WWE Hell In A Cell: WWE SD Women's Championship - Charlotte Flair (c) VS Becky Lynch

Discussion in 'WWE Discussion' started by Jack-Hammer, Sep 5, 2018.

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    This bout was made official as of last night and, as of right now, will not be held inside the Cell.

    This has been the most intense women's rivalry on the main roster since Charlotte vs. Sasha from a few years back. Both women have done a really nice job but especially Becky as she genuinely looks, sounds and "feels" like she's jealous, bitter and downright pissed off. As much as I'd prefer the roles reversed, from a realistic standpoint, both women do have legit points. For Charlotte, she's extremely ambitious, wants to be the best and feels that she has to live up to expectations she's set for herself. For Becky, she's been more like an afterthought since her days as SD Women's Champion ended, she was finally breaking out of the doldrums, she was racking up victories and she was on the verge of getting back to where she was before Charlotte was inserted into the picture.

    The big problem a lot of fans have is that Charlotte, like it or not, is getting to be somewhere along the lines of a Cena or Orton when it comes to championships in that she's won so many that it's at a point where she probably doesn't even need to be champion. Charlotte was NXT Women's Champion, she was the last WWE Divas Champion, she was the first new WWE Women's Champion before the brand split and the title became the Raw Women's Championship, which she would win 3 more times and is now on her 2nd run as SD Women's Champion. Of course, WWE sped this along with all the times she and Sasha Banks traded the Raw Women's Championship back in 2016.

    At any rate, it should be a fun match but there's little danger of Charlotte dropping the title. If WWE is going for Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey for WrestleMania next year, then don't be at all surprised if Charlotte wins every match she has going forward and walks into WM as the champ. Of course, a champ vs. champ match would leave a couple of gaps for WrestleMania but, at the same time, Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey is where the money would be for any women's program.
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    Becky needs to go over, she has been going on a role and she is gonna be champion soon or later.
    And as in the SuperSpoilerShow there is still no SD Women’s match rather than IIconics vs Asuka Naomi, and at Evolution either
    I hope it’s at Evolution, with Becky getting DQ’ed at Hell in a Cell
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    I hope Becky goes over and goes over clean... with Asuka's contract situation up in the air, womens wrestling may suffer with Charlotte Flair spearheading it when there are performers who are more over than Charlotte.
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    So it seems like the result will mean nothing because like the wwe title match between Joe and AJ, the rematch was just announce for super showdown. So I'm guessing that either Charlotte wins and Becky beats her down after or somehow you get either a no contest or Becky wins by count out or dq. Either way, this match just like a lot of other match on this Ppv look like a stepping stone to advance the feud toward super showdown.
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    I'm excited for this match. Like above mentioned I think this is Becky's best work, and think this can be a great feud/rivalry. I don't think it matters that they have a rematch already set as matches can be planned in advance. If a championship changes hands then you just reverse who is champion. I think Charlotte retains somehow at HIAC but gets beat down by Becky, but I can see Becky winning at Evolution in a match with other females involved. Charlotte can feud until Rumble where she wins and can challenge Ronda. I think Becky v Asuka at Mania be great too.
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    The problem with this match stems from the fact that Becky is SUPERHOT. She is so hot right now its crazy. But as hot as she currently is, will WWE drop the ball with their upcoming (Becky and Charlotte's) HIAC match? Becky has the opportunity to overshadow even Rousey but again, We are talking about WWE.

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