative crowd. After a few seconds, the lights in the arena come back on.

    Anderson: Joining him in the Hall of Fame, ladies and gentlemen... THE ONE BIG WILL!

    Will's music begins playing loudly throughout the arena as the legendary superstar and winner of the first ever Lethal Lottery makes his way out onto the stage to a huge applause from the assembled WZCW loyal. Will is much more appreciative of his new-found legendary status and offers the fans a few waves as a massive smile appears on his face. He walks off to the right hand side of the stage as a spotlight rains down on him also.

    Anderson: And finally... Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... THE INVINCIBLE MATT TASTIC!

    The noise in the arena is almost deafening as Matt Tastic's music begins to play. The fans in the arena, to a person, are on their feet for one of the most, if not the most successful men in the history of the company. The camera scans around the ring to show the faces of the people who have cheered Matt on throughout the years and, sitting in the front row is Grandpa Tastic; who is sporting the biggest grin ever. After a few more seconds of sheer noise and appreciation from the fans, Matt finally makes his way out onto the stage. The noise levels in the arena, somehow, grow even more as Tastic makes his appearance, dressed in his ring gear.

    Copeland: What an absolute legend, ladies and gentlemen...

    A third and final spotlight picks out Matt Tastic in the middle of the stage as all three new members of the WZCW Hall of Fame are bathed in the adulation of their peers and fans.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it one final time for the WZCW Hall of Fame class of 2017!!

    The noise of the crowd reaches fever pitch as the screen shows the faces of all three men one final time before fading to black.


    We see two men backstage, both are handsome well pruned men. One has blonde hair and the other jet black

    Adam: I'm Adam McKellen.

    Steve: I'm Steve Jones. Together we're Adam and Steve.

    You can hear clanging off camera and Vox comes into shot.

    Vox: Did you say Adam and Eve?

    Adam: No it's Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve!

    Steve: We're waiting to interview Titus Avison.

    Vox: Who?

    The two men look shocked but Vox continues.

    Vox: I'm just wondering if you fellas had any spare change you see I recently moved house and I kinda need to see myself through, just til payday of course and...

    Just then the EurAsian champion steps into the fold.

    Titus: Who are you?

    Vox: My name is Vox, who are you? I'm not sure if you've heard but I'm kind of a big deal round WZCW you see I...

    Titus explodes in his face.

    Titus: Who am I? Who AM I? WHO AM I? My name is Titus Avison and for 437 days I have held the EurAsian championship. I'm a Hall of Famer. A two time world champion. An Elite Openweight champion. A five time Oscar winner and you have the audacity to ask who I am?

    Vox: Oh you were the guy who was in the trippin balls ad wern't you?

    Vox begins to sing.

    Vox: Trip trip trippity dem ol trippin balls! Trip trip trippity dem ol trippin balls! Trip trip trippity dem ol trippin balls!

    Titus: Get the hell out of here!

    Vox looks at Adam and Steve and holds his hands out for some money, Steve gave him a dollar. Vox was holding out for tree fiddy.

    Adam: Sorry about that.

    Steve: Yes, very rude guy. So what's your plans for tonight Titus?

    Titus: I'm going to make Theron pay. I will destroy him and Tiffany Wyatt will watch on as I do it. It will be glorious and I will retain my championship.

    The EurAvison era will reign!

    Adam: Can we catch you in Boston? We're out of time.

    Titus: Sure thing fellas, enjoy the honeymoon.

    Copeland: Well, Titus certainly seems fired up and ready for the test that is coming his way tonight, ladies and gentlemen. His reign has been well over 400 days long and he is, undoubtedly, one of the best Champions in the history of this company. But a lot can be said about how he has managed to retain that Championship.

    Cohen: Oh, please, Seabass! It doesn't matter how you retain your Championship. The EurAvison Era is well and truly upon us. I spoke to him a few days ago and he said that he doesn't ever want to lose that Championship. Here's to 1,000 days of the EurAvision Era!

    Connor: Well, be that as it may, Titus is going to have his hands full with Blackjack Theron tonight, for sure. And speaking of those with their hands full, let's talk about the Battle Royal that is on it's way momentarily. We learned earlier that this match has certainly become more of an interesting contest as the Elite Openweight Championship goes on the line! Let's have a look at the tale of the tape...
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    Harrys: The following is a Battle Royal under Elimination rules and it is for the Elite Openweight Championship!


    Vee ADZ walks out onto the entrance ramp and stands there as his music blares. He begins to walk down the ramp when the chorus starts. His girlfriend Sara is seen in the front row as he walks past her to get to the ring. As he gets to the ring he uses the ring stairs to climb inside.

    Harrys: Introducing first, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Copeland: Looks like Vee is in a different mindset tonight. No springboard into the ring. That was unexpected.

    Cohen: Good. Maybe he will take this match a bit more seriously.

    Connor: This seriousness in Vee may be just what he needs. I like it!


    Batti Otaku comes out running back and forth holding a beach ball. She is overtly excited and strikes a pose as.... another Batti Otaku comes out onto the stage also holding a beach ball. They make identical poses as two more Batti Otakus come out with matching beach balls. More Battis begin walking out and there are now two long lines of Batti Otakus holding beach balls all striking the same pose, then they raise their beach balls into the air.


    Batti: "Oh em gee. This is literally Kingdom Come."

    Out comes the real Batti Otaku riding on a scooter. She waves to the fans as the other Battis knock their beach balls into the audience. The real Batti rides down the ramp, leaves her scooter by the steel steps, hops into the ring, ready for action.

    Harrys: And the next competitor, from Neo Japan, Batti Otaku!!

    Copeland: It's a Batti Otaku army!

    Connor: What an entrance. That was amazing!

    Cohen: It's what happens in the ring that matters at the end of the day more than anything else.

    A fully sized orchestra walks out to the stage and Harry's picks up his microphone.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, for the benefit of the impressionable children in the audience, as well as the clearly seven-year-old mind of Batti Otaku, Xander LeBelle has personally brought out his personal orchestra to cultivate young minds through what is commonly referred to as "The Mozart Effect". While they play we request complete, perfect silence.

    The crowd boos at the announcement, and becomes restless at the idea of having to quiet down for an entrance, but soon enough, the crowd goes quiet.


    With a lit cigar in his mouth, and gold tipped cane in his hands, Xander enters the arena hands tucked to his side. Leaning up against nearest back wall, he stops to take a few puffs of his cigar while scanning the arena through his bottle glasses. After dropping his cigar ash to the floor, he puts the cigar back in his mouth and strolls to the ring, dropping off his cane to lean it on the apron as he enters the ring. After giving the referee both his cigar, and glasses, he heads up to the turnbuckle closest to his cane. If he's not the last to enter, he should look towards the ramp for his incoming opponent. If not, he can just look at who's in the ring. Once Xander has made it to the ring he makes a hand motion to stop the orchestra once he is ready.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from The City of Light, and weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, he is "The World's Greatest Mind" Xander LeBelle!

    Cohen: Now THAT is how you make an entrance. All of the others should be taking notes from this man.

    Copeland: One of the bigger threats to win the match for sure. He could be our next Elite Openweight Champion.

    Connor: I dunno, he made his manager take his place in a match against female competitors. I don't like his odds against women like Batti or Kagura.


    The lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to grayish white. There is a heavy layer of fog covering the entrance ramp as Kagura begins to make her way onto the stage through the fog. She is wearing an intimidating folk mask and carrying a black umbrella alongside her normal attire. She begins to slowly make her way down the ramp clutching her book to her chest with one arm. Ignoring the jeers of the fans she walks towards the timekeeper and hands him the book as she slides in the ring.

    Harrys: From Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura Joheki!

    Connor: I've been very impressed with Kagura lately and I think she will become a two time Elite Champion tonight.

    Copeland: She's definitely another of the favorites to win.

    Cohen: We'll see how she does. I expect her to do well in the match also.


    The arena darkens. A single ray of spotlights shines onstage as a woman enters with all eyes focused on her. She begins to elegantly walk down the ramp and after a few second the dark arena shines bright with lights as everyone in the ring is confused by what’s happening. The woman then enters the ring and begins climbing each turnbuckle and bowing to the audience.

    Harrys: And their opponent, from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Copeland: A huge opportunity tonight for Wren. It is only her second match here in WZCW and already she has the chance to become an Elite Openweight Champion.

    Cohen: It may be a big opportunity, but not with the experience that her opponents have over her.

    Connor: A win here would be a career defining moment for Wren. She has my support and I hope she does well tonight.

    The five competitors are all in the ring and look over to the entrance to await the entrance of the final entrant in the match.


    The music of Phoenix is playing but no one emerges onto the entrance ramp. The fans begin looking around in confusion.

    Cohen: Well? Where is he?

    Copeland: Wait, just a second.... I'm receiving a message now confirming that we are going to have a replacement in this match for Phoenix due to him being unable to compete. His replacement is on their way out into the arena right now!

    Connor: I wonder who it will be?


    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find a fan with an outstretched hand. He grabs their hand, holds them earnestly, asks for their name. Vox says "Herman, God bless you! Let us be the change." Eventually making way to the ring while droning on about climate change denial. He gets inside the ring.

    Cohen: A fine replacement for Phoenix. He could go on to become Elite Openweight Champion while also solving all the global issues.

    Connor: Yes. It's a shame we couldn't be seeing one of the Clark Sisters in this position instead, but Vox did well to earn entry into this match.

    Copeland: It just goes to show you that going that extra mile on the pre-show can lead to great opportunities.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    All six competitors are now in the ring. Kagura, Batti, Xander, and Wren are each in one of the four ring corners. Vee and Vox are on opposite ends of the ring by the ropes. The bell rings to signal the start of the match. Vox approaches Kagura who stands in her corner of the ring looking over at the others. Xander runs to Vee ADZ and begins hitting him with Strong shin kicks. Kagura pushes Vox aside and runs to the corner of the ring that Batti is in. She hits Batti with a Knee Strike. Wren makes her way to the same corner. Kagura hits 4 consecutive Knee Strikes on Batti, Wren gets to the corner and grabs Batti, she drags Batti out of the corner hitting a Running bulldog. Xander hits six Strong shin kicks on Vee who tries to strike back but Xander has him trapped in the corner. Batti gets back up before Wren does and she looks over at Kagura who is headed her way. Batti hits an Axe Kick on Wren as she tries to get up. Vox makes his way over to Xander and Vee. Vox shoves Xander away so he can attack Vee with a Forearm Smash. Kagura runs up to Wren and hits her with a Chop to the back of the neck as Wren tries to stand up. Vee stands up and is hit by a second Forearm Smash by Vox, who stands watching. Vee is down. Xander runs up to Vox and turns him around, hitting him with five Knife Edge Chops. He takes several steps back as Vox turns to look at Vee again. Vox turns back around only to be hit by a Running Big Boot by Xander. Vox is knocked over the ropes, he grabs on to try to stay in the match. Xander quickly goes to the ropes and pushes him off, out into the ringside area.

    Harrys: Vox has been eliminated!

    Vee gets up and strikes Xander from behind, attempting to push him over the ropes. Xander is able to climb back into the ring. He hits Vee with a Knife Edge Chop. Vee turns around and runs for the ropes, springs off the ropes and hits Xander with a Single legged dropkick. Wren stands up as Kagura runs at her. Wren gets out of the way in time. Kagura turns around and is hit by Wren's Spinning heel kick. Batti grabs Wren and hits a Wind-up Punch. Kagura gets up and hits a Saito suplex on Batti. Vee turns to head in the direction of the female competitors but is hit by Xander with an Elbow to the back of the head. Xander grabs Vee and throws him into the ropes, Vee falls out but is able to grab onto the ropes. Xander runs over to the ropes and is pushing Vee. Vee pushes back and is trying to get back into the ring, but Xander is able to overpower him and pushes him down into the ringside area.

    Harrys: Vee ADZ has been eliminated!

    Xander looks over at the three female competitors who are engaged in melee amongst themselves.

    Connor: Yeah, Xander. Now what are you going to do? You're alone in the ring with three women and cannot replace yourself with Adonis this time.

    Cohen: Xander's got more intelligence than all of his opponents combined. He will find a way out of this.

    Copeland: Wait, look at this. Are we seeing an alliance forming amongst the women?

    Xander looks on as one by one the three female competitors make eye contact with him. Kagura, Wren, and Batti look to Xander and then to each other. They nod in unison to each other and then all three approach Xander. Kagura is the first to get to Xander and she immediately hits her finishing maneuver on him, the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami! Wren gets up onto the top ropes while Kagura has her hold on Xander, Kagura releases Xander who is still down, as Wren dives off the ropes onto Xander hitting her finisher the From East, With Love! Xander tries to get up and as he gets to his feet Batti hits her finisher with tremendous force, the Kawaii Kick! Batti's kick hit with such intensity that it knocked Xander down into the corner of the ring and he rolls out from under the ropes. Batti laughs at this. The laughter quickly turns to seriousness though as the three women resume their battle.

    Copeland: Well, that takes Xander out of the equation.

    Cohen: He didn't get eliminated though.

    Connor: One of these three women is about to become Elite Openweight Champion, I can see it now!

    Wren tries to get back onto the top ropes again but Batti grabs her, pulling her down, and holds her with a Bear Hug. Kagura looks on from the opposite corner of the ring, deciding to not join in just yet. Wren tries to break free but is unable to, Batti holds on tightly. After watching Wren's struggle for a moment, Kagura runs up to them hitting a Shuffle side kick to Batti from behind, making her drop Wren. Wren goes after Kagura but is hit by Kagura's Elbow Thrust. This knocks Wren into the ropes. Kagura pushes her over the ropes but Wren grabs on from the apron and is holding onto the ropes to avoid elimination. Batti runs up to the ropes and hits Wren with a Wind-up Punch, knocking her down into the ringside area.

    Harrys: Wren has been eliminated!

    Kagura shoves Batti down onto the mat and runs for the ropes, she springs off and hits a Running knee drop on Batti. Kagura tries to hit a second consecutive one but Batti rolls out of the way in time to avoid it. She gets up and raises her fists, imitating a cat. The Neko Cat Paws taunt! Kagura backs into the corner of the ring. Batti rushes at her and attempts to unleash a Kawaii Kick but Kagura dodges it. Batti turns around and Kagura Spits red mist into the eyes of Batti! Batti tries to wipe the mist off her face and Kagura takes the opportunity to drag her over to the ropes, and she tosses her over out into the ringside area.

    Harrys: Batti has been eliminated!

    Connor: She's done it! Kagura is the-

    Cohen: No she's not. I think you're forgetting somebody.

    Copeland: Xander is still in the match. Hey! What's HE doing out here!?

    Kagura looks outside the ring at Batti but then notices that Andrew Adonis is at ringside. Xander LeBelle climbs back into the ring from behind. Kagura has not noticed him. Adonis takes out a legal document and shows it to Kagura from outside the ring.

    Adonis: I have in my hand here a court order that legally prevents any woman from harming my client. It ensures Xander will claim the Elite Openweight Championship! Y'see, you have lost!

    Xander runs up behind Kagura and throws her over the ropes.

    Harrys: Kagura has been eliminated!

    Various officials enter the ring and Xander is handed the Elite Openweight Championship belt. Adonis gets into the ring and Xander holds up the belt while Adonis holds up the legal document.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the runner up Kagura Joheki has been named the #1 contender to either the Elite or Eurasian Championship.... However.... Your winner of this battle royal and NEW Elite Openweight Champion.... XANDER LEBELLE!!!!

    Copeland: What a victory for Xander. While I might not agree fully with his tactics, he has won tonight and truly shown that he is Elite. Just like the title he now holds.

    Cohen: The others never had a chance. He's much too smart for them.

    Connor: He won't hold the title for long. Kagura could take it right from him using her contendership status. She put up a good fight tonight.

    Copeland: It does say a lot about Kagura, folks. She now holds her own fate in her own hands after coming second. She may have come up short in the pursuit of gold tonight but Xander LeBelle and the EurAsian Champion will have to be on their toes going forward. Aside form that, ladies and gentlemen, our next contest is going to be a hard-hitting affair for sure. Let's have a look at the tale of the tape beween Flex Mussel and, Hall of Fame superstar, Matt Tastic!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture, we present the following image!

    Multiple backstage workers emerge on stage carrying a painting with a sheet over it. Once they position it in the middle of the stage they proceed to take off the sheet revealing the work of art.


    Matt Tastic: WZCW Hall of Fame Extraordinaire

    Connor: I don't remember any Hall of Fame proceedings being scheduled for this early...

    Copeland: Wow, very beautiful portrayal of Tastic. Very respectful of WZCW to commission the image of Tastic's native land. I can only imagine how much a motivator this must be for Mat-WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT IS THAT?!

    Copeland is interrupted as he along with the rest of the arena begins to notice the picture is quickly being engulfed in flames. The fans seemed horrified by the image being burned to bits. But before long Flex Mussel steps from behind the flames with a massive flamethrower!

    Copeland: What is he doing?! Why does he have a flamethrower!?


    Flex laughs as younger fans begin to shed tears as Tastic's image continues to burn to the ground. Flex gives one last spray of the flamethrower to put it out of its misery as the letters F,L,E, and X are raised from the stage. He sprays each letter long enough for his name to be raging in flames as he drops the blowtorch and begins to make his way down to ring as theme plays


    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Paris, France, “The Healthiest Man Alive” Flex Mussél!

    Connor: I'm starting to think WZCW didn't commission anything at all.

    Copeland: Flex hired a Puerto Rican museum to make an image of Tastic just so he can burn it down in front of him, he really has changed.

    Cohen: And I love it! Brilliant mind games Flex is playing, this man has turned into a straight savage!!!

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Paris, France "The Healthiest Man Alive, Flex Mussel! And his opponent, from South Western Puerto Rico, The Invincible Matt Tastic!


    Kingdom Come! The Showcase Of The Immortals! An event where the greatest battles in professional wrestling take place! Matt Tastic, now a member of the prestigious Hall Of Fame, looks to secure another mayor victory in the event. But to do so, he must defeat the devious Flex Mussel. Revealing his traitorous attack on former partner Ramparte who tried to hide his secrets. Certainly this must be the work of an enemy Stand.


    Matt Tastic appears on stage capped in cosplay as he poses and the screen lights up.
    User: Matt Tastic
    Stand: Headache Driver
    Abilities: Fantastic Lucha Libre

    Loves: Anime, Fast Food, Videogames
    Hates: Flex Mussel
    Hobbies: Napping, Pranking Mikey Stormrage


    Pelvis bent forward, hands on his pockets and walking with all the confidence in the world, Matt Tastic walks down the aisle as the screen makes it seem like his Stand continues to punch behind him. He stops in front of the ring and fixes his hat.

    ".........Yare Yare Daze......"


    Matt hops over the ring before putting his left hand in his pocket, driving his pelvis forward and pointing forward to a delighted crowd.


    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, few in this business know how to make an entrance quite like Matt Tastic. Once again, he wows the crowd with a gran entrance on the biggest stage in the game.

    Connor: And few in this business are able to match the accomplishments of Matt Tastic. Two time World Champion, four time Mayhem Champion, Grand Slam winner. He truly has done it all folks.

    Cohen: Tonight though, he takes on Flex Mussel, a man determined to take the next step here in WZCW. A ruthless powerhouse, few can match Flex in the strength department, and he will be looking to end the career of yet another legend here tonight.

    Referee Katie Shepard checks both men for hidden weapons, and only finds a churro in Matt Tastic's pocket. He eats it in front of Flex, who looks on disgusted, before the bell is rang.


    The two men immediately lock up in the center of the ring. Flex, being the stronger man, is able to power Tastic into the ropes, but the referee is quick to break them up. They break cleanly, but Flex tags Tastic with a stiff right. The referee admonishes Flex, who acts innocent, much to the chagrin of the crowd. As Flex moves away from the referee, Matt connects with a right hand of his own. He Irish whips Flex across the ring and connects with a back elbow that drops Flex to a knee. Tastic then connects with a quick dropkick and looks for the cover...One!...Kick out at just one by Flex. Tastic tries to lift Flex, but Flex pushes him away and rolls to his feet. They tie up once again, and again Flex gets the upper hand by pure strength. He works a wrist lock and twists hard, before he transitions to a hammer lock and gets behind Tastic. Showing off his raw power, he lifts Tastic into the air, the hold still locked in. Once Tastic is back on his feet, Flex grabs a belly to back suplex that puts Tastic on the mat. Flex quickly works to a chinlock, and Tastic is feeling some pressure, as he can't get to the ropes.

    Flex: Chinlock city bitches!

