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    Autopsy results show Ultimate Warrior died of heart disease and had no drugs or alcohol in his system.

    Smackdown got a 1.93, virtually the same as last week.

    DirecTV will no longer be offering WWE PPVs.

    Monday Night Raw
    Date: April 14, 2014
    Location: BJCC Arena, Birmingham, Alabama
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler

    Tonight is going to be an interesting episode as it's a tribute show to the Ultimate Warrior. However there's going to be some regular stuff too, including the start of a tournament for the #1 contendership to the Intercontinental Title. In a way that's good as I'm not sure there's enough Warrior stuff to fill in three hours. Also given how good things are going for the WWE, it's nice to see things continue. Let's get to it.

    We open with the roster on the stage and an In Memory graphic on the screen. Most of the people are in Warrior shirts.

    First up is a music video set to a song called Catch A Falling Star. We get a highlight video of Warrior with various people, including HHH, Hogan and Stephanie, talking about how awesome he was. It also shows some shots of his Hall of Fame speech and shots of him with his daughters. There are also shots of his speech last week.

    Ten bell salute.

    The fans have been given Warrior masks. Nice touch. HHH starts a Warrior chant.

    Here are the tournament brackets.

    Mark Henry

    Rob Van Dam
    Alberto Del Rio

    Jack Swagger

    Dolph Ziggler
    Bad News Barrett

    Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Van Dam starts with some kicks to the face and a spinning cross body out of the corner for two. A clothesline puts Alberto on the floor but he comes back in and kicks Rob down to take over. Alberto gets two off a suplex but is sent outside as we take an early break. Back with Del Rio in control and getting two each off a DDT and Backstabber.

    Van Dam scores with a kick but gets caught by the enziguri off the top rope for two, frustrating the former aristocrat. Back in and the armbreaker is countered into a rolling cradle for two and Van Dam pulls Del Rio off the top, sending him head first into the buckle. The Five Star sends RVD to the semi-finals at 10:15.

    We look at the end of last week's show with Shield officially turning face by attacking HHH, Orton and Batista.

    HHH, Batista, Orton and Stephanie shake hands and have a meeting we can't hear in the back.

    We look back at a classic Warrior match. From Summerslam 1988 with Warrior winning the Intercontinental Title. Amazingly enough, it's a thirty five second match and they show a package on it instead of the whole match.

    HHH tells Orton and Batista they need to be united. They both want to be champion though, and say HHH is on his own.

    Ryback/Curtis Axel vs. Goldust/Cody Rhodes

    Goldust starts with Axel and we're already on the arm work. The Brothers take turns on Curtis' arm and Goldust gets two off a knee to the chest. Goldust is taken into the corner for the tag to Ryback and the heel beating begins. A middle rope splash from Ryback and middle rope elbow from Axel combine for two.

    Off to a chinlock from Ryback for a few moments until Goldust fights up and makes the tag off to his brother. The moonsault press mostly misses and almost looked like Ryback slammed him down instead. Cody dives off the top to take Ryback down again and a springboard missile dropkick gets two. Everything breaks down and Ryback is able to clothesline the heck out of Cody for the pin at 6:00.

    Legends House ad.

    Bo Dallas is coming.

    We look back at Paige winning the Divas Title last week.

    Alicia Fox vs. Paige

    Non-title. Paige easily takes her down to start and sends Fox out to the floor. Back in and Fox shoves the new champion around with ease, only to get chopped HARD out of the corner. A northern lights suplex with a great looking bridge gets two for Fox. Paige comes back with some clotheslines and a running kick, setting up the Scorpion Crosslock for the win at 3:29.

    Usos vs. Batista/Randy Orton

    Non-title and the Usos are in Ultimate Warrior themed paint. The Usos quickly send them to the floor for some big dives and the Ultimate Warrior rope shake makes the fans happy. Things start properly with Orton hammering Jey into the corner and the backbreaker keeps him in trouble. Off to Batista who grabs a quick suplex for two before it's back to Orton. A spinebuster gets the same and they head outside with Orton ramming Jey into the announce table, only to have Shield run in and massacre Randy for the DQ at 4:08.

    Batista takes the Superman Punch to send him running.

