Why not Christopher Daniels?

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by SmattyG, Feb 19, 2018.

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    It wasn't that long ago that TNA was actually pretty cool. No wait! Come back! They had AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Consequences Creed, Kurt Angle, Sting, various Dudleyz and Hardyz at different points, Austin Aries, and Christopher Daniels. It wasn't a bad show, and the WWE obviously realised this, as they brought back every single one of those performers into their company. Except one.

    Why not Christopher Daniels? Sure, he had a run as a jobber of Sunday Night Heat for a couple of years back at the turn of the century, and sure he is now 47 years old, but he was good enough for Ring of Honor to make him World Champion last year.

    Is there a beef with Daniels and WWE that has gone unreported? Is he just too old? He was one of my favourite parts of TNA back when we actually had it here on TV in Australia, and I'd love to see him on the big stage again against AJ, Joe, and even Shinsuke, Seth and Ziggler.

    What do you think? Is it too late for the Fallen Angel to make it back to WWE?
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    As a active performer on the main roster, yeah I think it's too late for him. The guy is in is late 40's and the WWE schedule would just kill him. But I could see him as a special attraction in NXT and maybe give him a trainer job. The younger generation would benefit greatly from his experience and he could help those coming from the independence scene to get more into their characters and not always focus on their in ring to get over because having a great personality is as important as being a great in ring talent and that's what's lacking in NXT. So having somebody with the experience of getting over on the Indy scene, not just because of his in ring but also with his personality would be a great get for them.

    But as a main roster, talent, he got as much chance of getting a spot on the roster as r-truth and goldust have to get a main event push.
  3. Jack-Hammer

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    As far as TNA goes, I think it's been a good 5 or 6 years since the company could be called cool. I'd say a good three quarters of the stories and conversation surrounding the company over the course of the last several years have revolved around its financial difficulties, speculation on how much longer it'd last, whether or not WWE would guy it, etc. but that's neither really here nor there.

    When it comes to Christopher Daniels, I think it's too late. This year will mark his 25th year in pro wrestling and, as you alluded to, he turns 47 a month or so from now. Now, that's not to say that Daniels doesn't still have anything to contribute; I don't know for certain but I don't think he's had any significant injuries during his career, no history of neck or cranial trauma. His age, his conditioning and the lack of injuries makes him similar to Jericho in my mind as someone that's really just sort of lucked out as far as all those factors are concerned. However, Daniels is a nobody in WWE and we all know that Vince McMahon is very much in the mind set of "if it didn't happen in WWE, it didn't happen" mentality. It might be justified in some instances and it might not in others but, regardless, it's a factor.

    I think Daniels ROH World Championship run was more of a token on ROH's part than anything else. He'd been in wrestling nearly a quarter century and he'd always been a significant mid-card and tag team star in bigger companies like New Japan, ROH and TNA but he'd never held a widely recognized World Championship in his career. So yeah, I feel it was more of a vanity run, sort of a "thanks for all you've done" sort of deal. Not that he didn't deserve it or hadn't always had the ability to have been a main eventer but it's hard not to look at it as some sort of token of appreciation when you consider that he's probably in the last few years of his career.

    Besides, WWE's roster is already bloated to the point of bursting as it is. With all WWE ppvs about to be dual branded once more, a lot of mid-card or undercard wrestlers are going to have even less opportunity than before. I don't see people like Miz, Styles, Nakamura, Strowman, Reigns and a handful of others being pushed aside for Daniels; in my opinion, he's probably better off finishing up his career his own way where he can go out as someone that's viewed as a top guy and that almost certainly wouldn't happen in WWE at this point.
  4. Un-Bo-Lievable Jeff

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    Daniels was a lot more than a mid-card star in TNA. The company was pretty much built on him, AJ and Joe. he was absolutely more than capable of being the top guy in TNA, and was the longest reigning X division champ. HIs triple threat with Joe and AJ getting the praise of 5 stars from Melzer.
  5. THTRobtaylor

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    Reality is by the time Vince realised guys like AJ, Joe and Roode could work - Daniels was far too old to benefit. Even if he were 5 younger, they might use him. But now at 47 it'd take too long to meaningfully build him - even as a "grizzled veteran" and having seen how Sting was treated, it'd probably be something Daniels himself doesn't want to risk.

    As it is, he'll go down as one of the best never to go there properly... that's a better place to end up than risking it and being shit on to feed someone like Mojo, which is what would happen.
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    I remember Chris Daniels from near the start of his career before his TNA days in the UK, The matches I seen were impressive so I've always liked the guy seeing as I have followed his career for years. I didn't actually realise he was that old I think not having that WWE run was a missed opportunity on WWE's part as he is a great talent. I don't think he's too old, Fit Finlay was also 47 when he began wrestling for the WWE and he had a successful run which lasted several years.
  7. therockiswwf

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    Finlay is an exception to the rule. Most 47-year-olds probably cannot handle a full-time WWE schedule. Most 47-year-olds probably do not want a full-time schedule as well. With so many guys in NXT, the time used to develop Christopher Daniels could better be used on someone else.

    As for why they never brought him in, Bruce Prichard has said that Vince didn't like his look.
  8. Wr3stl3R

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    For me, I don't think he's that too old. The guy is truly impressive even when he started

    HORRORHOLIC Pre-Show Stalwart

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    I remember listening to some radio wrestling show about 10 years ago where a former WWE employee said Vince didn't like Daniels because he had "an odd shaped body"
  10. thebarber

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    wasnt Daniels originally going to be the Higher Power that ended up being Vince himself??
  11. ABMorales787

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    It's pretty much his age. And while it's by no means to say he wasn't good enough for it, the only reason he won the ROH World title was to tell the story that he finally did it and capitalize on a good promo he had about it. It's why the reign was relatively short.

    If Daniels was to ever come into the WWE at this point it is more than likely that it would be under a coach role at the Performance Center. Something I doubt he's taking unless he plans to retire.
  12. ner0

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    Christopher Daniels is an indy god tbh but if I had to say anything I'd prob say the fact he's 46
  13. LibSuperstar

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    My thoughts exactly!

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