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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: April 10, 2017
    Location: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

    In case last week's post-Wrestlemania show wasn't enough for you, this week we have the first half of the Superstar Shakeup, which will see various talents going to the other shows. In other words, it's whatever they can call the Draft this time around. We're also less than three weeks away from Payback so let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Here are Miz and Maryse as Cena and Nikki for their return to Raw. Miz knows they said they were going to Hollywood but it turns out they sucked as actors. So what better way to revamp their careers than come back here? Cue Dean Ambrose, who is so glad to see John and Nikki and congratulates them on their engagement.

    Miz tries to explain this to him but Dean cuts them off and congratulates them on beating the horrible Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania. Dean loved Cena's commercial as an elephant but warns against doing something stupid like making Marine 5. Miz reveals their real identities....and gets taken down by Dirty Deeds.

    Kurt Angle is on the phone when Sami Zayn comes in to ask if he's going to Smackdown. Does being here tonight mean he's staying on Raw? Angle cuts him off and says there's a lot of interest from Smackdown, which Sami asks him to quantify. Miz and Maryse come in to cut him off to trigger an argument, which sets up a match between the two. Angle looks like he's about to snap after being here two weeks.

    New Day vs. Revival

    Woods and Big E. here as Kofi is out after Revival severely hurt his ankle. Not to worry though as Big E. has a Kofi blowup doll as a replacement. Revival mocks Kofi's injury via some custom t-shirts and are quickly taken down for their efforts. New Day works on Wilder until we take an early break. Back with Dawson working on Woods' ribs as we hear more about Kofi's ankle injury and subsequent surgery. The hot tag brings in Big E. to clean house with belly to bellies and a Warrior splash on Wilder.

    Dawson gets in a cheap shot to give Dash two, only to have Woods hit a ridiculous springboard elbow (who was less than a foot from the opposite rope) for two on Scott. Revival makes a blind tag and breaks up the Midnight Hour, only to have Woods dive right into the Shatter Machine for the pin at 7:56.

    Neville isn't worried about facing Austin Aries again when TJ Perkins comes up. TJ threatens to make Neville eat his words but Neville calls him a joke. Perkins won the Cruiserweight Classic but once 205 Live debuted, TJ's career has gone nowhere. Now all of TJ's opportunities are being taken by people like Aries. The only person with any respect for Perkins is Neville, which seems to get TJ's attention. Cue Aries to say he's earned all these opportunities but TJ doesn't seem to buy it.

    Curt Hawkins is here to call himself the biggest acquisition since the Louisiana Purchase. This brings out Big Show to knock him out with one punch. For some reason this makes Cole speculate that Big Show is going to Smackdown.

    Austin Aries vs. TJ Perkins

    Aries' title shot will officially come at Payback. Neville is on commentary and Cole asks if he can play journalist for a minute. Neville: “Nope.” Perkins takes Aries down with a headscissors but stops to check his hair and dab a bit. They run the ropes with Aries cartwheeling away and catching Perkins with a basement dropkick.

    That earns Aries a quick rest on top and some mocking of Perkins' taunting. TJ misses his pendulum dropkick and gets taken down by a neckbreaker across the middle rope. Aries dives off the top and that's too much for Neville, who comes down the ramp for a staredown. The distraction lets Perkins grab a small package for the pin at 3:36.

    Aries stares Neville down but Perkins comes in and gives Aries the Detonation Kick, seemingly turning full heel.

    Here's Seth Rollins for a chat. He didn't know if he would ever be in this ring again because he gave everything he had to get ready for Wrestlemania. Last week he woke up after a war with HHH and his knee had never been in so much pain. All he knew was that he had never felt so good because at Wrestlemania, he slayed the King.

    There are a lot of things Rollins wants to do around here (“The name Samoa Joe comes to mind.”), including wanting to get his hands on the Universal Title. However, something happened at Wrestlemania that might prevent it from happening. We see a clip of Stephanie being knocked through a table, which means she'll be out for a while. Then she'll be back though and Rollins becomes public enemy #1. Therefore, it's probably easier for him to go to Smackdown. That's not what's going to happen though as Seth took the easy way out once and he's not doing it again.

