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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: March 3, 2014
    Location: Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler

    This is one of those shows I've been wanting to see for what feels like months. We're in one of the hold lands of smart fans and there's a possibility that they'll try to hijack the show with CM Punk chants. We'll also get more build to Wrestlemania, including a match between Daniel Bryan and Batista. Let's get to it.

    First thing up: CM Punk's music but Paul Heyman coming out instead. Nice little tease there. Heyman holds the mic out to the crowd as a HUGE CM Punk chant starts up. Heyman: “I believe he deserves louder than that.” He sits down in the middle of the ring and says he's here to tell the story of a Paul Heyman guy who was never truly wanted in WWE. This was a Paul Heyman guy that was too small to main event Wrestlemania with too many tattoos who would rebel against the first family.

    He's here tonight to tell you about a guy born in, raised in and still living in Chicago. His name is Paul Heyman and this is his pipe bomb about CM Punk......who is not here this evening. After pausing for another CM Punk chant, Heyman says no one is more upset than him about CM Punk not performing in this ring tonight. So what happened? Why won't anyone talk about why CM Punk isn't here tonight? There's someone to blame for why Punk doesn't get to perform around here. That finger of blame is being pointed at every single fan here tonight.

    This is why Heyman finds it easier to lie all the time. He managed Punk to a 434 day WWE Title reign and then the fans took him away with promises of love and affirmation. But all that did was take Punk away from everybody, including the fans themselves. Heyman also blames the Undertaker because Punk couldn't stop the Streak last year and now Paul wants revenge. He wants to see Streak taken away from the Undertaker, but how do you kill someone who is already dead? There is only one man that can conquer the Streak: the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

    A ticked off Lesnar comes out and we see a clip from the end of last week's show with Undertaker stabbing Brock with a pen to sign the contract for Wrestlemania XXX. Brock says Undertaker is scared to death of him and last week proved it. Many people have tried to conquer the streak but many men have failed to do so, including Chicago's own CM Punk.

    The Streak will be conquered by Brock Lesnar and Lesnar is ready to leave, but here's Mark Henry for a staredown. Brock says bring it on and charges right into a right hand. Mark gets thrown into the steps and Lesnar looks livid. He blasts Henry in the face with the steps with one of the hardest shots I've seen in years. An F5 through the table knocks Henry even more out cold and the fans chant for Punk.

    Tag Titles: New Age Outlaws vs. Usos

    The Outlaws are defending but Road Dogg doesn't think the fans here are worthy of hearing his catchphrases. It only took them two months to remember they're heels. Jey hammers on Roadie to start but gets whipped hard into the corner. Uso comes out holding his knee so Dogg kicks him to the floor for a breather. Billy throws him back inside and hammers away before it's back to Dogg. Jey's leg seems to be holding up well enogh and Dogg even works it over a bit. Roadie throws him to the floor as we take a break.

    Back with Jey fighting out of a chinlock but getting slammed down for two. Dogg comes back in and takes a spin kick to the face (the knee seems fine). The hot tag brings in Jimmy to face Billy. Dogg gets knocked off the apron and a Samoan drop puts Gunn down. There's a Bubba Bomb to Billy and the running Umaga attack in the corner to Roadie.

    A reverse Whisper in the Wind hits Gunn and there's a superkick to knock Dogg to the floor. Gunn rolls up Jimmy for two and the tilt-a-whirl slam gets the same. The Fameasser just misses and the Usos do the plancha with the flying tag, setting up the superkick and Superfly Splash to FINALLY give the Usos the Tag Titles at 9:27.

    The Divas watch a clip from Need For Speed and pine for Aaron Paul. Apparently Dolph Ziggler is riding here with Paul tonight. Aksana wants to ride with him too because she likes fast cars.

    Big E. vs. Cesaro

    Non-title again. Cesaro quickly catches Big E. in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and the fans are completely behind him. Big E. sends him into the corner and snaps off a great belly to belly suplex, only to be sent to the floor before the Warrior Splash can hit. Big E. drops Swagger with a right hand but walks back inside for the Swing. Not that it matters as Swagger runs in for the DQ at 1:24.

    Cesaro takes the Big Ending post match.

