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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: May 5, 2014
    Location: Times Union Center, Albany, New York
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler

    Extreme Rules has come and gone and most of the stories have advanced. First and foremost, Bryan kept the title away from Kane in a brawl reminiscent of the Attitude Era but it looks like a rematch is imminent. Other than that Shield defeated Evolution in a war and Bray Wyatt escaped the cage to beat Cena. The main stories tonight are a twenty man battle royal for the US Title and Adam Rose debuting. Let's get to it.

    US Title: Battle Royal

    Dean Ambrose, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Titus O'Neal, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Heath Slater, Sheamus, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Sin Cara, Santino Marella, Fandango, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Damien Sandow

    Ambrose is defending and all of his challengers come to the ring at the same time. It's the traditional big mess to start with Show throwing out Woods and Henry dumping Ryder. Truth is thrown out by someone we didn't see as everyone else is just having random brawls. Ziggler finally loses his shirt but makes the mistake of hammering on Big Show. Santino slides back into the ring and fails to help Sin Cara eliminates Titus. Big Show dumps Titus with ease and does the same to Sin Cara with the masked man landing on all of the other eliminated guys. Why they were still at ringside isn't explained.

    Fandango gets Dolph over the top but not out to the floor as the brawling continues. Sheamus does the ten forearms to Sandow for an elimination and we take a break. Back with Big Show and Mark Henry being ganged up on in opposite corners. Heath Slater appears to be the only elimination during the break. Henry and Show shrug everyone off and have a showdown ending with a chokeslam to Henry. A Brogue Kick staggers Big Show though and everyone comebines to dump him out. They do the same to Henry and both giants are gone.

    Kofi is sent to the apron but jumps back in, only to be kicked out by Ambrose. Dean gets Fandango as well but has to deal with Swagger. Ryback and Axel dump Cody and Goldust to get us down to seven: Ambrose, Santino, Sheamus, Ryback, Axel, Swagger and Ziggler. Scratch Dolph actually as Santino Cobras him out but is quickly dumped by Ryback and Axel, leaving us with five. Sheamus starts cleaning house but runs into a spinebuster from Ryback. The Goldberg chants start up and Ryback has blood on his teeth.

    Axel and Ryback take control but can't toss Dean out. The fans chant for Punk for no apparent reason as Dean backdrops Axel to the floor and wins a slugout with Ryback on the apron to get us down to three. Swagger tries for a cheap shot but Dean slides back in. Ambrose gets behind him and dumps Jack but turns around for the Brogue Kick. The elimination is academic and Sheamus is champion at 15:49.

    Rollins tries to calm Ambrose down by saying it wasn't fair but here's HHH to interrupt. He talks about how lucky Shield got last night before announcing a six man tag with Shield vs. the Wyatts later tonight.

    After a break Sheamus says he's been spinning his wheels since he came back. They say every stopped clock is right twice a day and tonight was the perfect time for the Celtic Warrior to step back into glory. Renee asks him if he has a message for Dean Ambrose. Sheamus says no hard feelings.

    We get stills from Bryan vs. Kane last night.

    Daniel is with Brie in the back when Stephanie comes in. All Daniel did last night was anger Kane and make him capable of unspeakable acts of violence. Therefore, Bryan has to stay in this locker room until his match later tonight. She shuts the door and Kane's mask is on the back.

    Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

    Feeling out process to start with Van Dam taking over with a quick armdrag. A headlock slows RVD down and a back elbow to the jaw gets two. Rob comes back with a quick kick to the face and Rolling Thunder sends Cesaro to the floor. Back in and Cesaro gets in a few more shots but another kick sends him outside for a big old flip dive.

    A moonsault off the apron sets up a slingshot legdrop for two back inside. The fans think this is boring thirty seconds after all the high spots from Van Dam because wrestling crowds have the attention span of drunken gnats. Now it's a CM Punk chant as Cesaro hammers away and sends Van Dam to the floor with a clothesline. We come back from a break with Van Dam fighting out of a chinlock and the fans chanting for him for a change.

    A sunset flip gets two for Van Dam but he gets caught by a jumping double stomp of all things. Van Dam gets another two off a small package and rollup but he dives off the top into an uppercut for a pair of near falls. Cesaro nails him with an awesome looking running uppercut in the corner followed by some rolling gutwrench suplexes for two. Back up and Van Dam can't hook a monkey flip out of the corner but runs into an elbow to the jaw. He goes up top but gets caught in a one legged tree of woe. Cesaro goes to the floor to hammer away at Van Dam's head but does it too long for a DQ at 12:00.