    Cue Angle to say that yes, Stephanie made it clear she wants him gone. Angle watched Wrestlemania though and saw Seth win a fight on one leg. Stephanie's opinion aside, as long as Angle is in charge, Seth has a home here on Raw. Angle goes to leave but Samoa Joe comes in for the fight. Rollins superkicks him to the floor though and Joe bails.

    Kevin Owens doesn't care about the Superstar Shakeup because he'll be on top of either brand. He says go find Chris Jericho and ask him about the Shakeup because he'd love to go to Smackdown and find some success. Owens is the top champion on Raw and doesn't want to hear about Dean Ambrose.

    Charlotte vs. Nia Jax

    Nia runs her over to start and scores with a shoulder breaker to really take over. Some elbows to the back have Charlotte reeling and it's off to a chinlock. The fans look at something in the crowd as Nia throws Charlotte down but some shots to the ribs give Charlotte an opening. A chop block sets up Natural Selection for two and Nia goes shoulder first into the post. Charlotte hits the moonsault to the floor with her boot hitting Nia square in the head. Nia barely makes it back inside and the Figure Four is easily blocked. A Samoan Drop crushes Charlotte for the pin at 5:58.

    Video on Finn Balor.

    Jinder Mahal vs. Finn Balor

    Balor starts fast with some kicks until Mahal blasts him with a forearm to the jaw. Not that it matters as he kicks Mahal in the head and scores with the Sling Blade. The running corner dropkick sets up the Coup de Grace to put Jinder away at 2:48.

    With Balor still in the ring, Bray Wyatt pops up on screen to say he's here on Raw. In three weeks, the entire world will be able to see him torture Randy Orton at Payback in a House of Horrors match. On the other hand, Balor needs to watch himself because Bray will be watching him.

    We look back at the opening sequence.

    Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Heath Slater and Rhyno are all coming to Raw.

    The Miz vs. Sami Zayn

    Sami does his springboard leapfrog to set up the armdrags, followed by a clothesline to send Miz outside. Miz hides behind Maryse to prevent the dive though and we take a break. Back with Sami fighting out of a chinlock but getting caught in a DDT for two. Miz does the YES Kicks but Sami reverses into the Blue Thunder Bomb for its traditional near fall. Maryse makes the save by pulling Miz away from the Helluva Kick but Sami grabs a rollup for the pin at 7:39.

    In the back, Michael Cole has a sitdown interview with Roman Reigns. Roman says the win over Undertaker was the biggest win of his career but it was bittersweet. He's had great guidance but he's not sure how you retire someone you respect so much. Braun Strowman comes in and the fight is on with Reigns being destroyed.

    Reigns gets powerslammed onto an anvil case and Braun crushes him by wheeling another case into Reigns' head. Fans: “THANK YOU STROWMAN!” Reigns is taken out on a stretcher. Fans: “YOU DESERVE IT!” Strowman shoves the stretcher down a flight of stairs, drawing the pop of the night. Reigns is wheeled into the ambulance. Braun: “I'M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU YET BOY!” Strowman beats him up even more and TURNS THE AMBULANCE OVER with Reigns inside.

    Post break Reigns is loaded into a new ambulance, which unfortunately isn't being driven by Strowman.

    Hardys/Sheamus/Cesaro vs. Shining Stars/Anderson and Gallows

    Before the bell, Elias Samson wanders out onto the stage, sending Graves through the roof due to his long standing hatred of all things Samson. Anderson gets taken down to start with Sheamus dropping a knee. Back from a break with Cesaro in trouble and Sheamus having to make a save. That earns him a Backstabber from Prim but allows Cesaro to dive over for the hot tag to Matt. Everything breaks down and Gallows breaks up a Side Effect. Sheamus and Cesaro send Anderson and Gallows to the floor, leaving Jeff to hit a Poetry in Motion flip dive onto the floor. Back inside, Primo takes the Twist and Swanton for the pin at 7:48.

    The winners pose for a good while.

