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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: April 24, 2017
    Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T., Corey Graves

    It's the go home show for Payback and that means we're getting closer to knowing how the Superstar Shakeup will really be going. Last week we saw Braun Strowman break the ring when he superplexed Big Show and tonight he's facing Kalisto in a dumpster match. I'm not sure that makes sense either but let's get to it.

    We open with a long recap of Braun Strowman destroying things for the last two weeks.

    Opening sequence.

    Here's Chris Jericho for the Highlight Reel. Jericho says this is the last Highlight Reel on Raw because he's winning the US Title and moving over to Smackdown. It doesn't matter if it's Raw, Smackdown or Southpaw Regional though because these people are the friends of Jericho and they'll cheer him on man. Tonight's guest is a real star and that would be.....Chris Jericho! Cue Miz and Maryse to interrupt though with the former saying this show is about the it couple. Jericho says they better watch.........................................it couple.

    Miz gets to the point and says MizTV is replacing the Highlight Reel, meaning it's time to replace the set. Now it's Dean Ambrose, who turns this into the Ambrose Asylum with all three as his guests. Dean wants Jericho to win on Sunday, despite their checkered past. Jericho broke a potted plant over his head and Dean broke his light up jacket. Jericho brings up the $15,000 but Dean has a gift: a home made light up jacket! Dean says he should try it on man but Miz cuts them off.

    We get a good rant about how Miz should be the only one getting gifts, which earns him Dirty Deeds. Dean leaves so Jericho asks what happens when you're married to a stupid idiot like Miz. After putting her on the list, Jericho leaves, wearing the new jacket (which is a sport coat with Christmas lights wrapped around).

    Sheamus vs. Matt Hardy

    Matt starts fast with a neckbreaker and three straight legdrops for two. The ten forearms are broken up and Matt hits the Side Effect on the apron as we take an early break. Back with the forearms working this time, only to have Sheamus miss a charge into the post. Matt's bulldog and a middle rope elbow get two but Matt gets sent outside. Sheamus follows and goes after Jeff, allowing Matt to hit the Twist of Fate for the clean pin at 10:02.

    Post match tempers seem to flare but they all shake hands.

    Miz and Maryse cut off Kurt Angle's phone call to yell about Ambrose and Jericho. Angle doesn't want to hear about it and makes a tag match with Miz getting to pick his own partner.

    Neville/TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries/Jack Gallagher

    The good guys clear the ring and we take a break before the opening bell. We're joined in progress with Gallagher in trouble until he slips over for the hot tag to Aries. Everything breaks down in a hurry with Aries cleaning house, including clapping his hands around Neville's ears. Both villains are sent outside for a double suicide dive and it's Perkins getting caught in the Last Chancery. Gallagher comes in to take care of Neville and it's a discus Fivearm to put Perkins away at 3:06 shown.

    Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto

    It's a dumpster match, which means you have to put them inside but don't have to close the lid. Before the match, Braun says everyone here is trash and putting Kalisto in the dumpster will be like putting everyone in there too, including Roman Reigns. In the back, Kalisto tells Angle he has to fight like a man.

    Kalisto starts with some kicks but his flip dive is caught in a suplex, only to have Strowman throw him across the ring. A front facelock over the ropes has Strowman in some trouble but he throws Kalisto down again. Strowman loads up a press slam but Kalisto slips out and dropkicks him into the dumpster for the win at 6:13.

    Post match Strowman destroys Kalisto and puts him in the dumpster. He locks it shut and pushes the dumpster off the stage for what must have been a full two and a half foot fall. If this is how they want to build up Strowman, they have a LONG way to go.

    After a break, Kalisto is stretchered out.

    Video on Roman Reigns.

    Bray Wyatt wants to make Randy Orton suffer.

    Dana Brooke vs. Alicia Fox

    This is over Emma stirring up some issues between them. Cue Emma less than thirty seconds in as Dana's cartwheel splash hits knees. Fox misses the ax kick though and a Samoan Driver ends Alicia at 1:12.

    Emma hugs Dana, who shoves her away.

    We run down the pay per view card and get the first details on the House of Horrors match: the match will start in the House of Horrors and end in the ring. That's a lot more than we knew before.

    Samoa Joe and Anderson and Gallows are ready to torture Enzo Amore/Big Cass and Seth Rollins.

    Enzo Amore/Big Cass/Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe/Anderson and Gallows

    Enzo does his full entrance but the villains jump him from the crowd. Rollins runs out for the save but Enzo is laid out as we go to a break. Back with Angle announcing a replacement for the injured Enzo.