    Cesaro hammers away even more until Heyman pulls him off. Van Dam looks totally out of it.

    Bray Wyatt says that Abigail told him that he was born to lead and would change the world one day. This world we live in has an evil about it and everyone refers to him as a piece of trash or a nobody. Those people have made it a glorious day because last night, Bray Wyatt became somebody. Last night Cena's fear was personified by a singing child and we get a clip showing just that. Bray talks about how a child has personified Cena's fear. John thinks that Bray is spreading nothing but lies and just wants to watch the world burn.

    The second part is right because he wants a new world to be reborn in his image. Wyatt is doing this for the homeless man sitting on the side of the street, for the teenage girl who woke up crying because she was called too ugly to be the prom queen and for every fan sitting in this arena. From this day forward, John Cena stands alone and alone he shall fall. The children shall stand will Bray Wyatt and they'll never be alone again. He'll be remembered for what he truly is: a god.

    Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes

    We see a clip from the battle royal that shows Cody accidentally eliminating Goldust. Cody starts fast and sends Ryback to the outside before hammering away in the corner. Ryback takes over with a hot shot before choking on the ropes to keep Cody in trouble. A delayed vertical suplex gets two on Cody and a hard whip into the corner puts him down again.

    We hit the chinlock for a bit until Ryback misses a splash. Cody takes out the knee and hits a running knee to the chest for two. The Disaster Kick looks AWESOME, followed by a good looking springboard missile dropkick. Goldust goes after Axel but the distraction lets Ryback pull Cody off the top into Shell Shock for the pin at 6:00.

    The lights go out in Brie and Bryan's locker room. A small fire lights up with Kane's mask over it. The newlyweds leave and run into Stephanie, who offers to have Brie's car brought up. I'm sure this won't end badly at all.

    It's time for a Cinco De Mayo celebration with Los Matadores and Torito. They have your usual Mexican decorations and Torito throws out candy to the fans until 3MB interrupts. They want a truth but demand that only English is spoken. Drew threatens violence if the truce isn't accepted and a brawl breaks out. Slater gets left alone and shouts OLE, only to be thrown to the floor. Torito puts Horny in an airplane spin as JBL shouts out boxing references.


    Kofi Kingston vs. Alexander Rusev

    Before the match, Lana praises Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden, saying America's secrets are safe with them. Rusev runs Kofi over to start and tosses him down with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Kingston comes back with a dropkick and spinning crossbody for two but misses a kick to the chest, allowing Rusev to load up the fall away slam. Kingston lands on his feet though and tries the springboard cross body, only to be caught in mid air. Now the fall away connects and the Accolade makes Kofi submit at 2:50.

    The Network is now available on XBOX One.

    Brie gets into the car as Bryan looks around. He gets in to leave and of course there's a camera in the backseat. Stephanie knocks on the window to scare both of them and says Bryan's match is right now. If he doesn't wrestle tonight, he's stripped of the title. Thankfully Daniel has a brain and has Brie come with him to the ring.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Non-title. Daniel fires off kicks in the corner to start before opting for some right hands to the face. He charges into the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two though and Del Rio takes over. Another USA chant starts up as Bryan fires the kicks in the corner. He backflips over Del Rio and actually slips on the landing. Thankfully JBL is paying attention and says it's because he's worried Kane might attack him. The YES Kicks have Del Rio in trouble but he grabs a Backstabber for two. Daniel heads outside and gets sent into the barricade as we take a break.

    Back with Bryan fighting out of a chinlock but walking into a German suplex for two. Alberto starts goinga fter the arm and mocks the YES post, only to dive into a forearm for two. They head outside with Bryan being dropped face first onto the barricade. Back in and Del Rio lowers the knee pad for the superkick (not sure what sense that makes) but Bryan ducks and lands a hard kick of his own.

    A drop toehold sends Alberto into the middle buckle and they trade kicks with Del Rio taking over. Bryan gets dropped with a big old kick but headbutts out of a superplex. The Swan Dive gets two and the running dropkicks knock Del Rio to the floor. FLYING GOAT sends Del Rio halfway into the stands but he comes back with an enziguri for two. The armbreaker is esily countered though and Bryan uses something like La Mistica to set up the YES Lock for the win at 15:32.