    Dana Brooke is reading “How to Be Your Own Protege” when Emma comes in. She seems to think Dana still works for her but Dana says that was last year and things have changed.

    Here's Sasha Banks to introduce Bayley for a chat. Bayley thanks everyone for their support because she's still the same 12 year old girl that loved this so much. Sasha congratulates Bayley for her win but now she wants a title shot of her own. Cue Alexa Bliss to say the two of them are nauseating.

    She's the two time Smackdown Women's Champion and now wants to add the Raw Women's Title. This brings out Mickie James to say Bayley's nightmare is just beginning. Before she can go any further, here's Nia Jax to run her over. Bliss pushes Banks into Nia, who sends her outside. Bayley gets planted with the Samoan drop and Nia says the title is hers.

    Reigns has cracked ribs, internal injuries and a possible separated shoulder.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

    Non-title. An early Dirty Deeds attempt sends Owens bailing to the floor but Dean whips him into the barricade. Dean scores with a dive and we take a break. Back with Dean caught in a chinlock. Owens: “I could do this all night baby!” Dean fights up and gets sent outside in a crash, followed by a ram into the post. Back in and Ambrose gets in a good shot to knock Owens outside, setting up a suicide dive.

    That's not enough for Dirty Deeds though but Owens misses a Cannonball. Dean clotheslines him down but Kevin bails outside. That's fine with Dean, who hits the top rope elbow. Back in and Owens hits the package piledriver slam for two as the fans want Jericho. The Pop Up Powerbomb is countered but Owens escapes Dirty Deeds as well. A superkick blocks the rebound lariat but Dean rolls through into Dirty Deeds for the clean pin at 14:15.

    Post match Chris Jericho comes out to hit Owens with a Codebreaker to end the show.

    Revival b. New Day – Shatter Machine to Woods
    TJ Perkins b. Austin Aries – Small package
    Nia Jax b. Charlotte – Samoan Drop
    Finn Balor b. Jinder Mahal – Coup de Grace
    Sami Zayn b. The Miz – Rollup
    Hardys/Sheamus/Cesaro b. Anderson and Gallows/Shining Stars – Swanton Bomb to Primo
    Dean Ambrose b. Kevin Owens – Codebreaker


    Kane will be running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

    Date: April 11, 2017
    Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, John Bradshaw Layfield

    It's the second night of the Superstar Shakeup which means we'll be seeing a lot of new names showing up tonight. That primarily means names from Monday Night Raw but there's also the chance of some people from NXT or maybe even the cruiserweights of 205 Live. Let's get to it.

    We open with the debuting Kevin Owens(in a suit), who declares this the new Kevin Owens Show. Now some people might be confused about how a Canadian can be the face of the United States but it makes perfect sense. Canadians are just better athletes than Americans and there's no denying it. Just look at the Montreal Canadiens defeating the Boston Bruins all the time. There's no one in the back that can beat him because he is the new face of America.

    Cue Baron Corbin of all people to say that Owens can't beat him up. Last week Corbin beat Dean Ambrose up so badly that he ran off to Raw. Last night, Ambrose beat Owens up so badly that he came here so that means Corbin should get a US Title shot. Owens says no but here's the debuting Sami Zayn (JUST LET HIM STAY AWAY FROM OWENS FOR FIVE MINUTES!) to send Owens into a near fit because he can never escape. Sami wants a shot as well but here's AJ Styles, who is actually still on Smackdown.

    AJ gets a huge face reception and says this place is still about him. This brings out Daniel Bryan to say Owens vs. Chris Jericho is still on for Payback and the winner will officially be on Smackdown. The title can't be defended until then though, but tonight we're going to crown a new #1 contender for the US Title. Tonight it's Styles vs. Corbin vs. Zayn for the future shot.

    Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

    Non-title. Orton hammers away to start but gets shoved into the corner. Erick rains down right hands until Orton grabs the powerslam and does the Garvin Stomp. They head outside with Rowan getting sent into the steps, followed by the elevated DDT. The RKO is loaded up but Bray appears on screen, already making the Superstar Shakeup seem worthless. Seriously it hasn't even been twenty four hours. Wyatt says he's everywhere and will see Orton in the House of Horrors. The lights come back up and Rowan hits Orton with the steps for the DQ at 3:50.