    Finn Balor/Big Cass/Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe/Anderson and Gallows

    It's a big brawl to start (of course) with Balor kicking Anderson in the head a few times before it's off to Joe for the heavy forearms. Anderson comes back in for an armbar and a side slam. Gallows comes in and kicks Cass off the apron but misses an elbow drop. The hot tag brings in Rollins for the Sling Blade and everyone is knocked to the floor.

    Seth loads up the springboard knee to Anderson but Joe kicks him in the knee. Cue Balor to take care of Joe, leaving Rollins to hit a springboard clothesline on Anderson. Seth loads up the Pedigree but opts for a hammerlock jumping knee to the face (think the Rainmaker) for the pin at 5:58.

    Sheamus and Cesaro aren't willing to team with Miz.

    Here's Alexa Bliss to talk about how people come out here to talk. Some of them want to become a champion but some of them talk about how much they want to become a WWE superstar. It's all sunshine and rainbows and she nearly vomits in her mouth a bit. She's here to fight so here's Bayley to call Bliss out for talking about people behind their backs. Bayley holds up the title and says she'll do whatever it takes to walk out of her hometown with the title on Sunday.

    Bliss loves the idea of beating Bayley up in front of her father but has another question: has Bayley ever even kissed a boy? Not that it matters as Bliss can't wait to destroy her. Cue Sasha Banks with Bliss saying it's time for part 3000 of the Banks and Bayley side show. Bliss asks if Banks puts love letters in the lunches she makes for Bayley. Banks is ready to shut Bliss up but Alexa says not now because Banks is unhinged. That earns her a punch to the face and it seems that the match is on.

    Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss

    Bayley is on commentary and is immediately grilled about how she keeps coming close to losing the title. Banks forearms Bliss to start but can't hit the double knees in the corner. Bliss stomps away but gets sent into the corner again. That's enough for Alexa as she walks out at 2:38.

    Bayley goes after Bliss but Alexa runs away, only to turn around and get in a cheap shot. Sasha chases her off.

    Ambrose tries to mend fences with Jericho and asks if he can be taken off the list. That's too far for Jericho because it's in pen. The $15,000 is brought up again so Dean shows off the replacement jacket. Jericho also brings up the powerbomb onto the tacks but Dean says he wouldn't do it again. He likes the jacket though and Dean JUST UNMADE THE LIST! Dean is fired up and slaps Jericho on the back, earning him another spot on the list.

    Heath Slater and Curtis Axel are ready to talk about being in Marine 5 when Miz and Maryse show up (good thing there were two extra chairs there). Neither want to be his partner so Miz says they'll never work in this town again. Axel: “Kansas City?” Miz gets a note delivered and apparently he has a partner, who he describes as awesome.

    Curt Hawkins issues an open challenge to his “Star Factory”.

    Curt Hawkins vs. Apollo Crews

    Crews is looking bigger tonight. They trade some shots to start until Crews hits a running boot to the face. A jumping clothesline sets up an enziguri, followed by the Toss Powerbomb for the pin on Hawkins at 2:09.

    Titus O'Neil comes out to celebrate with Crews and Apollo seems a bit more interested this week.

    We look back at Kalisto and Strowman. Kalisto has suffered hip and cervical trauma.

    Roman Reigns has issued a statement saying he's banged up but he'll fight.

    Long video on Strowman vs. Reigns.

    Austin Aries pitches an idea to Angle for the main event of 205 Live. Kurt says he'll think about it so Aries gives him a banana. The Drifter walks by and Kurt makes sure to point out that he's not the partner.

    Dean Ambrose/Chris Jericho vs. The Miz/???

    And it's.....someone who has some issues with being on time as he's not here. Miz says the match is canceled and goes to leave but here's Angle to say the match is on. Jericho takes off the replacement jacket and chops Miz in the corner, setting up some double teaming. Miz gets clotheslined out to the floor and we take a break.

    The match is joined in progress with Miz still alone and Jericho's arrogant cover getting one. Ambrose comes in and Miz begs off, earning himself a chase on the floor. Maryse offers a distraction though and Miz gets in a boot to the face to take over for the first time. Back in and the Reality Check gets two but the YES Kick is countered into a rollup. Jericho comes in with the Lionsault but the Codebreaker is blocked.

    Miz goes to leave so Ambrose follows him up the ramp. Dirty Deeds is loaded up on the stage but here's Bray Wyatt to knock Dean off. Sister Abigail sends Dean into the wall and a second one plants Jericho in the ring. Miz poses with Wyatt....and takes Sister Abigail as well. Bray kneels down to end the show and we'll say the match was thrown out at about 8:30.

