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    PC; Wow what a match up we just saw!

    CC; Amazing, the way El Guerreo overcame the odds to progress to the next round was incredible.

    PC; Not as incredible as the next match will be, lets see the video

    A video airs showing Hasheem refusing to turn up to his match, being replaced in the triple threat match by Titus. We then see Hasheems beat down on Titus, and Hasheems no show at the tag match. A clip shows of Hasheem making the challenge and Titus accepting it. Video highlights show all the ups and downs of their matches.

    Ring announcer; The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is the first round of the WZCW Elite X tournament.

    In cuts the music Ya Leily to rather loud boos

    Making his way down to the ring from Ramallah City, Afghanistan, at a weight of 285lbs and being accompanied by Rajeem and Karima..Mohammed Hasheem

    CC; Wow this guy has a look of determination in his face. I feel sorry for Titus!

    PC; Don't underestimate the actor, he can pull a few punches let me tell you.

    Hasheem and his entourage make their way into the ring and Rajeem grabs a mic to a chorus of boos.

    Rajeem; Shut up! Dirty savages, you listen to Hasheem, you show him respect!

    The crowd boos louder and louder

    PC; I wish he'd shut up

    CC: It could be something important...listen!

    Hasheem; I am here tonight for one reason and one reason only and that is to destroy Titus. Titus is scared and the elite X title is mine. Now I will tell you all what is wrong with your dirty country. First I start with

    the 20th century fox music hits to a huge cheer

    PC; Here we go

    CC; Ah I bet he had something good to say.

    Hasheem throws the mic out of the ring and looks towards the Titantron as video star kicks in the crowd go wild.

    Titus seems to be taking longer than normal in coming out. Hasheem is still focused on the titantron as Titus from behind him comes through the crowd into the ring and gives him a bulldog. The bell rings as the match comes underway

    PC Did you see that bulldog? Hasheem never saw that coming!

    CC; Titus had to cheat he attacked him from behind!

    Titus goes to pick up Hasheem as Hasheem punches Titus in the stomach. Titus is taken by the blow and Hasheem sets him up for a German Suplex. Hasheem picks Titus up and then sets him up for the Full Nelson.

    Titus is out cold on the mat. Hasheem picks him up and gives him another German Suplex. Hasheem goes for the cover. 1 2 Hasheem then stands up laughing

    PC; Dammit he's going to carry on! What a merciless son of a gun!

    CC; You see he had the win, but would rather play with Titus a bit more.

    PC This is not looking good for Titus.Hasheem begins to punch Titus as he lays out cold on the floor

    CC; He's bitten off more than he can chew.

    Hasheem picks up Titus and makes his way to the corner of the ring. He picks up Titus and delivers yet another German Suplex.

    PC; his is over already. Who would have thought?

    CC; I knew Hasheem would win this, it was obvious.

    Hasheem begins to pace round the ring laughing. He does his arm lifting taunt and shouts in Arabic.

    PC; Not the...

    CC; Yes he's going for the Toss Breaker!

    Hasheem sets Titus up for the Toss breaker but taking his time in holding him

    PC; The toss breaker is devastating this is it. Over for Titus.

    Hasheem pushes Titus up in the air ready to finish the Toss breaker. But Titus counters with a DDT


    CC; My goodness how did he manage to do that?

    Titus starts jumping like a boxer, almost full of excitement waiting for Hasheem to stand up.

    Hasheem stands up and turns to face Titus. Out of no where Titus attempts the Spear but Hasheem is just too quick as Titus goes flying out of the ring.

    Karima jumps up at the side of the mat as the referee goes over to stop her. Outside of the ring Rajeem and Hasheem begin a double beat down on Titus.

    PC; The bastards ganging up on defenceless Titus

    CC; The referee didn't see so it's not illegal to do this.

    PC; It's sick!

    Hasheem throws Titus back in the ring as he climbs in himself. Titus stands up and attempts a running clothesline as Hasheem gives Titus a big boot as once again Titus is out on the floor. Hasheem climbs the turn-buckle waiting for Titus to stand up. Titus stands up as Hasheem goes for the Flying clothesline from the top rope but misses Titus. Both men are now sanding up as Titus begins to punch him in the stomach. Hasheem is refusing to budge as Titus then delivers a European uppercut followed by another DDT

    PC; Titus has really turned the tables here.

    CC; I don't know about that after all Hasheem is a big guy and Titus, well he's not serious!

    Hasheem stumbles round as Titus waits, Hasheem faces Titus as Titus leaps forward with a SPEAR

    PC; He did it, he hit the spear, he hit the spear!

    Titus goes for the cover, 1...2...Kick out

    Pc; he kicked out, he kicked out!

    CC; You See that's why Hasheem is so damn good!

    Titus gets up clearly frustrated, he picks up Hasheem and looks up, and then to the crowd as they cheer

    PC; They know what's coming

    Titus bounces off the ropes jumps and hits the TIT DROP

    PC; Surely this is it, it's all over!

    Titus goes for the cover...1...2...KICK OUT

    CC; He did it again, another kick out. Can any one beat this guy?

    Titus picks him up and delivers another Tit drop

    PC;Another one?! Surely this is it.

    CC; This Titus guy really can't finish him off.

    PC; What's he doing?

    Titus climbs the top rope and waits as Hasheem stands up

    CC; Top rope tit drop?! You must be joking

    PC; He's going for it

    Hasheem gets back up as Titus leaps to do the Top rope Tit drop Hasheem catches Titus

    CC; He's caught him!

    PC; No surely not!

    Hasheem holds Titus over his shoulders in a firweman carry position and delivers the Toss breaker!

    CC; This is over!

    Hasheem doesn't go for the pin as he picks up Titus again and does another Toss Breaker

    PC; Sick son of a gun!

    CC; Titus is bye bye, looks like Hasheem is going through

    PC: WHAT?! He's not going for the cover.