    Rowan gives Orton a full nelson slam.

    Tag Team Titles; Usos vs. American Alpha

    Alpha is defending in their rematch after losing the belts last month. The Usos don't even get an entrance. Jimmy and Chad start things off with Alpha using some early double teaming to take over. Both champs are sent to the floor and we take an early break. Back with Jimmy kicking Jason in the face but getting sent hard into the corner. The hot tag brings in Chad to clean house, including a great looking moonsault for two on Jimmy.

    Some double teaming puts Gable in trouble but the Superfly Splash hits knees for two. The Steiner Bulldog gets a very close two with Jey making a save. Alpha is sent outside for stereo suicide dives but you don't dive at suplexers as Alpha grabs stereo belly to belly suplexes. Back in and Jey makes a blind tag, setting up a superkick into the Superfly Splash to retain at 8:51.

    Post match the Shining Stars run in and leave American Alpha laying.

    Mojo Rawley vs. Jinder Mahal

    Rob Gronkowski is in the front row again. Mahal starts fast and takes Rawley down for a kneedrop and armbar. Jinder makes the mistake of going after Gronkowski though and gets a cup thrown on him, allowing Mojo to take him back inside. The running right hand puts Jinder away at 2:41. At least it was short.

    Mojo celebrates with some New England Patriots.

    Here's Shane McMahon to address the Women's Division. They've acquired some new talent but he'd like to have the entire division come out here. This brings out Naomi, Natalya, Carmella (with James Ellsworth) and Becky Lynch. Since that's the entire division so far, Shane stops to congratulate Naomi but Ellsworth takes the mic to say Naomi is horrible.

    Naomi threatens violence and says bring out the new talent. That would mean a long introduction for a second generation star and the daughter of a Hall of Famer: Tamina! I don't think that really counts as a new talent as she was out injured and never officially on Raw. Shane isn't done though and brings out Charlotte.

    Sin Cara and Rusev (no mention of Lana) are coming to Smackdown.

    Here's Aiden English on his own to ask for a spotlight. In a callback to his NXT days, English sings a song about himself, only to be cut off.

    Aiden English vs. Tye Dillinger

    Tye gets the important things out of the way first with a snapmare and cartwheel into TEN. English takes him into the corner and sings that this is his show. The Tyebreaker is good for the pin on English at 2:20.

    Video on AJ Styles.

    Video on Lana dancing around a chair in a very revealing red dress. She's on Smackdown too and seems to be her own act instead of with Rusev.

    Here's Dolph Ziggler to talk about how awesome he is and how the Superstar Shakeup doesn't matter. Cue Shinsuke Nakamura for his full entrance. Ziggler asks who Nakamura thinks he is so the fans sing his song. Nakamura says his name and blocks a superkick, setting up the BRING IT pose. Ziggler bails of course.

    Video on Baron Corbin.

    New Day is coming to Smackdown. Now that helps things a lot.

    Video on Sami Zayn.

    Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin

    The winner gets a US Title shot at some point after Payback. Styles and Zayn go after Corbin to start but he suplexes both of them at once without much effort. A double clothesline sends Corbin outside, leaving us with a Zayn vs. Styles showdown. Corbin pulls Styles to the floor but Sami moonsaults onto both of them as we take a break. Back with Corbin in full control, hitting a side slam and big boot for two on Styles.

    AJ grabs the Hoshi Geroshi on Sami but gets blasted by a clothesline from Corbin to put all three down. Corbin takes a knee to the face and Sami grabs the Blue Thunder Bomb for two on AJ. Baron gets back up for one heck of a Deep Six on Sami with AJ making the save. The springboard 450 gets two on Corbin with Sami making a last second save this time around. That earns him a Pele kick but the Clash is backdropped to the apron. The Helluva Kick drops Corbin, only to have AJ hit the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin on Sami at 16:42.