    Shield vs. Wyatt Family

    The fans think this is awesome while Bray is still in the chair. He stands up and whips off the hat but Ambrose and Rollins dive through the ropes to take out the Family. Reigns runs over Bray and sends him to the floor as the bell ring. Harper puts Rollins on the top rope but Seth backflips off and lands on his feet, runs into the ring and flip dives onto Harper and dives back inside to flip dive onto Rowan. Rollins goes back up but Bray throws Ambrose into the ropes to knock Seth to the floor in a nasty fall.

    Back from a break with Rollins in a chinlock before being run over with a shoulder block. Ambrose goes to yell at Bray and Reigns goes to get him, leaving no one for a free Rollins to tag. Seth hits a quick Downward Spiral to send Rowan into the middle buckle and makes a tag to Dean as things speed up. He runs over Erick and hammers away before going after the leg.

    Dean slaps on a Figure Four but Harper breaks it up with a double stomp. Reigns comes in as Dean brawls with Wyatt. The fans are WAY into Wyatt here as he hammers on Ambrose's head and shouts a lot. Ambrose is caught in the cultish corner as the fans think this is awesome. Another Punk chant stars up while Harper stands on Dean's chest. Back to Rowan for the fist vice but Dean is still able to taunt the Wyatts. He pulls Erick's beard to break it up but walks into a sidewalk slam for two. The fans chant for Reigns as Ambrose takes Harper's head off with a clothesline.

    Bray comes in and knocks Roman off the apron, leaving only Rollins to take the tag from Ambrose......but he drops to the floor. Seth walks away and Roman tries to play peacekeeper. Rollins shouts that Reigns wasn't there for him when he needed a tag so the other two can figure it out. Wyatt runs over Ambrose but Roman makes the save. Reigns goes nuts with Superman Punches and Ambrose is back in as well.

    Reigns hits a running boot from the floor to the apron as Ambrose hammers on Wyatt. Reigns spears Rowan over the announce table and Harper hits a suicide dive to send Reigns over the table. Dean goes after Luke but Bray posts him. Rollins is still on the ramp as a THIS IS AWESOME chant starts up. Sister Abigail is enough to end Ambrose at 13:55.

    Batista thinks the YES Movement is one of the stupidest things he's ever seen. These fans are turning someone like Daniel Bryan into a superhero but he could never be like Batista. No one may like it, but they have to deal with it. That's a great heel catchphrase.

    The Usos will defend against the Outlaws tomorrow night on the live Main Event special.

    Santino Marella/Emma vs. Fandango/Summer Rae

    We open with COMEDY as Santino keeps high fiveing Emma which means they have to switch. Fandango jumps Santino to start and gets two off a spinwheel kick. Santino comes back with a jawbreaker and it's off to the girls for some Emma dancing. The Dilemma (Tarantula) sets up the Emma Sandwich (running cross body to a seated Summer) and the Emma Lock gets the win at 3:24.

    Stephanie loves showing her daughters great moments in McMahon history on the WWE Network. This is treated like a sweet moment.

    Sheamus vs. Christian

    Christian stalls before the bell and then slaps Sheamus in the face. The chase is on and Christian is sent into the barricade. Back in and a knee drop gets two on the Canadian but he sends Sheamus into the corner for some choking. Christian slaps him in the face again and gets an Irish Curse for his efforts. Sheamus misses a charge to the floor but just steps out of the way of a plancha. Christian escapes a powerslam and hides behind the announcers as we go to a break.

    Back with Christian missing something off the middle rope but still being able to shove Sheamus off the top and out to the floor in a BIG crash. Christian throws him over the barricade and talks trash before taking Sheamus back inside. Sheamus says bring it on so Christian suplexes him down but misses a top rope splash. The rolling fireman's carry sets up the ten forearms but Christian fights out. Christian goes up top but gets caught in mid air and now the ten forearms connect.

    A running knee on the apron sets up a running knee in the ring for two for Sheamus. The Irishman is holding his shoulder and arm so Christian takes him down and gets two off the frog splash. Back to the CM Punk chant as White Noise gets a VERY close two. Christian throws him to the apron but Sheamus hits a quick Brogue Kick anyway and comes back inside for the pin at 14:00.

    Back from a break and Christian jumps Sheamus in the back and hits the injured arm with I believe a light.