    Post match Kane's pyro goes off so they run to the back. Brie and Daniel get in the car but it won't start. Daniel checks the engine and plugs a wire back in. He shuts the hood and of course Kane is in the back of the car. Bryan fights Kane and tries to leave again but Kane gets on the back of the car. Daniel floors it to drop Kane on the concrete (off camera of course) but stops and looks back. Kane sits up so Bryan gets back in and drives off.

    Intercontinental Title: Big E. vs. Bad News Barrett

    Barrett is defending, having beaten Big E. for the title last night. Before the match, Bad News says the fans are going to need some cosmetic surgery for their new champion. Big E. runs him over to start and the fight is quickly on the floor. Barrett is rammed into the apron and a spear puts him into the steps before they just beat the count back inside. The champion goes right back to the floor but avoids a charge to send Big E. shoulder first into the post.

    Back with Barrett still in control and getting two off Winds of Change. A hard knee to the face puts Big E. down again and here comes the Bull Hammer. You know it's not working that quickly though so Big E. runs him over to put him in the ropes. The spear through the ropes puts both guys on the floor and it's Big E. up first. The Big Ending is countered though and Bad News rakes the eyes. Bull Hammer retains the title at 10:48.

    Cena will respond to Bray Wyatt on Main Event.

    We look at the battle royal earlier.

    Here's a special Mother's Day message from Mr. T. which is comprised of remixed clips of his Hall of Fame speech and Brodus Clay's dancing bridge club from Wrestlemania XXVIII.

    Swagger and Colter come out with a sign saying Zeb's Deportation List. Colter says today isn't Cinco De Mayo because it's May 5. He doesn't like all the foreigners coming into WWE and has a list of all the people he wants gone. It's only a partial list: Cesaro, Heyman, Emma, Santino, Paige and Sheamus. Colter does the Emma dance and says it's poisoning the youth of America. They're interrupted by the Adam Rose party, complete with BUNNY. The entire party is here to carry Rose to the ring just like in NXT. The fans are singing the tune of his song too so it's working.

    Rose has a sucker in his mouth and holds it out to Colter. Zeb holds up a hand but Adam grabs him by the moustache. “Don't be a lemon. BE A ROSEBUD!” Swagger runs at him but gets kicked in the face and backdropped to the floor. The party gets back in the ring and Zeb looks terrified before running off.

    Wyatt Family vs. Shield

    It's a big fight to start and the bell rings with everyone on the floor. Ambrose and Rowan get things going with Dean taking over in the corner. Off to Rollins who gets thrown out of the corner, allowing for the tag off to Harper. Dean makes a blind tag to help Rollins with a double suplex and two on Luke. Roman comes in and hammers away before it's quickly back to Rollins for a top rope shot to the arm.

    Harper takes Seth into the corner to take over again and it's off to Bray for some hard right hands to the head. Rowan can't slam Rollins down and gets caught with an enziguri, allowing for the tag off to Dean. Ambrose hammers away and nails a cross body, allowing him to get even more hard shots. Dean cleans house and takes Rowan down with a shoulder before slapping on a Figure Four. He lets it go so we can have a standoff and take a break.

    Back with Harper holding Ambrose in a chinlock. Dean fights up with a jawbreaker but it's off to Rowan to whip Dean from corner to corner. Rowan is sent to the floor and the now legal Harper gets the same treatment. Seth hits a running dive to take them both out but stops to go after Bray, allowing Harper to shove him to the floor in a scary crash. Harper follows it up with a suicide dive, sending Rollins over the table.

    Back in and things settle down again before it's off to Bray for a running splash in the corner. Harper slams Rollins down for two more as everything breaks down. Rowan and Wyatt throw Dean onto the announce table before leaving him alone. Rollins knocks Harper off the top rope and hits the top rope knee to put both guys down. A double tag brings in Reigns to hammer on Wyatt and hit a series of the running clotheslines.

    The Family breaks up the Superman Punch and it's double dive time to send Harper and Rowan onto the table. Now the Punch connects and it's Triple Bomb time but here's Evolution. That's fine with Shield as they kick the Wyatts onto Evolution and hit more double dives, only to have Bray run Roman over and hit Sister Abigail for the pin at 18:04.

    Evolution goes after Shield post match and this time their comeback is stopped. A string of finishers ends the show, including a Triple Bomb to Reigns.