    Hahseem looks down at Tituas and laughs...he then turns to the crowd and lifts his hands up shouting ALLAH AKBAR...the crowd boo Hasheem as he turns to Titus and gets him in the camel clutch

    CC; Surely this is over for Titus

    PC; I wish the ref would end this, this horrid act!

    Hahseem hold the Camel clutch as Titus looks to reach the rope he goes for the rope but Hasheem pulls him back.

    CC; He's gonna tap out.

    Pc; I think Titus is long gone.

    The ref picks up Titus' arm...it drops to the mat. Hahseem grips tighter on the camel clutch as The ref picks up Titus's arm again...it drops to the mat.

    PC; My word this looks over.

    The ref picks up Titus' arm again...it drops to the mat for the third time. The ref calls for the bell.

    Announcer; The winner of the match by Submission is Mohammed Hasheem

    CC; I told you this would happen!

    PC; He still has it locked in, sick bastard!

    The lights go off as the letters LA appear on the screen.

    CC; I thought Titus was LA...what the hell is going on?

    Hasheem clears off as the lights come back on and the medical staff rush to Titus. Titus gets up and is helped up the ramp to the back
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    A video comes on screen portraying classic moments in wrestling, from Sammartino to Hogan, from Hart to Michaels, and the very early years of professional wrestling. The video fades to black, as the words, ’40 years in the making’ appear…out of nowhere, a giant WZCW logo appears, as the video is cut to static after a while. A countdown begins, before the video cuts back to the Save Mart Center in Fresno California, where an explosion of fireworks rocks the arena! The crowd goes wild as the red and black fireworks continue, as “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven rocks over the loudspeakers.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once more to WZCW Meltdown! I’m Sebastian Copeland alongside Jack ‘The Enforcement’ Cohen, and we are rockin’ in the Save Mart Center in Fresno California!

    Cohen: That right Copeland Chuck has a Huge Announcement Tonight.

    Copeland: I wonder what it is Cohen.

    (A sharp Guitar Rift Echo thru the Arena)

    Cohen: You are about to find out Copeland. So listen up!

    Chuck Myles make his way to the ring to a mixed reaction. He steps thru the ropes and ask Harrys for the mic.

    Myles: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another Episode of meltdown. As you heard on WZCW.com I have a big announcement. So I’m not going to leave you in suspense any longer. The big announcement is that I will be holding a tournament.

    Copeland: A tournament?

    Myles: I will be holding a Tournament to crown the new Elite X championship. Backstage I have a lottery wheel with every Wrestler name in it. Thru out the night Becky will draw a name randomly. The Winner of each match will go on to the Pay per view “Kingdom come” to wrestle for the Elite X title.

    Cohen: What a huge Announcement Copeland! The Elite X title, Man I hope man name is in their

    Copeland: Your not a wrestler Cohen you Too old.

    Cohen: Hey watch your mouth. I can school anyone on this roster.

    Myles: So let get to business. Becky can you choose our first match *pointing toward the Titantron*

    Becky: Okay

    (Becky is turning the wheel. Stop and open up the Door she giggle nervously reaches in and pull out the First name.)

    Becky: the First Wrestler is Nate Thorpe!

    Myles: and who will be his opponent?

    (Becky starts turning the Wheel again. Stop and opens up the Door and pulls the name)

    Becky: His opponent will be El Guerrero!

    (The crowd Roars)

    Myles: Well that your first match El Guerrero vs. Nate Thorpe

    (A sharp Guitar Rift Echo thru the Arena as Chuck Myles leave the ring)

    Copeland: This is big Cohen! A tournament to crown a champion!

    Cohen: Business just pick up. now every wrestlers in the is going to leave it all in the ring

    Copeland: Well We Got to young Superstars in El Guerrero and Nate Thorpe going at each other to make history. We will have that match next

    **Commercial Break**

    Nate Thorpe vs. El Guerrero​

    Copeland: Here we go!! The Elite X Tournament is about to start!! And what a way to kick it off with none other than 2 men who are rookies here in the WZCW!! Who will stop at nothing to succeed!! Who have the potential to be HUGE stars!! Who are working their asses off to become the best that they can be!!

    Cohen: They better work their asses off here!! This is the real deal!! This is the major leagues!! This is the real deal, baby!!

    Copeland: And here we go, let’s give it now to Kyle Harrys, who is in the ring.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a quarterfinal match! Where the winner of this match moves onto the semi-finals in the Elite X Tournament!!

    Seek and Destroy hits the arena, some guide lights point the entrance ramp, and El Guerrero walks out at normal pace, very confident with himself, having no doubt in his mind about his match.

    Harrys: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Tijuana, Mexico, weighing in at 270 pounds, The Ambassador of Pain and The Hardcore Machine, El Guerrero!!!

    The crowd has mixed reactions to him, for his whole entrance!!

    He takes his mask off and raises it above his head. He then walks down to the ring and has his mask in hand and looks around to the fans, and then goes up the ring steps and then goes into the ring. He is wearing his black trunks and his red-eye white skull shirt and then removes his shirt and throws it out of the ring. He then nods his head no, to crack any knuckles in his neck and makes the gesture of “Come on and bring it” with his hands.

    Copeland: Look at this guy!! He is all pumped up and ready for this match!! I think this man has what it takes to win this tournament!!

    Cohen: How can you say that? Look who we have in this tournament. We have stars like Titus, Big Will, the list goes on and on!! This man is just another fish in the sea!!

    Copeland: What’s the matter with you? He is a 2 time AAA National Heavyweight Champion!! And he won multiple Indies Tournaments!!

    Cohen: What are you deaf? I just told you!! This is the big leagues!! This is the real deal!! Everything he has done in the past, means nothing!! This is now and he has yet to impress me!! He wants to impress me, then win this goddamn match!!

    Copeland: Oh yes, that’s exactly what his life goals are, to impress you. I forgot.

    Stronger by Kanye West hits and Thorpe comes out and makes his way to the ring. He starts to jeer to the fans which gets some boo’s.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, MN, weighing in at 225 pounds, Nate “The Showtime” Thorpe!!

    The crowd starts to boo his name because the whole time he starts jeering at the crowd.