    Matt Hardy b. Sheamus – Twist of Fate
    Austin Aries/Jack Gallagher b. TJ Perkins/Neville – Discus Fivearm to Perkins
    Kalisto b. Braun Strowman – Kalisto knocked Strowman into the dumpster
    Dana Brooke b. Alicia Fox – Samoan Driver
    Finn Balor/Big Cass/Seth Rollins b. Samoa Joe/Anderson and Gallows – Jumping knee to Anderson
    Sasha Banks b. Alexa Bliss via countout
    Apollo Crews b. Curt Hawkins – Toss Powerbomb
    Miz/Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose/Chris Jericho went to a no contest


    Date: April 25, 2017
    Location: Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa
    Commentators: John Bradshaw Layfield, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton

    Can we call this a go home show? I mean, Payback is a Raw show but it feels like half of the major matches are built around Smackdown talent, or at least a combination of the two shows. Tonight is a packed show as well with three announced matches plus a Beat the Clock Challenge. Let's get to it.

    Here's Shinsuke Nakamura (now billed as an artist) to open things up. In your first sign of WWE stupidity/being annoying, he loads up the signature pose and as he pulls the arm back, let's cut to a crowd shot for a reaction! Before he can say anything, here's Dolph Ziggler to interrupt.

    Ziggler won't let him talk and says Nakamura is actually named Michael and he's from Gary, Indiana. We hear a bunch of Jackson Family stories and apparently Nakamura is Michael Jackson's alter ego. Nakramura takes the mic and insults Ziggler a bit, earning himself a kick to the ribs. That just means the exploder but Ziggler bails from Kinshasa.

    Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles

    Kevin Owens is on commentary. AJ's headlock starts things off and stays on for a good while. Corbin gets bored waiting though and launches him out to the floor for a very early break. Back with Corbin holding a chinlock, followed by a chokebreaker (that's a good move for him) for two.

    AJ slips out of a superplex and scores with the Pele as Owens says Saxton makes him miss Michael Cole. Owens: “Do you know how hard that is?” Styles' low running forearm gets two but the Calf Crusher is blocked. Instead he loads up the Phenomenal Forearm but has to kick Owens away. Corbin's powerbomb is countered into a quick sunset flip to give Styles the pin at 10:51.

    The post match beatdown is on until Sami Zayn makes the save. That means a Helluva Kick for Corbin but Owens jumps Sami and powerbombs AJ.

    Beat the Clock: American Alpha vs. Colons

    There are four teams in the competition (another match later) and the winners get a future title shot. Alpha starts fast with the rollup attempts (makes sense) but Gable has to fight out of the wrong corner. The Colons send Gable into the corner though and the double teaming lets the cousins take over.

    An armbar wastes some time before Primo grabs a chinlock at the three minute mark. Something like a reverse Koji Clutch keeps Gable in trouble before Primo drops Jordan off the apron. Back up and the powerbomb/Backstabber combination is broken up and a quick Grand Amplitude gives Alpha the pin, setting the time at 5:17.

    Rusev says he hasn't shown up yet because he doesn't like the Smackdown bosses. If he doesn't get a championship match at Money in the Bank, he's going back to Bulgaria.

    Becky Lynch doesn't have much of an issue with what Charlotte did last week. The welcoming committee of Natalya/Carmella/Tamina/Ellsworth show up and say Becky is with them or against them.

    Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

    Non-title and No DQ. They head outside to start with Rowan being bounced off the post. The belly to back onto the table keeps Rowan in trouble but he comes right back with a bad looking running dropkick. A few kendo stick shots get two on Orton and it's already table time. Orton makes his comeback and a few swings of the stick put Rowan through the table.

    Back from a break with Rowan in control because tables aren't the big deal that they're made out to be. The elevated DDT cuts Rowan off but the RKO is countered. Rowan hits him in the head with the steps but makes the mistake of wedging a chair in the corner. His head goes off of it all of fifteen seconds later and the RKO gives Orton the pin at 12:13.

    Orton: “I don't know what a House of Horrors match is but I have a feeling I'll find out on Sunday.” Orton promises to destroy Wyatt like he's done a million times but here's Jinder Mahal to interrupt. He's the real horror and has more wealth and class than Orton could ever hope to have. Mahal promises to win the title for his people and speaks some Punjabi before getting in a fight. Cue the Bollywood Boyz to slow Orton down, allowing Mahal to get in the cobra clutch slam. Mahal leaves with the title.

    Post break Mahal and the Boyz leave in a Hummer limo.

    Beat the Clock: Ascension vs. Breezango

    The clock is set at 5:17 and Ascension doesn't get an entrance. Viktor shows some intelligence by hitting a running elbow to Breeze's jaw for two less than ten seconds in. Konnor comes in for some near falls of his own but Breeze escapes for the hot tag to Fandango. Everything breaks down and Fall of Man is broken up, allowing Breeze to superkick Viktor into the Falcon Arrow for the pin at 2:41. Good call here as Breezango is a popular enough team for a one off title shot.