    Sheamus won a battle royal last eliminating Dean Ambrose
    Rob Van Dam b. Cesaro via DQ when Cesaro wouldn't stop attacking Van Dam in the ropes
    Ryback b. Cody Rhodes – Shell Shock
    Alexander Rusev b. Kofi Kingston – Accolade
    Daniel Bryan b. Kane – Yes Lock
    Bad News Barrett – Big E. – Bull Hammer
    Wyatt Family b. Shield – Sister Abigail to Reigns


    Raw got a 3.02, down from last week.




    Date: May 8, 2014
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Jason Albert, Renee Young, Rich Brennan

    We're getting closer to Takeover and the big story is the lack of a challenger for NXT Champion Adrian Neville. After dispatching Brodus Clay last week, Adrian needs someone new to fight and odds are we'll find out who that is tonight. The Women's Title tournament will also continue tonight and since this is NXT, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    NXT Womens Title Tournament First Round: Emma vs. Charlotte

    They circle each other to start until Charlotte takes him up against the ropes. A hard clothesline puts Charlotte down for one but she snaps Emma's throat over the top rope to take over. We hit a figure four neck lock on Emma before she rams Emma's face into the mat ala Madison Rayne. Emma fights up and nails another clothesline to put both girls down. She loads up the pink Cobra because that's what WWE has done to her but Sasha Banks offers a distraction, allowing Charlotte to roll Emma up and bridge onto the legs (called Charlotte's Web) for the pin at 3:50.

    The #1 contender to Neville's title will be determined in a battle royal tonight.

    Legionnaires vs. El Local/Kalisto

    The Legionnaires are Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis who I believe is making his debut here. The masked men take over to start but LeFort comes back with a swinging neckbreaker on Local as things settle down. A headdbut from Louis has Local in even more trouble as the heels start some fast tagging.

    Louis cranks on the neck for a bit until he runs into Local's boot in the corner. The hot tag brings in the rather short Kalisto for some springboard cross bodies and a jump into an Edge-O-Matic for two on Louis. Everything breaks down and Kalisto kicks LeFort in the head, followed by a Tajiri handspring into another kick to the head for the pin at 4:17.

    Adam Rose fires up one of his Rosebuds for his match.

    Camacho vs. Captain Comic

    Captain Comic is one of Rose's friends dressed like a superhero. Fans: “MATCH OF THE YEAR!” Camacho destroys him with ease as we're certainly in squash territory. We hit a quick chinlock as the dominance continues. A running Samoan drop sets up a powerslam for the pin at 2:36.

    Alicia Fox and Alexa Bliss don't have much to say before their match but they both want the Women's Title.

    NXT Womens Title Tournament First Round: Alicia Fox vs. Alexa Bliss

    This is Bliss' debut and she's in what Renee describes as a fairy costume. Fox is quickly taken down for a standing moonsault with the knees intentionally landing on Fox's chest. Alicia comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two and we're already in the chinlock. That great looking northern lights suplex gets two for Fox and it's off to the headlock. The beating continues for a few more seconds until Bliss grabs a small package out of nowhere for the pin at 3:10.

    Adrian Neville says he wants people to step up and challenge him.

    Battle Royal

    Aiden English, Baron Corbin, Bo Dallas, Brodus Clay, Camacho, Colin Cassady, Curt Hawkins, Danny Burch, El Local, Jason Jordan, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, Kalisto, Marcus Louis, Mason Ryan, Mojo Rawley, Oliver Grey, Sylvester Lefort, Xavier Woods, Yoshi Tatsu

    Winner gets Adrian Neville at Takeover. It's a big brawl to start until everyone gangs up on Brodus for the elimination. No one is eliminated for a good while until Ryan throws out I think English as we take an early break. Back with Kalisto avoiding elimination as we hear about Woods saving himself ala Kofi Kingston. The fans are behind Tatsu here as we're still waiting on more eliminations. LeFort and Kalisto are gone as I type that and Sami Zayn slips back in from the apron.

    Things slow down as they're known to do in battle royals until Woods and Camacho chop it out in the middle of the ring. Woods gets a running start and eliminates himself and Camacho with a Cactus Clothesline. We have about nine left in the match. Jason throws out Mojo in an upset as Kidd gets back in over the top. Corbin throws Jordan to the apron and then kicks him out with a huge boot. Dallas knocks Corbin out with a clothesline and does the same to Yoshi a few seconds later.