    Tastic tries to fight to his feet, but the power of Flex keeps him planted. The crowd begins to rally behind Tastic, who begins to clap his hands. He manages to get to a knee and begins to throw elbows to the midsection of Flex. He continues to throw the elbows until he is able to get free. He hits the ropes and drops Flex with a running forearm smash. Flex gets to his feet and eats a second forearm smash, putting him back down. Tastic is feeling a bit fired up and jumps around, waiting for Flex to stand. Flex gets to his feet and Tastic taunts him to throw hands. Flex throws a right, but Tastic blocks. He thenconnects with three quick punches to the midsection, drops down on his back, and hits a kick to the gut of Flex, The Charge Shot! With Flex doubled over, Tastic rolls him up in a small package...One!...Two!...Kick out at two by Flex.

    Copeland: Tastic almost stole one there, Flex just able to get out of a picture perfect small package.

    Cohen: It is going to take more than a simple roll up to put away Flex, Tastic should know that.

    Back on their feet and both men square off. Tastic stays on the outside, Flex however offers Matt a hand for a test of strength. Tastic looks around, unsure of what to do. The crowd begs him not to, but smarts were never Tastic's strong suit. He offers the hand to Flex, who immediately kicks him in the gut and tosses him to the corner. He hammers away with right hands, softening up Tastic. He then connects with a big chop, reddening the chest of Matt. He then Irish whips him across the ring to the opposite corner. Flex runs and connects with a running European Uppercut. He then runs back and connects with a running forearm smash. He then takes a few steps back and connects with a shotgun kick, the Body Breaking Diet! Tastic may be out as Flex hooks the leg...One!...Two!...Tastic kicks out at two. Flex drags Tastic out of the corner a bit, then hops to the second rope and connects with a leaping leg drop. He hooks the leg again...One!...Two!...Kick out again at two by Tastic. Flex looks a bit upset, but he rolls out of the ring and takes the arm of Tastic and slams it down on the ring apron. Tastic recoils in pain, but Flex rolls back into the ring and stomps down on the arm of Tastic. Flex grabs an armbar and wrenches back as hard as he can. Tastic fights it and tries reaching for the ropes, but Flex kicks away at his free arm, blocking him. Matt manages to roll Flex onto his back and onto his shoulders. The referee slides into position to check Flex's shoulders, and begins to count, but Flex breaks the hold before the referee can begin the three count.

    Cohen: Flex has a target, the arm of Tastic. This could spell trouble.

    Connor: Tastic though, still showing the veteran know how to roll Flex over to break the hold before he is forced to tap.

    Flex is all over Tastic, who is on his knees shaking out his arm. He grabs him by the head and belly to belly suplex him hard over his head. The crowd boos as Flex taunts the crowd as Tastic crawls to the corner to catch his breath. Flex turns and points at Tastic before charging at him. Tastic gets a boot up though to slow Flex. Flex runs again but runs into a second boot. Undeterred, Flex charges a third time and a third boot connects to Flex's jaw, dropping him. Tastic hops to the second rope and drops an elbow, making sure to land on his good arm. He tries to get Flex on his feet, and manages. He starts to connect with shorts fists and chops, backing Flex into the ropes. He then Irish whips him across the ring, where he connects with a slick snap powerslam. He forgoes a pin and calls for the Headache Driver. Flex gets to his feet, turns around to see Tastic with an unforgiving look in his eyes, and bails out of the ring. Tastic tries to go after him, but the referee stops him, before leaning out of the ring to get Flex back inside. Tastic shrugs his shoulders and hits the ropes, he then runs and leaps over the referee, and crashing into Flex!

    "Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

    Copeland: What a high risk move by Matt Tastic! The crowd is firmly on his side now.

    Cohen: He completely ignored the orders of the referee! He should be disqualified!

    Connor: It looks like he may have tweaked that arm though.

    Indeed, Tastic landed awkwardly on his arm. He is on his feet first, but is vigorously shaking out his arm. He takes Flex and rolls him back into the ring and climbs onto the apron himself. He grabs the top rope and urges Flex to his feet. As Flex stirs to his feet, he uses the rope to springboard into the ring with a wheel kick. He catches Flex flush, knocking him down. He makes the cover...One!...Two!...Two and a half, and Flex is out. Tastic slaps the canvas but pulls Flex to his feet. Flex connects with an unseen low blow though. He then grabs the arm of Tastic and leads him to the ropes. He takes the arm and smashes it across the top rope. Before Tastic can recover, Flex takes him in a suplex position and lifts him in the air. Showing off his impressive power, Flex holds him and begins to walk around the ring. Blood is surely rushing to the head of Tastic, as the face of the Grand Slam winner turns red. Flex slams Tastic down hard. Flex then grabs a single leg crab, then leans backs and grabs the arm of Tastic and begins to bend it backwards. Tastic manages to use his good arm and crawl to the ropes to break the hold, but the damage on his arm is apparent as he can barely lift use it to pull himself to his feet. Flex charges at Tastic, but he pulls the ropes down. Flex tumbles over, but manages to grab the rope and skin the cat. He catches himself on the apron and manages to block a punch from Tastic. Flex then connects with a forearm to Tastic, before he grabs him and simply throw him over the top rope and to the floor. Tastic lands on his feet, but Flex runs and connects with a kick to the face of Matt. Flex then climbs down the steps and grabs Tastic and throws him hard into the barricade. The bad arm of Tastic is sandwiched between the himself and the barricade. Flex then steps on Tastic and onto the top of the barricade and taunts the fans.

    Cohen: Haha, I love it. Look how brash and cocky Flex is. He knows he is in total control right now.

    Copeland: He better now get too cocky, Tastic is a wily competitor. He is already stirring.

    Indeed Tastic is on his feet and grabs the ankle of Flex and pulls it out from under him, causing Flex to fall into the crowd. The crowd cheers as Tastic hops the barricade, completely ignoring the orders of the referee to get back to the ring, and begins to slug it out with Flex. They begin to trade blows back and forth, until Tastic blocks a punch and connects with a bell clap to stun Flex. He then grabs a soda from a fan and spits it into the eyes of Flex. Flex tries to wipe his eyes, but Tastic tosses him back over the barricade. He climbs over himself, the referee on the outside of the ring ordering the action back inside. Tastic grabs Flex and leads him to the announce table, where he slams his head off the table. He throws the hood of the table off and grabs Flex, and calls for the Headache Driver. He begins to lift Flex, but his arm gives out and he drops him. Trying to shake out the arm, Flex is on him and lifts him in a military press position. The six five Flex drops Tastic on the announce table, Matt's face crashing into a monitor. The crowd gasps in horror as the former World Champ rolls off the table, his face a crimson mask. Flex even looks on in a bit of shock as blood is gushing from the face of Matt Tastic. The referee calls for medical personal to come to ringside to check on Tastic.

    Connor: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't think I have ever seen that much blood in such a short amount of time. I'm worried for the long term safety of Matt Tastic.

    Cohen: I don't think Flex intended to drop him on our monitor, but it looked to me that his face caught the edge of it and immediately split him open.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic ever the fighter, is crawling to the ring, but medical personal are out here and trying to tend to him.

    Tastic is on his feet, dazed, his face completely red, his chest catching some of the dripping blood. Matt readies his hands, trying to fight off the medical personal. He starts to throw lefts and rights, fighting off the medical personal. He then rolls back into the ring and urges Flex to come fight him.

    Tastic: Let's do this!

    Flex climbs back into the ring and he and Tastic begin to trade blows. Blood flies from the face of Tastic with each shot. He refuses to give up though. He continues to fight back, but is fading from blood loss. Flex blocks a punch, then spins and connects with Flexicution! He hooks the leg...One!...Two!...Three! NO! Matt Tastic got a shoulder up. Somehow, someway, Matt Tastic refuses to go down. Flex looks shocked, absolutely stunned and at a loss as he looks at the referee, who assure him it was only two. Flex looks at Tastic, and lifts him to his feet. He sets him up and connects with Flexicution again! He falls into a cover...One!...Two!...Thr-NO! MATT TASTIC KICKS OUT AGAIN!

    Copeland: What in the hell is he thinking? Tastic is going to pass out from blood loss at this rate?

    Cohen: I admire the courage, the tenacity, but come on Matt, even this is too much for you.

    Connor: It looks like Flex isn't done either.

    After slamming his fists into the mat, Flex gets to his feet and goes to pull Tastic up. Tastic though manages to roll him up, small package!...One!...Two!...Flex kicks out at two and a half. Tastic on his feet, but Flex meets him with a third Flexicution! He collapses on top of Tastic and tries to pull the leg up...One!...Two!...Three! Matt Tastic is unable to kick out after a third Flexicution. An exhausted Flex rolls off of Tastic and uses the ropes to stand, where he raises his arms. The medical personal climb into the ring to check on Tastic, whose body is turning pale from blood loss.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Flex Mussel!

    Cohen: What a victory for Flex! He just put his stamp on WZCW tonight.

    Connor: Matt Tastic suffered an absolute beating and then some at the hands of Flex here tonight.

    Copeland: Not to take anything away from Flex, he picked up a well deserved victory over an absolute legend, but is this the end for Matt Tastic?

    As Flex celebrates his victory, he pauses to look over at Tastic. He makes his way through the crowd of medical staff who are tending to him and leans down and says something to the Hall of Famer. He then climbs out of the ring and celebrates up the ramp.

    Copeland: I wonder what it was Flex said in that exchange.

    Cohen: Well whatever it was, the good news is that Tastic is finally on his feet, with help from our medical team.

    The medical team help Tastic out of the ring. He stops them at the top of the ramp, and turns to face the sold out crowd. He weakly puts his hand in the air.


    As the crowd chants his name, a single tear falls from his face, clearing a path in the blood. He walks backwards, still his hand raised, as he falls backwards through the curtain.
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    Copeland: What a moment and what a potential final shot of Matt Tastic at Kingdom Come, folks. It might not have been his night tonight but, if that was to be the last time that we see him compete at Kingdom Come, then it was totally unforgettable.

    Cohen: And, uh, what about the winner of the match, Cat? Flex Mussel went toe-to-toe with the new Hall of Fame superstar and got the biggest win of his career. And on the biggest stage of them all, to boot! This has surely got to mean gold in the future of the Healthiest Man in the World, right?

    Connor: Maybe, Jack, I'm sure we'll find out going forward. But one team that certainly do have the opportunity of Gold tonight, are the Salvific Knights. Knocking off Runn Reynolds Runn means that they get to do the big dance with Vis Imperium here tonight. They may be the underdosg in this fight but then, to many at least, so was Flex. It can be done, ladies and gentlemen. So, let's have a look at the tale of the tape in tonight's Tag Team Championship match...

    Lights go out. The theme starts playing as lights come back. Stood there is Gino. You hear a whinny as two Horses appear. On the horses are two knights holding Snake banners. The lights come on properly and you see Xaitlyn and Manicni are sat being the knights.

    Xaitlyn is painted like a snake and Mancini is painted with Green, white and red on his torso.

    Harrys: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 450 pounds, Anthony Mancini & Xaitlyn Serpiente... Salvific Knights!

    The crowd cheers as the three of them enter the ring, the horses leave.

    Connor: Wow some entrance, I love horses.

    Cohen: Well I'm not sure why Mancini is coloured like the Mexican flag.

    Copeland: It's Italian.

    Cohen: I knew that, Seabass.

    The WZCW KC VIII logo flashes to just say KC VIII and then VIII and then last VI. This turns red.

    Cohen: Oh here we go.


    A swelling of white smoke pours from the top of the entrance, then the tag Team Champions Constantine and Keaton walk through the smoke in Centurion armor and long red cloaks.

    Harrys: Making their way to the ring, weighing in at 490 pounds, they are the reigning WZCW Tag Team Champions, Constantine and Mark Keaton... VIS IMPERIUM!

    They take a moment to scan the crowd before marching their way to the ring. Keaton takes his title belt off and plays it like a guitar in the ring, spoiling the illusion. Constantine slaps his helmet off as they get into a minor argument.

    Constantine steps out the ring and Keaton stays in.

    Connor: Huge match for the Salvfic Knights.

    Cohen: Easy match for VI!

    Copeland: I remember when you pretended you weren’t biased.

    Referee Katie Shepard calls for the bell as Mark Keaton and Tony Mancini get us under way. They circle each other in the ring twice as Mancini then goes to grab the hand of Keaton. Keaton steps back and delivers a quick jab to Mancini. Three swift punches knock Mancini down to his knees. Keaton grabs Mancini and gives him a headlock. The crowd boo but Keaton is soaking this in, Gino is looking rather concerned on the outside of the ring.

    With the headlock in place and spurned on by the crowd Mancini is able to force him to stand up. He moves towards the ring (still in the headlock) and a bounce of the ropes causes the lock to be broken. Keaton bounces to the other side and Mancini stands still. Keaton, however, uses this to shoulder barge Mancini on the mat.

    Cohen: Brilliant start by VI there, Mancini needs to be careful.

    Copeland: It's still early days in this match, everything to play for.

    Mancini is barely down a few seconds as he gets up and grabs Keaton. He goes to bounce Keaton off the ropes but this is reversed. Keaton causes Mancini to bounce off the ropes and as he hits back Keaton goes for a Clothesline. Mancini ducks and still bounces, Keaton again goes for another clothesline and again it is missed. Mancini bounces again and as he returns he delivers a rather hard hitting lariat that knocks the Remarkable one to the mat.

    Mancini then gives a few stomps to Keaton as the crowd cheers this. Gino is looking a lot more relaxed and Constantine is shouting for a tag. Mancini goes for a wrist lock on Keaton and it's in place. Keaton rolls forward causing the lock to be broken. Keaton uses the roll to hit himself off the ropes and delivers a clothesline to knock Mancini on the mat. Xaitlyn looks distraught as she knows what is coming next. Mark Keaton tags in John Constantine.

    Connor: Xaitlyn is rightly looking worried there.

    Cohen: Indeed Cat, when John Constantine enters the ring it changes things.

    Copeland: I can't even argue with that one.

    Mancini makes it up from the mat as Constantine hits a left, right, left again to Mancini. He grabs Mancini and throws him to the ropes, he returns back as Mancini is kicked in the mid section by Constantine. Mancini falls to the mat as Constantine gives a knee drop. The crowd boos some more but Constantine looks like he's in charge. A few stomps to Mancini allows Mancini to roll over, he is able to get out the ring.

    Gino has a chat with Mancini as Katie Shepard counts 1...2...Mancini goes back in the ring. Rather than tagging his partner he looks at Constantine. Constantine gives a punch but Mancini seems to be rejuvenated. Mancini hits Constantine back and the crowd goes nuts. He bounces off the ropes and then hits another hard hitting lariat as Constantine falls to the mat. The crowd go wild!

    Connor: Nice turn around by Mancini there.

    Cohen: VI should be fine but I can't help and wonder if they'll plan to expand their ranks.

    Mancini picks up Constantine and goes for a headlock. Constantine manages to move Mancini into the corner where Mark Keaton tags himself in without Tony realising. Constantine is still in a headlock and moves to the other side of the ring. Constantine breaks free of the headlock and Mancini instinctively turns around. Mark Keaton hits Mancini out of nowhere with a drop kick. Constantine exits the ring and Keaton turns to tag him back in.

    Mancini has made it to his feet as both Constantine and Keaton hit him with a double clothesline. The have some stomps on him and Xaitlyn tries to enter the ring. Katie Shepard is having non of it and sends her out the ring. In that time a double leg split is given to Mancini.

    Cohen: Absolute disgrace Xaitlyn trying to get in and cheat there.

    Copeland: I don't think that would have changed too much.

    Constantine, now the legal man, picks up Mancini and whacks him right into the turnbuckle. A couple of punches in the corner lead to an Irish whip to the other. Constantine runs at Mancini but Tony somehow is able to lift a boot up and hit John Constantine in the face. This really annoys Constantine who grabs Mancini by the head.

    Constantine looks furious and gives another few punches. He then picks up the exhausted body of Mancini. Constantine throws Mancini as he hits the Isolation. Constantine goes for the cover as Keaton laughs at ringside. 1..2...kick-out by Anthony Mancini.

    Connor: Great kick out by Mancini, he's taking a beating but has the resolve to push through.

    Copeland: It's the Italian way.

    Constantine grabs Mancini and gives him an Irish Whip into the corner where Mark Keaton is there. Keaton lifts up his boot, kick to the face. Constantine tags Keaton in as Keaton punches the almost lifeless Mancini to the floor.

    Keaton picks up Mancini and delivers a back breaker. You can feel the pain of Mancini as it connects. Irish whip the ropes allows Keaton to hit a back body drop. He flexes his muscles to the crowd as they boo some more. Mancini is picked up again, another Irish whip but reversed! Mancini knocks Keaton to the floor. Gino and Xaitlyn are screaming for the tag! Anthony Mancini tags in Xaitlyn.

    Connor: Finally!

    Cohen: I'm sure Vis Imperium are quaking in their boots.

    Copeland: Show some respect man, she is more than capable of carrying her own.

    Xaitlyn in with the crowd rather hot for her being in. She hits Keaton and Keaton goes to ground. Overwhelmed by the situation Xaitlyn goes for the cover. Katie Shepard just gives a one count.

    Keaton gets up and whips Xaitlyn into the turnbuckle. She manages to jump onto the second rope and jumps back hitting a flying elbow into the face of Remarkable Mark Keaton. Xaitlyn tags in Mancini who gives some stomps to the body of Keaton. He tags Xaitlyn back in who in turn hits some stomps. Mancini joins in but referee Katie Shepard forces Anthony Mancini out the ring.

    Cohen: Again trying to cheat.

    Copeland: It's called a double team, perfectly allowed.

    Keaton gets up and Xaitlyn grabs Keaton by the head. The height difference is hardly an issue for Serpiente. She doesn't think though as she forces Keaton into the corner. The corner which currently houses John Constantine. Keaton tags in Constantine who quickly kicks Xaitlyn into the corner.

    A few kicks to the midsection and Mark Keaton grabs Xaitlyn by the chin. Katie Sheppard looks over but the Remarkable one holds his hands in the air as if he's done nothing. The crowd make their boos heard. This prompts Anthony Mancini to rush into the ring but Sheppard stops him.

    Connor: Not any consistency here by the referee.

    Cohen: She is consistent! Consistent in stopping their cheating.

    Copeland: Yet VI are doing the same.

    Keaton and Constantine are now both in the ring after Keaton tags him in. They use this time to give her a double flapjack. Mancini is furious and is still trying to get in, the referee stopping him.

    Vis Imperium take Xaitlyn outside the ring. Gino rushes to help but is hit clean out. Vis Imperium hit her off the ring post. Suddenly the camera cuts and Mark Keaton has been hit off the ring post. You can't quite make it out as his face is covered by a hood. He pulls it down.


    Cohen: Get the hell out of here! Where's the police? Where's Katie Shepard? As a father this is disgraceful to watch.

    Constantine is furious and goes to hit Reynolds but Reynolds is able to hit Constantine with the End Of! The crowd is electric as Reynolds throws Xaitlyn and Constantine back in the ring.

    Xaitlyn covers Constantine as Reynolds makes his escape through the crowd. 1...2...Katie Shepard has now turned around to start the count. 1...2...KICKOUT the crowd is furious. Mancini is furious. Gino is furious. Keaton is furious. Constantine is furious!

    Connor: If Shepard hadn't have been focused on Mancini that would have been a three count.

    Cohen: If she had have been paying attention this match would have ended by DQ!

    Xaitlyn tags Mancini in who looks like a man possessed by his former demons. He cracks Constantine with a punch and it knocks him down. Keaton comes in knocked down. Constantine back up and another punch down. Keaton up and he's thrown down and Mancini throws him out the rope. If this was Lethal Lottery it wouldn't count as it was through the middle rope not over the top.

    Constantine up again and Mancini punches him again. Keaton has climbed back up to the corner and Constantine tags him in. Mancini delivers a Sidewalk Slam to Keaton as the crowd can feel a new set of champions on the horizon.

    Copeland: Turn around here, Mancini can feel the electricity in the crowd.

    Connor: Great teamwork too.

    Cohen: Oh please no!

    Mancini picks up Keaton and gets the Riposa in Pace on him. Silence from the crowd as Mancini covers. 1...2...the 3 count is broke up by Constantine and Shepard kicks him out the ring. Mancini picks up Keaton and with rage goes for a clothesline, he ducks and Keaton is able to tag Constantine in.

    Constantine comes in and hits the flowing DDT on him. Mancini is on the mat. Constantine picks him up and does the same. He picks him up a third time and another DDT. Any life from Mancini has now been taken out of him. Constantine picks him up and tags in Keaton.