    Randy Orton b. Erick Rowan via DQ when Rowan used the steps
    Usos b. American Alpha – Superfly Splash to Gable
    Mojo Rawley b. Jinder Mahal – Running punch
    Tye Dillinger b. Aiden English – Tyebreaker
    AJ Styles b. Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn – Phenomenal Forearm to Zayn


    Date: April 12, 2017
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips, Percy Watson

    We're finally back to normal as NXT returns home. We're also just over a month away from Takeover: Chicago, meaning things need to get set up in a hurry. The big story tonight is the return of Drew McIntyre, who hasn't been in WWE for several years and has done a lot of growing up in that time. Let's get to it.

    There's a new theme song and of course it's rap based because Heaven forbid we have a rock theme on any of these shows.

    Aleister Black vs. Corey Hollis

    Hollis is ready to go while Black stands with his arms behind his back....until Black Mass is good for the pin at 30 seconds.

    We look at Tye Dillinger debuting on Smackdown.

    Tye is thrilled at being on Smackdown but there's unfinished business around here. Earlier today he talked to William Regal and gets to face Eric Young in a steel cage next week.

    DIY vs. Dylan Miley/Michael Blaze

    Miley is a big guy with a great look for the late 80s. Ciampa can't take him down with a headlock as Miley just lifts him into the air. Gargano tries the slingshot but gets caught in a very delayed vertical suplex. It's off to Blaze who gets kicked in the head, followed by a running chop in the corner. A running knee knocks Miley off the apron and Meet in the Middle finishes Blaze at 2:59. Miley is going to get somewhere based off this performance as he's built like a tank and looks like a monster.

    Miley destroys Blaze post match. Oh yeah he'll be pushed soon.

    We look back at Asuka defeating Ember Moon at Takeover.

    After the loss, Ember Moon walked through the empty arena, talking about how this was supposed to be her moment and destiny. Revenge is sworn.

    Ruby Riot vs. Kimberley Frankele

    That would be Kimber Lee of course. Kimberly takes her into the corner to start but gets armdragged down. Cue Nikki Cross for a distraction, allowing Kimberly to get in a backbreaker. Riot fights back with a series of knees and a Pele kick to the face for the pin at 2:21.

    Video on the Authors of Pain.

    Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are at the Performance Center and yell at Aliyah and Liv Morgan. A fight ensues with Kay being knocked into a water tub.

    Oney Lorcan vs. Drew McIntyre

    McIntyre's music has a bagpipe entrance. I'd assume that's going to be changed one day as it's really not working for him. Drew, who looks huge compared to Oney, drives him into the corner and throws him down with a belly to belly. Back in and Oney scores with some running uppercuts to send Drew outside for a running flip dive. A top rope dive is pulled out of the air and Drew slams him into the apron.

    We take a break and come back with McIntyre throwing him off another suplex and scoring with a hard headbutt. Lorcan breaks up a superplex but gets caught in a choke throw. Back up and Lorcan just unloads with strikes to the head, only to get caught in a very hard reverse Alabama Slam. The Claymore (running jumping boot to the face, not named here) ends Oney at 8:50.

    Post match Drew says he has all the raw talent in the world and can put the Smackdown on anyone but he only wants to be right here.

    Here's Shinsuke Nakamura for his big farewell. He came here a year ago and wanted to become the best in the world. One year later he calls NXT his home. Over that year, he's learned a lot of things from a lot of people, including the fans. He's learned that the people around here are crazy for things like singing his song. That strikes up the band as Nakamura calls NXT the fans' style. He will always be NXT because we are NXT. Nakamura does his dancing poses as the locker room comes out to the stage to send him off. Even Finn Balor appears to close out the show.

    Aleister Black b. Corey Hollis – Black Mass
    DIY b. Dylan Miley/Michael Blaze – Meet in the Middle to Blaze
    Ruby Riot b. Kimberly Frankele – Pele kick to the face
    Drew McIntyre b. Oney Lorcan – Claymore


    Impact Wrestling
    Date: April 13, 2017
    Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Josh Matthews, D'Angelo Dinero

    Tonight is all about the announcers as we have an eight person tag between Team Borash and Team Matthews with the winner getting.....it seems just bragging rights actually. This is the top story in the promotion at the moment as we're still waiting on most other stories to really take off. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    We get a recap of most of last week's show.