    We're down to Sami, Breeze, Kidd, Ryan, Dallas and Cassady but Bo puts out Cassady and Ryan with ease. Kidd comes out of nowhere to dropkick Dallas out (fans: “THANK YOU TYSON!”) and we're down to three. Breeze hits a Beauty Shot on Kidd and the fans are way behind the model. Sami throws Breeze to the apron but misses a kick and winds up on the apron as well. Kidd misses a charge of his own and winds up on the apron, leaving only Breeze in the ring. Both good guys pull him out but fall out at the same time for a triple elimination at 13:30.

    Post match HHH comes out because JBL barely exists in NXT anymore and makes a triple threat for the shot next week. All three argue to end the show.

    Charlotte b. Emma – Charlotte's Web
    El Local/Kalisto b. Legionnaires – Spinning kick to the head to LeFort
    Camacho b. Captain Comic – Running powerslam
    Alexa Bliss b. Alicia Fox – Small package
    Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd won a battle royal last eliminating each other

    Impact Wrestling
    Date: May 8, 2014
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

    Slammiversary is looming and Eric Young doesn't have a challenger yet. The problem with having a champion that defends every week is you quickly run out of fresh matchups, so TNA is either going to have to turn someone or bring someone up the card in a hurry. Other than that we get to see Bully want to put Dixie through a table in about 19 segments tonight. Let's get to it.

    Earlier today Bully Ray was driving to Nashville at the TNA offices to find Dixie Carter, thereby complying with MVP's wishes to not go after her at the Impact Zone.

    We recap Eric Young defending the title every week.

    Speaking of Eric, here he is in street clothes to get things going. He talks about how awesome the reign has been but there's one hiccup. Eric promised to defend the title every week but since MVP hasn't booked him in a match, he's going to book himself in one. We have an open challenge for tonight and here's Bobby Roode.

    Bobby goes on a LONG rant about how great he is before Eric says that Roode got a shot last week and got pinned. Roode says it wasn't fair because he had to wrestle twice last week and goes on another rant about their history together in Team Canada. If Young gives him another shot and wins, Roode will never ask for another match. Young says ok as this segment took about eight minutes longer than it needed to.

    MVP tells Young that he can't do that and suggests Young take a few weeks off. If Young will, MVP guarantees that his opponent at Slammiversary will be someone Young has never faced before.

    Madison Rayne/Brittany vs. Beautiful People

    Evening Gown match under elimination rules. The Beautiful People are in black and their opponents are in white to make sure the alignment is clear. Velvet and Angelina double team Brittany in the corner to start as they're actually treating this like a real match so far. Brittany fights up and makes the tag off to Madison who does moves that make sure her skirt flies up. Madison can't strip Velvet's gown though, allowing Love to trip Brittany up so Velvet can strip her for an elimination as we take a break.

    Back with Madison down 2-1 and getting double teamed. It doesn't last long though as Madison fights off both girls and is able to quickly strip Velvet to get us down to one on one. Madison has control for a bit until Velvet flashes the referee, allowing Angelina to spray her in the face and get the win at 11:00.

    Dixie is in a bad mood and walks away from Spud, who is in a leopard print coat.

    We recap Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle.

    Bram tells Magnus to become his old self again.

    Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III

    Angle goes after the arm to start but Ethan backs off. A snap suplex sets up the Rolling Germans to Ethan but Angle falls down holding his bad knee. Angle tries to fight back with a German suplex but the knee is just gone. Ethan gets in a quick chop block and pins Angle at 3:27.

    After a break, Angle says he felt the knee pop.

    Here's MVP with something to say. He talks about how demanding this company is and how the fans are even more demanding. However, he can't have Eric Young making his own matches because wrestlers are supposed to wrestle so TNA can abide. “And hey, the Dude abides right?” MVP says he has a major announcement about who Eric will face at Slammiversary but here's Bobby Roode to interrupt. Roode says the same stuff he said to Eric and demands the title match tonight. MVP has the same reply that Eric did (you lost last week) and the brawl is on. The fans want to see it but referees break it up.

    Bully is in Nashville but Spud says he's not welcome here. Bully goes into her office anyway, yells at Spud for wearing green socks and sits in Dixie's chair. He gets on the phone and tells the secretary to get the staff together for a meeting. Oh and a sandwich.

    Knux and company are here. Rebel is in a rather revealing outfit and dancing with fire. A wooden crate comes up and Knux says it's someone's home.

    Roode is ejected by security.

    Tag Team Titles: Wolves vs. Bro Mans

    It's a ladder match and the challengers (Bro Mans) get a jobber entrance. Zema shoves the ladder over in the aisle to distract the champions, allowing the Bro Mans to jump them from behind with the ladder. Back inside and we get the bell but the Wolves are right there for the save. The Wolves load up the baseball slide into the ladder but the Bro Mans lift it up like a gate. The champions go back inside and set up a double suicide dive, only to hit the ladder faces first.

