Would you like a new talk show?

Discussion in 'World Wrestling Entertainment' started by RomanfreakinReigns, Aug 17, 2017.

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    NOTE:-I don't mean a talk show in the form of a Panel, like Talking Smack, but an In-ring talk show.

    I just realized there's no talk show in the WWE currently, except for Miz TV of course, which is phenomenal.

    There's the Ambrose Asylum but I don't think it has been done in a while and even when it existed, it wasn't as regular or good a feature as were Jericho's Highlight Reel(which is arguably the best talk show ever) and Miz TV.

    And seeing as both Miz and Ambrose are on Raw, I see there's none on Smackdown Live currently.

    Which brings us to the fact that Shane McMahon already hosts one every fucking week, even though without a set or a name like 'The Shane McMahon show". Heck, he's been in the ring with the Women's division, week in and week out, with Bryan, James Ellsworth, AJ Styles, if that wasn't enough, he's now been in segments with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens three weeks in a row, which are all "talk segments".

    That, we should assume, is owing to the brand split where they have to fill TV time through segments, and so we've had Raws with Women's segments, SDL with women's segments, almost every week, since the brand split.

    Now going back to the main point of having an active wrestler, preferably a charismatic one hosting a talk show, would you like to see one, in addition to Miz TV?

    If so, who should host it?

    I think AJ Styles, especially in Heel mode would be a fine host and succeed almost at the level of Jericho.

    There's also Kevin Owens.

    But I think the opportunity should be given to someone who really needs the extra spotlight and attention, someone who's not already used to wrestling in main events, someone like a Sami Zayn, who's occasionally pretty intense on the mic, as evidenced with his segments with Mick Foley, which were some of the best I've seen.

    It could help him evolve his character from just an "underdog" and "Kevin Owens' former best friend" in that he could be a tweener, and at times interview faces and piss them off with his enquiries, as well as do the same to heels.
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    Smackdown Live doesn't need a talk show in my opinion. It is only a 2 hour show and seems to fly by so I don't even think they have the time for one. I guess with Jericho back, or is he, they might bring back the Highlight Reel while he's here. That's the only one I'd be interested in watching to be honest. None of the rest would interest me.
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    If they do a new talk show it needs to be someone from Smackdown. Raw already has Miz TV and the talk show segments all serve the same purpose. To stir drama within the storyline. The only thing that ever changes between the talk show segments' format is who "hosts" it. That being said it needs to be someone who could carry on the segments every couple of weeks or even weekly, while remaining entertaining. Owens doing one could be good. He's very good at sarcastically mocking his peers so I could see him putting on funny talk show segments similar to Jericho's Highlight Reel. As long as they give it to someone who benefits from hosting it, is good at promos, and is on Smackdown, then that would be fine. Raw is clogged up as it is with all its content and does NOT need anything new added. Smackdown is fine as it is too though and if they do not add a new talk show segment then that's not the end of the world.
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    If WWE feels like Baron hasn't been pulling his weight as a main eventer, I wouldn't mind seeing him host his own talk show. It would be sort of like the 'Snake Pit' in a way, we'd probably call it 'Wolf's Den' or something like that.

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