    Video on Wyatt vs. Orton.

    Naomi doesn't want to hear about Charlotte talking about being the best. It's time to feel the Glow.

    Women's Title: Naomi vs. Charlotte

    Charlotte is challenging after defeating Naomi last week. After the Big Match Intros, Charlotte is sent outside but pulls Naomi out for a crash. Back from a break with Naomi caught in a cravate, followed by some stomping in the corner. Naomi makes her comeback with a huricanrana and a bulldog, followed by a Chick Kick for two.

    The Rear View gives Naomi her real near fall before another hurricanrana is countered into a sitout powerbomb. Charlotte's moonsault hits knees, which JBL calls a turning point. And never mind as here's the Welcoming Committee (seems to be their official name) to pull Naomi to the floor for the DQ at 10:33.

    Charlotte gets beaten down to end the show.

    AJ Styles b. Baron Corbin – Sunset flip
    American Alpha b. Colons – Grand Amplitude to Epico
    Randy Orton b. Erick Rowan – RKO
    Breezango b. Ascension – Falcon Arrow to Viktor
    Naomi b. Charlotte via DQ when the Welcoming Committee interfered


    Date: April 26, 2017
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators; Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, Tom Phillips

    The British are here tonight as the big featured match will see WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate defending against Jack Gallagher. I like the idea of throwing those guys out there for some filler as it keeps the regular roster fresh and gives us a bit of a treat. That being said, I could go for a bit of a better story than “You're British, here's a title shot.” Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Here's the creepy Nikki Cross to call out Ruby Riot by leaning over and shouting into the microphone being held in the ring announcer's lap. Riot comes out and the brawl is on with referees barely able to break it up.

    We look back at Hideo Itami hitting Bobby Roode with a GTS.

    Roode says Itami has to earn a title shot.

    Andrade Cien Almas vs. Drew McIntyre

    Drew doesn't waste time by kicking Almas in the face as the announcers accuse Andrade of not focusing on his wrestling enough. Back up and Almas takes him into the corner for the running slap to the face, only to have Drew unload on him with right hands. A top rope forearm to the head makes things even worse and they chop the heck out of each other. Drew gets the better of it and the running boot to the face gives him the pin at 3:54.

    We get a feature on Roderick Strong, who grew up as an athletic prodigy and had no competition on almost any field. At the same time though, his family was a mess with his dad having substance issues and abusing his mom. One day she shot his dad though and that seemed to take care of some issues.

    Strong walks around his mom's backyard as we hear about how she's been there for his entire career. Jim Neidhart of all people saw him wrestle as a kid and knew there was potential there. Strong had his own ring in the backyard, which actually looked like a (very crude) wrestling ring instead of something thrown together. More next week, though this already did Strong a lot of good.

    Aleister Black vs. Kona Reeves

    Kona charges into the corner and gets kicked in the ribs for his efforts. A series of strikes set up a kick to the head, followed by Black Mass for the pin on Reeves at 1:17.

    Riot talks about how she goes against the norm. Tonight she's going to take her first step towards the NXT Women's Title. Next up, we start a riot.

    Almas leaves with a host of good looking women and doesn't seem to mind the loss.

    Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross

    And never mind as Cross jumps her from behind and the brawl starts on the floor. A suplex onto the ramp has Cross in trouble until the referees try to break it up. Riot dives off the stage to take everyone out and referees literally drag Cross away. This made Riot look like a star and showed Cross' intensity all over again. The match is going to be a lot of fun and should give the division a shot of adrenaline.

    William Regal tells Asuka that there will be a battle royal for the #1 contendership. This doesn't seem to sit well with the champ.

    UK Title: Tyler Bate vs. Jack Gallagher

    Bate is defending and has grown a bit of a beard to make him look like he's in his 20s for a change. Gallagher hand walks out of a headlock to start and Bate can only smile. Back up and Tyler does an interesting walking forward counter to a full nelson. They trade some near falls and a standoff takes us to a break.

    Back with Gallagher taking him down with a wristlock and stomping on the hands. Gallagher keeps him on the mat with a variety of armbars and wristlocks, including pinning one arm down and stepping on the other arm to push it all the way down as well (a bit hard to describe but it looks like the shoulder is about to be torn apart).

    Tyler finally gets in a few hard punches and a German suplex is good for two. Gallagher's Jim Breaks Special is reversed into a suplex for two but one heck of a headbutt knocks Bate silly. Another headbutt is good for two but a second Jim Breaks Special is countered, setting up the Tyler Driver 97 to retain the title at 13:31.

    Drew McIntyre b. Andrade Cien Almas – Running boot to the face
    Aleister Black b. Kona Reeves – Black Mass
    Tyler Bate b. Jack Gallagher – Tyler Driver 97

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