    Another Warrior Moment: winning the WWF Title from Hulk Hogan. I'd have thought they would air that match.

    HHH glares at Orton and Batista after a break. Nothing is said.

    Paul Heyman says he represents the man that conquered the Streak. If you think he's going to drive that in until the end of time, it's because he is. Heyman says it about six times in a row and shows us some photos of Undertaker walking away and of Brock destroying him last Sunday. Here's the new next big thing: Cesaro.

    Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Cesaro vs. Mark Henry

    They lock up to start and Cesaro climbs up the ropes to shove off but still gets thrown to the mat and then to the floor. Heyman says go to plan two so Cesaro fires off uppercuts in the corner. A big running one sets up rights and lefts to the ribs but Henry keeps shoving him away. There's a clothesline for two but Henry can barely stand up. The World's Strongest Slam doesn't work and a middle rope uppercut puts Henry down. Cesaro acutally Neutralizes him for the pin at 3:19.

    The Thank You video from last week airs.

    The Authority sends Brad Maddox to put Shield in the main event but won't say who their opponents are.

    Alexander Rusev vs. Xavier Woods

    Woods has been beaten up by Rusev in NXT for awhile. Kick to the chest, spinning slam, Accolade and submission in 47 seconds.

    R-Truth tries to make the save post match and gets laid out.

    Another Warrior Moment is the main event of Summerslam 1990 with Warrior defending the title inside a cage.

    We get a clip of a special on Daniel Bryan's journey to Wrestlemania.

    Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

    Jack takes him into the corner for some knees to the ribs but gets kicked in the face and dropped with a clothesline. A Colter distraction breaks up the ten forearms to the chest and Swagger catches Sheamus in a powerslam coming off the apron. Back in and a belly to belly suplex gets two on Sheamus but he comes back with a forearm to the head.

    Some running knees and a kick to the back put Swagger down and a knee drop gets two. There are the ten forearms and a top rope shoulder for two. Sheamus misses a slingshot shoulder and gets caught in the Patriot Lock but Jack is quickly kicked away. A shoulder puts Sheamus on the floor and Jack rams the bad leg into the steps. Back in and a Brogue Kick out of nowhere is good for the pin at 6:54. It's as sudden as it sounds.

    Adam Rose vignette.

    Clips from Warrior's Hall of Fame speech as an advertisement for a four part special on the WWE Network this week.

    Damien Sandow is talking but Big Show's music cuts him off. He rants more anyway and says he won't be silenced and keeps ranting about how Big Show is only popular because he shakes hands. Everyone should be trying to touch Sandow as he comes to the ring because he deserves it. Show just looks on from the corner until Sandow goes over to him. Big Show doesn't have anything to say but Sandow says Show knows Sandow is the future of WWE. WMD and we're done. No match even though there was a referee there.

    The Wyatts pop up and Harper is whistling again. They're next.

    Here's the Family with Bray saying the man wants one thing, but he's different. The people see a blank canvas but he sees a beautiful painting. He's been called the seducer, the accuser or the destroyer but know that he's never once lied to us. John Cena has made a career out of lying to us all though and Bray won't let that happen anymore. Right now though he wants the monster to come out and play.

    Here's John to do just that but right now he doesn't need to do anything but have fun. Cena wants to know why so serious. Bray tried to bring the monster out at Wrestlemania but the monster doesn't exist. Cena looks at the Wyatts and thinks there's fun waiting inside of them. Harper is the kind of guy that would go streaking through the quad and Rowan must be full of jokes. Wyatt must be the king though because only a real man wears white pants. We need to get them to a happy hour and it's Roll Tide.

    Cena wants to know about the Family though because he's not sure if Sister Abigail is real or not. He's found the picture on MySpace and it's time for pictures of the Wyatts on other bodies. Each guy gets one until Bray cuts him off and says this is typical Cena: a serious threat comes up and he makes jokes.

    Cena says Bray knows what happens when he gets serious because it got Bray beaten at Wrestlemania. Wyatt must know that he's on the defensive now so Cena wants a rematch at Extreme Rules inside a cage. Wyatt loves the idea because one of them is going to get stabbed as they throw knives. Bray sings a bit and I think accepts.