    Jesse drops Davey chest first onto the barricade as the Bro Mans take over. They set up a ladder between the ring and some steps in the aisle but Davey escapes a suplex onto said ladder. All four climb a pair of ladders in the ring and a set of headbutts put all four back on the mat. Jesse makes a save by jumping up the ladder to stop Davey before Eddie suplexes Jesse over the top and out to the floor, only to fall out himself as well. Davey puts Robbie on the bridged ladder for the double stomp from the top as everyone is down again. The Wolves climb up, throw Zema over the top and onto the Bro Mans, and retain the belts at 7:00.

    Crazy Steve and the Freak (Rob Terry in a mask) break out of the crate.

    Spud has lost Bully Ray.

    Kazarian vs. Knux

    The Menagerie is a carnival themed stable comprised of Knux, his good looking sister Rebel, two men on stilts, Crazy Steve (a clown) and the Freak (a masked muscle man). Kaz jumps Knux from behind to start but is easily thrown down. He does score with a top rope missile dropkick and a kick to the jaw but stops to yell at Crazy Steve. Kaz turns around and runs into the Freak, allowing Knux to throw him back into the ring. A Sky High powerbomb is enough for the pin on Kaz at 2:16.

    Spud goes into the staff's office and runs down Ray, only to turn around and see Ray behind him. Ray: “Get us a case of beer!” Spud: “It's 11am!” Ray: “You're right. Get us two.” Spud leaves and the staff says the new motto is Bully Fears Dixie. Ray has an idea of how to fix this.

    As a result of the incidents last week, Anderson faces Storm next week.

    Gunner tells Anderson that Storm is lying whenever he talks.

    Dixie's staff is now all drunk and in Bully Ray shirts. Spud panics and gets on the table to calm everything down. Ray says he'll let Spud have the drones back if he tells Ray where Dixie is. Spud says he doesn't know so Ray offers to leave if Spud will have one beer with him. Spud drinks it and gets powerbombed through a table. Ray steals his phone and gets Dixie's address.

    Willow talks about getting screwed over in the Dixieland match which started the evolution into what he is now. He wants revenge on Magnus.

    Magnus vs. Willow

    Willow gets jumped during his entrance as Bram looks on approvingly. A hard elbow drop gets two for the Brit but Willow fights up with a Whisper in the Wind and the flying forearm. The seated dropkick and mule kick put Magnus in the corner but he rolls outside. That's fine for Willow as he kicks Magnus down and hits that sliding splash. As they head back inside though, Bram sends Willow into the steps for the DQ at 2:32.

    Post match Willow is handcuffed to the ropes and attacked with a turnbuckle hook.

    Angle has a broken bone in his leg and a torn ACL.

    MVP calls out Eric for the announcement of the Slammiversary opponent. The boss asks the fans to cheer for the champ and says there's nothing Eric can't accomplish. He says Eric deserves the best competition there is, so here's the opponent. Eric looks at the stage and MVP lays him out with a chain around his fist. He says he'll see Eric at Slammiversary to end the show.

    Beautiful People b. Madison Rayne/Brittany – Love ripped off Madison's dress
    Ethan Carter III b. Kurt Angle – Chop block
    Wolves b. Bro Mans – Wolves pulled down the belts
    Knux b. Kazarian – Sky High
    Willow b. Magnus via DQ when Bram interfered


    Kurt Angle's knee injury angle from last night's Impact was legitimate. He'll be out several months.

    Date: May 9, 2014
    Location: First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

    After Monday dealt with the fallout from Extreme Rules, which was fallout from Wrestlemania, we get to deal with the fallout from the fallout here on Smackdown. The main story at the moment is Evolution laying out Shield to end the show, meaning we're likely setting up Evolution vs. Shield II at Payback. Also Daniel Bryan has gone from a monster at Wrestlemania to Laurie Strode about a month later. Let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of the battle royal where Sheamus won the US Title, last eliminating reigning champion Dean Ambrose. This transitions into a recap of the main event where Evolution helped the Wyatts defeat Shield and beat down the Hounds of Justice post match.