    Bella Twins vs. Aksana/Alicia Fox

    Brie runs over Aksana to start but it's quickly off to Alicia to ram Brie's head into the mat. The heels work on Brie for a bit as this is already going nowhere. Fox slams Brie out of the corner but gets slammed down for two. Nikki finally comes in off the tag and shouts COME ON a lot. Everything breaks down and the Rack is good for the pin on Alicia at 4:17.

    Preview for a new USA show called Sirens.

    Here's Daniel Bryan with something to say but he has to wait for the crowd to calm down. He says the fans have a voice and he's not leaving this ring until one of two things happen. The fans chant for Punk but Bryan says he isn't leaving until Batista comes down to fight him or HHH accepts his challenge for Wrestlemania. Here are Stephanie and HHH to answer, drawing an even louder CM Punk chant. Thankfully HHH acts like a heel this time and soaks the whole thing in.

    Bryan ignores Stephanie and lays out his evidence of HHH holding him back for the last six months. Daniel is stronger than ever and wants to settle the score at Wrestlemania. HHH says that's not going to happen and asks why Daniel's generation can't accept it inadequacy. He dubs this the Excuses Era because no one in this era can just admit that they're not good enough. They blame eveyrone else and make excuses about being held down and buried.

    The reality is that anyone who has ever failed in WWE is because they weren't good enough. Bryan is nothing more than a B+ player and there's nothing wrong with that. However, it's not enough to make HHH lace up his boots at Wrestlemania. Bryan says the fans chant because they see through HHH's lies and there go the people again. HHH claims to be doing this for the WWE Universe but he just isn't listening to what they want.

    They want to see someone like him succeed and the only way he can do that is by beating HHH at Wrestlemania. Stephanie says they won't listen to this sea of inadequacy because they'll turn on you at the drop of a hat. The only people that won't turn on him are her and HHH because they know what he means for the business. Stephanie gives the whole “my family made all this” speech, so Bryan asks to fight her at Wrestlemania while HHH wears Stephanie's skirt.

    HHH thinks she would beat Bryan up too, but Bryan vs. HHH just isn't happening. He goes into his most condescending voice and says Wrestlemania is the showcase of the immortals. As much as Bryan hates it, he just doesn't measure up and needs to get out of HHH's ring. Bryan says this is the fans' ring but HHH says Bryan and all of the fans belong to him, so get out. Daniel says make him so Stephanie calls out Kane. The FLYING GOAT lays out Kane but the referees pull Daniel off of him.

    We look back at Lesnar destroying Henry.

    The expert panel recaps the night.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Ziggler comes in via a Shelby Mustang driven by Aaron Paul from Need For Speed. Paul is a shorter guy but has a ton of energy which is all you can ask for from these guys. He jumps in on commentary as the fans chant for Ziggler. Del Rio takes him down and does Ziggler's hair flip pose as the announcers talk about video games.

    The tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two for Del Rio but the low superkick misses. Ziggler gets two of his own with the running DDT but Del Rio slams him down again. Paul gets up on the announce table and the Zig Zag is good for the pin at 2:43. This is par for the course on the guest star segments anymore and that's fine.

    Paul Bearer is announced for the Hall of Fame. Nothing wrong with that.

    Big E. vs. Jack Swagger

    Cesaro runs in for the DQ at 4 seconds and Neutralizes Big E.

    The Real Americans argue post match and Cesaro loads Jack up in the Swing but Colter calls him off. The fans chant for Cesaro to do it and he lets Swagger go. Colter says help your brother up and Cesaro does so, albeit roughly. Zeb makes them hug it out and they reluctantly obey.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Kane is made for tomorrow night's live Main Event.

    Here's a limping Cena (after the Wyatts' intro started by mistake) who can't even do his signtuare entrance. The fans chant for Punk and Cena thanks him for the usual Chicago welcome. Cena can't wrestle tonight, drawing a HUGE YES chant. He'll take that as their version of get well soon. John is out here to feel that energy from the crowd because he's had some great moments in this arena, such as getting his face kicked in by Brock Lesnar and having a very special match with somebody at Money in the Bank.

    Cena says he's heard about this whole hijacking thing and it's clear that the people want change. He can respect that, but success has to be earned and change comes through him. That brings him to Bray Wyatt, who isn't in the driver's seat after last week. Cena started his career in this arena and he's still standing tall right here.