    Santino Marella/Emma vs. Fandango/Layla

    The guys trade wristlocks to start but the girls come in when Santino loads up the Cobra. Emma gets the Dilemma on Layla but gets slammed off the top for the pin at 1:20.

    Stephanie goes off on Kane for messing things up over the last few weeks. He couldn't stop Shield or Daniel Bryan, so what has happened to Kane? Instead of a monster he's a screwup so what happened? Kane gets angry and looks at his mask in a case. The case is taken away and Kane holds up the mask.

    Bo Dallas is coming.

    We see Warrior's speech from last week.

    Adam Rose vignette involving a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Seriously.

    Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett

    Barrett pounds Dolph down to start and sends him into the buckle a few times. A snap suplex gets two but he misses a knee drop to give Dolph control again. Barrett tries to get Dolph in the ropes but Ziggler comes back with right hands and a nice dropkick. A Cactus Clothesline puts both guys on the floor and Dolph is posted as we take a break.

    Back with Ziggler fighting out of a chinlock and sending Barrett's shoulder into the post. A cross body sets up some right hands to the head followed by even more in the corner. Ziggler gets caught in Wasteland for two but comes back with a quick Fameasser for the same. Dolph misses a charge into the corner but is still able to run the ropes for the X-Factor. The Zig Zag is countered into Winds of Change but a quick Bull Hammer is enough to send Barrett on at 11:33.

    Barrett says the Bad News is he's winning the Intercontinental Title.

    Kane puts the mask on again.

    Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio/3MB/Ryback/Curtis Axel/Jack Swagger/Fandango/Bad News Barrett/Titus O'Neil/Alexander Rusev

    Slater gets drawn into the ring osnce and Reigns stomps away before it's off to Rollins for a quick enziguri. The heels start using the numbers advantage though as Rollins gets attacked by almost everyone on the team. Ryback slams Rollins down and follows him the floor, only to have Reigns nail the spear. The brig brawl breaks out and it's a no contest at 3:15.

    The beatdown ensues post match until Evolution's old music hits. Orton, HHH and Batista hit the arena and you can see bad things coming. HHH instructs everyone else to get out of the ring and the real beatdown is on. RKOs, Batista Bombs and Pedigrees take us out as Daniel Bryan is on his honeymoon and won't be making a save.

    Rob Van Dam b. Alberto Del Rio – Five Star Frog Splash
    Ryback/Curtis Axel b. Cody Rhodes/Goldust – Meat Hook to Rhodes
    Paige b. Alicia Fox – Scorpion Crosslock
    Randy Orton/Batista b. Usos via DQ when Shield interfered
    Cesaro b. Mark Henry – Neutralizer
    Alexander Rusev b. Xavier Woods – Accolade
    Sheamus b. Jack Swagger – Brogue Kick
    Fandango/Layla b. Santino Marella/Emma – Slam off the top to Emma
    Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio/3MB/Ryback/Curtis Axel/Jack Swagger/Fandango/Bad News Barrett/Titus O'Neil/Alexander Rusev went to a no contest




    Darren Young has a torn ACL and will be out 4-6 months.


    Date: April 17, 2014
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Renee Young, William Regal, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

    The main story at the moment is Brodus Clay wanting a piece of the NXT Title and going after Adrian Neville to get there. Other than that we're looking forward to seeing Sami Zayn get his hands on Corey Graves after Graves injured him a few weeks back. The Divas division is also getting more and more awesome so let's get to it.

    Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English

    English kicks him in the ribs to start as Regal is already sucking up to Aiden. Big Cass hammers away as we hear about Aiden declaring himself an upper echelon talent in NXT. The SAWFT Boot to the face gets two but Aiden just hammers him down to take over again. A hard elbow to the head keeps Cass in trouble as Regal talks about how to throw the hardest punches. The Director's Cut is countered but Cass' spinning Rock Bottom is countered into a rollup with a handful of trunks for the pin at 4:10.

    Tyler Breeze has Devin read his names off a phone. He has nothing to say and just wanted her to read so he could make a gorgeous cameo. Awesome indeed.

    We look at Paige winning the Divas Title on Raw.