    Thorpe enters the ring and El Gurrerro and Thorpe have a face off as the referee separates them and warns them both not to try anything funny. The referee calls for the bell and the match is on!!

    Copeland: Both these men have the exact same power, but tonight and in this match, we will see who wants it the most!!!

    Thorpe and El G circle around the ring for a bit. Then Thorpe raises his hands and stretches it towards El G. El G quickly pulls the arm of Thorpe and throws him down quickly. El G stomps on the back of Thorpe. El G grabs both of Thorpe’s wrists and rams his knee in the back of Thorpe. Thorpe is yelling in pain. Thorpe stands up and turns around and kicks El G in the gut. Thorpe then slaps El G across the face. This receives immediate heat.

    Copeland: What a despicable attack by Thorpe. Why would he slap him? I thought this man had class, but apparently he doesn’t!!

    Cohen: This man is doing what he has to do, and for the first time, I am officially a fan of Nate Thorpe!!

    Copeland: Even you amaze me at some point.

    El G is very upset that Thorpe just slapped him, so he runs to tackle Thorpe down, but then Thorpe trips El G down. Thorpe is now on El G and El G is on the mat. Thorpe runs his knees into El G’s ribs. The referee then pulls Thorpe off of El G. Thorpe then stomps on El G. Thorpe then picks El G p and then El G slides and his feet knock Thorpe off of his. El G jumps on Thorpe and viciously punches him. The crowd’s cheering at this excitement!! El G is yelling at anger and punching Nate Thorpe like crazy!! Everyone is cheering “El G!! El G!! El G!! El G!!!” The referee tries to pull El G off of Thorpe but El G refuses. The referee starts to count. 1…2…3…4…. El G then gets off of Thorpe and the referee forces him into the corner and he warns him. The referee goes back to check on Thorpe and Thorpe is bleeding out of his nose. He is bleeding profusely!!

    Cohen: Oh My GOD!!!!! What in the hell is going around here!! I have been proved wrong from both these men!! Here I thought that both these men had nothing to show the crowd, that they didn’t even belong here, and BOTH these men showed me that they do belong here!!

    Copeland: I am extremely shocked at what just happened here!! And Nate Thorpe has been busted open in his nose. The blood refuses to stop coming out!!

    Back in the ring, El G raises his hands and yells in anger as the crowd cheers for him. El G goes to Thorpe and picks him up and throws him into the corner. He then delivers some hard right hands and then some left ones. Thorpe tries to stand but has to hold onto the ropes for safe measure. El G then gives Thorpes some right and left hands but for one of them, Thorpe counters it by giving El G a chop to the chest!! El G punches Thorpe and then Thorpe chops El G. This happens a few more times.

    Copeland: Neither of these men refuse to stop!!

    El G then rams his knee into the gut of Thorpe and then delivers the Fireman’s Carry Slam onto Thorpe!! The crowd’s going nuts!! El G picks Thorpe up and sets him up for the Tiger Suplex!! The referee checks on Thorpe to see if he wants to continue and Thorpe wants to continue. El G then puts Thorpe in a sitting position on the mat and then El G locks in the Fujiwara Armbar. Thorpe is having problems getting out of it and then tries to fight it. He then quickly gets up, and tries to shake the armbar off of him!! He seems like he is gonna get out of it and he starts to elbow El G in the gut and then eventually gets out of the hold!!

    Cohen: He did it!! He escaped the deadly Fujiwara Armbar!!

    Thorpe then runs to the ropes, and El G swings his arm and locks in the Sleeper Hold!! He has the 2nd straight submission hold on Thorpe!! First the Fujiwara Armbar and now the Sleeper Hold!!!

    Copeland: No way!! No way!! No way!! There is no way that Thorpe can get out of this move!!! I don’t know how he got out of the Fujiwara Armbar but how can Thorpe get out of 2 hellacious moves, like that!!!

    Cohen: You can be very surprised, Copeland!! You can be very surprised!!

    With the Sleeper Hold locked in, Thorpe is slowly fading away. He is shutting his eyes very tightly trying to pull El G’s arm off of his neck but no avail. Thorpe is now down to 1 knee.

    Copeland: Thorpe is now down to one knee. This has to be over!!

    Thorpe is officially out cold. The referee raises Thorpe’s arm and it quckly falls down. The referee counts ONE!! The referee raises Thorpe’s arm and drops it and Thorpe’s arm quickly goes down again. The referee counts TWO!!

    Cohen: One more, and El G will win the match and advance to the semi-finals of the Elite X Tournament!!

    The referee raises Thorpe’s hand and let’s go and the hand drops MID-WAY!! Then the hand of Nate Thorpe’s starts shaking massively!! Thorpe’s gets on one knee again and then on 2 and then elbow’s El G’s ribs. After a while of doing this Thorpe gets momentum and is free of El G’s Sleeper Hold!!

    Copeland: He did it!! By Gawd, he did it!! Nate Thorpe did the impossible and he broke out of the Sleeper Hold!!

    Thorpe then starts to punch El G with right and left hands. He then went behind El G and then delivered the German Suplex!! He then gave him 2 more German Suplexes. He then gave him a vertical Suplex. He then picked him up and delivered the Inverted DDT! With El G lying on his back, Thorpe locks in the Boston Crab!! But then El G flips Thorpe down on his back. El G gets up slowly and picks up Thorpe and throws him to the ropes but Thorpe reverses it and sends El G to the ropes. El G comes back and Thorpe tries to kick El G but El G catches it. But Thorpe reverses that by delivering the Jumping Enzuigiri.

    Cohen: What athletism by Nate Thorpe!! This match turned out entertaining after all!!

    Thorpe goes to pick up El G but El G tackles Thorpe down. Thorpe gets up and runs to El G but El G picks him up and slams him down!! He delivered the Alabama Slam!! He then picks him up and throws him to the ropes and delivers the SpineBuster!! He goes out of the ring and onto the apron. He then climbs the turnbuckle. But Thorpe gets up quickly and gets a hold of El G’s leg and throws him over his head and El G went crashing down to the mat!!