    Keaton hits Mancini with the VHS Lariat. Mancini crumbles as Constantine is tagged back in, Vis Imperium pick up the new father up. Keaton picks him and starts the Elimination. Constantine dives from the second rope. It hits. 1...2...3.

    Copeland: Resilience for sure but Vis Imperium retain.

    Connor: Is Xaitlyn okay? She looks a bit upset.

    Cohen: Yes. They retained!

    Harrys: Here are your winners AND STILL WZCW Tag Team Champions. Vis Imperium!!!!

    The crowd boos as Gino looks on the lifeless body of Mancini. Xaitlyn has a microphone in her hand.

    Xaitlyn: I thought I could do this, I can't I couldn't even look at you during this match. You were there when my mentor was murdered and you did nothing. As such I am now announcing my resignation from WZCW. I want to thank the fans for all their support and....

    Vis Imperium launch an attack on Xaitlyn. They hit her with the Extinction. She and Mancini are laid out on the mat as Gino has made the wise decision and left the ring. Katie Shepard hands Vis Imperium the belts as the crowd boo. Mark Keaton is over the top celebrating this.

    Cohen: I love Mark Keaton!

    Connor: It also seems like the end for Xaitlyn Serpiente.

    Copeland: Indeed, not sure what's next for new father Tony Mancini but what we do know is that he wont be a member of The Salvific KNights any longer - that ship seems to have sailed. That said, ladies and gentlemen, tonight has already seen some legendary matches. Champions have retained and new ones have been crowned. But our next match is about much more than Championships.

    Connor: Absolutely, Seabass. Eve Taylor was the favourite heading into the Lethal Lottery this year, But upon losing it, Eve turned her attention towards cementing her legacy, rather than chasing the Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, she goes up against the legendary figure of Celeste Crimson! So without further ado, let's look at how all of this came about...
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this following contest is a singles match and it is set for one fall!


    Harrys: Making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut.

    Cohen: The saying is usually ‘to be the man you’ve got to beat the man’ but tonight it’s more like to beat the woman you’ve got to beat the woman. Make no mistake about it, Eve Taylor has competed in some major matches in WZCW including a triple threat match last year against her former Cerberus family, but this is the big one. This is the biggest match of Eve Taylor’s career and I say that because it’s the match she wanted. It’s been well documented that Eve Taylor was offered a chance to become the number one contender, she was supposed to be in that spot but she refused. She turned it down because Eve had to know whether or not she was truly the greatest female wrestler like so many have been calling her. The only way to find out if that is true was to call out Celeste Crimson.

    Copeland: The hype around Eve Taylor reached a peak before Lethal Lottery. She was the favourite to win the event. We all thought it was going to be Eve challenging for the title but she fell short. Since that time she has doubted herself and wondered whether or not she has what it takes to advance to the next level. It’s so difficult to reach the top of this business and you could see the strain it was having on Eve. Did she believe her own hype? I think tonight is where we find out just how much of that hype was deserved. Tonight Eve faces her biggest challenge, the woman who set the standard for all other female wrestlers, and if she can win it’ll cement her legacy right at the top where we thought she belonged.

    Connor: People have been doubting Eve Taylor for a while now. However this cannot be about them. Eve can’t focus on the fans. She is going up against the greatest female athlete to ever step inside the squared circle. If you want to cement your legacy, if you want to prove you belong at the top like you said than you have to win tonight. Eve has the chance of a lifetime. A match we thought would never happen. Celeste is coming out of her retirement for this one contest. That’s how much Celeste values this match and how she sees Eve as a threat to her crown. Believe me, Celeste has heard all of the hype about Eve. She has heard it all and if you think that Celeste Crimson isn’t bothered that someone else is being called the best ever, well you’re kidding yourself. This has bothered Celeste, it has enraged her and tonight Eve Taylor is going to find out how she fairs against an icon.

    As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it Rocky-style, and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.


    Harrys: And her opponent, making her way to the ring, from Petersburg, Russia, weighing 165 pounds, Celeste Crimson!

    Attention turns to the stage where the lights have dimmed to highlight the flames bursting from below. The fire is wild and stretches high into the air across the stage, the only space without fire is a small section in the middle of the stage. It’s only a few feet wide and the fire could easily lick upon a person’s skin. The crowd roars as Celeste emerges onto the stage, the fire still burning brightly, and steps into the gap separating the flames from herself.

    The entire crowd is watching, Eve Taylor inside the ring is watching, and the world is watching as Celeste Crimson steps out of the flames - untouched by the wildfire around her. She begins to walk towards the ring, adjusting the black wrist tap she is wearing, and the sound of the flames flicking up into the air echoes in her ears as she approaches the ring.

    Copeland: When you mention women in WZCW it all starts with Celeste Crimson. She is the trendsetter. That woman right there is an icon in this business and tonight she steps inside the ring, on the grandest stage of them all, once again. Girls all over the world wanted to be Celeste Crimson. She broke through barriers, she shattered glass ceilings and we’ve heard even Eve Taylor admit that without this woman, we might have never had some of the fantastic female competitors. It’s an honour to have her back for this night and what a match we have in store.

    Cohen: She is an icon alright. A battle tested warrior of WZCW and someone who wrestled on the very first Meltdown. We’ve had many competitors come and go but somehow, through skill and determination, Celeste has remained where so many have faded away. Tonight she is looking to prove that she is still the best female athlete WZCW has ever had.

    Connor: If only it was so easy. Celeste has been the standard for all women in WZCW but some might say that Eve Taylor has claimed her throne. We talked about it before, Taylor had that incredible reign as Elite Openweight Champion, and she was untouchable. Since then she has come to doubt herself and this match is a direct response to that doubt. Maybe she believed her own hype but stepping up to challenge Celeste is exactly what she needs to do to find out who the greatest truly is. I’m sure Celeste has heard all the talk about Eve Taylor and tonight she can put an end to that. Celeste, with a win tonight, confirms her spot as still being far and away the best female wrestler ever.

    The anticipation is building and the fans all around the arena are standing as Celeste makes her way up the steel steps and enters the ring. Standing across from her is Eve Taylor, she has her eyes locked on Celeste, and watches as Celeste ascends the turnbuckle and poses to a big ovation. The referee steps over to Celeste, he calls Eve in as well, and gives both women instructions for keeping it clean tonight. Eve tries to lock eyes with Celeste but the veteran turns her back on the woman who wishes to take her throne, and steps back into the corner, waiting for the bell to sound.

    *DING DING*​

    Celeste remains with her back towards Eve after the bell sounds in the background. The crowd takes their seats and the official moves out of the way, circling the ring in case he is needed for a pinfall situation. Eve Taylor steps forward, pausing in the centre of the ring, and waits. A few moments pass before Celeste turns and she faces Eve, their eyes meeting for the first time, and a hand is extended. Eve wants to shake hands before the match begins. For a split second it looks like Celeste is about to accept but out of nowhere she thrusts a violent forearm across the bridge of the nose to Eve! The former model drops immediately and a few droplets of blood splatter the canvas. Celeste pounces on her and strikes with closed fist punches and the thud of the knuckles connecting to the forehead of Eve can be heard several rows back. A reprieve is earned for Eve as she rolls towards the ropes, forcing the referee to break it, and Celeste steps back readjusting her outfit. From the canvas Eve looks up at Celeste, the latter is smiling gleefully, and slowly Eve pulls herself up off the canvas. Droplets of blood sprinkle down her top lip and Eve brushes her finger against it which smears the blood. Both women charge and they start throwing wild punches and kicks, an odd forearm mixing in also, as they battle all across the ring. Side to side they go and each woman is landing stiff shots on the other to the roar of the crowd.

    Copeland: If you expected to see this match be soft you’re in for a rude shock. Listen to those shots being thrown by both women. That’ll knock some teeth out.

    Cohen: This is what legacy means to both of them. They’ll send their hardest strikes right out of the gate. None of this feeling out process.

    A slight break is caused by a headbutt from Eve Taylor which stuns Celeste. Quickly now, Eve grabs Celeste’s arm and sends her into the ropes. On the rebound Eve connects with a big boot to put down the icon and goes for a cover. 1... Kick Out! Not even close but Eve is right back on the attack. She picks up Celeste and drags her over to the corner, pressing her up against the turnbuckle. Eve raises her hand in the air calling for silence and then chops Celeste right across the chest. After three stiff chops in a row and with Celeste still in the corner, Eve runs to the opposite side and charges forward delivering a high knee strike right to the head of Celeste. The veteran drops to her knees and manages to roll onto the ring apron. Eve makes to grab her but Celeste drops down while holding onto Eve’s hair causing the rope to dig into the former model’s neck. Still feeling the effects of the knee Celeste rubs her head and slides back into the ring as Eve is coughing, trying to breathe. Celeste grabs Eve from behind, locks her hands, and hits a German Suplex. The hold is still on and they roll before Celeste powers into a second and she only releases after hitting the third. She rolls Eve over and hooks the leg for her first cover of the match. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Celeste sits Eve up and drives her knee into the back. With a look of complete disdain Celeste stands over Eve and executes a standing moonsault. The crowd cheer that show of athletic ability and Celeste makes another cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Getting slightly frustrated, Celeste is back on her feet and grabs Eve by the hair, dragging her violently over to the ropes. Celeste throws her into the ropes and then connects with an Evenflow DDT! With what seemed like some extra force Celeste drives Eve’s head into the ground. She waves the official over and makes the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! A look of fury comes over Celeste as she approaches the referee and demands it was a three count. The referee shakes his head and Celeste turns back to Eve Taylor who is pulling herself off the canvas. With a handful of hair Celeste pulls Eve towards her but gets a little too relaxed as Eve breaks free and hits the reverse STO into the Koji Clutch - Extreme Makeover! The crowd jump to their feet as Eve has locked in her finisher and Celeste is trapped in the middle of the ring much too far from the ropes. This crowd cannot believe what has just happened. Only moments ago Eve was getting beaten at the mercy of Celeste but now it’s the icon of women’s wrestling who is in major strife. Celeste is digging her nails into the canvas, her mouth open as screams pierce the ears of those nearest. Her hand is up, it comes down but stops just centimetres from the canvas. Eve is pulling with everything she has but suddenly Celeste begins to power up onto her knees and soon enough she is squatting with the Koji Clutch still locked in. A wild feat of strength and the crowd cheers as Celeste drops down which sends Eve Taylor head first into the canvas.

    Connor: I thought Eve had it won. The Extreme Makeover is one of the more difficult submissions to escape but the pure power of Celeste allowed her to escape.

    Copeland: You’ve only got some much fuel in the tank. Celeste cannot rely on that being the only way to escape the Extreme Makeover if Eve manages to get it locked in again.

    Cohen: Celeste is a submission expert. She can handle pain more than most and I’m sure she has several escapes for each submission hold.

    The hold is broken and Eve Taylor rolls to the ring apron holding her head. Celeste takes a moment to gather herself, a major mistake on her part and she only just escaped. With Eve now on the ring apron, Celeste runs forward only for Eve to pull down the rope and send Celeste crashing to the outside. Quickly, Eve steps inside the ring, rubbing her lower back, and runs off the ropes and dives to the outside of the ring over the top rope onto Celeste Crimson - Topé con Hilo! The crowd comes alive again as both women are down on the outside. The referee begins the count and at four Eve is back on her feet. She yells out to the crowd who cheer before picking up Celeste and hitting an Arm-Trap Neckbreaker on the cold hard floor! At a count of eight Eve rolls into the ring and back out to break the count. She begins to move Celeste but the veteran slips from her grip and drives her back first into the hard edge of the ring apron. Eve lets out a cry of sharp pain as Celeste has hold of her head and throws her into the nearby barricade. The referee is on the outside telling them to bring it back into the ring but Celeste tells him off. She takes aim and hits a shuffle side kick to knock Eve onto the other side of the barricade and into the fans. The referee has restarted his count as Celeste rolls in and out of the ring before focusing back on Eve. The former model is beginning to stand, clearly a little rocked and her back filled with sudden pain, and the fans all around her going crazy. Once Eve is to her feet Celeste runs at full speed and clears the barricade as she leaps forward with a crossbody!

    Copeland: Oh my! Did you see that dive from Celeste? She just cleared the barricade with ease.

    Connor: That’ll be a moment we replay over and over again in years to come.

    The referee rushes over to check on both women as Celeste begins to stir. The fans cannot believe how close the action is and replays are shown of Celeste diving over the barricade. She is the first to stand and throws Eve over the barricade to the ringside area. With both women back on the correct side of the barricade, Celeste breaks the referee’s count and rolls back to the outside where Eve is crawling towards the ring. She is almost there when Celeste picks her up and executes a belly to belly suplex not onto the floor but into the edge of the ring apron. Again, Eve cries out in pain and collapses. Her back aching very badly and that seems like enough for Celeste who rolls her opponent back into the ring and follows for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! The look on Celeste’s face tells the story. She cannot believe what just happened. She makes the cover again. 1... 2... Kick Out! Eve kicks out for the second time and Celeste is up and arguing with the official. Her legacy on the line, Celeste wants to put this match away. Rolling Eve over now Celeste looks at the lower back and drops a knee across it. Picking Eve up from the canvas Celeste pulls her into the middle of the ring and looks for the Jumping Enzuigiri but Eve slaps the foot away and kicks Celeste in the stomach. She ducks a forearm and runs backwards before returning and hitting a Running Hurricanrana. Celeste is absolutely spinning right now and Eve Taylor gets to her feet, the pain in her back so immense, and she moves forward towards Celeste. She can only see her from behind as Celeste uses the ropes to stand. When Eve grabs Celeste on the shoulder... Celeste turns and nails Spirit Crusher! The vicious roundhouse kick connects and Eve goes down. Celeste quickly hooks the leg and the crowd count the pin. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: Eve Taylor just kicked out of the Spirit Crusher! Did anybody see that coming? I don’t believe what I’ve just seen. Eve will not give up.

    Copeland: Pure passion and intensity is keeping Eve in this match. Most would have fallen to the Spirit Crusher but Eve is digging down deep to find a way to survive.

    To the shock of everyone Eve Taylor kicked out of the Spirit Crusher. Most of all to the shock of Celeste Crimson who has backed away into the bottom of the left hand turnbuckle. Her head in her hands and she is stunned. Eve kicked out of her best weapon and the icon is in disbelief. Across the ring Eve isn’t even moving. She appeared to be out cold but somehow she kicked out at the last possible moment. Celeste begins to stir and approaches Eve, looking down at her and suddenly grabs the ankle - Divine Intervention! She has the ankle lock in tight and this along with the bad back of Eve has to be sending all kinds of pain through her body. Eve is struggling as Celeste twists and turns the ankle trying to force her to tap. Too far from the ropes so Eve ducks her head and rolls, Celeste goes flying forward and the hold is broken. Her ankle is hurt and Eve staggers to her feet but digs down deep rushing forward with a double chop to Celeste in the corner. As Celeste stumbles out of the corner, Eve drops to one knee, her ankle and back in serious pain, and the former model again digs down deep finding a way to execute the High Heel Kick! Celeste drops but no cover is made as Eve crawls to the outside and begins to climb the top rope, the crowd rising, and Celeste isn’t moving. Eve points to the crowd and dives into the air - Stiletto Stomp! Two signatures back to back and Eve leans back into the cover. 1... 2... Sea of Aristocracy! Celeste applies the Crucifix Choke!

    Connor: What a big mistake by Eve Taylor. You cannot just lay back on Celeste for a cover. That’s what happens when your mind is fuzzy from this hard match. You make mistakes like that which would never happen on most nights.

    Cohen: The icon doesn’t make those mistakes. Celeste Crimson has this match, right now! I can’t see Eve escaping from this hold.

    A huge mistake by Eve with the pin attempt by laying back first on Celeste. She fell right into the trap and now Celeste has her in the Crucifix Choke. The crowd is standing as Eve fights to break the hold. Throwing her back all over the place, kicking her legs and trying to shift her arms but Celeste is too strong. She will not let go. Celeste begins to headbutt Eve at the same time and the referee is asking her whether or not to give up. The world is watching, Eve is going to tap... but she shakes her head. Eve is refusing to give up and she begins to thrust her head backwards into Celeste’s. A stiff headbutt by Eve breaks the hold for a split second and she slips out rolling across the ring. Celeste and Eve are both up gingerly, this match taking its toll of both women. They meet in the middle and trade kicks and strikes just like in the early going, Celeste getting the better as she slips behind and forearms Eve in the spine to the injured back. She goes for the leg cradle suplex but Eve elbows her way free, kicks Celeste in the stomach and hits Leg-Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb. A cover is made by Eve. 1... 2... Kick Out! Neither woman will give up. Eve is the first to her feet but her back is absolutely causing her so much pain. Stumbling over to Celeste and picking her off the canvas, Eve slings her into the ropes.

    Jumping Enzuigiri by Celeste connects and Eve Taylor stumbles back into the ropes. Both women are exhausted, Eve slumps against the ropes and Celeste wipes her brow before charging again. A loud thud is heard all over the arena when Eve cracks Celeste is a thunderous forearm to the face, much like the one Celeste hit in the opening moments of this match. Celeste looks glassy eyed and goes down to one knee. She is looking in the direction of Eve but it’s very possible she has no clue where in the world she is right now. This hard, strong style, type match has been brutal and Eve steps forward, looking down upon the woman she recognises as an icon. Another forearm, a second, a third, a fourth and on and on. Each cracking off the skull of Celeste Crimson who is on her knees. The crowd count them out and it ends when Eve runs backs, grasping her back with her left hand as she turns sharply, before hitting a sliding forearm smash to put Celeste down.

    Copeland: That has to be it. Celeste is done. She cannot recover from those forearms by Eve Taylor.

    Cohen: I don’t think Eve is thinking about finishing the match just yet. All that punishment she took on her back. The pain is flowing through her body and I think she wants a little payback.

    Eve doesn’t go for the cover instead she backs away into the corner and almost falls to the canvas. Her back is causing her terrible pain and she has to use to the ropes just to stand. Over across the ring Celeste is crawling towards the ropes herself, her eyes still not fully clear and her head must be ringing with pain. The crowd watches on as Eve gingerly walks over, grabs Celeste by the head and attempts the Fashion Statement! She has hold of Celeste’s arm and drops down with her boot on Celeste’s head but the icon grabs the top rope and breaks free! Taylor smacks the canvas and immediately grabs for her back. Celeste rolls her over and jumps into the air delivering double knees. The referee slides into position as Celeste covers. 1... 2... Kick Out! No, Eve Taylor refuses to give up and Celeste smacks the canvas in frustration. Celeste gets to her feet and rips off her wrist tape, throwing it to the outside of the ring, and then runs her fingers through her hair.

    “Get up!” Celeste yells at the top of her lungs. Perched and ready to strike, her prey is struggling to its feet, and Celeste can sense the victory. The people are standing, they’ve seen this earlier on in the match, Celeste is going for the Spirit Crusher. She wants to crush the dreams of Eve Taylor, to break her spirit, and one more of these devastating roundhouse kicks will do the trick. The pain in her back causes Eve to struggle to her feet, the rope only doing so much and the mere action of standing up straight results in agony. On the biggest stage, Eve has fought so hard, against the greatest of all time but as she turns she has no idea what is waiting for her. She turns around and Celeste Crimson fires, using everything she has left in the tank and attempts Spirit Crusher for the second time.


    Connor: No! Eve Taylor has ducked underneath... she pulls Celeste closer and that’s the STO. Oh my, Eve rolls over and Koji Clutch is locked in. Extreme Makeover for the second time and I don’t know if Celeste can power out of it this time.

    It was silence just moments ago but now the entire arena is on their feet going ballistic. Somehow, when it all seemed lost and after taking a beating to her back the entire match, Eve Taylor had the sense to duck underneath the Spirit Crusher. With only a few inches in it but with everything on the line Eve ducked and managed to pull Celeste close enough to hit the reverse STO and lock in the Koji Clutch. The sound is deafening in the arena as Eve Taylor locks her hands and pulls tightly with all her might. This is it. This is her chance at glory and it’s all on the line. Celeste’s eyes are darting all around her looking for a way out of the hold. She is the master of submissions and her eyes spot the nearest rope to the right. She begins to crawl, her fingers digging into the canvas of the ring as the arena watches on. Celeste feels the pain of the submission, her breathing is being cut off and her heart is beating faster and faster. The rope is inching closer and Celeste can almost touch it, her fingernail brushes against the bottom rope...