    Paige, holding both belts, doesn't buy the other Divas' congratulations on Raw. She's also ready for the BFFs here in NXT. Paige has studied every Diva on both rosters and will never get comfortable. This is the most she's ever talked and it wasn't half bad.

    Camacho vs. Oliver Grey

    This is Grey's return match after being gone forever with a knee injury. The fans chant KING HAKU at Camacho (Haku's son) in a cool moment. A dropkick and wristlock give Oliver early control but Camacho runs him over with a hard elbow. Some forearms to the back set up a Samoan drop for the pin on Grey at 2:00. This was just a squash, but to be fair did anyone care that Grey was back anyway?

    Bo Dallas says his fans are law abiding citizens so they didn't do anything illegal last week. However the Bo Dallas Hotline is running wild so he knows the Bo Lievers will never stop Bo Lieving in him to get the NXT Title back.

    Ascension vs. Wesley Blake/Cal Bishop

    Blake tries some shots to the ribs but Konnor just ENDS him with a clothesline. A shoulder does the same and it's off to Viktor for some HARD chops on the floor. Back in and Konnor stomps away in the corner before the Fall of Man ends Blake at 2:19. Can we please move them to WWE, because they're basically Paige with slightly worse legs.

    Charlotte talks over Sasha in the back and takes over the BFFs.

    CJ Parker vs. Great Khali

    Before the match, Parker says he can't sleep at night because he's wondering what this planet would be like without the NXT Universe. There would be no litter in his street or animals in his zoos. Parker wants to know how people can boo a man that wants to change the world for the better but Khali's music cuts him off. They trade chops to start and I believe you can guess who wins.

    We get the loud chops in the corner and a clothesline puts Parker on the floor. Back in and Parker gets in a shot to the knee to take over, drawing what might be the greatest chant in history. Parker: “I JUST WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD!” Fans: “GLOBAL WARMING! GLOBAL WARMING!” Khali fights back and the Plunge is good for the pin at 2:33. The fans' hatred of Parker is glorious.

    Emma might have a partner to face the BFFs next week.

    Sami Zayn insists that he's fine and says he'll be taking care of Graves soon.

    Jason Jordan/Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin/Sawyer Fulton

    Jordan and Dillinger get an entrance and have similar trunks. I'll take it over the random pairings we usually get around here. The good guys use some decent double teaming on Corbin for two before it's Dillinger with some hard chops in the corner. Corbin comes back with a hard clothesline of his own before it's off to Fulton for some elbow drops for two. A suplex gets the same but Corbin goes to the middle rope, only to save himself from diving into Tye's boot. Baron misses an elbow drop though and it's hot tag to Jordan. House is cleaned and the MNM Snapshot is good for the pin on Baron at 4:27.

    Adrian Neville vs. Brodus Clay

    Non-title. Adrian goes right at him and fires off kicks to the legs. Renee: “I'd run around him like Mario around Koopa!” A sleeper doesn't get Neville anywhere and he dives into a release fisherman's suplex for two. Brodus goes old school with a heart punch for two and we hit the nerve hold.

    We also get the second and third versions of the hold before Neville fights out of a powerbomb attempt. Some kicks to the head have no effect on Brodus but an AJ Styles springboard forearm put him down. Neville rolls through a 450 but Brodus runs him over with a headbutt. They head outside where Clay misses a splash off the steps, allowing Neville to get a quick countout win at 6:23.

    Aiden English b. Colin Cassady – Rollup
    Camacho b. Oliver Grey – Samoan drop
    Ascension b. Wesley Blake/Cal Bishop – Fall of Man to Blake
    Great Khali b. CJ Parker – Punjabi Plunge
    Jason Jordan/Tye Dillinger b. Baron Corbin/Sawyer Fulton
    Adrian Neville b. Brodus Clay via countout

    Impact Wrestling
    Date: April 17, 2014
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

    There's a big story for once in TNA as Eric Young won the World Title last week in TNA's Daniel Bryan storyline. The problem with that is Eric is best known as a comedy character, so it's hard to say where he's going. In theory we're setting up Eric vs. Magnus II at Sacrifice but there's no telling with this company. Let's get to it.