    Copeland: Oh Boy!! That’s got to hurt!!

    Thorpe then gets onto the turnbuckle and then jumps off of it and lands the Standing Shooting Star Press!!!!! The crowd’s going crazy!! Thorpe picks El G up and sets him up for the Bustdown!! As he is doing it, El G reverses it and slams him down with the Brain Buster!! Followed by a Leg Drop!! El G picks him up and throws him to the opposite side of the ropes and then bends down and throws him over the ropes and out of the ring!!!

    Copeland: Oh my G-d!! Did you see that??

    Cohen: What’s gonna happen now? Both these men have just taken each other to the limit!!

    El G waits as Thorpe gets to his feet. then he dive over the top rope with a suicide dive but thorpe moves out of the way at the last second and El G goes crashing into a table. thorpe pick El G up and drags him inside the rope before the count of 6. Thorpe then pull Guerrero to the in position and climb the tops ropes but Guerrero jumps up Thorpe doesn`t see this and does a moon Sault but Guerrero catches him in mid air and hits his Finisher
    6 Feet Under (Tombstone Pile driver) and goes for
    the pin 1...2...3

    Harry: here is your winner El Guerrero

    El G raises his hands then goes to the second rope to show the crowd he is pump up.

    Copeland: here is your first winner in the Elite X touranment! He is going to be hard to beat

    Cohen: After a match like that he Deserve it!!!

    * Chuck Myles is in the green room laughing it up with a couple of friends. He walks over to the bar and begins to pour himself a drink.*

    Myles: See Didn't I tell you this Elite X Tournament was a good idea.

    Assistant: Yes you did Chuck. Our Rating is thru the Roof.

    *Suddenly Spiral Comes in the Greenroom and confronts Myles. He walks up into Chuck Myles face.*

    Spiral: I'm here for one reason. That reason is I want my title shot and I'm not asking you I'm telling you.

    Myles: Title Shot that bump thru the table must have scramble your brain. Did you forget who you work for?

    Spiral: You and I both know I'm the most deserving to get a title shot.

    Myles: Listen Spiral you had you show....what the hell are you doing here?

    *The camera Pans behind Spiral to show Sincade Walking up behind Spiral pushing him out of the way*

    Sincade: Out of my way Aussie. Listen old man I'm not all for the chitter chatter. Week after week you keep screwing me over to get what's mine.

    Myles: I don't know who you two think you are making demands like this. I'm in charge! I make the decision around here about who gets a title shot.

    *Then on the TV in the Green room Becky makes another announcement*

    Becky: Our Fourth and final match in the Elite X Tournament is....

    *She reaches in the Lottery wheel and pulls out a name*

    Becky: For our Four match it will Be The One Big Will versus......

    *She picks another name*

    Becky: Downward Spiral!

    *Downspiral looks at Sincade and Chuck Myles with Disgust. He Pushes
    Sincade out of the way. To get to Mr. Myles*

    Spiral: I never sign us for this Stupid tournament I'm Championship material not this....Elite X crap

    Myles: You will wrestle in this Match or your Fired better yet I'm getting sick and tired of your complaining. If you don't win pack all you s#!t and get the hell out of here.

    Spiral: you can’t.........

    Myles: I can do anything I want!

    *Spiral looks at Myles with a threaten look. He turns around and bumps Sincade while he is leaving out of the Greenroom*

    Sincade: Now Since that Smuck got other things on his mind you got to get me my shot.

    Myles: I don't have to do nothing! Get it thru your little head you loss you shit when you went thru that table and the ref counted you out, but I'm going to tell you this who get the Title match tonight.

    Sincade: Who?

    Myles: a Man everyone knows, A Man that is the Highlight of the WZCW, a Man that beat the world champ. Aaron Craig!

    Sincade: Aaron Craig!!?? This is bullshit and you know it you old fart.

    Myles: Listen I gave you a chance and you let it slip away. Now you got to fight your way back to the number one contender spot. Now since that is said get the hell out of my green room!

    *Sincade gets into Myles Face and their is a brief stare down.*

    Sincade: Okay ya ole bastard...I will Leave but remember I will not be held accountable for what I do tonight.

    *Sincade walks out the door and slams it behind him. The camera quickly cuts back to Chuck Myles*

    Myles: I really hate that guy!

    *The scene fades slowly to black.*
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    We see Leon waiting outside the door of Aaron Craig. Leon is holding a microphone.

    Leon: Hello everyone, thank you for joining me for this special interview. I am outside the door waiting for the man who will face Joseph Rios, for the WZCW Title, Aaron Craig. I am about to knock on his door, this very moment.

    Leon starts to knock on Aaron Craig’s door. We hear a loud WHOOO!!!! The door quickly swings open and we see Aaron Craig coming out of his locker room.

    Aaron Craig: Whooo!!! What’s going on Big Daddy?

    Leon: Hey Aaron, listen if you don’t mind, can I ask you a few questions about this rumor that has been going on?

    Craig: Why yes, you may.

    Leon: Well the rumor that is going around is that you will be challenging the WZCW World Champion, Joseph Rios. Is that a true rumor?

    Craig: Well, it is funny that you should ask that because I have also heard that rumor, from many people. And you asked me if that’s true?

    Leon: Yes sir. Is this rumor true?

    Craig: You can bet your ass it’s true!! Aaron Craig will get the chance, to bring home the gold!! And I will take every advantage I can out of this outstanding opportunity!! You can bet your ass on that!!!

    Leon: Awesome!! I am really psyched for this match!! But I have another question, what makes you so worthy of a title shot? I mean don’t get me wrong here, but there are other men who also deserve a title shot, but what made Chuck Myles choose you over all the rest?

    Craig: What made him choose me over all the rest? Isn’t it quite obvious? I have the freaking HIGHLIGHT of WZCW!! I have the very best thing!! I mean look at me, for Peep’s sake!! Look at what I have done in my life. I have done way more than any other sucker has. And I am gonna prove it when I face Rios.