    Eve Taylor rolls backwards and manages to keep her hands locked. Her legs break the Koji Clutch for a moment but before Celeste can realise what has happened she feels those legs contort around her yet again. Eve is screaming, her damaged back making it so difficult to twist her body in the most effective way for this submission. It’s not at full strength and this gives Celeste hope. No way would see have survived this long if Eve wasn’t seriously damaged. Celeste begins to scramble, she claws at the canvas for anything to help but nothing is available. She looks to the ropes - too far away. It’s just like before, centre of the ring with the Extreme Makeover locked in. Celeste begins to move her legs and feels the pressure tighten around her. Eve can sense what is about to happen. With her grip strong, her back aching, and Celeste still in big trouble, Eve Taylor leans back and applies even more pressure. Celeste is on her knees and begins to power up just like before but quickly comes crashing back to the ground. It’s no use, she cannot power out of the hold this time.

    Cohen: Look at the eyes of Celeste! They’re going red, her eyes are both near completely bloodshot from this hold. The woman cannot breath but she will not tap out.

    Copeland: Celeste Crimson refuses to tap but she may have no choice. Who will break first? Will Celeste tap or is Eve’s back going to give out?

    Connor: Celeste is trying again! What else does she have left to give at this point?

    Indeed, Celeste rolls just as Eve did and manages to get closer to the ropes. The hold is not broken but the extreme pressure from Eve has lessened due to her back. She cannot keep up maximum power for very long and her grip is slipping. Celeste is crawling towards the bottom rope with a look of determination. She will not give up and Eve begins to shake her head, she cannot believe what is happening. Celeste is almost at the ropes so Eve shifts and rolls backwards yet again but this time Celeste stops her! Celeste refuses to roll and they remain in the same position. The bottom rope is only a few inches away as Celeste crawls but it’s getting slower. Her eyes are closing and the strength she just used may have been it. Eve Taylor adjusts her grip and pulls tightly again. The referee looks at Celeste and grabs her arm. It drops to the canvas once, he does it again and for the second time it drops. Celeste might be out cold from the pain... IT STOPS BEFORE THE THIRD!

    A wave of sound, boos, cheers, cries, screams and whatever else you can think of echoes over these competitors. Celeste inches forward again, Eve tries to roll but it’s no good. Eve, with one last try, pulls with all her might and Celeste continues to reach for the bottom rope. Both women battling to win this match. Only an inch away as Eve battles to force the tap out. Celeste reaches out her hand, the rope just a fingertip away and this hold will be broken. The agony piercing through both their bodies is unbearable and suddenly, just an inch away from the rope, Celeste Crimson cannot handle it anymore and taps out furiously.

    Cohen: I d-don’t believe it! What have we just witnessed, Seabass and CC? I can’t believe what my eyes are showing is in front of me. In all my years I never thought I’d see this.

    Copeland: You’ve just heard it, folks. Your winner by submission in this dream match is Eve Taylor. She not only won the match but she has just tapped the greatest female competitor of all time. Eve Taylor made Celeste Crimson tap out just an inch away from the bottom rope. The pain was just too much for Celeste to handle. She lasted longer than anyone else has in the Extreme Makeover but in the end she had to tap.

    Connor: What an amazing performance by both women. They gave it their all and sure only one can walk out a winner but this was razor close. Celeste had it but just couldn’t put the final nail in the coffin of Eve Taylor.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by submission... Eve Taylor!

    Inside the ring both women remain and Eve Taylor is the first to stand up with the help of the referee. She can barely stand up straight and the pain in her back clearly still causing her so much pain. Emotions running high as the crowd cheers wildly for Eve Taylor’s hand being raised as the winner. The camera pans around and Celeste has rolled to the outside of the ring giving Eve the spotlight. She looks devastated and has her head in her hands as Eve Taylor slowly walks around the ring and waves to the fans.

    Copeland: What a moment we have seen tonight. In all my years I don’t know if I’ve seen a closer women’s match or one that meant so much. A true dream match that delivered.

    Connor: Take a bow Eve Taylor, you earned this and Celeste has nothing to be ashamed of tonight. She was just one second away from winning this contest. Just one little second and this would have been Celeste standing tall.

    With the crowd cheering her name, Eve Taylor slips to the outside of the ring and begins making her way up the ring. Celeste Crimson remains sitting on the cold mat on the outside of the ring and looks stunned. The camera flicks back to Eve, she is standing on the top of the stage and raises her hand in the air before walking to the back.


    As the camera fades from black, the Tag Team Champions – Mark Keaton and John Constantine – can be seen sitting in the men's locker room. Constantine is sitting alone on the bench, gazing at the Tag Team Championship fondly as it rests in his hands. Keaton, on the other hand, is parading around the locker room with the Championship above his head.

    Keaton: Here are your winners and STILL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS....

    Keaton turns to Constantine with a smile on his face, pointing in his direction. Constantine offers Keaton a smile in return as he lifts his head from the gold on his thighs.

    Keaton: VIS IMPERIUM!!

    Almost alien to The Power Trip, he gives a laugh at Keaton's antics. The pressure of retaining the Championships at Kingdom Come is clearly off of Constantine's shoulders and he is willing to enjoy the moment more and more. Suddenly, the door bursts open to reveal Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle in the doorway. Constantine gets to his feet slowly, looking towards the new Elite Openweight Champion and his manager as they make their way into the room and to the side of the Tag Team Champions.

    Adonis: I guess this is the Champions locker room, huh?

    LeBelle's manager offers Mark Keaton a card from his pocket but Keaton screws up his face in return.

    Adonis: Alright, no worries, kid. But listen, I have a proven track record of success. A little like your good selves, right? The World's Greatest Mind is but a rookie in this company and now he is the Elite Openweight Champion. Joining the likes of Eve Taylor, Sam Smith and...

    Constantine: Me!

    Andrew Adonis stops for a moment as The Power Trip speaks out.

    Adonis: Absolutely! I was merely saving the best for last.

    LeBelle moves into the middle of the bunch of people, raising his hands in an innocent motion.

    LeBelle: Gentlemen, there is no need to be enemies here tonight. It has been a big night for all of us and, perhaps, we can come to terms with a deal that ought to make us all a little happier and more successful, hmm?

    Copeland: That is very ominous...

    Cohen: Indeed, Seabass. But no one can deny the level of success that all of those men have achieved in this business already.

    Connor: Absolutely, Jack. It'll be interesting to see what Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle have planned for themselves. But two men who will be more interested in what is immediately in the offing for them are the two men embroiled in the contest for the number one contendership. The following match, ladies and gentlemen, is about as personal as it gets in WZCW. A ring full of talent and full of potential. But let's see how it all came about...
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! The winner of this match will be the #1 Contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!


    Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing at a 225 lbs, he represents the Hollow Ones, Tyrone Blades!!

    As Blades' music begins, the fans begin booing loudly. In the massive arena, it is not clear just where Blades will be coming from. The camera scans the crowd, looking for Blades in a sea of faces. Suddenly, a spotlight manages to pick out Blades from way back in the crowd. He stands on a flight of concrete steps and looks at the ring all the way in the distance. He gives a stoic nod of his head as he looks around the arena and the sheer size of what faces him. With that, Blades begins making his way towards the ring, parting the crowd and avoiding contact with most people.

    Copeland: The longest reigning World Champion in history, a two time Champion, has owned this company in the past, he's a Hall Of Famer. Tonight he makes his 7th appearance at Kingdom Come. More than anyone else. And if he wins here tonight, we could see a history making third reign for the man.

    Cohen: Despite the name change, he is still one of the all-time greats. Garth Black has always been seen as a stagnant guy. Coming in, leaving, never doing much. 2016 changed that with a rise to the World Championship. Tonight is his chance to show that that wasn't a flash in the pan or a lucky break. He does not have it easy. But in this business, it's never easy.

    Connor: Tyrone has faced many all-time greats through his career, winning his historic first title from Vengeance, defeating Titus, Mikey Stormrage, Barbosa, SHIT, Saboteur and so much more. Garth will have to dig as deep as possible to defeat such an experienced combatant here tonight.

    After a few moments, Blades finally makes his way through all of the fans and vaults the security barrier. Blades looks around the arena one final time before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He spins his black baseball bat in his hands as he begins focussing on what is coming for him. Tyrone faces the ramp as the lights dull once more.


    His opponent, from the Last Chance Saloon, weighing 15 stone, he is Garth Black!!

    After a few moments of Garth's music playing, the former Heavyweight Champion makes his way onto the stage - bathed in the boos from most of the crowd. Black shakes his head in annoyance at the fan reaction as he stops in the middle of the stage and looks down to where Tyrone Blades is patiently waiting for him. Wihtout taking his eyes off of Blades, Black raises both of his arms out to his side to allow the fans to praise him a little more - something which the fans are not quick to do.

    Copeland: Second Coming. That's how we were first introduced to Garth Black, teaming with Phoenix. The current partner of Tyrone in The Hollow Ones. After a fierce rivalry with Phoenix, he's tried to make in on his own. Injuries, personal problems, among many other obstacles, for years got in his way. WZCW looked down on him for it. Pegging him as just another guy walking through the revolving door. But that all changed in 2016 when he wasn't aiming for success, he was aiming at WZCW.

    Connor:Tonight he walks in a former World Champion. Something that can never be taken away from him. He has the proof that he can do it, no matter the circumstance. He just has to get past his adversary tonight.

    Cohen: You guys, we've seen many wrestlers come and go. Garth may be the one with the most momentum, just coming off a World title reign while Ty or Tyrone hasn't held it since 2012 or 2013. Tyrone is the one with the track record. Garth is the one that needs to prove it to everyone. Tyrone already has. Several times.

    Black makes his way down to the ring, avoiding the fans that have lined the ramp waiting to see him. The look of disgust on his face is haunting. When he gets to the ring, he walks up the steps and gets into the ring, almost too calm for the occasion. Both men, set for action, circle the ring. Prepared and under the big lights, they set to do battle. Senior official Jurou Akiyama precedes the match and as soon as all is set, marks the start of this battle.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Both men draw closely, both oozing confidence in the face of their opposite. Neither sweating a drop despite the powerful lighting and ambience. Tyrone's experience, Garth's righteousness. They stand face to face and without even blinking, at the same exact time, without flaw, they both pounce onto each other. A collar and elbow tie up. Right arms free, they begin to wail onto each other with their forearms. Shots delivered straight to each others left cheek. Blow after blow, pound after pound, neither man giving an inch, looking to show their dominance. The continue to swing ferociously as they little by little start to lose their footing and their balance. The blows taking their toll on their bodies, they release each other and change their offense to knife-edge chops. Each shot to the exposed chest whipping for the entire Superdome crowd to hear. Tyrone manages to get the edge, chop y chop, he pushes Garth to the ropes and whips him across. On the way back, hitting Garth with a Hook Kick.

    Connor: These two are not messing around.

    Copeland: That was a brutal assault to start things off between the two. I cannot imagine how things will continue as this match progresses.

    Tyrone seems to have the advantage. Garth is down to one knee as his opponent measures him and runs the ropes but Garth responds by kneeing him in the gut, then proceeds to toss Tyrone out of the ring. Tyrone tries to get back up but is grabbed by the hair, Garth yanking on the championship locks on Blades' head. The referee begins to administer a 5 count, both for the ropes and the hair, Garth lets go at the count of 4, just avoiding a disqualification, but Blades takes advantage of Garth showing his free hands to the ref and whips his neck off the ropes. He goes back into the ring and now he throws out Garth, yelling profanities at him as shows off to the crowd mockingly. Garth, outside at ringside now, shows his frustration with the exchange by kicking the ring steps. The crowd heckling him throughout but he clearly doesn't care.

    Cohen: That could've gone better. Garth may wanna rethink things and be more careful. Trying to go toe to toe with Tyrone might not be the best idea. He's a very dangerous guy.

    Connor: Yeah but Garth may be wanting to show that he can exchange with him. That might have been a big blow in the ego.

    Garth goes back in the ring and is met by more strikes from Tyrone. But Garth doesn't let up and thumbs Tyrone in the eye, stopping him cold and allowing Black to pound away on the man. The follows it up with a Judo Throw, tossing Tyrone onto his back, then smothers his forearm across Ty's face as he makes a cover. 1....2- but he barely gets a 1 count out of it. He then starts clobbering Tyrone with crossface shots across the chest. Tyrone doesn't stay down for long though, as he kicks Garth and gets back to his feet. Garth tries a forearm shot, but Tyrone ducks that and gets backkicked on the bread basket. Giving Tyrone the chance to springboard off the ropes and Flash Kick Garth down. Tyrone hooks the leg quickly. 1........ 2.......3-But it's only two, the stunning blow leaving little room for Garth to recover before the pinfall. Tyrone doesn't waste time and applies a chinlock, looking to keep the oxygen away from Garth as he tries to catch his own breath.

    Cohen: Tyrone's experience is showing here with how he's handling Garth. He barely managed to stop him and isn't panicking because he couldn't keep him down. So he tries to cut his breathing. Smart.

    Connor: You say that, but at the same time, Tyrone suffers from many knee problems. You think this may have to do with that flying kick?

    Copeland: It may be too early to say.

    Garth fights to free himself from the chinlock, getting to one knee as he loosens himself, he then hits a Back Suplex to free himself completely. Tyrone tries to get back on his feet, but is met with a flurry of Clotheslines. Several of them knock the former World Champion down, but he gets back up after each one. Though more and more groggy after each one. He takes a swing and a miss, leaving Garth standing behind him. He grabs Tyrone by the waist and tosses him overhead with a German Suplex, but the attempt isn't lost on Tyrone who lands on his feet. Quickly he ducks a Clothesline and bounces back from the ropes with a Running High Knee, driving it through Garths last second guard and knocking him down to the canvas. Garth doesn't stay with his back to the ground for long as he sits up but right away, Tyrone stay in control kicking him from said seated position. Delivering both a physical and a verbal beatdown to his opponent.

    Cohen: Ty is in the zone tonight, stomping all over Garth Black.

    Connor: It might be a mistake. Garth is a willy one.

    Tyrone continues his attack, but Garth does his best to get back back to his feet, stopping one of Tyrone's kicks and shoving him back. Right away, Garth slaps him across the face. The blow being as shocking as it was painful. Tyrone covers his face, initially in surprise to the slap, a blatant disrespect. But that surprise turns to anger and wrath pretty quickly. Tyrone lunges on to Garth and pounds him, the force of his attack, driving the mound of flesh to the ropes where Garth has nowhere to go. Referee Jurou Akiyama tries to take control of the situation, enforcing the Rope Break needed but Tyrone doesn't respond. 1...... 2......... Tyrone does not want to let up. 3........... 4.......... But before the 5 can come, Jurou physically interjects, coming in between the two wrestlers. He pushes Tyrone away by force, trying to reason with him. Being a #1 Contenders Match, ending it in a disqualification on the biggest show of the year isn't the most popular idea. But Garth sees his chance, Tyrone being held down and takes the chance, hitting an Enzuigiri right over Akiyama's head, knock Tyrone down. Quickly, Garth makes the cover. 1......... 2........3- But Tyrone barely gets the shoulder up.

    Copeland: Garth almost stole it right there!

    Cohen: That was brilliant! Hey, fair or not fair that was a stroke of brilliance using Tyrone's temper against him.

    Connor: Not that he cares how he gets what he feel is his, but a disqualification would've been a poor end to an important match.

    Tyrone is now the one in trouble as Garth picks his spots for elbow drops and stomps to various body parts. Each blow being delivered with as much force as possible as Garth verbally taunts his opponent as was done to him. He dares Tyrone to get up who tries, but is kicked down repeatedly. Garth decides to be more forceful and effective with his offense. Grabbing Tyrone as he gets up and hitting a Belly To Belly Suplex on him. Garth doesn't go for a cover though, knowing who his foe is, he realizes he needs more than that and climbs the ropes. On the top, both hands point to the lights above as Garth takes flight landing an Elbow Drop onto Tyrone prone back. Not satisfied, he pulls Tyrone up and sends him to the corner. The perfect placement, Garth begins to deliver the 12 Step Programme, punching away at Tyrone as the crowd counts along. He then kicks and Monkey Flips his adversary. Still in control and wanting to secure the kill, Garth still ops against a cover. Instead he climbs the ropes as the crowd is feeling for a comeback on one end. The other is impressed with Garth's dominance.

    "Lets Go Tyrone/Lets Go Garth! Lets Go Tyrone/Lets Go Garth! Lets Go Tyrone/Lets Go Garth!"

    The crowd chants along as Garth takes aim at Tyrone. The Come Down is all set and Garth flies, connecting the move!! Garth hooks both legs! Confident that he's won but not willing to give an inch. 1............. 2........... 3-BUT TYRONE PUTS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! Too close to the ropes upon the Come Down, referee Jurou Akiyama was able to spot Ty's last minute save, barely making it. Garth seems panicked now. His best shot after so much offense not giving him the victory.

    Copeland: Garth looks spooked. His best shot and Ty still got out of it.

    Connor: Garth better calm himself or Tyrone may very well take advantage.

    Cohen: Why the shock? We've seen him be in incredibly tough fights before. Garth just needs to stick to it.

    Incredulous as he is, Garth is still keen on winning and grabs a groggy Tyrone. He takes a swing at him but the blow is blocked. Garth is surprised and the crowd rages loudly at the thought of a Tyrone comeback. It comes. Several knife edge chops soften the Welshman. Tyrone then crosses Garth's arms, hitting a Straight Jacket Suplex. No bridge though, as Tyrone actually gets up, holding Garth! A second Straight Jacket Suplex is hit as Garths lights begin to dim. Tyrone pulls him back up a third time and you can't have Kingdom Come without some sort of Hat Trick, as Tyrone delivers a third straight Straight Jacket Suplex. But Tyrone doesn't let up though. He pulls up Garth a FOURTH TIME. But rather than another Suplex, Tyrone changes the hold into a Half Nelson. Hoisting Garth up in the air, and folding him, driving him neck first between his legs. The Half Nelson Driver, landing Garth in perfect position for a pinfall as Jurou makes the count 1.......... 2...... 3-But Garth just barely is able to kick out!!

    Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

    The chants from the crowd pour down as both men are totally gassed out on the canvas. The referee not even bothering with a 10 count because of the importance of the match. The fans still seem electric after the exchange.

    This Is Wrestling! This Is Wrestling! This Is Wrestling! This Is Wrestling!

    Cohen:Here I was thinking this was a very violent Volleyball match. Go figure.

    Copeland: Electric crowd here in the Superdome. These two are pouring it out there to win that #1 Contenders spot. I find their methods questionable, but in the ring, they more than deliver.

    Connor: At least it's not another "holy crap" chant. I gotta wonder what's going through their minds. Such a hard fought battle and yet, after this one, whoever wins needs to go through arguably a tougher match to win the World title.

    Eventually both men start to make their way back to their feet. They take swings at each other, the blows seemingly having little impact but enough for them in their current condition to stagger. Back and forth they exchange. The crowd yelling with each blow delivered. Garth ends up leaning on the ropes but continues to strike back. Tyrone teeters. Dropping to one knee, he feels he's lagging and falling behind in his attack. Garth has the ropes for support, giving him the high ground. Tyrone seems like he may drop and Garth goes for him. His arms set for a forearm shot. But suddenly, Tyrone springs back to his feet and hits something familiar. CONSECRATED BANISHMENT!! The kick catches Garth completely off guard as he is whipped from the impact and tumbles to the outside hard!!

    Connor: HOLY SH-------(muted for censorship)

    Copeland: Garth may have pushed Tyrone to his breaking point! It's been a long time since we've seen that!

    Cohen: Yeah, but it dumped Garth to the outside. Now what?! And since when does Connor curse?! It seems everyone is saying that tonight!

    Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

    The crowd cheers the nostalgia displayed in desperation as Garth is completely cold outside. With the seeming well being of Garth in mind, Jurou administers the 10 count. 1......... 2........... 3........... Garth shows no signs of life as Tyrone sits in the corner waiting but not for long. He goes back outside as pride gets to him, wanting the satisfaction of a pinfall or perhaps to inflict more punishment. He grabs Garth and pounds on him outside, whipping him against the barricade and over to where the fans are at. The referee counts but at this point it seems moot. Tyrone brawls with Garth across the front row. Garth doesn't seem very responsive. Simply walking, almost sauntering to get away from Tyrone. Referee Jurou Akiyama seems to be at the count of 6 as Garth stumbles across the barricade back to ringside. Tyrone still in pursuit. In the skirmish back to ringside, Garth is able to catch Tyrone by surprise and sweep him, driving him sternum first against the ring apron. The hardest part of the ring. But Tyrone is able to cover the blow, holding himself with his hands. He immediately back kicks Garth which pushes him right back against the barricade. Not willing to risk disqualification, Tyrone rolls in and out of the ring before going back for Garth, breaking the count.

