Which Royal Rumble matches would you have scripted differently?

Discussion in 'Old School Wrestling' started by LODemolition, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I agree. But, with his "perfect" record still intact, I would have him pull the perfect number 30 and win, then lose clean to Hogan. ...better ending to his streak than the Beefcake match.

    The only thing worse than Slaughter with the belt was Slaughter with the PURPLE belt. ...looked even more ridiculous. haha
  2. Goldie

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    Yes would have been better for Hogan to end it ... but it was Hogan who had to lose the world title at WM6 so he could disappear and film subberban commando.
    If I was to place perfect on the WWF totem pole he would be a high midcarder... but he didn't quite reach the super villain level that Andre/Savage and even Dibiase did in the late 80s and Flair would soon reach in 1991/92

    In hindsight midcarders only won the first 2 Rumbles (and then first rumble consisted of midcarders)... ever since it's been an established top guy or a guy rising to the top

    If no remember Warrior also had some shocking belt colours... Maybe he leant them to Sarge? ��
  3. Darbicus

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    1991: I would rebook both the Rumble and the world title match. Warrior defeats Slaughter despite the interference of Savage, due to Hogan coming out and pleading with the referee about what had happened (could even have Savage's scepter laying out at ringside as the "smoking gun". Later on, Hogan and Savage are the last two in the Rumble, and Hogan is eliminated after Slaughter and Adnan distract him, allowing Savage to sneak up from behind. Sets up a Boot Camp Match at Mania between Hogan/Slaughter and an actual world title match between Warrior/Savage.

    As to Warrior drawing less as champ, hence they needed to go back to Hogan, as Bruce Prichard pointed out in a shoot, the business was down across the board in 91 anyway. If you really wanted to shake things up, go back to Savage as a Heel champion and give him the belt at Mania (hell, you could even put the Hogan match on last to send the fans home happy). In my alternate universe, I turned Jake Roberts heel and ran with him as my champion till putting the belt on a face Savage at Summerslam (not realistic I know, given Jake's substance issues, but I can dream right?)
  4. Terry Gyimah

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    My list of reworked Royal Rumble winners would look like this:

    88- Andre The Giant
    89- Hulk Hogan
    90- Mr. Perfect
    91- Macho King Randy Savage
    92- Flair (I would keep this the way it is; nothing changed)
    93- Savage (winning his 2nd Rumble with Bret as champion it would set up your ideal Mania IX main event)
    94- Bret Hart (Luger did nothing with the win anyway and Bret obviously needed it more than Luger did)

    95- Razor Ramon (I would have had Razor in the Rumble and have him eliminate Michaels last basically playing off of Mania 10 playing off of their WMX classic; Razor definitely needed to be in the main event)

    96- Shawn Michaels (now his 96 win I wouldn't change at all)
    97- Undertaker

    98- Stone Cold Steve Austin (wouldn't change)
    99- Stone Cold Steve Austin (Vince didn't need the win anyway)
    00- The Rock (I wouldn't change)
    01- Kane (he was over in 01 not to mention Kane with the record he broke how could he not win it?)

    02- Triple H (I wouldn't change)
    03- Lesnar (I wouldn't change)
    04- Kurt Angle (Angle was actually over and not to mention he ended up main eventing Mania anyway so why not give him the Rumble win)

    05- Batista (I wouldn't change)
    06- Rey Mysterio (I wouldn't change)
    07- The Undertaker (I wouldn't change)
    08- Triple H (John Cena didn't even need the Royal Rumble win especially considering he was the former champion and he never really lost the title he had to vacate it because of injury)

    09- Orton (this was his time so I wouldn't change it)
    10- Edge (I wouldn't change)
    11- CM Punk (he deserved this Royal Rumble win and Punk being in the main event would have been much better than Del Rio)

    12- Chris Jericho
    13- Ryback (Ryback was actually over hell he was probably the biggest babyface on the roster so why not give it to him? I mean he was a fresh face)

    14- Batista (I wouldn't change)
    15- Daniel Bryan (This was Bryan's time given the fact that he was just coming off of an injury at the time they should have had him return as a surprise entrant and have him win the whole thing by eliminating Reigns last)

    16- Ambrose (I would have given Ambrose the win just to see Reigns' reaction of his best friend winning what is Reigns' title cue the Reigns heel turn)

    17- Balor (Balor this was his time as far as winning the Royal Rumble Match and imagine if he came in as a surprise entrant in his Demon persona)
  5. shooter_mcgavin

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    Some Rumble with the same result but different finish

    2007 - Undertaker winning was fine but I hated the fact he was #30. For one it's a mathematical impossibility that Undertaker would get #30 at three Rumbles. Plus since he was going to win this one why not give him an earlier number (25, 26, or 27)?

    2008 - Cena winning is fine and I actually am ok with him getting the #30 spot but I would have had Triple H get an earlier number. Plus Taker and HBK getting #1 and #2 respectively, what are the odds?

    2010 - Edge winning is also a pretty good move but I dislike how Jericho was eliminated. If you were going to to a Jericho/Edge program at WM26 wouldn't it make sense to let Jericho stay longer in the Rumble and/or actually eliminate someone? You do need to build up Jericho as a serious opponent for Edge if that was the plan.

    2011 - Surprisingly I would not change Del Rio winning this. I would change the Rumble and keep at 30 entrants though. Also I would have preferred Cena and Del Rio being the last two with Del Rio eliminating Cena with a distraction by The Miz.

    That would be cool but since he wasn't going to be in the title picture I am not sure where his Rumble win will lead him.

    For 2017 I don't see why they couldn't they have given the win to Brock Lesnar. I mean he was going to WM and win the title anyways and people would have been fine with Lesnar winning.

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