    The Wyatts appear on screen and Bray asks if Cena can feel these people. Cena reminds him of a great throughbred racehorse that has been winning his entire career, but then he starts to slow down. That horse is now in the back of the barn waiting to be put down. How long does Cena think he can fend the Wyatts off? Bray is the reaper and he is going to put Cena down because he knows Cena's greatest fear. The loneliest man on earth is the man who sits on the top of his empty castle. Follow the buzzards.

    Orton wishes Batista luck out there tonight.

    Alexander Rusev speaks Bulgarian on the stage.

    We look back at Hogan returning last week and see him on the Today Show. Hogan has a Wrestlemania announcement for next week.

    Batista vs. Daniel Bryan

    Orton comes out to watch. The bell rings at 11:02 so this probably doesn't last long. Cole incorrectly says this is a first time ever match on Raw as these two fought once back in 2010. The fans immediately chant BOO-TISTA as he runs Bryan over with a shoulder. Daniel goes after the leg though and Batista is in trouble. A dropkick to the knee puts Batista down again and Bryan follows up with a half crab. Batista kicks him off and knocks his head off with a clothesline. The fans think Batista can't wrestle as he throws Bryan to the floor....and we take another break.

    Back with Bryan backflipping over Batista and hitting the running dropkicks in the corner. Batista rolls to the floor to avoid the third so it's the FLYING GOAT. The YES Kicks get two but here comes the Authority for a distraction. The fans chant for Punk as Batista sends Bryan into the steps. Daniel is thrown into Randy Orton and Batista looked annoyed. Daniel is thrown back inside and gets an overrated chant plus a high kick from Daniel Bryan. Not that it matters as Orton comes in to attack Bryan for the DQ at 10:10.

    Post match Orton loads up the RKO on Batista but gets shoved into the running knee. Bryan goes after the Authority but gets speared down by Batista. HHH gets in the ring and yells at Bryan but Daniel kicks him from the mat. A Batista Bomb lays out Bryan and HHH adds in a Pedigree, leaving the Authority standing tall to end the show.

    Usos b. New Age Outlaws – Superfly Splash to Gunn
    Big E. b. Cesaro via DQ when Jack Swagger interfered
    Wyatt Family b. Shield – Sister Abigail to Ambrose
    Santino Marella/Emma b. Summer Rae/Fandango
    Bella Twins b. Alicia Fox/Aksana – Rack to Fox
    Dolph Ziggler b. Alberto Del Rio – Zig Zag
    Big E. b. Jack Swagger via DQ when Cesaro interfered
    Daniel Bryan b. Batista via DQ when Randy Orton interfered


    Smackdown got a 2.05, up from last week.

    Raw got a 3.26, down slightly from last week.




    Slammiversary will be in Arlington, Texas.

    Date: March 6, 2014
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, William Regal

    It's a new era here in NXT as the shows now air on Thursday as well as on the WWE Network. Last week was NXT Arrival with a classic between Cesaro and Zayn and Adrian Neville FINALLY ending Bo Dallas' title reign. It should be interesting to see if WWE will allow NXT be themselves again as that could be great news for them. Let's get to it.

    We open with a recap of NXT Arrival and Neville winning the title.

    Adrian Neville vs. Camacho

    Non-title. Neville offers a handshake but gets kicked in the ribs instead. The champion puts on an armbar but Camacho comes back with forearms to the head and chops in the corner. A powerslam gets two on Adrian but he comes back with kicks to the leg and head. Neville puts him down with a middle rope dropkick and the Red Arrow is good for the pin at 2:51.

    Adrian says he can't believe what he did last week and he can't wait to go around the world doing what he loves. Last week was the most amazing moment of his life, but the most important thing is this title on his shoulder. It's a message that anything is possible because he's not your typical champion. He looks like an elf man, he's from a small town that no one has heard of, and the ACCENT. “Renee, can you even understand me?” However, the most important thing about last wee is NO MORE BO.

    This brings out a serious looking Bo Dallas who says Neville did something no one else could do, but he didn't get a pin. Adrian climbed a ladder like a father cleaning out his gutters. He'll be cashing in his rematch clause very soon, and when he does it'll be Bo Time. The cheesy thumbs up makes this even better.