    Connor: This match can very well take an ugly turn. Tyrone's nearly snapped here. He has not let up.

    Copeland: It's clear he wants to win this and get that World title opportunity. He can't do that if he goes too far.

    Cohen:I would not be too sure about that. I think we'd better move.

    As Tyrone rolls out of the ring, he proceeds to clean out the announce table. Garth staggering to finally have some proper mobility but Tyrone grabs his head and bashes it against the table. But Garth seems to gathered his bearings enough and starts to fight back, trading blows with Tyrone yet again. Tyrone hits hard, Garth seems a step behind, but little by little as if his adversary's blows were motivating him, he picks up the pace. Both men trade blow viciously, but Tyrone surprises Garth, with a kick to the gut. He then bounces his head against the table again before getting on it. He grabs Garth with a front facelock and his intention becomes clear. Mo Murda through it. But Garth gets out of it. And hoists Tyrone on his shoulders for the Black Out. He manages to hit it, driving a knee across the temple of Tyrone, Garth landing on the ground as Tyrone crumbles on top of the table. Garth surveys the field, seeing Tyrone stagger on the table, clutching his hurt face. He may be down, but he is not out and Garth knows it. So he goes to the turnbuckle and climbs it. Measuring the distance. Tyrone shows signs of life, the crowd buzzing with anticipation. He can't see whats behind him, Garth looking over from above. He takes it. The Leap Of Faith! The Come Down! For a second time Garth Blacks body falls on top of Tyrone, exploding the announce table as referee Jurou Akiyama looks on in disbelief!!

    Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!
    The fans chant as there's no commentators available to exclaim what just happened. Attendants trying to assist them, dragging the equipment from under the exploded table and seeming carcasses to set up on another table. Jurou begins his count. 1................. 2........................ 3................. In the interval, the commentators are set back up.

    "Lets Go Tyrone/Lets Go Garth! Lets Go Tyrone/Lets Go Garth! Lets Go Tyrone/Lets Go Garth!"

    Connor: Oh my God, I can't believe how this has turned out. Not only did that just happened, these men are in fact dragging themselves back to the ring.

    Copeland: What a will to fight. The malice in each move and its not out of hatred for the other. They want to win that bad, they don't care what they do to one another or to themselves.

    4....................... 5.........................

    Cohen:I told you guys we needed to move. Maybe by the entrance ramp or something.

    Connor: Then how the hell would we see anything from up there?


    Cohen: You have developed quite the foul mouth in this match, missy.

    7.......................... Jurou continues his count. Both wrestlers show signs of life. Dragging themselves by their own will to the ring. 8..................... 9............................... 10~!!

    Copeland: No way!!

    Before either man can make it to the ring, Jurou reaches the count of 10. He raises his hand in the air, but before he makes a call, he looks at the wrestlers. Beaten. Battered. But not down. Both men are on the apron at this point, pulling themselves in.

    Bullshit......... Bullshit......... Bullshit......... Bullshit......... Bullshit......... Bullshit.........

    The crowd reacts before a call is even make. Jurou makes a judgment call and decides not to call the match off. It's too important.

    Copeland: Senior official Jurou Akiyama is not calling for the bell. He wants to let this one go on. He feels they can go.

    Connor: Is that allowed? Is that even safe? After what these two did to each other?

    Cohen: Jurou does not want to take the easy way out. He knows both men would be mad and call conspiracy if he did call for the bell.

    Jurou encourages both men to get up as they enter the ring. They get to their feet and go back at it. Standing on opposite corners but suddenly, in a dash of adrenaline, Garth charges and hits Tyrone, Getting On The Wagon, knocking the air straight out of his lungs. He hoists Tyrone on his shoulders, but Tyrone fights back, getting off and hitting Mo Murda on Garth who is knocked flat on his face. The crowd cheers, knowing whats coming. Tyrone measures him for it. The two sounds. Click Clack. He waits for Garth get up, the right opportunity, when doesn't see it coming. But...... He's not moving. Tyrone seems testy as he waits. Little by little, the adrenaline dwindles. Not much to go on standing still, Garth isn't moving an inch. Tyrone gets tired of waiting and goes for Garth, but at this point, Jurou is concerned with the lack of activity from Garth and approaches him.

    Connor: I..... What just happened?

    Copeland: Garth may be out. That may have been it. He may be out cold.

    Jurou thinks he's out cold, but Tyrone isn't buying it and tries to get close as Jurou helps Garth at least to see if he can support himself. But when Tyrone gets close, Garth springs to life, practically hugging Jurou, blocking his view and catching Tyrone by surprise with a thumb to the eye. Tyrone steps back, covering his eye, giving Garth the chance. Hitting another Getting On The Wagon, splashing Tyrone against the corner. Upon impact he then hoists Tyrone on his shoulders, hitting The Black Out again. Tyrone is prone. Garth is on his knees. He bangs the canvas, a sign of motivation, he practically crawls to the corner and as if it was climb up the side of a mountain, Garth reaches the peak of the turnbuckle. It takes him a few seconds to measure and catch his bearings. Leaping high above, one again, it connects. The Come Down. Garth can't even hook the leg at this point. Just put his hand over Tyrone. 1........... 2........... 3.

    Here is your winner and the NEW #1 Contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!! GARTH BLACK!!

    Connor: I can't believe after all that, that is how the tide turns and Garth Black wins it. A thumb to the eye.

    Cohen: He drove himself through a table and Tyrone still kept coming. What else was he supposed to do?

    Copeland: I do have to wonder, what of Jurou waving the 10 count? At this point, we got our clear cut winner, but Garth flat out used his physical condition to fake a referee stoppage.

    Both men are quick to receive assistance as ice packs are brought and EMT's try to help out the wrestlers. Jurou raises Garth's hand in victory as he smiles laying on his back on the canvas, knowing what he just accomplished. Tyrone on the other hand, is having a hard time.

    Cohen: Lets not take away from this. Garth Black has just defeated Ty Burna in Kingdom Come for an opportunity at the World title. That's huge.

    Copeland: There's no denying that. I'd say the proof is in the carnage, but that's being cleaned up as we speak. These two did not hold back at all.

    Garth is assisted out of the ring and out through the back way to the backstage area. But Tyrone is having none of it. Refusing help. Refusing anything. He rages in the ring and demands a microphone as he can barely keep his composure.

    Connor: What's going on with Tyrone?

    Tyrone:Banks. BANKS!! You saw what just happened! You can't tell me it should've ended that way! How was that not a referee stoppage?! I've owned this company before, I know the rules better than anyone! I should've won by Knockout!!

    You Screwed Tyrone! You Screwed Tyrone! You Screwed Tyrone! You Screwed Tyrone!

    Tyrone: Face me like a man, Banks! Deliver justice! I'm waiting!!

    Copeland: Hang on, what?!

    Suddenly, the World Tag Team Champions emerge on the stage. Mark Keaton and Constantine are here! Constantine gives Keaton a nod as they begin their march down to the ring. Tyrone seems shocked by the men approaching him but, after the match he just had, he can barely stand as they arrive and step into the ring.

    Connor: What the hell is going on here!?

    With both Constantine and Keaton now inside the ring, Ty looks utterly shocked. Blades braces himself for the fight that soon comes. Constantine gives Keaton another nod as Keaton unleashes a vicious assault on Blades - landing a flurry of stiff shots that sends Blades to the canvas. Soon, Keaton picks Tyrone up at the behest of Constantine, who mouths off on him and hits the Axis Of Evil!! With that, Constantine gets to his feet and looks down at Ty pitifully. Keaton gives Constantine a pat on the shoulder as Tyrone is left laying alone, no words spoken...
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    Copeland: Oh, no! What the Hell just happened, Jack?

    Cohen: It's obvious, isn't it, Seabass? John Constantine and Tyrone Blades have a fabled history together. They are two legends in this business and Constantine has, simply put, had enough of listening to Blades being a cry baby when he doesn't get what he wants.

    Connor: I don't think that's it, Jack...

    Copeland: Regardless of what just went down, folks, which I am sure we will learn all about on the next set of shows post Kingdom Come, our next match is gonna be one ofr the ages. The EurAvison Era is well and truly underway. But one man stands in Titus way of completing a full year cycles of events as EurAsian Champion. That man, in some ways, is the embodiment of what Titus used to be. Let's have a look at Titus versus Blackjack Theron and how this contest came to be...

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Tables Ladders and Chairs match! And it is for the EurAsian championship!

    All is black for a moment, until a spotlight shines on the titantron revealing a gigantic stained glass depiction of Link and Zelda is seen up on the entrance ramp. An Ocarina is briefly heard.


    The fans begin to cheer as music starts playing.


    Red, Blue, Green, and Purple lights flash continuously. After 25 seconds pass, the stained glass is shattered to pieces. From behind it we see "Blackjack" Theron Daggershield clad in a grey Zelda tunic with red and blue face paint on to resemble Fierce Deity Link. Replicas of rupees from the Zelda series fall down from the ceiling, thousands of them. Fans in the front rows are trying to grab as many of them as they can. Theron holds up a steel chair in one hand and his cosplay Master Sword in his other hand, while still on the entrance ramp as his pyro goes off. Tiffany walks out as well behind him dressed up like Ocarina Of Time era Princess Zelda's adult form. They walk to the ring and Theron sets down the sword when he gets to the ring, he rolls a blue d20 at ringside and it lands on a 17.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 190 pounds. From Stephenville, Texas... He is.... The Fierce One.... The Natural 21, Blackjack Theron Daggershield!!

    Cohen: The Fierce One? What the heck is this?

    Copeland: This may be a different Theron than what we are used to. Look at the dice he used. Even that was a departure from his traditional red one.

    Connor: I love Tiffany's outfit tonight. Maybe she should try getting in the ring again, she did work the Lethal Lottery, after all.

    The lights go out and the crowd begin to stir. Spotlights appear with a hue of blue. They then turn to gold.

    Connor: Like him or loathe him there's no denying that this has been impressive.

    Copeland: Still, he turned his back on the fans. They made him

    Cohen: Shh! Show some respect!

    The crowd begin to boo loudly. You can see in the audience numerous "#NotMyChampion" banners including one that is lit up. The boos increase and you can see Blackjack Theron and Tiffany growing restless in the ring.

    The spotlights stop on the entrance ramp and they turn back to the blueish tinge. It's now obvious that the ramp has a red carpet rolled out on it. Ladders are also set up on top of this.


    Harrys: Making his way down to the ring, from Keystone City Kansas weighing in at 225lbs.

    The crowd boos.

    Harrys: And for 437 days he has been YOUR EurAsian Champion. Titus Avison!

    A not my champ chant is started as the Hall of Famer struts to the ring with his belt. He laughs at the crowd encouraging their chants.

    As Titus enters the ring he gets on top of the turnbuckle raising his championship high in the air one more time as a chorus of boos followed by “Not my Champ” chants continue.

    Copeland: If Titus can beat Theron tonight he will have done the incredibly monumental task of holding onto the EurAsian title for a full calendar year.

    Cohen: If? Titus will! I don’t care what anyone says he is my champion!

    Copeland: Regardless of that Titus has a hell of a task in front of him and I doubt Theron wants to be another challenger on his list of accomplishments.

    Titus climbs down from the turnbuckle and hands the EurAsian title to the referee who proceeds to strap it into its apparatus. Both Titus and Theron watch as the championship is raised high into the air. The anticipation begins to reach a fever pitch as the fans begin to realize the match is just seconds away from starting. Tiffany exits the ring as Theron is ready for what may be his final chance at this championship. The bell rings and both champion and challenger begin sizing each other up. The distance between them gets smaller and smaller with each growing second but neither seems to want to make the first move. Before you know it each man slides under the bottom rope and grabs a nearby chair and reenters. Titus takes a wild swing but Theron ducks before taking a shot of his own. Titus is able to sidestep it and both men clash in the center of the ring as the sound of chairs clinging and crashing can be heard all throughout the arena. Both men relentlessly swing at one another but neither is giving in. Before either can take another swing however Titus stomps on the lower ankle of Theron causing a momentary distraction long enough for him to jam his chair right into the midsection of Theron. The former world champion kneels down and holds his stomach in pain only for Titus to follow up with a chair shot right across the back of Theron. The champ follows up with more shots to the back before one last shot to the ankle of Theron. And immediately after that last shot a realization pops into the actor’s head. He looks at the now dented chair, and then down to Theron’s ankle which he is now holding. He then proceeds to put Theron’s ankle between the chair and goes to climb to the top turnbuckle.

    Copeland: Titus has some bad intentions here.

    Cohen: More like glorious strategy, you can’t win the match if you can’t stand up!

    Titus hops off the top rope hoping to crush the ankle completely but Theron just barely moves out the way! With the chair still wrapped around his ankle however Theron whips his leg causing the chair to hit Titus’ leg resulting in him falling to one knee. Theron grabs the chair from around his ankle, gets to his feet, and then proceeds to nail Titus with a low drop kick steel chair combination! Titus holds his face in pain before rolling out of the ring under the bottom rope. Theron follows him and sets up a table on the outside much to the approval of the crowd. He grabs Titus attempting to hit a Northern Lights Suplex through the table but Titus has other plans. He nails a barrage of elbows forcing Theron to release his hold on the champ. Titus puts some distance between the two and as Theron is stunned he charges straight at him. Theron seems him coming however and gives a Titus a back body drop through the table! The fans cheer as it seems Theron has the clear advantage now. He grabs a ladder lying next to the barricade and chucks it inside the ring. Theron is a bit slower to enter than usual but he does make it to inside and begins setting up the ladder. Once it's probably stable he begins ascending up the ladder as the fans continue to cheer him on. He seems very close to belt but much to his dismay Titus has slid inside the ring and is tipping the ladder over! Theron is much too on the ladder to land in the ring and tries to land on his feet on the outside only to land awkwardly on his ankle before crashing into the barricade! The champ is relieved but it doesn’t last long as he falls to one knee holding back from the previous crash through the table. He struggles to at first but he’s eventually able to pick the ladder back up and set it right under the championship. He only gets about a rung up the ladder before he notices Theron making to his feet. He’s in pain and with quite a grimace on his face but the challenger is doing it nonetheless. Titus then quickly gets off the ladder, folds it up, picks it up over his head, and charges to throw straight at Theron on the outside! The Fierce One just barely moves out of the way but part of the ladder clips his shoulder causing him to fall to the ground. Titus isn’t satisfied with that however and exits the ring to try to cause more damage. He picks up the ladder and once again charges at Theron only to be met with with a steel chair! Luckily for Titus the ladder blocked most of the shot but the champ falls down backwards as the ladder crushes the top part of him. Theron nails another chair further crushing Titus’ head under the ladder.

    Connor: Neither man is holding back thus far, this championship means so much them and they’re really willing to hurt the other to prove it!

    Theron grabs the ladder and lays upright on the ring apron. He attempts to get in the ring but struggles to make it to his feet as his ankle is much more irritated than it was before. Eventually he is able to and tries to pull the ladder inside the ring but he can’t. The camera pans down and it is revealed Titus is holding it from the bottom on the outside! A tug of war between the two ensues as neither man is able to gain the upperhand. Titus then decides to push instead of pull and jams the ladder straight into Theron’s already damaged ankle. The fan favorite falls down on the mat clutching his injured extremity as Titus attempts to shake the cobwebs out on the outside. Titus then proceeds to grab a nearby table and slide under the bottom rope. He grabs two steel chairs and chucks them into the ring as well. He himself then enters and stops on Theron’s ankle making sure he stays down on the ground. Titus then sets up the two chairs at equal distance from each other. He puts the table in between them so it propped and then looks to Theron with dangerous intentions. He begins hammering hard right hands to the head of Theron before he picks him up and lays him across the table. He then goes to the top rope and devilish smirk.

    Cohen: Oh boy, he’s going for the Red Comet! This is going to be amazing!

    Titus does indeed signal for his aerial finisher but before he can do so Tiffany gets up on the apron! Despite it being no disqualification she doesn’t touch Titus just only yells at him causing enough of a momentary distraction that Theron is able to hobble to the ropes causing Titus to be crotched on the top turnbuckle!

    Cohen: NO! Now we may never have Avison babies!

    Theron is slow to follow up as he takes some time to breathe and rebalance himself but in foul swoop he springboards up into the top rope and delivers a hurricanrana to Titus sending him through the table and steel chairs! The crowd is roaring with approval as they know this is Theron’s time! The challenger can’t capitalize however as the last maneuver has only further irritated his injured ankle! Tiffany begins to yelling for Theron to get up and that seems to be the best motivator as Theron begins using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Titus clutches his back in pain but eventually rolls out under the bottom rope and the challenger realizes this might be his best opportunity. He hobbles over to a ladder and slowly begins to set it up the ladder. Unfortunately he has to move the table and chair debris only further slowing him down. He does get it out of the way as he begins to climb up rung by rung. Tiffany continues to cheer motivating her one and only. She begins to get the crowd into as well and the entire arena is cheering Theron as he’s getting closer and closer to the championship! He’s only about a rung or two away when he notices the cheering from Tiffany has stopped, he looks down to see Titus’ arm wrapped around her neck with a steel chair in the other hand!

    Connor: What is Titus doing?! This is completely uncalled for!

    Cohen: This is perfect strategy! Will Theron sacrifice his love for championship gold?

    Copeland: God have mercy on that woman if he does…

    Theron has a look of fear and anger the likes we have never seen from him before. He looks down at his love while Titus threatens to bash her skull in with a chair. He then looks back up at the EurAsian title he’s worked so hard to earn. The fans are on the edge of their seats as even they’re not sure what Theron should do. Titus then yells to Theron “Win a championship, lose your love!” And at that moment Theron does a diving moonsault off the ladder onto not only Titus but Tiffany as well! All three of them are down on the outside as the officials check on their condition.

    Copeland: Wow! Theron sacrificed his own goals to save Tiffany!

    Cohen: Unfortunately for him he may have flattened her as well.

    Copeland: Not to mention maybe taken himself completely out of this match in the process!

    We take a look at the instant replay and see Theron in slow motion crushing Titus beneath while also hitting Tiffany as well. The referees check on all three of them with only Titus beginning to stir. Theron begins to stir himself as the referee checks on him but he’s only considered with the well-being of Tiffany. The other ref checks on Tiffany and she says she’s okay but she can’t quite make it to her feet yet. Titus manages to get up but is clutching his back due to multiple backdrops into tables and Theron’s high-flying maneuver. Once he turns around however his focus becomes quite clear. After seeing Theron crawling towards Tiffany he grabs a steel chair and begins repeatedly smashing Theron with it over and over again. It almost becomes a bit hard to watch as the chair eventually breaks due to sheer force Titus is using. Theron yells out in pain but that barely satisfies Titus. He grabs Theron by the head and forces him to look at Tiffany who is still laying on the ground and says “Look at her! She’s next!”. And at that moment Theron punches Titus right in the balls! The crowd is shocked by the uncharacteristic action yet still cheer for it nonetheless. Titus falls to knees and Theron delivers a headbutt that sends them both falling backwards. Upon further inspection it seems both men are now bleeding from their foreheads due to the collision.

    Connor: Well now not only are the Avison babies in jeopardy but possibly also his movie star good looks!

    More blood seems to be coming from the face of Titus as he begins to crawl away and Theron heads toward Tiffany. While he’s checking on her Titus slowly slinks into the ring and pulls himself only to be stopped by his aching back. Once Theron realizes Tiffany will survive he begins trying to get back in the ring. His ankle is still bad condition however which makes it a slow process for him. Titus doesn’t even both setting up ladder and as soon as Theron makes under the bottom rope he nails the TIT-DROP! Fans boo as they fear their hero may be down for the count. Titus isn’t going for a ladder however, he rolls under the bottom rope and grabs a steel chair. Upon entering the ring again he puts Theron’s ankle between the chair. He gets to on the top rope, leaps off, and stomps directly on the chair crushing the ankle! Theron yells and holds his ankle as it seems he’s in a tremendous amount of pain. Titus smirks as fans continue to boo. Theron rolls to apron as the ref checks on his ankle, it looks incredibly swollen so he throws up the “X” sign with his arms. Medical officials can be seen running from the back as Titus begins laughing while setting up the ladder. Just as he does the officials get to Theron and have a stretcher waiting for him. He refuses to go but the officials are insisting. As this is happening Titus is climbing rung after rung slowly forcing the fans to take it in. He begins laughing harder and harder the higher he gets. Theron takes one last look at Titus as he’s almost at the top and an incredible rush of adrenaline begins to flow through him. He kicks away the officials And forces himself onto his feet. To the complete shock of Titus he springboards off the ropes and onto the ladder! He lands awkwardly due to his ankle but he’s inches away from Titus nonetheless. Titus tries to throw a right hand but Theron blocks, grabs Titus by the head, and delivers a CRITICAL HIT FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!