    We open with the new champion who gets a quick YOU DESERVE IT chant. Young talks about how this is the culmination of several years of hard work but here's Dixie Carter to interrupt. She says that she's seen all of the potential in Eric Young over the years and brings up the DON'T FIRE ERIC bit from several years back. It was Dixie that allowed him to stay and she's the one that came up with the beard. Dixie wants royalties from all of the money made off the beards at the moment.

    Young says he thought Bully Ray packed Dixie up and sent her back to Nashville. We now have MVP to keep things going but Dixie says she has authority over the title because she's President of the company. For better or worse, Eric is the hood ornament for the 2014 Dixie Carter Ferrari. This is of course different from being Face of the WWE. Eric hopes there are bags in the car, because being close to her for that long is going to make him sick.

    Young says if she's looking for a paper champion she's looking in the wrong place. He's going to get in the General Lee (old TV car) and run her over. Dixie asks if he's trying to get hashtag Throwback Thursday going with that dated reference. First up though, Eric needs a makeover. Eric says no but here's Bully Ray to interrupt anyway.

    Ray apologizes to Eric but wants to know how many people are sick of Dixie. Young is a role model for every wrestler who has been held down by a loser boss like Dixie. He brings up last week where there was a table between the two of them and says this is their domain. Ray starts up the Goodbye Song and Dixie leaves in shame. Bully endorses Eric as World Champion as someone he respects and likes.

    Velvet vs. Madison Rayne

    Street fight. The villains wait on Rayne/Brittan with kendo sticks but Rayne sneaks in from behind and jumps her to get us going. They get inside and exchange some whips into the corner until Madison runs Velvet over with a shoulder. Angelina asks for a time out for her partner but uses the distraction for a double Stunner over the top rope to put Madison in trouble.

    A trashcan lid to the back gets two for Velvet and it's back to the floor with Angelina getting in some cheap shots. They quickly head back inside and Love hands Velvet a trashcan, only to have Madison kick it into her ribs. Angelina offers another distraction but Madison ducks underneath and hits what looked like a running punch to the ribs which mostly missed and was called a spear for the pin at 4:32.

    Eric Young thanks Bully for his praise but Bully says he's off to Rick's Cabaret to spend the rest of Dixie's money. Abyss comes in and asks Eric for a title match tonight. Eric says he can't say no and wants to make it Monster's Ball.

    Spud is looking for Dixie but runs into Ethan Carter III instead. Ethan says they have a problem named Jeff Hardy. Hardy took them into a shack in the woods and they have to deal with it now. Tonight it's a handicap match against Willow, but Ethan says they're handicappers. Ethan handicapped Kurt Angle and tonight they'll handicap Willow. They fire each other up and say to follow each other before going in different directions. Spud turns around and says he'll follow Ethan.

    MVP is in the ring in a very fast turn around. He talks about a man showing up last week after ten years and winning the World Title, so let's have a hand for Eric Young. Lost in the big fray though was the name Samoa Joe. MVP didn't care to hear about Joe being disgruntled and not showing up, especially when Joe has MVP's phone number. We get an interruption but it's the returning Austin Aries.

    Aries says he's as disgruntled as anyone because he's been on the sidelines since Lockdown and no one has seemed to miss him. MVP likes to motivate people but Aries has never needed any sort of motivation. Not being called for six weeks is all the movitation he could ever want though. MVP won't validate Aries by putting him in the ten man gauntlet last week, so now Aries wants to participate.

    The boss says Aries didn't respect MVP when he screwed him over a few weeks back to join Team Roode. They tease a fight but MVP says this is about the fans and not Aries or MVP. The jacket comes off but Aries raises him a shirt. They're about to fight but Aries says next week. He won't trade fists with a convicted felon but next week he'll show MVP why he's the best wrestler in the world.

    Eric Young video.

    Tag Team Titles: Bro Mans vs. Wolves

    This is the actual match after Robbie E. interfered last week. We get the Zema Ion intro to make this feel a bit bigger. The Wolves knock the champions off the apron to start and a sliding dropkick to Robbie's head is good for two. Robbie gets double teamed to start and a jackknife cover gets two for Davey. Richards drives Robbie back first into the apron but Jesse shake the ropes to crotch him on the top.