    Leon: Speaking of that, do you know when the match is?

    Craig: You bet your ass I know, Chuck Myles just gave me a little ring-a-ding and told me when the match will take place.

    Leon: Well I think we ALL wanna know just when that will be!!!!

    Craig: Yea?

    Leon: Yea!!! Tell us!!!

    Craig: Yea? You sure?

    Leon: Come on!!!

    Craig: Well that match will take place –

    Suddenly, out of no where, we hear a loud yelling.

    Craig: What the hell is going on there?

    Suddenly some guy runs at Aaron Craig and spears him into his locker room. Both men are brawling in Aaron’s locker room. The man is punching Aaron like there is no tomorrow!! The guy picks him up and throws him out of his locker room. The guy comes out and the guy turns out to be, none other than, Jason Sincade!!!!!!

    Sincade then picks Aaron up and takes him to the interview section, and throws him against the wall. Sincade picks up a snapple, opens it and dumps all the liquid on Sincade’s head and then cracks the bottle on Aaron’s head!!! Sincade picks Aaron up and throws him against the wall again. He takes his head and bangs it against the walls. Not once, not twice, but he does it over and over and over again!!! Sincade lets go of Aaron’s hair. Aaron’s busted wide open. Sincade finds a steel chair. He hits Aaron on his back. Over and over and over again. He does it a few more times.

    Sincade puts the chair in its right position (in a seating position) and then goes over to Aaron. He picks him up and walks him over to the chair. He sets him up for a powerbomb!! He powerbombs him through the chair!! Sincade then leaves the sightings and comes back with to chairs. He drops both of them down on the floor. He picks up Aaron Craig and drags him by his feet to the wall. He lays him on the wall and goes to pick up one chair. He picks it up and swings it at the head of Aaron Craig. He delivers the con-chair-to to him but instead of 2-chair smushing the head of Craig, the chair smushes his head against concrete wall. Aaron Craig slowly falls down. He then puts the chair on the floor. Puts Aaron’s head on it, takes the other chair and WAM!! The con-chair-to with 2 chairs on Aaron Craig. He picks him up once again and really hard, he throws him against the wall, and Aaron Craig’s head goes directly through the wall. (Similar to what happened to Jonathan Coachman, thanks to DX.) So we see Craig laying there, head in the wall.

    Sincade: Steal my title shot now, you little bitch!!

    **Commercial Break**
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    Elite X Tournament Match
    Steamboat Ricky vs. Gus

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is an Elite X Championship Tournament Match, Making his way to the ring, from Tortuga, weighing in at 260 Pounds, Steamboat Ricky!

    Ricky walks down the ramp, with his cooler, high fives his fans, Polly is on his right shoulder, he gets into the ring, running around in circles to make his cape fly through the air

    Harrys: and, his opponent, accompanied by his girlfriend Heidi, from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at 255 pounds, Gus!

    Gus walks out of the curtain, with Heidi holding his hand, Heidi kisses him, as he raises his hand, much to the delight of the fans, Gus and Heidi walk down the ramp, Gus slides into the ring as Heidi walks up the stairs, Gus climbs each turnbuckle, each time raising his hand, he jumps down, bounces on the ropes, this time with The Hardy’s “gunz” sign in the air, he jumps off the ropes, kisses Heidi again, she gets out of the ring and Gus bounces off the ropes a few times to get the feel for the ring.

    Gus and Steamboat head toward the middle of the ring, Gus has his hands out as to ask Ricky for a test of strength, Ricky starts to, but then Polly flies around the ring, and it freaks out Gus, he jumps out of the ring, as the ref starts to count…

    Copeland: What the hell was that about

    Cohen: Get that bird a cage

    …2...Gus gets back in the ring, Gus looks like he wants to lock up again, this time, Ricky walks over to Gus, this time, Gus kicks Ricky in the stomach, and punches him in the back, Ricky holds on the rope as Gus tries to lock in a sleeper hold, the ref counts to 1, Gus lets Ricky go, but Ricky grabs Gus and hit’s a belly to belly suplex, Gus landed directly on his head, and he looks injured

    Copeland: Oh my god, what a suplex by Ricky, I mean Gus weighs 250+ pounds,

    Cohen: I told you that Ricky wasn’t to be taken lightly

    The ref asks Gus if he is ok, he says yes, Ricky starts to capitalize, when Gus stands up, he hits a monster clothesline, knocking Gus over the top rope, Gus hit his head directly onto the ground outside of the ring, the ref begins his count…
    1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...Gus gets back into the ring, Ricky had his back turned because he was talking to Polly, Gus runs at him, Ricky moves, exposing the turnbuckle, Gus runs up the turnbuckle, and hit’s a Whisper in The Wind, landing on nothing but his tailbone, Gus goes into a cover 1...2... kick out from Ricky.

    Copeland: What a move by Gus, he has improved recentlyCohen: Yea, and he’s not known as the “Reality Bender” anymore, that name sounded gay to me.

    Gus and Ricky stand up, Ricky kicks Gus in the stomach, and goes for a stalling suplex, when Ricky stalls Gus, Gus does a back flip, hitting a reverse DDT in the process, Gus goes into another cover,
    1...2...kick out from Ricky again.

    Copeland: What an athletic move from Gus

    Ricky looks dazed, Gus goes to the top rope, and goes for a 450 Splash, Ricky gets his knees up,

    Cohen: Oh my god, Gus is toast!

    Blood is coming out of Gus’ mouth, as Ricky goes into the cover, 1...2...kick out from GusCopeland: How the hell did Gus kick out from that?

    Cohen: I don’t know, but he is damn sure tough as hell.

    Ricky looks pissed off as he picks Gus up, and he goes for the deck swabber, it connected, and Gus looks like he’s knocked out, Ricky goes into the cover, but he is dangerously close to the ropes,

    Ref: hey, he is on the ropes,

    Ricky pulls Gus’ leg off of the ropes, 1...2...kick out from Gus

    Copeland: Are you serious, I was sure that that was going to be all for Gus, I don’t believe what I’m seeing here

    Cohen: Me too, this is an awesome match, and its not even a pay-per-view, these WZCW fans are lucky they get to see it for free on TV

    Copeland:Damn right, oh my god, look, Ricky has locked in the boo box on Gus!