    Last week Emma said she underestimated Paige but she'll be a champion someday. Ric Flair comes in and says the next champion will be his daughter. Charlotte comes in and offers a condescending shoulder to cry on and Emma leaves. Charlotte was taller than her dad.

    Last week Paige said she never doubted that she would win last week and welcomes all challengers for her title. Flair and Charlotte come up again and accept the challenge. The girls introduce themselves to each other and Charlotte talks down to Paige again.

    Emma vs. Charlotte

    Renee sits in on commentary and does the Emma dance off camera. Charlotte misses a clothesline in the corner to start and Emma takes her down with a wristlock. A dancing rollup gets two on Charlotte and she stops a charging Charlotte with a boot in the corner. Emma gets two rollups for two each but Charlotte grabs her ankle. Emma buys into it and gets caught with the flip over faceplant for the pin at 3:17.

    Sami says what Cesaro said to him was personal and he got everything he wanted out of that match.

    Yoshi Tatsu vs. Corey Graves

    Before the match Graves goes on a rant about how he's stuck in NXT facing people who think they're WWE superstars. He's tired about hearing people talking about Sami Zayn, because Sami never wins any matches. Apparently all you need is heart to get chance after chance against people you can never beat. Corey could beat Cesaro in just one match but instead he's stuck fighting the irrelevant Yoshi Tatsu. Graves immediately heads to the floor and says forget this but Yoshi goes after him at a seven count. Corey clotheslines him down and sends Tatsu into the steps before sliding back in for a countout at 1:38.

    Post match Graves puts Tatsu in Lucky 13 until Sami makes the save. Sami says he's up for a match if Sami wants it and why not do it tonight?

    We look at an Adam Rose (Leo Kruger's new rock star character) party from last night which looks like an actual party instead of eight people standing in pre-planned positions. Rose is on a couch with two women next to him and says his in ring debut will be of Jurassic proportions. The fans are called the Rosebuds. This was a very solid segment as it felt like an actual character instead of something planned out step by step. Also Kruger's British voice worked very well and sounded almost nothing like his old voice.

    Clip of Rusev cleaning house last week.

    Xavier Woods wants a piece of Rusev.

    Rusev speaks Bulgarian and accepts Woods' challenge for next week.

    Adam Rose vs. Wesley Blake

    The people from the party, all in costumes, are at the entrance and carry Rose to the ring in a very cool entrance. The fans instantly think that was awesome and they're right. Tensai is on commentary now for some reason. Rose rolls around the ring over and over to frustrate Blake and scores with a hard chop. He lays on the ropes and starts rocking back and forth until Blake comes over and gets kicked in the chest.

    Blake slaps him in the face so Rose jumps up and down and tackles Wesley down before driving MMA style elbows to the face. A spinebuster draws Rose chants and the Slice clothesline gets the pin at 2:24. Rose is a VERY fun character and the crowd had a blast with him. The party comes back to celebrate.

    Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves

    The announcers even throw in that this match was made by JBL. Graves hammers away with elbows to the back of the head before putting on a headlock. Sami comes back by flipping Corey to the floor but has to bail out on a big flip dive. He flips back into the ring into the splits to draw an OLE chant. Corey snaps Sami's throat across the top rope for two and we take a break.

    Back with Sami fighting out of a chinlock but getting punched in the corner. Lucky 13 is countered but it's right back to the chinlock. Zayn starts fighting up again but gets caught in a belly to back suplex for two. It's chinlock #3 but Sami quickly escapes and backdrops Corey down, only to get caught in a fireman's carry into a backbreaker for two.

    Zayn kicks his way out of the corner and gets two off a high cross body. He charges into a boot in the corner but comes back with the Blue Thunder Bomb for two more. Corey shoulders the knee but Lucky 13 is countered into a small package for another near fall. Graves loads up another backbreaker but gets countered into a second small package for the pin at 9:48 shown of 13:18.