    Jesse throws on a chinlock before hitting a quick gorilla press on Davey. Robbie adds a middle rope elbow for two but heel miscommunication allows Richards to make the hot tag to Edwards. Eddie fires off chops in the corner but runs into an elbow to the jaw. The throw into the chest kick drops Jesse and the double stomps off the top crush Robbie, but Zema runs in for the DQ at 4:57.

    Willow says Spud and Carter remind him of dirty sheets. He'll rise victorious tonight.

    We see Eric talking about how this is what a World Champion looks like and this is the face of a champion. He nearly cries in an emotional moment. This would work better if you couldn't hear Madison Rayne's entrance in the background.

    Willow vs. Ethan Carter III/Rockstar Spud

    No tagging to start but Willow cleans house and the referee puts Spud on the apron. Willow elbows Carter down and gets two off an elbow drop, only to have the Twist of Fate broken up. Carter avoids a charge in the corner and chokes away a bit before it's off to Spud. Willow bites the ankle to escape and it's back to Ethan for a hard slam and a chinlock. A running flip neckbreaker gets two on Willow but he quickly fights back with a Twist of Fate to Carter. Another one to Spud is enough for the pin at 4:32.

    Carter goes after Willow's knee but Kurt Angle makes the save. Post match Angle says he'll retire on his own terms. Kurt wants a match against Carter one on one and Ethan will learn why Angle is called the Cyborg. He'll take his time too so Carter is taken out in a body bag.

    Bobby Roode promises to put Bully through a table at Sacrifice but tonight there's an open challenge for a tables match.

    Video on Sanada.

    Kenny King is tired of being on the bench and says you don't put an All Star on the bench. Tonight he's doing commentary.

    Tigre Uno vs. Sanada

    This is the second match in the best of three series for Sanada's X Title with Tigre Uno down 1-0. Feeling out process to start with neither guy getting the advantage. Sanada scores with a dropkick and they flip around to escape a test of strength. Tigre avoids a charge in the corner but misses a springboard splash. Sanada comes back with a springboard chop to the head and a TKO gets two. Tigre comes back by avoiding a charge and a Sabretooth Splash is enough for the pin at 3:26.

    Bully gives an unseen person a pep talk before the tables match.

    Bobby Roode vs. Gunner

    It's a tables match of course. A quick bulldog drops Gunner and it's already table time. Gunner comes back with a baseball slide to stop the table before sending Roode into the steps. Gunner no sells being rammed into the corner but Bobby nails a Blockbuster. The table is set up in the ring but Rooe can't powerbomb him through.

    Gunner nails a running knee to the face but walks into a bad looking spinebuster. Roode escapes an F5 but gets headbutted onto the table. Gunner rams his own head into the buckle a few times, only to have James Storm make a save. It's enough for Roode to slam Gunner onto the table befor ethe Roode Bomb is enough to break the table for the win at 6:15.

    Bully Ray saves Gunner from a beatdown.

    Some wrestlers talk about Eric Young winning the title.

    Eric looks at weapons and says this was his idea because he's the World Champion.

    Post break Ray suggests teaming up with Gunner against Beer Money with Gunner accepting.

    TNA World Title: Eric Young vs. Abyss

    Monster's Ball, meaning anything goes and of course Eric is defending. Eric throws a trashcan full of weapons into the ring to start and hits fifteen right hands to the head in the corner. Abyss comes back with a quick chokeslam attempt before launching the champion over the corner and out to the floor. Young fights back and heads inside, only to dive into a trashcan to the head as we go to a break.

    Back with Abyss wedging a chair in the corner but Eric comes back with some big right hands and a running dropkick. Abyss catapults him into the chair to take over again before bringing in the bag of tacks. Young saves himself with a cheese grater to the groin and a running forearm to put Abyss down. Abyss pulls out Janice but it gets caught in the turnbuckle to avoid a bad case of death.

    Eric kicks him low and gets Janice out of the buckle, only to be chokeslammed down onto the tacks. It's barbed wire board time (because you just have that under the ring in case a Monster's Ball match is booked on the fly) but Young escapes another chokeslam attempt with a bite of the fingers. A dropkick sends Abyss onto the board and the top rope elbow retains the title at 12:02.