    Gus’ face is completely grimaced in pain, blood covering his chin and a pool of it on the ring, as he is trapped in the boo box, Gus is in the middle of the ring, with nothing left to do but to tap out,

    Cohen: This is it, Gus is going to tap right here!

    Gus is trying to pull him and Ricky towards the ropes, but Ricky keeps pulling them back into the middle of the ring, by now Ricky has had the boo box on Gus for over a minute, and Gus’ face is bright red.

    Copeland: Oh my god, look at Gus’ face, you cant even tell that its bloody!!!

    Gus raises his hand to tap when Ricky lets go,

    Cohen: No, Ricky, YOU HAD HIM!!!!!

    Ricky picks up Gus, Gus cant even stand on his own two legs, Ricky runs against the ropes, flies off of them with a flying head butt, knocking down Gus again, Ricky goes into a cover
    1...2...kick out again from Gus, Ricky goes to lock in the boo box again, but Gus reverses it into a roll up, 1...2...kick out from Ricky

    Copeland: That may have been Gus’ last chance right there, he’s been in trouble since that missed 450 Splash

    Ricky picks up Gus and hit’s a devastating piledriver, into the cover, 1...2...kick out from Gus, Gus gets back up, Ricky goes for a bulldog, Gus ducks and Ricky slides out of the ring, and hits his head on the barricade, he is down. Gus climbs the turnbuckle, goes for a Swanton outside of the ring, he hits Ricky square in the chest

    Copeland: An amazing move by Gus

    Cohen: That was stupid, he already injured his stomach going for a 450, why go for the high risk again?

    Gus throws Ricky back into the ring, Ricky stands up by himself, Gus kicks him in the stomach, and goes for a Twist of Fate, and he hits it perfectly, Ricky looks like he’s knocked out, Gus goes into the cover, 1...2...kick out from Ricky

    Copeland: Man, this is a great match

    Cohen: yea, it is, (dumbass)

    Ricky gets back up slowly, Gus was waiting in the corner Edge style, runs at Ricky for a spear, Ricky jumps over Gus, and Gus smacked his head on the second turnbuckle of the opposite corner. Ricky waits for Gus to get up and hit’s the Deck Swabber,

    Copeland: ARRRRR, That be the deck swabber

    Cohen: Oh shut up Copeland

    1...2...Kick out from Gus

    Ricky looks as if he could be going for it again, Gus counters it and hit’s the Reality Bender.

    Cohen: ARRRR That be the Reality Bender!!!

    Copeland: (Silent)

    1...2...Kickout from Ricky

    Cohen: (in a gay voice) This is an awesome match, blah blah blah

    Copeland: I’m getting tired of you

    Gus looks pissed off, he climbs the turnbuckle, measures Ricky, bounces on the ropes a little bit, and then he jumps into the air, flipping, flipping, flipping, BAM lands on Ricky, a 900 Splash

    Copeland and Cohen : OH…MY…GOD…

    Copeland: We have just witnessed the 900 Splash here tonight on WZCW Meltdown

    Cohen: What a hell of a move that was

    Gus looks like he is in pain as he is coughing up blood and slowly crawling into the cover
    1...2...3 DING DING DING

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Gus!!! Gus will advance to the next round of The Elite X Tournament!!!The camera is shown on

    Copeland and Cohen, they are speechless as Copeland sees the camera on them…

    Copeland: Uh…. Downward Spiral vs. Big Will is next on Meltdown, don’t go away…

    Commercial Break
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    (The Scene opens with Aaron Craig being loaded into a ambulance. Chuck Myles looks into the Ambulance with Frustation on his face. Then he turn to a EMS worker)

    Myles: Is it Bad?

    EMS: Yeah It is he looks like he is going to be out for a long time.

    Myles: Damn! *As he bang the side of the ambulance* Okay get him out so he can get the medical attention he needs.

    EMS: Okay *Shouting* Okay Guys lets roll out!

    *Myles looks over at police. He signal for them to follow him*

    Myles: When you see the Bastard I want him arrested!

    *Then the Camera cuts to Sincade taping his wrists in the locker room. He hears a knock on the door but ignores it. The knocking gets louder now Frustrated Sincade get up*

    Sincade: Who the hell is it?

    *No one Answer but the knocking continue. Sincade walks over to the door and opens it. Suddenly The police rushes Sincade and tackles him to the floor.*

    Sincade: What the Fu.......

    *As the police place handcuffs on Sincade. Chuck Myles walks thru the door.

    Myles: That's right I want that son of a bitch arrested.

    Sincade: I'm going to kick ya ole ass. When I get out!

    *The police picks Sincade up and Drags him out of his locker room. When they passes Myles, Sincade rushes at him. With a shoulder block.*

    Myles: Get this asshole off of me pull his ass in jail!

    *while the police drags Sincade away Chuck Myles Slaps him. Then the camera cuts to the parking lot the Door fly open with Sincade being drag to the Squad car. They place Sincade into the Car and drive away. Then you see Chuck Myles holding up his middle finger*
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    Elite X Tournament Match
    Downward Spiral vs. Big Will

    Announcer: The Following Contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is an Elite X Championship Tournament Match, (Wills music starts playing) Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 230 lbs. , “The One“, Big Will!!!

    Will appears at the top of the ramp, walks to both sides of the stage, looking for his fans, after he acknowledges them, he heads down the ramp, slides into the ring under the ropes, leaps up and heads to the turnbuckle, climb up to the top, acknowledges more of his fans, lifts his hand and index finger and points to his chest, he jumps down.

    Announcer: Introducing his opponent, from Brisbane, Australia, weighing in at 230 lbs. “The one and only”, Downward Spiral!!!