    US Title: Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

    No Rollins and Reigns outside this time. Dean is favoring his ribs or arm coming in but takes Sheamus down to start. The champion counters into a headlock takeover followed by a running shoulder. Cole is already playing up Sheamus getting the title through less than fair measures, even though he won the match though totally fair and legal means. Sheamus cranks on the arm but Dean fights back with that kind of running Thesz Press of his.

    They head outside with Sheamus ramming Ambrose into the announce table but getting suplexed onto the floor. Sheamus comes back with a rolling fireman's carry as we take a break. Back with Dean fighting out of a full nelson and hammering away at Sheamus' head. Sheamus goes shoulder first into the post and out to the floor, setting up a great looking suicide dive from Dean. Back in and we hit the Figure Four, which is some pretty lame psychology after Sheamus' shoulder hit the post and barricade about twenty seconds ago.

    The champ gets to a rope and comes back with the Irish Curse and a Cloverleaf. Another rope is grabbed and Dean heads to the apron, setting up the ten forearms to the chest. A big kick to the chest sends Dean into the ropes but he explodes out with a clothesline to put both guys down. Back up and the Brogue Kick out of nowhere sends Ambrose to the floor. Ambrose dives back in at nine, only to take a second Brogue Kick for the pin at 8:19 shown of 11:49.

    Rob Van Dam/Big E. vs. Bad News Barrett/Cesaro

    Van Dam has a big black eye and Heyman is on commentary. The Bad News for the week is that climate change is coming and soon people like Big E. are going to be forgotten pieces of history. Barrett hammers on Van Dam to start but gets caught by the springboard kick to the face. Bad News puts on a chinlock as Heyman talks about Brock beating Undertaker. Another kick puts Barrett down and it's a double tag to Big E. and Cesaro. Big E. takes over with the usual and gets two off the splash. A Rock Bottom out of the corner gets the same but Van Dam accidentally kicks Big E., setting up the Neutralizer for the pin at 2:38.

    We look at stills of Bryan vs. Kane from the PPV.

    Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston

    Just Rusev now. We get another pro-Putin rant from Lana before the match, saying he should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Kofi fires off some kicks to start but gets crushed by a jumping kick to the face. A dropkick staggers Rusev and Kofi hammers away with right hands in the corner, only to have his sunset flip countered by a choke. The cross body gets two on Rusev but Kofi slams him down and hooks the Accolade for the win at 2:06.

    The Wyatts come on screen with Bray talking about how the world must crumble because we're all just slaves to judgment. Judgment tells him he must adapt and it is judgment that says he must bow to Cena. But where we're going, no one ever comes back.


    Layla/Fandango vs. Santino Marella/Emma

    Santino takes Fandango down with a headlock to start but the dancer slams him down. He takes too long dancing on the middle rope though and misses a knee drop, allowing for a double tag to the girls. There's the Dilemma to Layla and everything breaks down. Emma loads up the pink Cobra but the guys fighting allows Layla to roll her up for the pin at 2:06.

    Fandango and Layla kiss on stage.

    Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry

    We get an inset interview from Henry saying this is about revenge for Shield attacking him 3-1 a few months ago. Points for continuity. Henry throws Reigns into the corner a few times before winning a slugout by going for Roman's bad ribs. Mark talks a bunch of trash about how Reigns is by himself tonight and you can hear JBL cover up a laugh. He bends Reigns' bad ribs around the post as this is one sided so far.

    As I say that, Reigns comes back with the jumping clothesline to put Henry down for the first time. Roman tries another charge but runs into a clothesline from Mark. Henry loads up what appeared to be a Vader Bomb but Reigns lifts him onto his shoulders and plants Mark with a Samoan drop. The spear is enough for the pin at 3:45.

    3MB vs. Los Matadores/El Torito

    It's Slater/McIntyre for 3MB here along with Horny. McIntyre clotheslines Fernando down for two to start before stomping away. Off to Slater as the big guys start tagging in and out to work over Fernando. JBL drops a Bastian Booger birthday greeting of all things as Horny comes in for some shots of his own. 3MB keeps up the tags until Fernando scores with a dropkick to put both guys down.

    Horny: “TAG ME IN! I WANT TO RIP HIS FACE OFF!” Both small guys get tags and Torito starts biting, only to get punched in the jaw for his efforts. The Gore puts Horny on the floor but only seems to tick him off. Slater won't tag in for some reason but does break up a pin attempt off a splash. Heath comes in legally but misses a charge, allowing Torito to hit a moonsault press for the pin at 4:23.

    Long recap of Bryan vs. Kane on Monday.