    Madison Rayne b. Velvet Sky – Spear
    Wolves b. Bro Mans via DQ when Zema Ion interfered
    Willow b. Rockstar Spud/Ethan Carter III – Twist of Fate to Spud
    Bobby Roode b. Gunner – Roode Bomb through a table
    Eric Young b. Abyss – Top rope elbow


    Date: April 18, 2014
    Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

    It's the first show after a pretty uninteresting Monday Night Raw. The main story coming out of it is the reformation of Evolution, who will be feuding with Shield over the coming months. Other than that there really wasn't all that much as Daniel Bryan was on his honeymoon, leaving us with no match for him at Extreme Rules yet. Kane would be the likely candidate though. Let's get to it.

    Here's HHH to get things going. He says part of his job is to find new talent that can truly succeed in the WWE. At the top of that list, there is no one higher than the Shield. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns are three of the most talented guys he's seen come along in years so he gave them power.

    Maybe it was too much though because they tried to see how far that power can take you on your own. When you set out on the journey to find that line in the sand, make sure you don't cross it. The Shield found that line and on Monday they crossed it. We get a clip from the end of Raw with Evolution taking out the Shield to end the show in a huge beatdown.

    HHH told Cole on Wednesday that he was willing to allow Shield to give an apology and put everything behind them. All he got was silence though, save for a response from Roman Reigns. Roman said that soldiers win wars instead of soldiers. That's a great line for a movie, but it's not reality. In reality, soldiers are the currency on which empires are bought and sold. The Shield has lost their value and while it hurts HHH to destroy what he created, he'll do just that at Extreme Rules. In life you adapt or perish, and that's Evolution.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E.

    Non-title of course since he never defends the thing. We get an inset interview with Big E. saying he'd love to face anyone. He's also been in a pop, lock and drop it competition in Tampa. Big E. runs Del Rio over and gets a quick one to start but Alberto fights out of the triple backbreaker. A running enziguri in the corner is good for two on the champion before he charges into Del Rio's boots in the corner.

    Del Rio stomps away but misses a charge into the corner to give Big E. a breather. The announcers talk about past IC Champions as Big E. runs Del Rio over a few more times. Big E. hits a belly to belly into the Warrior Splash, only to have Alberto get his knees up. Back from a break with both guys getting back in the ring but Big E. charging into the post.

    A DDT gets two on Big E. but he catches Del Rio diving off the top in a backbreaker. Now the Warrior Splash connects and there go the straps. The Big Ending is countered into a Backstabber for a close two but Big E. blocks the armbreaker and makes the rope. Del Rio won't break it though and that's a DQ at 10:00.

    Post match Del Rio loads up the superkick but walks into the Big Ending.

    Buy the WWE Network!

    We look at clips of the Streak ending.

    Bo Dallas is coming.

    Here's Heyman in the ring with something to say. He introduces himself as Brock Lesnar's advocate and reminds all of us that Brock is the 1 in 21-1. If you want to boo something, boo this: Brock Lesnar conquered the streak. Heyman shouts it over and over and over before saying the fans here in Tennessee just don't get it.

    We look at Hornswoggle joining 3MB and squaring off with El Torito on Main Event, setting up their match tonight. Seriously.

    Paige vs. Aksana

    Non-title again. Before the match, Tamina says she's taking the title at Extreme Rules. Before the match Aksana insults Paige and says everyone is jealous of her despite Paige just getting lucky. She jumps the champion and there's the bell, only to have Paige go off on Aksana in the corner. They head outside where Aksana nails a hard clothesline followed by that release spinebuster of hers inside.

    She doesn't cover though and rubs Paige's face in the mat for two instead. We hit a reverse chinlock for a bit until Aksana needs to crawl around the ring. A running cross body puts Paige down but Aksana can't follow up either. Paige fights back and hits a running dropkick followed by the scorpion crosslock for the submission at 2:54. Far better match than I was expecting here.

    Sheamus is ready for Batista tonight.