    Red and Black lights stream across the dim arena, as Away fills the arena and Spiral makes his way out to the ramp with his head down. He soaks in the crowd before lowering himself and jumping up into an Orton style pose. He lifts his chin up as he looks in disgust out at the crowd, before shaking his head and slowly making his way down to the ring. He stops on the ramp and stares at a booing fan, stroking his chin, before running up the stairs and wiping his feet on the apron, before ducking swiftly under the ring. He climbs atop the top turnbuckle and tilts his head back as the camera swerves around him. He jumps down and begins warming up.

    Spiral looks focused, as does Will, they lock up, neither man seems to be having an advantage, until Will kicks Spiral in the shin, Spiral turn around and hit’s a spinning leg lariat, knocking Will off his feet

    Copeland: Welcome to Meltdown Will
    Cohen: Oh shut up, Wills gonna dominate Spiral, you just watch

    Spiral goes on the attack early, stomping Will repeatedly, before he stops to do an Orton style pose, when Spiral looks down, Will cleverly rolls up Spiral, 1...2...kick out from Spiral

    Copeland: Oh my god, Will almost had him
    Cohen: That was 3, damn refs here in WZCW, especially that shady one…

    Spiral stands up, waiting for Will to stand up, and he delivers a vicious chop block to the left knee of Will, Will falls down in pain, Spiral grabs Wills left leg and twists it around his own, and falls down on it,

    Copeland: I think Spiral broke Wills leg
    Cohen: No, he’s wasted a ton of WZCW’s money, damn it Spiral

    Spiral gets up and locks in the figure 4 leg lock, Will looks like he’s going to give, but Will is near the ropes, and grabs them,

    Will: (to ref) DAMN IT, make him let me go!!!!


    Copeland: Spirals using the 5 count to the best of his capabilities,
    Cohen: The referee is counting slow, what the hell is up with him tonight?

    Will kicks Spiral in the face with his good leg when Spiral tries to grab him again, Will is limping on his bad, leg, but somehow manages to hit a quick enzuiguri to the back of Spiral’s head, Spiral fell out of the ring, as the referee begins to count, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...Spiral rolls back into the ring, the ref starts the count over 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... Both men back up, Will is standing on his leg again, Will wants a test of strength, Spiral locks up with him, Spiral gains an advantage, by kicking Will in the leg, knocking him down again, this time though, Spiral hit’s the Death Down Under

    Copeland: There it is, The Death Down Under, its over, I think Spiral’s going on to the next round…Cohen: No, damn it, this cant be the end,
    1...2...3..., but Wills leg was on the rope,

    Ref: ring the bell, ring the bell

    Announcer: Here is your winner

    Cohen: (on microphone) now wait just a damn minute, you have sucked all night, Will had his leg on the rope, now restart the match, or I’ll get into the ring myself, and you’ll be sorry…

    Ref: *sighing* alright, restart the match

    Spiral runs at the ref, looking at him, yelling in his face, Will comes up behind him, and when Spiral turns around, he hit’s the Willenium, straight to the chin of Spiral, knocking him clear off his feet, Spiral did a complete backflip, landing on his stomach, and rolled out of the ring.
    1...2...3...4...5...6...7...Spiral brought back in by Will, and into the cover, 1...2...kickout from Spiral.

    Cohen: Come on, another slow count from that damn ref.Copeland: Oh come on, that was a fine count.
    Cohen: Maybe if you’re ******ed

    Will picks up Spiral, and hit’s the Will of Fame,

    Cohen: There it is, The Will of Fame, it’s over
    Copeland: IT very well could be

    1...2...Kickout from Spiral
    Cohen: Come on Will, earn that paycheck

    Will climbs up to the top rope, jumps off the rope, flies through the air, and hit’s a huge flying elbow drop.

    Copeland: What a move by Will, I think that could be it right there,

    Both men are down as The Referee begins to count 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...both men are back up, Spiral lands a shot to the head of Will, Will responds with a shot of his own, Spiral and Will trade blows until Spiral kicks Will in the leg again, and Will falls down in the middle of the ring, Spiral locks in a half-boston crab, Will is screaming in pain as he makes his way to the rope, he grabs it and Spiral releases at a count of 4. Spiral sets up for The Death Down Under again, but this time Will counters, and goes for the Willenium, but Spiral ducked, both men ran at each other, and they both hit a clothesline, both are down, and the ref begins to count 1....2....3....4....5.....6 but makes it up at 6 he waits for Will to gets to his feet he grab Will by the wait and tries to hit a german suplex but Will counter with a victory roll 1..2 but Spiral kicks out. both men jumps to his feet Spiral tired to clothline Will but Will duck and hit the Willenium then he fall on Spiral body 1..2...3 the bell rings

    Harrys: here is your winner The One Big Will!

    the Ref Raised Will arms but Will snatches it back. roll out the ring and look back at Sprial body and laughs then you here goodbye sung by the crowd

    Cohen:can some wake Spiral up because he going to be mad when he wakes up!

    Copeland: and Jobless!

    *the Scene fades to black with Downward Spiral body still in the ring*
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    "If It All Ended Tomorrow" blast over the speakers and out comes the WZCW Heavyweight Champion, Joseph Rios. Joseph is dressed in his $3,000 Armani suit and has the title drapped over his shoulder. He makes his way down the aisle and into the ring demanding a mic.

    Rios: Well it looks as if I don't have an opponent to fight for my title. It appears that Sincade decided that he didn't want to have to wait to face me for the title and decided to take out the self proclaimed "Human Highlight"

    A chorus of boos sounds over the crowd as Rios stands in the middle of the ring smiling.

    Rios: It doesn't matter what you people think, cause the fact of the matter is that since there is no #1 contender, I will not be fighting here tonight and I also will not have a match next Sunday at Civil Revolution.

    Just as Rios is getting ready to leave the ring out comes Chuck Myles who is grinning at Rios.

    Rios: What the hell are you smiling at Myles?

    Myles: Its just that you really feel you are calling the shots and the fact is that I am the boss around here, not you!

    Rios: Myles, I am the damn show!