    Copeland: That one last Hail Mary play may just be enough to win Theron this match!

    Connor: What an incredible display of fortitude for him to do all of it what must not be a broken ankle.

    Cohen: But will he have enough to climb back up the ladder?!


    Titus seems to be out cold but Theron is at least rolling around in pain. The referees have now waved off the medical officials and plan to let this contest continue. Theron can barely make it to his feet this time and he’s not sure what to do. He knows this may be his last chance but there’s nothing he can do. At that moment Tiffany enters the ring and begin helping Theron up! She props him up on the turnbuckle and begins setting up the ladder again. Theron begins leaning against her as she helps him hobble to the ladder. Fans are starting to cheer as Tiffany pushes Theron up the ladder as far as she can. As he is halfway up the ladder she stops to hold it in place so he can continue. The fans are now going wild with cheers as they realize this about to be end of Titus’ reign until! Theron gets his hand on the title but belt he hears a massive thud! Titus has whacked Tiffany in the back with the steel chair! She falls down and with her no longer holding the ladder Theron loses his balance! The ladder falls but Theron is hanging onto the title twenty feet in the air! Titus quickly grabs the ladder and tilts it at an upward angle and jams into the leg of Theron! The challenger falls to ground is unable to move. The officials begin to check on him as Titus sets up the ladder and begins climbing. The crowd is in shock as Titus is eventually able to get to the top. Theron has not moved and Titus unhooks the EurAsian title and clutches it to chest.

    Harrys: And here is your winner, and STILL WZCW EURASIAN CHAMPION, TITUS AVISION!

    Cohen: He did it! I knew he’d do it! One year as the Eurasian champion! Titus is amazing!

    Copeland: It’s quite an accomplishment indeed, however the way he’s gone about doing is less than ideal…

    Connor: You have to give up for Theron for fighting through the pain and being just second away from winning.

    Cohen: Yeah yeah valiant that courageous whatever. The fact of the matter is Titus has won and the EurAvison era will continue!

    Titus raises his championship high in the air as fans continue to boo. The officials help Theron onto the stretcher as Tiffany begins to stir and quickly rushes to his side. Titus Avison sits on the ladder. He laughs, and looks down at Theron and Tiffany. His smirk conveys his hatred for Blackjack.


    The camera switches to the backstage area where Mikey Stormrage is seen in his ring gear, walking past the trainer's room.

    ???: Wait up!

    The unknown voice stops the champ in his tracks, and he turns around. Standing there is Matt Tastic, who still looks a mess.

    Tastic: Good luck tonight. I want you to know that I got some bad news from the doctor. I don't want to go into details, I'm still in shock myself, but things aren't looking too good. I know this time last year you and I were beating the hell out of each other, trying to prove who the better man was, but the truth is, I miss you. I miss us. Last night at the induction ceremony, you reminded me of why Live Mas came together in the first place. You're my best friend, hell you may be my only friend. Just know that whatever happens tonight, win or lose, I'll have your back again going forward.

    Tastic extends a hand to his former tag team partner and friend. Mikey slaps the hand aside, before pulling Tastic in for a hug. Tastic, still hurting from his match earlier in the night winces in pain, but a smile is plastered all over his face.

    Tastic: Now go deliver kick assery to Justin Cooper!
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    The screen begins with the sound of a roaring crowd. An explosion of passionate fans being heard as the camera roams the backstage area and approaches the curtain, pushing it open. Lightly playing the opening chords of Flipsyde’s ‘Champion’ in the background as the sound of the fans fades out.

    Several black and white shots of Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper flash back and forth. From their debuts, successful title victories and defeats and a close up of both men staring straight into the eyes of the audience.

    Mikey Stormrage sits on a chair, completely taken in by the darkness around him, the only light coming from the gold; the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship in his hands.

    Mikey Stormrage: Good always wins. That’s what I was told as a kid. It’s what we all want to believe but sometimes when you look at this crazy world we live in, you have to wonder. Is it true? Do all heroes win?

    Stormrage is climbing the ladder, the crowd are going wild, at Gold Rush.

    Constantine is down, nobody is in his path and Stormrage reaches up, his fingertips touch the gold.

    The title unhooks the title and fireworks explode all around the arena as Stormrage collapses, tears fill his eyes and a new champion is crowned.

    Mikey Stormrage: My mom always said that if you work hard you can achieve your dreams. I just wish she would have been around to see me fulfil mine. I know she was watching, she was looking over me and when my body told me I couldn’t keep going she gave me strength that night. She willed me on and I become WZCW World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. She believed in me.

    The celebrations continue with Mikey Stormrage receiving a rockstar reception on Meltdown following Gold Rush.

    Several clips are shown of Mikey competing as World Champion, him walking down to the arena and greeting fans, pictures of him with sick kids until...

    Mikey Stormrage: Then it all went away. I... lost.

    Garth Black appears on the screen laughing and holding the World Championship. The nameplate still reads ‘Mikey Stormrage’ until Black runs his fingers over the belt and the name slowly burns away.

    “We ready”

    At Unscripted Garth Black stands in the centre of the ring with the World Championship high above his head; the crowd absolutely stunned.

    Mikey Stormrage is shown devastated, his head in his heads as the screen fades to black.

    Mikey Stormrage: I lost it all but she told me to never surrender. I got back up and I did what nobody thought I could do; I defeated Garth Black and regained MY championship.

    “We ready
    We ready”

    With a determined look on his face Mikey Stormrage walks into Lethal Lottery as the CHALLENGER for the World Championship.

    Garth Black smirks cockily and the two engage in battle.

    Mikey ducks a right hand and fires on of his own. Several clips are shown of the contest until finally Mikey falls into the cover and the referee counts 1... 2... 3!

    Copeland: I don’t believe it! Mikey Stormrage has regained the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship! He defeated the one man he could never beat and now he has a date with the Main Event of Kingdom Come.

    “Because I'm a Champion
    And I move like a Champion”

    Stormrage proudly holds up the WZCW Heavyweight Championship - he points up to the heavens and tears fill his eyes.

    “Whoever will be a Champion
    Born to be a Champion”

    Mikey Stormrage: This is what a hero is supposed to do. I never gave up, just like my mom told me. I believed, I had hope and I overcome everything and now I’m the World Champion. I felt what it was like to lose it all and I never plan on losing this ever again...

    A scratch sound on a record player cuts off the music and Stormrage.

    Stormrage is shown walking up the ramp at Lethal Lottery, he reaches the curtain and pulls it open.

    Suddenly we transition to later in the night as the curtain flaps open and from the other side emerges Justin Cooper entering Lethal Lottery at number #7.

    Justin Cooper: It’s about damn time.

    “See I know and you know that we ready
    Let's go while I roll in my Chevy”

    Cooper battles it out with several superstars in the Lethal Lottery Match. He eliminates Abel Hunnicutt alongside Logan McAllister. Later in the match Cooper eliminates Mark Keaton, his own tag partner, and squares off in the final four against Tyrone Blades, Constantine and Austin Reynolds.

    Justin Cooper: For the past six years I crawled my way to the top of the mountain. I’ve struggled to get to this position and at Lethal Lottery I finally stood up against all those who ever held me down. I knocked down the door and I’m standing here as the number one contender.

    The final four go at it, Reynolds goes out first followed by Constantine and the screen slows as Cooper and Blades collide. We flashback to earlier this year when Justin Cooper and Tyrone Blades fought over the WZCW Tag Team Championships at Gold Rush.

    As Cooper pins Tyrone Blades at Gold Rush the screen turns back to Lethal Lottery and shows Blades flying over the top rope and Cooper being named the winner of Lethal Lottery.

    “Well I can see you wanna break me
    And I can feel you wanna bring me down”

    Confetti falls from the sky and Cooper falls to his knees, shedding tears inside the middle of the ring. It then moves to a shot of Cooper standing in the ring at Ascension 112.

    Justin Cooper: First off I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me whether it was from the beginning, six years ago, or the last few months. Without the support of the fans I wouldn’t have made it where I am today.

    Early footage of Justin Cooper’s career including him entering as a rapper, his reign as Mayhem Champion and the comical loudmouth cooking pancakes with Logan Burnside backstage. Finally it shows him berating fans during his time as a rebel and outspoken competitor, including his victory over Chris K.O. and Constantine.

    “First you gotta make me
    Won't be easy coming in my town”

    Justin Cooper: This past year has seen a shift in my career, I went from a rebel, a loudmouth, a cult leader and a fool to standing here today as one half of the greatest team tag of all time, the 2016 Lethal Lottery winner and one half of the main event of Kingdom Come.

    Cooper is shown hugging fans, visiting hospitals and doing autograph signings with a smile on his face. The sound of the audience cheering him becomes louder as the various clips transition.

    Justin Cooper: At Lethal Lottery my life changed. My path became much different than I thought it would be. I now have the chance to become World Champion and all I have to do is beat one guy. That’s the kicker, that’s the funny part about it. I beat 29 competitors on Sunday to earn my place and now I only have to beat one guy.

    “Cause everybody in my city wanna be number one
    They'll be only one that's standing at the end of this run 'cause”

    Replays of Mikey Stormrage defeating opponents through his career including victories over James Howard, Matt Tastic, Constantine and Xander LeBelle. It flashes to Meltdown 135 where he stands proudly with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    “We ready
    We ready”

    Copeland: He’s extremely proud of what he did last Sunday. Mikey Stormrage becoming one of the very few to ever hold the World Championship for a second time and he did it all within a single year. He’s quickly becoming one of the best and it’s hard to deny him while he stands at the top of the mountain once again.

    “We ready
    We ready”

    Justin Cooper: Am I supposed to be worried?

    At Ascension 112, Justin stands in the ring smiling and listens to the cheers of the audience.

    Justin Cooper: I’m not standing here alone. I have ALL of these people. I have the one thing you don’t. I have friends. When the time comes they’ll rush to help me but you... well nobody is coming to save Mikey Stormrage as he stands at the top of the mountain all by himself. You’re paranoid. You’re so afraid of losing the belt that it has consumed you. You don’t fear me but you do fear failure and that will be your undoing, champ.

    Cutting to shots of Mikey Stormrage surround by darkness with his head down. Alone, isolated and the sound of drums begin beating in the background.

    Justin Cooper: My name never left your lips until the moment they embraced me. You fear that I will expose you. That I will show these people what you really are and that is a man who is so paranoid that he turns all his friends away. You hate sharing the spotlight, you hate not being alone at the top of the mountain and I see that. Where is James Howard? Where is Matt Tastic? Why did they not save you on Meltdown? If it was Mark in trouble I would’ve helped him. I would do anything for this man and he would do anything for me... even if I don’t ask.

    Cut to Meltdown 136, Mikey Stormrage is defeated by Tyrone Blades and stands in the ring by himself. From behind Mark Keaton, Cooper’s best friend and former tag team partner, attacks him with a steel chair and Vis Imperium strike like a pack of wolves.

    Stormrage is left lying whilst bleeding, his title just out of reach as the video cuts to black for a moment.

    Justin Cooper: I didn’t know.

    Mikey Stormrage: LIAR!

    An explosion of light occurs and Mikey Stormrage is shown staggering back to the locker room with blood on his face. He holds the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship to his chest and looks up, his eyes furious and his body shaking.

    “There's nothing I won't do
    Man, my focus is ridiculous”

    On Ascension 113, Mikey Stormrage enters the ring to confront Justin Cooper at their contract signing. He slams his fist down onto the table while Cooper laughs.

    “Heart of a lion with the fire in my eyes
    Push it until it shuts down
    I'm the last man standing”

    Mikey Stormrage: You knew they were going to jump me and leave me bloody inside this ring. You knew and you did nothing! You let that happen and yet you come out here every week and preach about being a changed man. You’re not a change man, you’re the same old coward you’ve always been. You hide behind lies and trick these people into believing that you’re more than you are but in reality you’re not worth the dirt on the bottom of my boots.

    Both men sign the contract and suddenly...

    Stormrage flips the table and takes out both Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton. Vis Imperium rush down to ringside and pull Keaton away leaving the number one contender all alone with Mikey Stormrage.

    Mikey Stormrage: You may have everyone else fooled but not me. I know what you are, Justin. I can see the villain that hides right before your very eyes. At Kingdom Come I will expose you for the backstabbing coward that you are and have always been. You haven’t change! You NEVER changed!

    “They should've never let us in
    Payback and revenge
    It's the beginning of the end”

    Mikey hammers away with punches on Cooper who struggles to defend himself. He nearly gets away but Mikey pulls him back and slams him through a table!

    Cat Connor: The contract has been signed. The match has been made official and things have turned personal tonight.

    “And as sure as the sun sets
    If we ain't won yet, then we ain't done yet”


    Stormrage walks away from the damage he has caused and smiles as Cooper slowly rolls out from the broken table.

    “We ready
    We ready”

    Mikey Stormrage: I’ve heard you talk for long enough. I’m not paranoid. I’m not toxic. I’m the reigning, defending, undisputed WZCW Heavyweight Champion of the World! I am the best professional wrestler in this business and at Kingdom Come I’ll prove it.

    Justin Cooper: You’re the only guy I haven’t beaten. You’re the last one left and at Kingdom Come you’ll fall just like the rest of them. You’re no longer the hero of this story!

    “We ready
    We ready”

    Once again, we see Stormrage regain the World Championship and Cooper win Lethal Lottery. This time focusing on the reaction of the fans.

    Justin Cooper: I’m the hero of this story. So what does that make you? Six years, I've wanted this opportunity for six years and I'm not going to let it slip through my fingers.

    “Let’s Go Cooper”

    “Let’s Go Mikey”

    “Let’s Go Cooper”

    “Let’s Go Mikey”

    Mikey Stormrage: You say I have nobody left who supports me but you fail to recognise all the millions of fans around the world. I don’t just compete for myself. I do it for all of them. At Kingdom Come you can bring anybody you want but you will not outnumber us! You will not drive us back. These people believe in me and I will never let them down.

    A shot of the WZCW SuperShow 5 where Cooper and Stormrage square off. They crowd chanting back and forth as the two men lock eyes. The Kingdom Come VIII logo flashes across the screen.

    “We're going up and never coming down
    Our team is ready
    They cannot beat us till we're in the ground”

    Justin Cooper: You already have and they don’t believe in you just like James Howard, Matt Tastic, Eve Taylor and everyone else that you ever loved no longer believes in you.

    “Because I'm a Champion”

    Cooper hits Mikey Stormrage with the Final Verse...

    Justin Cooper: I’m no longer the villain. I am the hero. I am the next WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    “And I move like a Champion”

    Then Cooper standing over Mikey while holding the World Championship.

    Justin Cooper: I believe it. Mark believes it. The fans believe it.

    “Whoever will be a Champion”

    Finally he throws the title down and walks away with Mark Keaton standing by his side.

    “Born to be a Champion”

    Stormrage gets to his feet, rubbing the back of his head and Cooper stares down at him from the top of the ramp.

    Justin Cooper: And so do YOU.

    “We ready
    We ready”
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    Back to the live arena, the place is buzzing with excitement following the video package, thousands cheering and many more standing on their feet overcome with the fantastic show they’ve seen tonight. The lights in the arena begin to dim and the crowd is getting rowdy with anticipation for the long awaited main event.

    The arena is pitch black. Not even the big screen is lit up and the sounds of the crowd, some cheering, chanting while others are wondering what is going on. Even the announcers aren’t sure, Cohen asking Copeland if we’ve experienced a power surge or something.


    The sound of metal rising up, the loud creak of the stage elevating and the echo of gears crunching vibrates around the arena. From the speakers comes a sound of wind, a sandy sort of wind, much like that experienced in the outback.


    Cohen: The hell was that?

    Connor: I think we’re about to see something really special.

    Two shining lights appear under the stage and again the engine revs. A guitar begins to play, electric at that, and lights all along the floor of the building begin to light up exposing that the stage has been lifted high into the air to make way for some kind of vehicle.

    Four huge thick wheels, spikes along the back glistening in silver, the Australian flag hanging out of the back, this dusty looking vehicle is battered and bruised and looks like it’s been put together for some kind of outback war. The lights go out a second time, the engine revs and then...


    The vehicle bursts out from underneath the stage and zooms down the long ramp to the EXPLOSION of applause from the crowd. They are going wild as this vehicle speeds towards the ring with a man, clad in a golden leather jacket, his hair spiked, earrings of diamonds hanging down, thick golden boots with studs on them and his face painted with streaks of scarlet and gold, standing on the back playing the electric guitar.

    Copeland: My god! That’s Mark Keaton on the back of... well whatever the hell that war machine seems to be.

    Cohen: This is one of the wildest entrances I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Before the vehicle reaches the ring it screeches to a halt. Keaton tosses the guitar aside and extends a hand to the driver. From inside the vehicle, Justin Cooper emerges to a HUGE applause from the crowd. The challenger, dressed in a leather jacket, white stripes down the sides and large shoulder pads on each side. His trunks are replaced but knee long black shorts, cut from the bottom as strands of fabric hang loose. His boots are black with golden trim and Cooper wears a metal mask, showing only his eyes as a steel chain hangs down from where the mask covers his mouth. The rattle of the chain is heard as Cooper grabs the Australian Flag from the back of the vehicle and waves it around.

    Copeland: LISTEN to this ovation for the challenger, the Lethal Lottery winner and the man on a six year journey to achieve his dream of becoming World Champion - Justin Cooper. This building is going absolutely wild for the man who shocked the world last month at Lethal Lottery. Not in a million years did I expect him here tonight.

    Connor: Justin Cooper has made a career of doing the impossible. Well, tonight he doesn’t have to do the impossible. He just has to do what he’s been doing more than anyone else in the build up to this event - win. Cooper is perhaps the hottest challenger ever coming into this event. He has beaten the former champion Garth Black and he defeated Eve Taylor, the woman we all thought would be in this position.

    Cohen: Yeah but the knee injury was re-aggravate at the SuperShow. Cooper has been carrying that injury for months and you can see the knee brace. How will that come into play? Is he going to be able to take down Mikey Stormrage with one of his knees being seriously injured?

    He enters the ring, waves the flag all around before handing it to Keaton who is standing inside the ring with him. Cooper climbs the top turnbuckle, throws off his jacket and then unclips the mask and drops it to the floor below. His face is also painted, black around the mouth with white paint to make it look like teeth and the tips are marked with red for blood. The upper half of his face is clear except for his eyes which are also marked with the black paint, tracing under and around them, with red and white claw marks going across his eyes.

    Connor: So, you two have followed Justin Cooper for a long time. We have all seen his journey since 2010 when he first joined the company as a rookie. It’s been five years since he last stepped onto the stage that is Kingdom Come. What is going through his mind right now? We all know the discussion has been whether or not Cooper will turn back to the darkness that once had control of him. What do you guys think, will Cooper cheat to win the World Championship if he needs to?

    Cohen: What a dumb question, Cat. Cooper is not going to let the World Championship slip through his fingers. What do you think Keaton is out here for? If Cooper was as pure of heart as you saints like to believe he would have told Keaton to kick rocks. He didn’t though, Keaton is here at ringside and that means he’s going to do whatever it takes to walk away with the gold.

    Copeland: I hope not. I hope Cooper is true and has changed like we’ve seen over the last year. He’s grown into someone this company could be proud to call champion. I would hate to see him fall back into that dark place he has in before he disappeared for two years.

    Cooper’s outfit is completely in check with a theme except for one thing - the black metal knee brace he is wearing. He gets off the turnbuckle and adjusts it, calling to Keaton and the two exchange a hug in the centre of the ring. Keaton nods and exits to the outside as Cooper awaits the champion. The crowd dies down after Cooper's grand arrival and the arena once again goes dark. The tron begins to flash between two separate logos.


    Suddenly a single spotlight begins to shine down where the stage once was, before the light splits in two. Two men then begin to rise from under the ground.

    ???: Let me hear you say RTJ!


    Copeland: The rumors were true! The hottest rap duo in the world have made their way to WZCW! Killer Mike and El-P, Run The Jewels are here!

    Cohen: But why are they here? Why now?

    Copeland: I think you are about to have your answer Jack.