    Adrian Neville b. Camacho – Red Arrow
    Charlotte b. Emma – Flip over faceplant
    Corey Graves b. Yoshi Tatsu via countout
    Adam Rose b. Wesley Blake – Slice
    Sami Zayn b. Corey Graves – Small package

    Impact Wrestling
    Date: March 6, 2014
    Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
    Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

    We're STILL in England and it's the go home show for Lockdown. The main story coming into tonight is a six man elimination tag for the advantage in Lethal Lockdown on Sunday. TNA has been doing better lately but they need a really good showing on Sunday to take it to the next level. Given their track record, I'm hoping for good things tonight. Let's get to it.

    After the usual recap, here are Roode and the Bro Mans with something to say. The Bro Mans are champions again, having won the titles in Japan. Nice touch of continuity there. Roode says he and his team are ready for Lockdown and he wants MVP right now. Instead he gets Aries (wearing the X Title to take away the nice bit of continuity) who says that 10% of the pie isn't much but it's a piece and Aries wants half.

    The Bro Mans say not so fast because they want a piece too. Roode says no because he's the captain and he isn't sharing. The top priority is winning the match and Aries says that isn't a problem. There isn't a single person in this company that can save MVP, so here are the Wolves and MVP to disagree.

    MVP says he made a mistake when he trusted Aries, but he won't be fooled twice in a row. He had to do some hustling to come up with another partner and he has made his decision. Before he can say anything, here's Dixie Carter to cut him off. She doesn't care who MVP's partner is because she's been in New York securing the victory for Team Roode. The company means everything to her and she'll do anything to keep it under her control.

    MVP understands but asks if Dixie wants to know the mystery partner. It's a former world champion and that's enough for Dixie to want to know. It's Jeff Hardy and Dixie FREAKS. Dixie says over her dead body and MVP offers to send a wreath to her funeral. Roode jumps MVP and the six man starts before a break.

    MVP/Wolves vs. Robbie E/Austin Aries/Bobby Roode

    Elimination tag and the winning team gets the advantage at Lockdown. We're joined in progress after a break with Robbie driving Edwards into the corner before it's off to Roode for some kicks to the ribs. The villains take turns working over Eddie until he backflips out of a belly to back suplex and makes the tag off to MVP. The title belts are laying in the corner of the rung until Davey lays one of them on the floor. MVP hits a quick Drive By for the pin on Robbie at 2:00.

    The Wolves hit a double kick on Roode for two but Aries comes in with a running dropkick in the corner to Edwards, followed by the brainbuster for the pin at 3:45 total. Richards and Aries come in for a slugout with Richards kicking Aries agianst the ropes but Austin coming back with a discus forearm to put both guys down. A double tag brings in MVP and Roode for a forearm and clothesline exchange that goes nowhere. Roode gets knocked down but Aries makes the save, allowing Roode to hit a clothesline to the back of MVP's head for a pin (with Roode holding the feet) at 5:10 total.

    So it's Richards 2-1 against Roode and Aries. Austin starts by working over Davey in the corner and getting two off a bulldog. Davey is sent outside for a top rope ax handle from Aries but comes back with a dropkick to take out both heels. A running knee to Roode's chest looks to set up the top rope double stomp but Bobby rolls away. The Roode Bomb is countered but Richards rolls into a half crab, only to have Aries come in with a chair to the arm for a DQ at 7:55 total. Edwards comes out to check on his partner and we take a break.

    After a break there's no official winner, but Earl Hebner gives them one hour to get Davey back in the ring for a match with Roode. The trainer doesn't think it's going to happen.

    We recap Samuel Shaw and Mr. Anderson fighting because Shaw creeped Hemme out. Shaw says last week was beautiful and he'll do something else beautiful in the ring tonight.

    Samuel Shaw vs. Eric Young

    Shaw comes out with a cup of tea. Christy isn't in her usual ringside seat so Anderson comes out to do the intros instead. Shaw yells at Anderson and almost gets rolled up for the pin. Young hammers away in the corner but Shaw just smiles at him. Samuel hammers away in the corner as the fans call him creepy. Shaw yells at Anderson again and Eric hammers away and is sent to the apron for some strutting. A forearm to the head sets up a belly to belly for two. They head outside and Shaw throws the tea into Young's eyes for a DQ at 2:23.

    Shaw throws Young into Anderson and chokes Mr. out again. He says he'll be going to claim what is rightfully his. Christy wisely walks away in the back.

    Richards says he needs to go to the hospital but MVP has something to do. Davey looks confused.