    El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

    The announcers play this as a total joke so let's get this over with. They shove each other around to start until Torito runs him over a few times, sending Horny to the apron. The leprechaun rocker sends him head first into the middle buckle and drops a bottom rope Banzai Drop. A hard clothesline and splash get two for Horny and we hit the horn lock. Seriously. Horny plays some air guitar and gets rolled up for two. Just end this thing already. Please. Torito comes back with a Gore and Bronco Bustero followed by a top rope moonsault for the pin at 4:33.

    Alexander Rusev package.

    Bad News Barrett rips on the previous match and blames the audience for what we just saw.

    Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth

    Truth actually gets in some offense such as a middle rope dropkick but Little Jimmy is caught in midair. The superkick and fall away slam set up the Accolade for the submission for Rusev at 1:40.

    Xavier Woods gets beaten up as well post match.

    Ultimate Warrior tribute from Raw.

    Santino Marella vs. Fandango

    Santino does a slow motion kick to the leg for no apparent reason so Fandango hammers him in the head. Fandango misses a charge though and Santino comes back with the usual schtick. Layla steals the Cobra sock so Santino sunset flips Fandango for the pin at 1:34.

    Emma high fives the Cobra post match and loses feeling in her arm.

    We see Stephanie yelling at Kane on Raw and Kane grabbing the mask again.

    Adam Rose vignette.

    Sheamus vs. Batista

    Batista pulls him to the floor to start and the brawl is on early. Sheamus takes him back inside and cranks on the arm before nailing the ten forearms. A running knee puts Batista on the floor and we take our last break. Back with Batista kicking the steps into Sheamus to take over. More power offense keeps Batista in control and a powerslam gets two. Sheamus throws him to the floor for a breather and sends Batista shoulder first into the post.

    A Batista Bomb is broken up and another knee lift rocks the Animal. Ten lame looking forearms to the chest set up the battering ram for two. The Irish Curse gets two but Sheamus can't hook the Cloverleaf. Batista ducks the Brogue Kick and heads outside before another kick misses inside. Spear gets two on Sheamus but he backdrops out of the Batista Bomb. He goes up top but gets crotched onto the top rope, setting up the Bomb for the pin at 13:46.

    Big E. b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Del Rio wouldn't break the cross armbreaker
    Paige b. Aksana – Scorpion crosslock
    El Torito b. Hornswoggle – Moonsault
    Alexander Rusev b. R-Truth – Accolade
    Santino Marella b. Fandango – Sunset flip
    Batista b. Sheamus – Batista Bomb





    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Rob Van Dam b. Alberto Del Rio – Five Star Frog Splash
    Ryback/Curtis Axel b. Cody Rhodes/Goldust – Meat Hook to Rhodes
    Paige b. Alicia Fox – Scorpion Crosslock
    Randy Orton/Batista b. Usos via DQ when Shield interfered
    Cesaro b. Mark Henry – Neutralizer
    Alexander Rusev b. Xavier Woods – Accolade
    Sheamus b. Jack Swagger – Brogue Kick
    Fandango/Layla b. Santino Marella/Emma – Slam off the top to Emma
    Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio/3MB/Ryback/Curtis Axel/Jack Swagger/Fandango/Bad News Barrett/Titus O'Neil/Alexander Rusev went to a no contest

    Aiden English b. Colin Cassady – Rollup
    Camacho b. Oliver Grey – Samoan drop
    Ascension b. Wesley Blake/Cal Bishop – Fall of Man to Blake
    Great Khali b. CJ Parker – Punjabi Plunge
    Jason Jordan/Tye Dillinger b. Baron Corbin/Sawyer Fulton
    Adrian Neville b. Brodus Clay via countout

    Impact Wrestling
    Madison Rayne b. Velvet Sky – Spear
    Wolves b. Bro Mans via DQ when Zema Ion interfered
    Willow b. Rockstar Spud/Ethan Carter III – Twist of Fate to Spud
    Bobby Roode b. Gunner – Roode Bomb through a table
    Eric Young b. Abyss – Top rope elbow

    Big E. b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Del Rio wouldn't break the cross armbreaker
    Paige b. Aksana – Scorpion crosslock
    El Torito b. Hornswoggle – Moonsault
    Alexander Rusev b. R-Truth – Accolade
    Santino Marella b. Fandango – Sunset flip
    Batista b. Sheamus – Batista Bomb

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