    The spotlights reform into a single beam of light and shines down on the opposite end of the former stage. A green pipe begins rises from the ground. All is silent until green and red pyro shoot from the warp pipe and Mikey Stormrage begins to rise. He has his hands above his head in the fist and gun position as the crowd goes absolutely mental for the champ.

    El-P: Let me hear you say Stormrage!


    Mikey gazes around the arena as Run The Jewels raps his theme song. His hair is dyed gold to match the title around his waist. He leaps from the warp pipe and paces back and forth, his eyes never leaving Justin Cooper.


    Killer Mike: RTJ!

    El-P: Stormrage!


    Killer Mike: New Orleans, allow me to introduce to you the true Heavyweight Champ, he is the only Heavyweight Champ, MIKEY STORMRAGE!

    El-P: And Cooper, tell your mom she raised a fuck boy, next time try to do better!

    The crowd explodes at the insult as Stormrage makes his way down the aisle. He pauses, looks up at the vehichle Cooper rode in on and unclips his title belt and climbs the vehicle, the crowd unable to contain themselves. He stares down Cooper and mouths the words "Game Over" as he raises his title belt high in a defiant act.

    Copeland: What defiance from the champion! A side of Mikey Stormrage that we have never seen.

    Cohen: Brash and bold, I like it. He is the champ and he wants to stay that way.

    Connor: Mikey has made it clear, he has no one left but himself. No one gave him a chance, his story just as unlikely as Cooper's, and it has rightfully pissed him off that people continue to under estimate him. For weeks Cooper has gotten under his skin along with Mark...and look at this!

    As Mikey leaps from the vehicle, he walks directly to Mark Keaton, gets in his face, and calls him a fuck boy, the crowd soon follows along. Keaton is angry beyond belief, but has no choice but to not touch the champ.


    Stormrage rolls into the ring, and stands directly in the face of Cooper and stares daggers through his soul. The entire time he holds his title high, showing Cooper who the champ is. The referee making sure to keep them separated.

    Copeland: Mikey Stormrage, first of his name, walks into this main event of Kingdom Come as one of the most unlikely champions of all time. You name a superstar, and Stormrage has pinned their shoulders to the mat, but never has he come face to face with Justin Cooper.

    Connor: And they may never square off again after this battle. Cooper's knee is reportedly held together with paper clips and duct tape at this point. It could give out at any minute. Stormrage has lost everything he holds dear to get to this point. A loss may well devastate him to the point of no return.

    Cohen: In all my years in this business, I can't recall two people so loved by the audience, yet who hate each other with such passion. This won't be pretty folks. Referee Jurou Akiyama will likely give these two a lot of leeway tonight. We've seen bodies bloodied and careers ended here tonight, but these two may just outdo everyone.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening!

    The crowd comes unglued as Truman Harrys stands in the middle of the ring, flanked on either side by the World Champion and the number one contender. Both men are bouncing up and down on the spot, not daring to take their eyes off of the other for even a second.

    Harrys: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WZCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

    The anticipation in the audience is plain to see as chants for each wrestler begins to circulate. Under the bright lights of the arena, there is a palpable big fight feel. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton slaps the apron in an attempt to get Justin Cooper even more heated, an action that is totally unnecessary.

    Copeland: Well, here we go, folks. What an event we have witnessed here tonight. We have crowned a new Elite X Champion and we know who awaits the winner of this match as the new number on contender. Vis Imperium and Titus Avison have retained their Championships in frightening displays. But this, this right here, is what we have been waiting for.

    Cohen: You can just feel the swelling of anticipation in the air, Seabass. I don't think, in all of my years calling WZCW matches, that a match has meant more to both competitors. You just have to look at both of these men to see just how much a win here means to them.

    Connor: Both men have worked so hard to reach this point and, to many, this match would have seemed absurd even a year ago. But through their own drive and determination, they have reached this point. One final hurdle lies for both of them and this is their chance to etch their names into the annals of history. Let's all just soak this in for a moment and enjoy what we are about to see.

    The referee brings both men into the middle of the ring as he asks for Mikey to hand over the Heavyweight Championship. Mikey removes it from his shoulder and looks at it for a moment, a look of affection in his eyes. He gives the title a kiss for luck and then hesitantly hands it over to the referee. Akiyama shows it to Justin Cooper with a bow of his head before lifting it into the air. The crowd sound their appreciation as both men stare a hole through the other, not flinching for a moment or giving any notice to the Championship hanging above their heads. Akiyama signals that both men can go back to their corner as he hands the Championship off to the stage hand at ringside and signals for the bell.


    A huge roar of excitement goes around the arena as the opening bell rings in everyone's ears. Both men, however, seem totally transfixed one each other – perhaps sizing up the measure of the task that now awaits them. The talking is over, that much is obvious. And now that both men stand in the ring with only one thing on their minds, it is clear that they will stop at nothing to do the impossible. Suddenly, both men spring into life and begin circling the ring, lapping up the absolutely insane reaction from the crowd.

    Copeland: I don't think I have heard a crowd reaction like this in all of the time I have been with WZCW, folks. It is clear to me that the crowd have been looking forward to this match since the Lethal Lottery. And now that it is upon them, they have reached fever pitch!

    Both men finally come together in the middle of the ring, going for a tie-up. But it is Mikey who immediately comes off as the better, using his weight advantage to good use as he grabs Cooper by the shoulder and tosses him across the ring. The crowd give a roar of approval as Mikey stands valiantly in the middle of the ring, looking down at Cooper with a serene look of determination on his features. Cooper smirks for a moment before letting out a small laugh and then getting back to his feet. He dusts himself down as he begins to move around the ring again. After a few seconds, he puts his game face back on and both men come together in the middle of the ring once more. This time, however, it is the turn of Justin Cooper to get the better of the exchange – using the weight and momentum of his opponent to his advantage and plating Mikey with a beautifully executed hip-toss. Mikey lies on the canvas for a moment, collecting himself as Cooper now stands valiantly in the middle of the ring – separating the crowd reaction in the process. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton gives an applause to his best friend – a sick smile moving across his face. Mikey slaps the canvas in frustration before getting to his feet and nodding his head towards his opponent. The crowd cannot help but give one final unified roar of appreciation as Mikey shows Cooper some sportsmanship on the biggest stage of them all.

    Connor: It looks to me as if both of these men are using the opening stages of this match to feel the other out. Both of them totally up for this match, however. Jack, just how important are the opening stages of a match like this in terms of the bigger picture?

    Cohen: Oh, so important, Cat. Both men want to get the better of their opponent from the get-go. There is no substitute in this sport for momentum. And when you start the match quickly, you genuinely feel as though you can do no wrong. Both of these guys have now felt the canvas on their backs and that should send a shiver down their spines. If ever you needed to start a match well, this is the time.

    Both men stop in two corners of the ring as the ovation from the crowd continues for them. Both Stormrage and Cooper take a moment to soak in the adulation of the crowd as the Kingdom Come moment becomes all too real for two men that people thought would never get the opportunity. For a perfect moment, the world stands still and the flashing lights of the occasion are all that matters. Mikey allows a massive smile to appear on his face as both men begin circling the ring for one final time. As both men come together for a third time, Mikey immediately whips around the back of his opponent and manages to get his hands around the waist of the Australian. Mikey uses his power to hoist Cooper into the air somewhat before planting him into the canvas with a belly to back suplex. Cooper tries to get to his feet quickly but the Heavyweight Champion is on top of him, building some early momentum. Stormrage pulls Cooper towards him as he gets back to his feet, nailing him with a stunning short-arm clothesline. Cooper hits the canvas one more time as Mikey begins peppering him with a few brutal stomps to the arms and chest. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton tries yelling some advice to his former tag team partner but it is of no use. Mikey hits the near ropes before launching himself into the air and landing on top of his opponent with unexpected grace. The impact is such that it causes Justin Cooper to let out a deep exhalation and drives the wind from his lungs. Stormrage goes for the quick cover but Akiyama is only able to reach a count of 1 before the number one contender gets his shoulders out.

    Copeland: Well, it would be one of the biggest shocks in the world of professional wrestling if that move had been enough to pur Justin Cooper away.

    Cohen: That isn't about putting Cooper away at this venture, Seabass. The purpose of that pin was for two reasons. First, it makes Justin Cooper expel energy in trying to lift a man who weighs over 300 pounds off of his body. And second, that cover was about Mikey Stormrage showing Justin Cooper that he has what it takes to get the better of him early on in the match up. That's veteran instincts and you can't teach that.

    Connor: You have to remember that Mikey is a two-time Heavyweight Champion amongst other things, ladies and gentlemen. He is as close to a ring veteran as you are ever going to find. And for a big man like he is, you need to use whatever energy you have wisely. Mikey is a master of doing just that.

    Stormrage gets back to his feet first and immediately pulls Justin Cooper back to a vertical base too. Mikey backs Cooper up into the corner of the ring and then unleashes a vicious slap to the exposed chest of his opponent. The crowd lets out a WOOO as Mikey's hand connects with Cooper. Again and again, Mikey lashes the chest of his opponent, each time bringing the fans at ringside into the match and onto his side. After a total of 6 strikes to the chest, Cooper is able to wheel away from the corner, clutching at his torso as he does. But the World Champion is not done with his opponent yet and Cooper knows it. Mikey approaches Cooper from behind and hoists him into the air with ease. Suddenly, Mikey brings Cooper down to Earth with a bang, nailing his opponent with a stunning Samoan drop that further drives the air out of the challenger's lungs. Mikey sits up as Cooper grabs onto his chest and rolls around the canvas in pain. Mikey takes a deep breath in and then turns to his opponent, knowing that he must continue this methodical offensive if he is to remain in control of the match and his own destiny.

    Connor: Mikey Stormrage looks like good value for money here tonight, folks. And what's more, he look calm and collected, even on the biggest stage of them all. A lot can be said of how Mikey has been through emotional turmoil as of late. But not many of us would have figured that would have made him even more focussed on the match as it seems to have done.

    Cohen: Very few men in this business are as good as Mikey Stormrage when he really gets dialled into hurting an opponent. And maybe you are right, Cat. Maybe everything that Justin Cooper, Mark Keaton and Eve Taylor have done to Mikey has turned him into this one man wrecking crew. One thing is for sure, Justin Cooper is paying the price for it now.

    Mikey gets back to one knee and grabs the head of his opponent, pulling him forward and then punishing him with a swift punch to the jaw. The crowd takes a sharp intake of breath as Cooper's head slams back down to the canvas. Once again, Mikey grabs the head of his opponent and lands a swift punch to the jaw. Mikey lets out a sharp exhalation as he gets back to his feet and surveys the damage he has done to his opponent early on in the match. Not getting distracted, however, he continues the onslaught. Mikey grabs Cooper and begins pulling him back to his feet. But Mikey is caught completely unaware as Cooper grabs his tights and pulls him downwards, wrapping him in a small package pin. Akiyama is stunned by the speed of the fall and before he can even get to the canvas to count it, Mikey has powered out. Both Mikey and Cooper get back to their feet as soon as possible, looking to turn the match in their favour. But it is Mikey, once more, who manages to claim the advantage – nailing Justin Cooper with a scoop slam that drives the air out of his lungs once more. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton gives a shake of his head in utter astonishment as Cooper continues to soak up the damage from the Heavyweight Champion.

    Cohen: That's great athleticism from Mikey there, Seabass. And you have to give Mikey a tonne of credit for keeping his finger on the pulse in this match thus far.

    Copeland: Indeed, Jack. A lot has been said about the Heavyweight Champion heading into this match. But, to me at least, he is looking exceptionally dangerous. Justin Cooper is probably wishing he didn't win the Lethal Lottery as this punishment continues.

    Connor: But as we seen there, Seabass, Justin Cooper is always capable of something. Mikey might have made light work of the pinfall but it only takes 3 seconds of losing concentration to lose this match and the Heavyweight Championship. And with Mark Keaton on the outside of the ring, you just never know when that might happen.

    Mikey gets onto his knees as the thoughts of putting this match away begin to cross his mind. He surveys the ring for inspiration as Cooper rolls away from immediate harm, still clutching his back and chest in pain. Mikey gets to his feet as a few beads of sweat begin to appear on his brow. He wipes them away and wonders over to the corner of the ring. Cooper, meanwhile, has found the solace of the corner of the ring for the time being. Cooper begins pulling himself up using the ropes but Mark Keaton knows what lies in store for the number one contender and a pained look of anticipation crosses his features. Mikey lies in wait as Cooper finally finishes pulling himself back to his feet. But any thoughts of stopping the rot early on in the match are quickly extinguished as Mikey runs across the ring and slams his entire body weight into his opponent with a massive jumping slam. Keaton lets out a yelp of fright as Cooper is crushed between the corner of the ring and Mikey Stormrage. The crowd, on the other hand, let out a gasp of joy as Cooper gets punished. Mikey wheels away from the corner as Cooper slumps to the canvas – leaving himself vulnerable in a seated position against the bottom turn-buckle. Mikey turns on the spot and notices his opponent in a world of his own. Mikey allows a smile to appear on his face for the first time in the match as he immediately runs at Cooper and slams his massive thigh straight into the chin of the number one contender. The sound of the connection is wicked as Cooper's head whips back into the unforgiving structure. Mikey immediately pulls Cooper out of the corner as the fans come alive – this match might be over! 1... 2... The referee stops the count! There is a moment of confusion as the referee gets to one knee and points out Justin Cooper's foot on the bottom rope! This match continues!

    Copeland: Jeez! I think that everyone in this arena thought that was all she wrote for Justin Cooper there, ladies and gentlemen...

    Cohen: Notice how Justin Cooper didn't manage to get his shoulders out of that pin or manage to kick his legs out, Seabass. He might have found a little bit of salvation there by finding the rope break. But he looks out on his feet right now and Mikey has shown him to be a little out of his depth here tonight.

    Connor: Wait a minute, folks. Let's just have a look at the replay of that for a moment...

    Copeland: You have got to be joking!?

    Cohen: That's amazing! Mark Keaton has kept his best friend in this match and now the decision to bring him out to ring side makes all of the sense in the world.

    Connor: A lot has been said about Justin Cooper's alignment heading into this match. Is he a good guy or is he, at heart, a bad guy. I think we can see what category he falls into with these actions, ladies and gentlemen!

    Cohen: Wait a minute, Cat! Justin Cooper didn't say a single work to Mark Keaton to make him do what he did. For me, it comes down to nothing more than Mark Keaton giving his best friend a lifeline in this match. This was an action all on his own, I just know it!

    Mikey cannot believe that Justin Cooper has managed to get his foot onto the bottom rope and looks utterly disheartened as he lifts his head for the first time since his failed cover. He looks at Cooper's foot resting on the rope and then turns his attention towards Mark Keaton on the outside of the ring – who is now sporting a sly look. You can see the wheels turning in Mikey's head as he puts two and two together. The sudden realisation of what has happened strikes Mikey, who gets to his knees and grabs at the shirt of the referee. The referee tells Mikey that he only managed to get a count of two and that the match continues. But Mikey cannot believe that the referee has missed the interception from Mark Keaton. Mikey gets to his feet and continues to argue with the referee. He follows Akiyama across the ring but the referee doesn't want to hear any more about it. Mikey looks to the sky as he shakes his head and runs his hands through his hair in frustration and anger. But he quickly realises that the match is still ongoing and Justin Cooper is in need of his attention. Mikey regains his composure and walks back over to the corner of the ring. But Justin Cooper is ready for him and pulls him towards the corner of the ring, causing Mikey's head to crash into the turn-buckle and sending him to the canvas for the first time in a long time in this match. Cooper senses that this is his moment to get back into the match and looks to seize it, getting back to his feet as Mikey does the same. Mikey swings a wild arm at Cooper but is punished for his lapse in concentration as Cooper nails him with a stunning kick to the side of the Champion's head. Both men hit the canvas with a thud but Cooper seems too tired to cover.

    Copeland: After those disgusting actions from Mark Keaton, this match seems to have turned completely on it's head, ladies and gentlemen. Mikey Stormrage was well in control of this contest and was looking to be good value as Heavyweight Champion. But, at the very least, Mark Keaton has gifted this best friend an opportunity to get his breath back.

    Cohen: And that is a crucial part of this kind of contest, Seabass, especially when you have found yourself up against it so early on in the match. Justin Cooper still has a chance in this match but he needs to make sure that he doesn't gas himself early. Mikey has did a great job of controlling the pace and wrestling the match at his leisure. Justin Cooper needs to prove that he can do the same and bring himself back into this contest.

    The crowd get to their feet to sound their appreciation for the efforts of both men as they try to get back to their feet. Cooper is the first to move towards that goal, using the ropes on the far side of the ring to pull himself upwards. Mikey still looks dazed as he gets to one knee and then onto his feet. Suddenly realising that Cooper is on his feet, too, Mikey moves towards him and nails him with a punch to the jaw. Cooper wheels away in pain for a second before turning on a dime and nailing Stormrage with a punch to the jaw in retaliation. Mikey recoils and swings back at Cooper. The number one contender nails Mikey again! The crowd are on their feet as both men doggedly fight for control of this match, smashing each other on the jaw with every opposing blow. With what stamina he has left, Mikey nails Cooper with a back elbow that sends Cooper veering off towards the ropes one more time. With that, a trickle of blood begins to ooze from the nose of Justin Cooper, causing the referee to make his way over to the number one contender to check on his well-being. Mikey realises that he has the opportunity to reclaim the advantage in this title match and looks to seize it one more time. He gives the fans a guttural groan as he sizes up his challenger. Mikey immediately turns and hits the ropes. But as he does, the hand of Mark Keaton slips under the bottom rope and catches the ankle of the Heavyweight Champion. The referee turns his head towards the other side of the ring as Mikey stumbles and hits the canvas with a thud. The fans are on their feet and booing loudly at Mark Keaton on the outside but Justin Cooper knows nothing about it.

    Copeland: Oh, come on! This match is running the risk of getting out of control, folks. Mark Keaton may have stated that he is out here to cheer his best friend on but he is making the main event of Kingdom Come a joke in my eyes.

    Cohen: Oh, don't be so melodramatic, Seabass. Look at the size of Mikey Stormrage, he probably just fell over his big fat feet – no harm done!

    Connor: How can you even say that, Jack? It is clear to everyone except the referee that Mark Keaton tripped Mikey Stormrage there, just as he was regaining control of this match!

    Cohen: Well, even if he did do that, Cat... Which he categorically didn't, by the way... He was just making use of the lack of concentration in the referee. I don't know about anyone else but I would have did the exact same thing. IF he did do it, that is.

    Cooper notices that Mikey is on the canvas and wastes little time in going to work. He bounces off of the nearby ropes and then nails Mikey with a stunning dropkick to the side of the head. The crowd take a collective intake of breath as Cooper's boots crash against the temple of the World Champion. Stormrage has no other choice but to try and evade the attacks from Cooper and soon finds his way into the corner of the ring. But much like earlier on, that turns out to be a false safety as Justin Cooper makes his way over to where Mikey is seated and begins pounding him with stiff stomp after stiff stomp, each shot landing on the chest of head of the Heavyweight Champion. Akiyama tries his best to get in between the two men but it is no use – Justin Cooper is drilling Mikey with everything he has. The referee begins his 5 count and, at the count of 4, Justin Cooper stops the assault. He moves into the middle of the ring, sweat and blood pouring from his face, before letting out a frustrated and furious cry in the middle of the ring. Many fans are on their feet as Mark Keaton begins slow clapping his hands on the outside of the ring.

    Connor: Well, it seems as though Justin Cooper has used the distraction from Mark Keaton to the best of his ability. What's more, it seems as though this match has brought out something in Justin Cooper that we haven't seen in a while.

    Cohen: Maybe it;s about time we seen that, Cat! Look at the great Champions this business has ever had. You look at people like Titus and Ty Burna, two men who knew that putting dangerous opponents away meant that they had to go to a dark place themselves. The legacies of both of these men speak for themselves. You go for it, kid!

    Copeland: I think we are seeing the side of Justin Cooper that Mikey always knew was there. I don't know how much of the interventions Justin Cooper knew about. But what I do know is that he seems as though he will stop at nothing to put Mikey away. And now that he is in control of the match, that seems ominous for the Champion.