    Richards says he needs to go to the hospital but MVP has something to do. Davey looks confused.

    Back from a break and MVP is looking for Aries. He goes into the locker room and yells at Austin over attacking Davey. MVP knows how things are working now.

    We recap the Ethan vs. Angle showdown last week. Ethan comes in to see Dixie and she tells him to just focus.

    Shaw is looking for Christy in the back. After a break he's still looking and goes into the locker room. Instead he finds Velvet getting dressed and asks where Christy is. Velvet says the makeup room and runs off.

    Here's Ethan Carter III to call out Kurt Angle. If there's one thing he learned last week, it's never meet your heroes because they might sucker punch you in the face. Carter rants about all of the parts of Angle's leg that he'll injure and lists off all the people he's beaten. Once he beats Angle on Sunday, he'll be the American Icon. Angle finally limps out and says he's ready to go now but Carter runs. Kurt goes to leave but Ethan jumps him to go after the leg. He slaps on a leg lock until referees make the save.

    MVP talks to the Wolves and Richards says he'll be standing up tonight.

    Video on Kenny King being King of the Night. Nice idea at least.

    Alpha Female/Gail Kim/Lei'D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne/ODB

    Madison jumps Gail to start and scores with a quick northern lights suplex. Off to ODB for a Bronco Buster but Tapa comes in and powerbombs her down for two. Back up and they slug it out until it's off to Velvet vs. Alpha Female. Everything breaks down and Sabin goes after Velvet with a chain and yells at her a lot. Chris charges at her but gets low bridged to the floor. Alpha Female tries a full nelson but gets kicked in the face. In Yo Face is enough to pin Female at 4:17.

    Shaw is still looking for the makeup room.

    Willow is still creepy.

    Shaw goes to find Christy but finds Anderson in a red wig instead. They fight behind a door and Anderson puts lipstick on Shaw's head.

    We recap Storm vs. Gunner.

    Here's Gunner to talk about the code he lives by. He takes every day at a time and he remembers a lot of days since he won that briefcase. This Sunday at Lockdown he's inside a cage and that brings back a lot of memories for him. This brings out Storm (minus the catchphrase to start his music) who says it sounds like Gunner is just complaining about his bad luck. Gunner needs to pack a lunch on Sunday because it's going to be an all day beating. Storm gets in the ring and promises to cut Gunner down before kicking him low. The Last Call to a kneeling Gunner knocks him cold. Apparently it's a last man standing match.

    Roode wants Richards in the ring right now.

    Bobby comes out and wants the referee to count to ten so his team can win. Davey comes out around six and it's time for our match.

    Davey Richards vs. Bobby Roode

    Bobby of course goes right after the arm and wraps it around the post. Back in and Roode drops a knee on the arm and stands around for a bit. Richards rolls to the floor and manages to crotch Roode as Bobby goes after him. Roode heads outside but gets taken down by a suicide dive, only to injure the arm even worse. Back inside and a missile dropkick gets two for Davey and he fires off some kicks to the chest. The Roode Bomb is countered into a half crab but Bobby rolls over and kicks at the bad arm. Richards goes shoulder first into the post and the Roode Bomb sets up the Crossface for the tap at 5:31.

    MVP and Edwards make the save.

    Tigre Uno is still coming.

    Dixie tells Magnus to stop worrying and just win on Sunday. She implies his match means nothing to her.

    Here are Magnus and Joe for their showdown to end the show. Magnus says the two of them have won titles and championships in Japan and here in TNA, including here in this building. Joe has had far too many chances to win the title but has blown it time after time due to his rage, and that's exactly what's going to happen on Sunday.

    Joe says that he does have a rage problem because he wants to make people feel as much pain as he can. That's exactly what he can do on Sunday because it's Joe's Rules, meaning he can beat on Magnus as long as he want and take the title from him. Magnus gets in a cheap shot and gets choked out to end the show.

    MVP/Wolves vs. Bobby Roode/Austin Aries/Robbie E went to a no contest
    Eric Young b. Samuel Shaw via DQ when Shaw threw tea into Young's eyes
    Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne/ODB b. Alpha Female/Gail Kim/Lei'D Tapa – In Yo Face to Female
    Bobby Roode b. Davey Richards – Crossface

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