    Myles: Well thats not a discussion for right now, but I can tell you what is. I am here to announce who is going to be the #1 contender for your WZCW title.

    Rios: We already have a #1 contender and he won't be able to make it to Civil Revolution. There is nothing that you can do about that.

    Myles: That was the first #1 contender, but like I said, I have a new one for you. The man that you will be facing at Civil Revolution for the WZCW title is none other then........

    'Supernova goes Pop' by Powerman 5000 hits the speakers and out comes Everest to the top of the ramp smiling at Rios

    Rios: Why you son of a bitch! There is no way in hell that he is the #1 contender.

    Myles: Just deal with it Rios he is the guy. And because of Sincade's actions tonight he has been taken out of the main event for the evening and I need to find a replacement, so I figured why not give these fans a sample of Civil Revolution?

    Huge pop from the fans at that statement

    Myles: Thats right! Right here tonight, in that very ring it will be the WZCW Heavyweight Champion Joseph Rios going 1 on 1 with the #1 contender Everest in a non-title match!

    Myles: If I were you I would go get ready Rios.

    'Supernova goes Pop' by Powerman 5000 hits the speakers as Myles walks off leaving Everest standing at the top of the ramp looking at Rios who looks rather nervous. Rios look of nervousness changes to contempt as he stars back at Everest with a smug look on his face holding his title high above his head.
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    Everest enters very simply to start. Orange laser lights shoot back and forth across the blank big screen that then flashes the words “Are you Ready to Go” The lights go out for a second and when they kick back on Everest stands in the middle of the ramp soaking up the cheers. He makes his way to the ring rather hastily but always stops along the way to eye up a pretty lady at ringside or to say hello to some fans.

    Harrys: coming to the Everest

    "If It All Ended Tomorrow" hits the speakers and out comes Joseph "The Future" Rios. He pauses at the top of the stage before pointing to himself as to say "Look at me, I am perfect" He walks down the ramp and enters the ring through the second rope. And continues to look at the fans and occasionally says something to a booing fan.

    Harry: Coming to the ring he is the WZCW heavyweight Champion Joseph " The Main Event" Rios

    Rios talks his smack as the bells rings. Everest fed up with it viciously slaps Rios in the face.

    Cohen: I felt that one Copeland.

    Copeland: That slaps echo thru the arena

    Rios walks around the ring to recover. Rios walks to the middle of the ring and lock up with Everest. Rios back Everest into the corner and hits Everest with a knee to the stomach. Rios then Smirk at the crowd as they boo!

    Copeland: "The Main Event is so cocky!

    Cohen: He has a Right to be Copeland. He our world champion’s.

    Then Rios Raise Everest head by the chin and land a picture perfect chop to the chest. Then Rios Irish whips Everest into the opposite corner. Then he taunts a fan in the front row. Rios Charges at Everest but Everest quickly moves out the way and Rios hits the turnbuckle hard. Everest turns Rios around and climb to the second ropes. Everest continuously rain down 10 punches in the row. As Everest get down Rios walks to the middle of the ring and fall face first.

    Copeland: The champ looks out of it.

    Everest quickly goes for the cover 1....2 Rios kicks out.

    Cohen: Did he really think those punches was going to beat the champ.

    Then Everest puts up Rios and Irish whips Rios into the ropes he goes for a back body drop but Rios counters with DDT. Both Men are down while the ref counts 1....2...3...4 Rios get to his feet first, he bounces off the ropes and hit Everest with a stiff clothline. Rios looks down at Everest with Disgust pick him up and hits him with a Snap Suplex with a roll over 1...2 Everest kicks out. Rios gets up and stomps Everest 3 times. He Scream at Everest saying who's the man!

    Copeland: "Main Event" better focus on his opponent.

    Cohen: Copeland he is systematically taking Everest apart. First physically. Now Mentally.

    Rios then pick ups Everest but Everest Counter with a couple of punches to the stomach. Everest run to the ropes but is met with a knee to the gut by Rios that Flips Everest. Rios Then tries a jumping Elbow but Everest moves out the way. Rios grabs his elbow. Everest quickly get up and applies a cross armbar. The Ref slide over to see if Rios gives up!

    Copeland: Look at the pain on the Champion face!

    Rios reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. The Ref starts counting for Everest to release the hold 1....2....3 Everest breaks the hold at 4. Everest waits for Rios to pull himself up and hits a fall away reverse DDT and goes for the cover 1....2 Rios Kick out at the last moment. Everest looks at the ref and shows him 3 fingers, Everest then picks Rios up but Rios counters with a quick poke in the eyes. Then he hit’s a Knee to the Face that rock Everest, Rios drags Everest body to the corner and goes to the top rope. Everest jump up and runs to the top rope and hits Rios with a Belly to belly but the wind is taken out of him both men are down 1...2...3...4...5 Rios make it to his feet he runs at Everest with a Stinger splash but Everest move but the Ref gets in the way. Rios looks down at the ref then he slides out and goes for the belt. Rios slides back in and wait for Everest to get up he charges at Everest but Everest duck and Connect with his Finisher the Rockslide.

    Copeland: Rockslide!!!!

    The Crowd count 1.2.…3 but the ref is out. Everest crawls over to the ref and tries to wake him up. Then Suddenly Will runs down the ramp.

    Copeland: What the hell is Will doing here???

    Cohen: it looks like he here to help the champ.

    While that is going on Titus comes from out the crowd and slide into the ring. As the crowd cheer

    Copeland: it’s Titus here he'll help Everest out!

    Titus picks up Rios and signals for the Tit drop but instead turns and kicks Everest in the stomach delivering a Tit drop to him

    Cohen: Oh my word Titus has just turned on his partner!

    Will climbs in the ring and delivers the Willennium to Everest. Rios covers Everest and Will wakes the ref

    Copeland: no not like this!!!!

    The Ref Counts 1…2…3 the Bell Rings

    Harrys: Here is your Winner Joseph “The Main Event Rios”

    All three men stand arms raised in the ring as WZCW logo appears in the corner of the screen to a cut.
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