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    Everyone always talks about how much smarter they are than the people who write for WWE. Well, this is your chance to prove yourself.

    So given that you have time to be on here, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have some extra time on your hands. Now the question is, why aren't you doing something better with your time? Like, something creative and potentially entertaining instead of just twiddling around and wasting your life watching wrestling? Instead, why not write wrestling?

    Well that's because that would be boring. However, what about creating a wrestling character who gets to interact with time travelers, a fat guy way too obsessed with Taco Bell, a robot who may or may not be sentient, a strange man who talks to a Ouija board and is named Tyrone (seriously, his name is Tyrone. How is that not awesome?) and a guy who talks to a volleyball?

    I'm talking about our own E-Federation, WrestleZone Championship Wrestling (WZCW). Right here we have a group of talented writers who will take your characters and write up their matches with the winners based on the strength of the promos (RP's) your write up before each match. As you would expect with something on a wrestling site, these range anywhere from short and sweet to nothing short of epic, setting up huge showdowns in matches on house shows, TV shows and pay per views. There are titles to win, badges to collect, and unlimited praise from your peers. They even have a podcast.

    WZCW is one of the coolest things we have here and just like in James Storm's Revolution, there's always room for one more. Take the time and get into the e-fed, as you'll have a great time and get to Flex your creative Mussels (why did I capitalize and spell that word that way? Check out WZCW and find out the answer to this and all the other bizarre references they make) for a change.

    Here's the application page. Get started today. Like, now.

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