    Reno Scum vs. Laredo Kid/Garza Jr. vs. Decay

    It's not a good sign when your tag division is the champs and the three teams they beat to win the belts. Josh starts off by insulting “all the marks and idiots on Twitter” as Adam kicks Garza down. It's off to Crazzy Steve as Josh talks about all the support he has on social media. The Kid gets dragged in so Abyss can hammer away, leaving Josh to insult the fans some more.

    Josh officially confirms that he's off commentary if his team loses, thankfully followed by Pope talking about the match for a few seconds. That's too long though so let's plug Fury being unleashed tonight and the Fite Network app. Luster comes in for a spinebuster on Steve but gets chokeslammed by Abyss. It's back to Kid for a springboard dropkick to send Abyss outside, followed by a suicide dive from Adam. Luster hits a running Razor's Edge into the corner and an assisted double stomp ends Steve at 6:10.

    Josh leaves for a phone call.

    Andrew Everett thinks he's earned a title shot but the Helms Dynasty comes in to say not so fast. Instead, tonight it's a four way with Everett vs. Suicide, Marshe Rockett and someone else. Everett has an idea: Helms himself can fill out the match. Helms is eventually talked into it.

    Here's Bruce Prichard to announce the new #1 contender by way of a fan vote. The choices were James Storm and Ethan Carter III with the fans choosing.....Storm. This brings out a ticked off Carter to say Prichard needs to read it again. Bruce says it was Carter's idea to put the choice in the hands of the people and that one loss to Alberto El Patron probably stuck in the fans' heads. Bruce's suggestion is to go find a mirror and see if Carter can find out what happened to the man that used to run Impact Wrestling. Maybe the fans gave up on him for tapping out to El Patron. Carter is off to ponder.

    Good segment here as Carter is really starting to sink into his heel turn, which they've allowed to build over time. Bruce was solid here too, which isn't something you normally get from him. I can get where both of them are coming from and that's not something you see too often.

    Karen Jarrett wants to make Impact great.

    Allie/Braxton Sutter vs. KM/Sienna

    The guys start things off and here's Josh back from his long phone call. KM misses a charge in the corner and let's look at the commentators for a bit. Allie drops to the floor so Sienna yells a lot, allowing KM to run Sutter over from behind. As usual, commentary continues to talk about the main event and ignores Sutter slipping out of a powerslam. A suplex sends KM into the corner and Sienna misses a charge into another corner. Allie tags herself in and hits a crossbody with Sienna tripping over KM for the pin at 3:49.

    Post match Kongo Kong (the Fury that was to be unleashed, complete with his rather large and saggy breasts) comes in and beats up Sutter. Laurel Van Ness comes out and helps beat Allie down.

    Josh to JB on what happens after tonight's main event: “I'm going to beat you and drag you out of here like United Airlines!”

    Rosemary vs. Santana Garrett

    Non-title and Santana used to wrestle here as Brittany. Rosemary chokes her over the ropes as Josh says he and his team are going to party in the hotel room and watch You've Got Mail on Pop TV. What hotel is he staying in that gets Pop TV? Back in and a clothesline in the corner sets up a t-bone suplex for no cover. A Last Chancery lets Santana do the long crawl to the ropes, followed by a handspring elbow in the corner. Josh: “Shades of Muta. Or Matthews!” Garrett misses a Lionsault though and the Red Wedding is good fof the pin at 4:57.

    Angelina Love stops kissing Davey Richards to say everyone deserves the suffering they'll hand out.

    Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide vs. Shane Helms

    Helms is in a jacket, Impact t-shirt and jeans with knee pads. Everett goes after him at the bell but Helms bails to the floor and trips Everett, only to run from Suicide. Not that it matters as everyone else hits a dropkick, leaving Rockett in control. Everett slips on a springboard spinwheel kick but takes Rockett down anyway. Helms makes a save and finally takes off his jacket. A Downward Spiral stuns Everett but he knocks Helms outside anyway. Rockett comes back with a gordbuster, only to miss a high crossbody. Everett kicks Suicide to the floor and hits Rockett with the shooting star for the pin at 6:11.

    Trevor Lee goes after Everett and gets laid out.

    Matt Morgan wants to make Impact Wrestling great.

    DJZ vs. Davey Richards

    Davey kicks him down in the corner to start but stops to kiss Angelina. That earns him a suicide dive but more kicks stagger DJZ. The top rope double stomp misses though and DJZ kicks away before grabbing a jawbreaker. Richards pulls him down with an ankle lock for the submission at 3:22.

    Post match Eddie Edwards and Alisha come out for the brawl but security breaks it up.

    The Veterans of War are coming.

    The announcers bicker one last time.

    Team Matthews vs. Team Borash

    Matthews: Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake, Tyrus
    Borash: Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, Magnus

    Alberto runs Drake over to start as the announcers are already at it again, though this time it's a bit more understandable. It's quickly off to Lashley, who misses an elbow on Adonis as Josh yells about Lashley spearing Pope last year. Bram and Magnus come in and quickly head to the floor for a brawl with Bram getting the better of it.

    Drake can't keep control though and it's off to Alberto for the house cleaning. Back from a break with Tyrus running Adonis (Josh: “If that's your real name!”) over from behind. Josh's team starts taking turns stomping away on Adonis with Drake getting in a good looking slam.

    Tyrus misses a Vader Bomb though and there's the hot tag off to Morgan. Hosue is cleaned and we hit the parade of finishers with Bram breaking up Morgan's chokeslam. Magnus tags himself in as Morgan adds a Carbon Footprint, setting up the top rope elbow for the pin on Bram at 18:53.

    The locker room empties out to bid Josh (who is speechless in a funny moment) goodbye.

    Reno Scum b. Decay and Laredo Kid/Garza Jr. – Assisted double stomp to Steve
    Allie/Braxton Sutter b. Sienna/KM – Crossbody to Sienna
    Rosemary b. Santana Garrett – Red Wedding
    Andrew Everett b. Shane Helms, Marshe Rockett and Suicide – Shooting star press to Rockett
    Davey Richards b. DJZ – Ankle lock
    Team Borash b. Team Matthews – Top rope elbow to Bram







    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Revival b. New Day – Shatter Machine to Woods
    TJ Perkins b. Austin Aries – Small package
    Nia Jax b. Charlotte – Samoan Drop
    Finn Balor b. Jinder Mahal – Coup de Grace
    Sami Zayn b. The Miz – Rollup
    Hardys/Sheamus/Cesaro b. Anderson and Gallows/Shining Stars – Swanton Bomb to Primo
    Dean Ambrose b. Kevin Owens – Codebreaker

    Randy Orton b. Erick Rowan via DQ when Rowan used the steps
    Usos b. American Alpha – Superfly Splash to Gable
    Mojo Rawley b. Jinder Mahal – Running punch
    Tye Dillinger b. Aiden English – Tyebreaker
    AJ Styles b. Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn – Phenomenal Forearm to Zayn

    Aleister Black b. Corey Hollis – Black Mass
    DIY b. Dylan Miley/Michael Blaze – Meet in the Middle to Blaze
    Ruby Riot b. Kimberly Frankele – Pele kick to the face
    Drew McIntyre b. Oney Lorcan – Claymore

    Impact Wrestling
    Reno Scum b. Decay and Laredo Kid/Garza Jr. – Assisted double stomp to Steve
    Allie/Braxton Sutter b. Sienna/KM – Crossbody to Sienna
    Rosemary b. Santana Garrett – Red Wedding
    Andrew Everett b. Shane Helms, Marshe Rockett and Suicide – Shooting star press to Rockett
    Davey Richards b. DJZ – Ankle lock
    Team Borash b. Team Matthews – Top rope elbow to Bram

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