    Mr. T. wishes us a Happy Mother's Day.

    Batista vs. Seth Rollins

    This has potential. Rollins is banged up as well with a bad arm and misses a charge into the corner to start. Another missed charge sends Rollins to the floor and Batista ties him up in the ring skirt for a beating. The fans tell Batista he can't wrestle before he pulls Rollins away from the ropes for a big crash to the mat. Back outside already with Seth going into the steps.

    We hit the chinlock for a few moments before Batista goes after the bad arm by wrapping it around the post. Batista tries to pull Rollins out of the corner again but Seth backflips (mostly) to his feet. Big Dave misses a charge of his own and goes shoulder first into the post, allowing Rollins to hit some running forearms in the corner. A running sleeper slam from Rollins sets up the standing Sliced Bread #2 but Batista gets away.

    Seth scores with an enziguri from the apron but misses the top rope knee to the head, only to run into the spinebuster. The Batista Bomb is countered and now the running knee sends Batista down to the floor. Seth goes up top for a dive, only to be sent face first into the announce table for the countout at 8:55.

    Post match Batista lays Rollins out with a Batista Bomb.

    Wyatt Family vs. Usos/John Cena

    Cena runs over Rowan to start and scores with a quick release fisherman's suplex. Harper comes in for one of those freaky looks of his so Cena takes him down with a bulldog. Off to Jey for some shots to the face before Jimmy comes in for some running shots in the corner. Luke comes back with a right hand of his own and it's off to Rowan who walks into a Jimmy punch. Harper comes back in to take over on Jey with catapult into the middle rope for two.

    Bray is legal for the first time and chokes even more as this isn't the most energetic match in the world. Wyatt does the Spider Walk out of the corner but Jey kicks his arm away in a nice counter. A low bridge puts Bray on the floor but Harper breaks up a tag attempt. There's the Gator Roll followed by a chinlock before it's back to Erick for a headlock.

    Jey shoves him into the corner and avoids a splash, finally allowing for the hot tag to Jimmy to face Bray. Cena gets in a cheap shot from the apron as Jimmy superkicks Harper down for two. Bray and Rowan double team Cena but Jimmy dives on all three of them. He goes back inside though and eats the discus lariat from Harper for the pin at 8:18.

    Sheamus b. Dean Ambrose – Brogue Kick
    Bad News Barrett/Cesaro b. Rob Van Dam/Big E. – Neutralizer to Big E.
    Rusev b. Kofi Kingston – Accolade
    Fandango/Layla b. Emma/Santino Marella – Rollup to Emma
    Roman Reigns b. Mark Henry – Spear
    Los Matadores/El Torito b. 3MB – Moonsault press to Slater
    Batista b. Seth Rollins via countout
    Shield b. Usos/John Cena – Discus lariat to Jimmy




    Nothing again.

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Sheamus won a battle royal last eliminating Dean Ambrose
    Rob Van Dam b. Cesaro via DQ when Cesaro wouldn't stop attacking Van Dam in the ropes
    Ryback b. Cody Rhodes – Shell Shock
    Alexander Rusev b. Kofi Kingston – Accolade
    Daniel Bryan b. Kane – Yes Lock
    Bad News Barrett – Big E. – Bull Hammer
    Wyatt Family b. Shield – Sister Abigail to Reigns

    Charlotte b. Emma – Charlotte's Web
    El Local/Kalisto b. Legionnaires – Spinning kick to the head to LeFort
    Camacho b. Captain Comic – Running powerslam
    Alexa Bliss b. Alicia Fox – Small package
    Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd won a battle royal last eliminating each other

    Impact Wrestling
    Beautiful People b. Madison Rayne/Brittany – Love ripped off Madison's dress
    Ethan Carter III b. Kurt Angle – Chop block
    Wolves b. Bro Mans – Wolves pulled down the belts
    Knux b. Kazarian – Sky High
    Willow b. Magnus via DQ when Bram interfered

    Sheamus b. Dean Ambrose – Brogue Kick
    Bad News Barrett/Cesaro b. Rob Van Dam/Big E. – Neutralizer to Big E.
    Rusev b. Kofi Kingston – Accolade
    Fandango/Layla b. Emma/Santino Marella – Rollup to Emma
    Roman Reigns b. Mark Henry – Spear
    Los Matadores/El Torito b. 3MB – Moonsault press to Slater
    Batista b. Seth Rollins via countout
    Shield b. Usos/John Cena – Discus lariat to Jimmy

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