    The referee goes over to Justin Cooper in the middle of the ring and begins telling him off for not heeding his warning. But Justin Cooper seems to be dialled into what he is doing now. He pushes past the referee with ease and goes back to Mikey in the corner of the ring. Over and over again, Justin pounds his opponent with stiff stomps, much like he did only seconds ago. The referee starts a 5 count straight away but Cooper doesn't seem to be care. He grabs Mikey by the hair and pulls him up into the corner of the ring. He nails Mikey with an elbow to the side of the head before peppering him with a few straight jabs to the jaw. Mikey seems to be in a world of his own as Cooper puts the screws to him – causing Mikey to move out of the corner and into the middle of the ring. Like a consummate pro that likes to control matches, Cooper allows Mikey to stagger forwards into the middle of the ring. But any thoughts of Mikey being allowed to rest for a moment are quickly extinguishes as Cooper runs at him from behind and plants him with a beautiful bulldog! Cooper uses all of his strength to roll Mikey over and looks for the cover! 1... 2... Kick out from the Champion! This match rolls on!

    Copeland: So close! We were less than a second away from crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion there, folks. Justin Cooper may or may not be aware of the actions of Mark Keaton on the outside of the ring but he is putting them to good use regardless.

    Cohen: And that, Seabass, is veteran instincts. Like I pointed out, the very best that WZCW has ever had to offer were the most ruthless. If Cooper is etch his name into the annals of history in this company, then he is going to have to unleash the beast inside of him and really put the screws to Mikey Stormrage here and now. This is his chance! Hell, it might be his only chance.

    Cooper immediately gets to his knees and slams the canvas in frustration as Mikey begins to roll away. Realising that he has to stay on top of the Champion, Cooper gets to his feet and begins walking after Stormrage, almost like a vulture hovering over the carcass of it's next victim. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton yells advice to his best friend, an action that Justin Cooper seems to heed. Cooper shakes his head in anger as he mouths words of encouragement to himself. Suddenly, he grabs the leg of his opponent and pulls on it, locking in the Boston Crab to the the Heavyweight Champion. Mikey lets out a yell of agony as Cooper leans back into the hold, pulling all of the muscles in Mikey's leg apart and inflicting yet more cruel damage. The fans are on their feet in shock as Mikey reaches out for the bottom rope. He isn't actually too far away but it must seem like a hundred yards as Cooper continues to lever more impact into the hold. For what seems like forever, Mikey pulls himself towards the bottom rope. But he is soon met by a real challenge as Mark Keaton pulls the ropes away from Mikey, just as he is about to reach them. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing but they are not the only one. The referee jumps to his feet and points his finger towards Keaton. Playing innocent, Keaton raises both of his hands and backs off. Mikey makes one final lunge towards the bottom rope and some measure of salvation. But just as he motions, Cooper uses all of his strength and know-how to pull Mikey back into the middle of the ring! The crowd lets out a disappointed sigh but Mikey is wily and, somehow, manages to roll onto his back and roll up Justin Cooper with a small package! The referee breaks his concentration from Keaton and jumps down to count the fall, wasting a valuable second as Cooper manages to break out of the pin at 2!

    Copeland: This match is spinning back and forth, almost out of control, ladies and gentlemen! The referee for this match needs to eject Mark Keaton from this match before he costs Mikey Stormrage his Championship and, more importantly, robs these people of the main event that they deserve!

    Cohen: Save it, Seabass! You're just angry that Mikey Stormrage is being found out to be a lousy Champion by someone who has a better game plan than he does. A less worthy competitor wouldn't have wound a way out of that last pin fall, for example!

    Connor: Speaking of finding a way out of something. You have to give an enormous amount of credit to Mikey Stormrage there, folks. He found himself locked in that hold for well over a minute and, throughout all of the searing agony, still managed to pull all of his weight towards the ropes and the break. His heart cannot be measured.
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    Cooper pops out of the pin and looks stunned that it even happened in the first place. He gets to his feet and waits for Mikey to bring himself back to a vertical base a few seconds later. Cooper walks over to Mikey, looking to continue the onslaught. But the Heavyweight Champion surprises everyone by suddenly springing into life and taking Justin Cooper down by the legs. Just as soon as Cooper's back hits the canvas, Mikey spins him around onto his stomach and puts him in the Boston Crab – the damaged knee of Justin Cooper being put under serious inspection by the Heavyweight Champion! Mikey levers all of his body weight back as a pained look of determination crosses his features. The crowd are on their feet in jubilation as Mikey hoists Cooper's knee back further and further, sending shock-waves of agony up the spine of the challenger. Cooper reaches out for the bottom rope but, just like Mikey was a few seconds ago, he seems to be miles away. Sensing that his partner is in trouble and needing some help, Mark Keaton jumps up onto the apron, catching the attention of the referee and, perhaps even more strikingly, of Mikey Stormrage. Having no other option as Keaton attempts to get into the match, Mikey releases the hold and walks over to where Keaton is standing on the apron. Mikey yells at Keaton to stop getting involved but Keaton seems less than impressed. Suddenly, Justin Cooper appears from behind and smashes into Mikey Stormrage with a double-axe handle. But the damage doesn't stop there! Mikey falls forward and crashes into the referee, who falls through the ropes and takes a nasty bump on the floor below. Mark Keaton allows a sick smile to appear on his face but it is soon wiped off as Mikey rattles him with a punch to the jaw, knocking him to the floor below.

    Connor: No! No, this can't happen! The referee has been knocked out of the ring and, perhaps, out of consciousness. And now Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper will have their way with Mikey Stormrage and the Heavyweight Championship! Probably just as they planned it!

    Cohen: Wait a minute, Cat! That, as was very evident to everyone, was a mistake on the part of the referee. He got in the way of Justin Cooper's attack and he paid the price for it. You can't convince me that was anything other than an accident. And trying to say that Mark Keaton is anything other than innocent in all of this is wildly untrue.

    Copeland: He shouldn't have been on the apron anyway, Jack! No one is saying that he caused that but he certainly played a massive part in it. Cat is right, this seems far too convenient to defend Justin Cooper. He looks to have played this game plan to perfection.

    As the action continues without a referee, Mikey looks down at Mark Keaton on the floor beside the referee. Mikey allows a smile to appear on his face but that smile is soon wiped off in dramatic fashion. Mikey turns into the middle of the ring but is immediately met with the FINAL VERSE!! Both men hit the canvas together but Justin Cooper is all too aware that there is no referee to count the fall. He spins his head around, looking for some assistance. But there is no one around and even Mark Keaton can't help him here. He tells Mark to get the referee up and put him in the ring, which Keaton tries to oblige with. Keaton pulls the referee to his weary feet and rolls him into the ring. The referee doesn't seem to be in any state to continue but it doesn't stop Justin Cooper covering Mikey and looking to put the Champion away, first and foremost. It takes a few agonising seconds for the referee to notice what is going on but he, somehow, manages to find the strength to begin the pin-fall! 1... 2... Kick out from Mikey Stormrage!!

    Copeland: He's still in this, folks! Mikey Stormrage is still the Heavyweight Champion!

    Cohen: NO WAY!!

    Connor: I cannot believe what I am seeing, folks! Mikey Stormrage, like I already pointed out, has the heart of a Champion more than anything else. Things might not be going his way right now. But let me tell you something right now, he will not allow himself to go down like that!

    The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as Justin Cooper rolls off Mikey with a look of shock on his face. His eyes are wide and his mouth is ajar, clearly contemplating just what it is going to take t o wrestle the Championship away from WZCW's resident gamer. The referee is still not in any shape to continue refereeing this match, however. As he signals to the time-keeper that the count was indeed only a 32 count, he slumps back to the canvas with both of his arms seemingly lifeless. On the outside of the ring, Mark Keaton is another person who cannot believe what he is seeing from Mikey Stormrage. Keaton allows a venomous look to appear on his face as he stares through Mikey in the middle of the ring. Keaton almost seems perplexed as he contemplates his next move. The Tag Team Champion and member of Vis Imperium must know that the match will be won and lost in this moment and he knows that he must take advantage. He surveys the area before settling on the time-keeper's area off to his right hand side. He immediately walks towards the area, the same look of venom on his face as he draws closer. Once there, he stops for a moment to consider his actions and then grabs the Heavyweight Championship from the lap of the time-keeper. There is a sudden and massive uproar from the fans in the arena as the intentions of Mark Keaton becomes clear. He walks over to the ring slowly before sliding the Championship straight into the arms of his former tag team partner!

    Copeland: Not like this! Please not like this, Justin!

    Connor: And with that, the intentions of both men have become clear. They set out to win the Championship at any and all costs. Now that they see their opportunity, the real defining moment of Justin Cooper's career is upon us!

    Cohen: What a genius strategy, Cat! You can say anything that you want but this match is about winning the Heavyweight Championship and joining the scores of legends that have held that famous Championship title. You're all just upset that Justin Cooper is making the most of the opportunity. Do it, kid! Smash him with the gold and claim your place!

    Justin Cooper slowly gets to his feet, the glint of the golden championship in his eyes. Rising slowly but not taking his eyes off of the championship, Cooper almost seems entranced by the thought of winning the gold or even having it in his hands. The crowd cannot believe that Justin Cooper has been faking all of this time, seemingly, and they are letting him know all about it. As the booing of the crowd grows louder, it almost seems to snap Justin Cooper out of his trance. Cooper shakes his head as the cobwebs are cleared. Suddenly, he realises what has happened and allows a look of shock and disgust to cross his features. On the outside of the ring, Keaton is smiling, knowing that Justin Cooper holds the key to winning the Championship in his hands and the time is now. Mikey is beginning to come to in the middle of the ring and Keaton knows all about it.

    Keaton: DO IT, JUSTIN! DO IT!!

    Copeland: This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The moment of truth for Justin Cooper! Has everything he has said and done in the last few weeks and months been nothing but a lie?

    Cooper seems to be in two minds about what to do as Mikey begins to crawl towards the far ropes and away from danger. With every inch that Mikey gets further away from Cooper, so does his opportunity to cheat him out of the Championship. Cooper flits his eyes between Mikey and the Championship, trying to, somehow, decide what means more to him. As Mikey gets to the ropes, he begins pulling himself back to his feet and, soon enough, has reclaimed his vertical base. He turns around but suddenly comes to a halt as he notices Justin Cooper standing on the far side of the ring holding his Championship in his hands. Suddenly, Cooper drops the Championship onto the canvas and gives Mikey a nod. On the outside of the ring, Keaton cannot believe it! He runs his hands through his blonde hair in utter disbelief as Cooper kicks the Championship under the bottom rope and out onto the floor. A massive cheer goes around the arena as this match rolls on – much to the annoyance of Mark Keaton!

    Copeland: Well... I am truly lost for words, folks.

    Cohen: I don't know what I am more disappointed in, Seabass. The fact that all of Mark Keaton's work has been undone by Justin Cooper. Or the fact that Justin Cooper has been telling the truth all of these weeks. He's just another soft-minded sheep!

    Connor: I don't even know if Mikey Stormrage can believe what he is seeing either, Seabass. Everything that Justin Cooper has been saying over the last few months has been vindicated right there. And what's more, I think Mikey Stormrage might have just been proven wrong about Cooper!

    Mikey nods his head in approval and, perhaps even, a little bit of shock. Keaton seems utterly perplexed by Cooper's actions but it matters for nothing. Keaton yells at Cooper as Cooper turns his head in retaliation. Suddenly, Mikey runs at Cooper and nails him with a low shoulder-block to the injured knee of his challenger! The crowd burst into life once more as Mark Keaton lets out a yell of shock. Cooper grabs his knee in absolute agony as he rolls around on the canvas. Mikey gets to his knees and lets a look of determination cross his features. He zeroes in on Cooper as the challenger grabs the ropes in an effort to get to his feet as soon as possible. Mikey is now sweating vigorously but he knows that this is his opportunity to put the match away and retain his championship against all of the odds. Mikey rises to his feet, almost as a mirror of his opponent. Cooper clutches his knee but soon turns around to find Mikey waiting for him. Mikey grabs Cooper and hoists him up into position! GAME OVER!! Mikey falls onto his opponent, driving the air out of his lungs. But the impact of the move sends Mikey bouncing off of his opponent and onto his own back in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: This is it, folks! Mikey Stormrage has put so many top level superstars away with that move!

    Cohen: But he can't capitalise, Seabass! The momentum of that move sent him bouncing off of Justin Cooper and out of the pin. He should have been covering Justin Cooper right now and all he is doing is taking a quick nap!

    Connor: This has been a true classic match, folks. The main event of Kingdom Come is something that not a lot of people have been involved in and everyone aspires to. These two men have given everything they have in search of the win and this match is rolling on. Mikey Stormrage is well in control of this match now, even with the deck stacked against him!

    Mikey brings his hands to his face, drawing in deep breaths and wiping the sweat away from his brow. Mikey seems utterly exhausted, given the frenetic pace of the match. He turns his head to the right to look at Justin Cooper, who still lies motionless. Mikey swallows hard and lets a determined look, once again, cross his face. He rolls over onto his stomach and brings himself back up onto one knee. He gives another look at Justin Cooper, who is beginning to come to his senses. Mikey finally gets back to his feet and moves into the corner of the ring. Suddenly, a look of sheer epiphany crosses his features. With a massive roar from the crowd, he puts his leg through the ropes and exits the ring. He takes one final look at Justin Cooper, who is beginning to roll around on the canvas – trying to get his breath back and, somehow, get back into this contest. Mikey begins climbing the ropes as the fans get onto their feet in sheer jubilation. As Cooper settles in the middle of the ring for a moment, Mikey finally gets to the top. He gives the fans a taunt before launching himself off of the rope! With al of his immense weight behind the moves, Mikey connects with his finisher! THE FLYING BURRITO!! Mikey lands on the canvas and immediately crawls towards Justin Cooper. The referee is still not in any condition to count the fall but Mikey begins shaking him to rouse him. The fans cheer loudly in frustration as the referee begins to regain his senses. He notices that the cover is being made and manages to raise his hand into the air. The pace is agonising as his hand falls to the canvas. 1! Slowly, he lifts his fist again and allows it to fall to the canvas! 2! He raises his hand, almost in slow motion...

    Copeland: It's over!

    Justin Cooper manages to roll his shoulder out with absolutely no time to spare!

    Copeland: NO! I don't believe what I am seeing! Justin Cooper has kicked out of both of Mikey Stormrage's finishers! You can say what you like about the time it has taken the referee to count the fall but, like it or not, Justin Cooper is still in this contest!

    Connor: What heart from Justin Cooper.

    Cohen: What a match, Cat!

    Mikey slumps off of the lifeless body of his opponent, his mouth hanging open to signify the utter shock that he feels at that precise moment. Somehow, Justin Cooper begins to move beside him, only serving to increase the shock on Mikey's face. The Champions' expression soon changes, however, as he brings himself back to his knees – watching Justin Cooper roll away from him. With a look of venom on his face, Mikey watches as the exhausted-looking Justin Cooper uses the ropes to get back onto his knees. Mikey rises to his feet, the wears of the match plain to see on the Champion. He looks at Cooper, shaking his head in utter disbelief. Cooper is swaying around, obviously not in control of his body and fighting on just pure adrenaline. The crowd suddenly let out a roar of anger. With the referee only beginning to come to his senses, Mark Keaton has climbed the ropes behind Mikey and is not perched on the turn-buckle. Mikey suddenly turns around as Keaton launches himself off of the turn-buckle. Amazingly, Mikey manages to catch Mark Keaton and begins walking around the ring. With a massive smile on his face at the thought of getting some revenge, Mikey suddenly drops Keaton once and for all! GAME OVER!!

    Connor: YES! Finally!

    Cohen: Oh, come on now, Mikey! That was just tally uncalled for!

    Copeland: Uncalled for? Are you kidding me, Jack?! Mark Keaton has, continually, found himself being involved in this match when there was absolutely no need for it. He has ruined this contest from the get-go and now he is getting his comeuppance for all of those actions. It's about time, if you ask me!

    Keaton immediately rolls out of the ring as Mikey gets back to his feet slowly, watching Mark Keaton fall to the floor below and out of the match for good. Suddenly, he is spun around by Justin Cooper and immediately smashed with REMIX! Cooper falls to the canvas and pulls Mikey onto his back with, seemingly, everything he has left in the tank. Some of the fans are on their feet as Cooper falls on top of Mikey as the referee crawls towards the pinfall. 1... 2... Kick out from the Champion! The fans are on their feet in utter celebration as Mikey, again, shows his heart.

    Cohen: COME ON, REF!

    Copeland: Thank God for that, ladies and gentlemen! I though that Justin Cooper had made the most of the interruption from Mark Keaton. But somehow, this match continues, thanks to the heart and determination of Mikey Stormrage.

    Connor: Mikey has always had the heart of a lion, Seabass. But tonight has been his watershed moment. He has gone above and beyond anything I have ever seen before from him. He has had the odds stacked against him all his career but tonight has been on a new level. And somehow, he has managed to fight through the pain and misery caused by Mark Keaton's cheating. It's amazing! What a champion...

    This time, it is the turn of Justin Cooper to be in a state of disbelief as Mikey kicks out of his finishing move. The crowd are on their feet in appreciation of what they are seeing as a chorus of chanting and applause goes around the arena. Both Justin Cooper and Mikey seem to be out on their feet but they are still fighting in this match. Mikey rolls onto his stomach as Cooper sits up. Cooper grabs Mikey by the hair and looks deep into his eyes, questioning just what makes Mikey keep going and thinking about what it is going to take to put him away. Mikey gets to his knees and slumps against Justin Cooper. Both men begin getting to their feet, using the other man to steady themselves. It's almost as if they could not stand on their own two feet. Cooper's head rests on the shoulder of Mikey as both men make their way back to a vertical base. Almost touchingly, amongst the noise of the crowd and the madness of the event, Cooper whispers a few words in the ear of the Champion. Mikey staggers backwards and looks into Cooper's eyes, struggling to stand and taking deep breaths. Suddenly, Cooper pulls him towards him and nails him with THE MIC CHECK!! Cooper falls on top of Mikey as the referee counts the fall! 1... 2... 3!! IT'S OVER!!

    Copeland: I don't believe it!

    Cohen: Oh, my God! I... I don't know what to say...

    Connor: How about this, Jack...?

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... JUSTIN COOPER!!

    The referee goes over to the side of the ring and collects the WZCW Heavyweight Championship before heading back into the middle of the ring. Justin Cooper lifts his head as the referee puts his hand on his shoulder. Cooper looks at the Heavyweight Championship with a stunned look of disbelief on his face. He reaches out for the Championship slowly, almost scared to touch it in case it disappears into a cloud of smoke in front of him. He reaches a little further and takes the Championship from the hands of the referee and gets to his knees. Suddenly, confetti begins to fall from the roof of the arena as some fireworks begin firing off from the stage.

    Copeland: Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. What a main event to finish off Kingdom Come this year. But the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers will tell the tale of Justin Cooper being crowned the new Heavyweight Championship.

    Cohen: And what a match it was, Seabass! You have to give it to Justin Cooper though. What an amazing feat to go into your first main event of Kingdom Come and come out of it with the gold. It doesn't matter how it was accomplished really. Like you said, Seabass, all that will be remembered tomorrow is how Justin Cooper won the main event of Kingdom Come and is the new Heavyweight Champion!

    Connor: You have to really feel sorry for Mikey Stormrage though, folks. The fans in the arena are on their feet for an amazing contest and a triumphant winner. But Mikey had the deck stacked against him all night, regardless of how much Justin Cooper knew about it. He must be feeling absolutely gutted right now...

    Justin Cooper gets to his feet and raises the Championship above his head for the first time, sweat pouring from his weary body. More fireworks go off around the arena as the new Champion is crowned. Suddenly, Mark Keaton gets in the ring and throws his arms around his best friend in jubilation. Cooper accepts the hug as confetti continues to pour from the sky. Cooper, however, has other things on his mind. He turns to where Mikey should be, his hand extended in a hand-shake pose. But Mikey is not there. Cooper looks up the ramp as Mikey staggers towards the stage, his head dipped and his shoulders slumped. Cooper gives him a nod and points in his direction. The fans are on their feet as Cooper raises the Championship again.

    Cohen: The age of Cooper has begun, folks! You should get used to that sight.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that about winds up Kingdom Come 8. The matches have been utterly amazing and it has been our pleasure to bring them to you. Justin Cooper is the new Heavyweight Champion and the whole world has witnessed it. His journey has culminated in the most dramatic and exciting way.

    Connor: From all of us here at WZCW, thank you for joining us! Good night!

    The final shot of the evening is of Justin Cooper holding his Championship aloft among the confetti. Keaton throws his arms around Cooper one final time as the screen fades to black.
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    There it is folks, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. As is tradition, we will be having a week off to recharge and plan the Apocalypse card. Thank you so much for helping bring together another successful WZCW year. We couldn't do it without all the hard work that you guys put in every two weeks RPing. Make sure to rep everyone involved for their hard work. Thanks again guys.
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