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    Monday Night Raw
    Date: December 11, 2017
    Location: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T.

    It’s officially time to start getting ready for the Royal Rumble as we have a #1 contenders match to crown a new challenger to Brock Lesnar. Tonight it’s Braun Strowman vs. Kane for that title shot in a match that seems to be so simple that there almost has to be something screwy going on. Let’s get to it.

    The narrated recaps are back, this time setting up tonight’s three singles matches between the Shield and Samoa Joe/The Bar.

    Samoa Joe is in the ring to talk about how the Shield has taken out so many people over the years. He’s not impressed though because he’s already taken care of Reigns and Rollins and tonight he’ll add Ambrose to the list. For now though, he wants Reigns to come out here like a man. We cut to the back where Rollins sends Ambrose to get Roman. Dude go get him yourself. Joe goes on about how no one can face him until Reigns finally joins his partners in the back, only to come out a few seconds later. The fight is on but here are the Bar for the beatdown. Shield comes in, only to get beaten down in short order.

    Bayley/Mickie James vs. Mandy Rose/Paige

    Before the match, Absolution says they’re here to destroy everything and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Bayley and Mandy start things off but Paige is in almost immediately. Mandy breaks up a double suplex but Absolution is sent outside. That means a double dive from the apron and we take a break.

    Back with Bayley fighting out of a chinlock but getting kneed in the chest for two. Paige hits a running knee of her own and mocks Bayley not being able to get to the corner. You really can see how much more experienced she is than either Mandy or Sonya. Bayley rolls away and the hot tag brings in Mickie for some house cleaning. A flapjack and top rope Thesz press gets two on Mandy as everything breaks down. Paige kicks Mickie in the head though and Mandy steals the pin at 8:22.

    Clash of Champions preview.

    Bray Wyatt is here but Matt Hardy is WOKEN.

    Post break, Wyatt talks about how there will always be darkness vs. light but Matt, with a WOKEN graphic (erg), says the Great War has gone on for eons. They both talk about being light and dark with Matt saying he’s met Sister Abigail before when they walked hand in hand, admiring the Gardens of Babylon. The Woken Warriors are preparing for battle against the Wyatt swarm and they shall delete. A laugh off ensues, going on so long that it becomes funny.

    We look back at Nia Jax having a thing for Enzo Amore.

    Enzo is admiring his Cruiserweight Championship when a suited Drew Gulak comes in. Tonight there is going to be another fatal four way with the winner getting to face Gulak next week in a #1 contenders match. Enzo mentions Jax and Gulak is rather confused. Drew says he gets it before saying that was Enzo trying to teach him to be ready for anything.

    Finn Balor vs. Curtis Axel

    Axel mocks Finn’s entrance and THE BRACE IS OFF! Bo Dallas gets in a cheap shot to start and we’re ready to go after a pre-match beatdown. Curtis gets in an early Hennig necksnap and cranks on the neck. Balor pops up, hits the shotgun dropkick and finishes Axel with the Coup de Grace at 1:39.

    Kane is ready to enter the abyss with a fellow monster. He’ll climb back out alone though.

    Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus

    Seth wastes no time in knocking him outside for a suicide dive. They get back in with Sheamus hammering away to take over with the power offense. Sheamus misses a kick in the corner though as Booker rips on CrossFit. A Blockbuster connects and Sheamus is knocked outside again, only to knee Seth down as we take a break. Back with Sheamus holding a bad looking chinlock before Sheamus starts in on the knee.

    We hit a modified Brock Lock before Seth tries a hurricane. That’s quickly countered into a Cloverleaf which is countered into a small package for two. Seth gets two more off a DDT, followed by the low superkick for the same. Sheamus goes after the knee but gets caught in the superplex into the Falcon Arrow for a very delayed two. The knee is shot though and Rollins can’t follow up. Sheamus grabs a Regal Roll but misses the Brogue Kick. Seth’s Wind-Up knee is good for the pin at 13:47.

    Ambrose’s strategy for tonight: avoid getting kicked in the face and avoid the Koquina Clutch.

    Ariya Daivari vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese

    The winner gets Gulak, on commentary here, next week. Cedric and Tony slug it out to start before heading outside so Ali can hit a good looking flip dive off the top. Back in and Daivari hammers away on Cedric as Gulak won’t answer if he’ll lay down for Enzo should he get the title shot.

    Nese comes back in but can’t hit a pumphandle slam on Ali. Daivari hits Nese by mistake but Ali DDT’s Alexander to put all four down. Back from a break with Ali fighting out of a chinlock, only to get pulled right back down. The fans are almost eerily silent because we’re in a rest hold in a four way. Ali’s rolling X Factor gets two with Nese making the save. Nese gets dropped for the 054 with Cedric making a save of his own this time.

    Cedric and Ali slug it out until a Lumbar Check plants Ali. Daivari tries to steal the pin, only to have Cedric pull him out as well. Nese adds a big flip dive to the two of them, followed by the running knee. Ali gets in a save of his own but Alexander cleans house, capped off by a Lumbar Check to end Daivari at 13:02.

    Post break, Gulak comes up to Enzo and says he’ll win next week then go on to become champion. It’s just some friendly banter but Enzo doesn’t like it, saying Gulak works for him. Enzo says there’s one word to describe the PowerPoint presentations, but Gulak says that word is informative. Nia comes up and says she and Enzo should talk when he’s not busy. Gulak: “Informative.”

    Intercontinental Title: Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro

    Reigns is defending and starts fast with uppercuts and clotheslines. They fight to the floor and we take an early break. Back with Cesaro cranking on the arm after swinging it into the barricade for a sick thud during the commercial. Reigns fights out with a backslide for two, followed by a rollup. That’s reversed into a Fujiwara armbar and then a regular armbar. Reigns fights up again and hits the apron kick to the face for two, only to get pulled into a Crossface.

    Reigns reverses into a Samoan drop for two, only to be sent HARD into the post. It doesn’t seem to matter that much though as Reigns scores with a Superman punch off the apron. The arm won’t let him follow up properly though, allowing Cesaro to grab another Crossface. The Swing is reversed into a sitout powerbomb for two more but Reigns can’t follow up. Cesaro slugs away in the corner but the Neutralizer is countered with a backdrop, followed by the spear to retain the title at 16:53.

    Strowman is ready to go to the Royal Rumble.

    Alicia Fox vs. Asuka

    And no match as Absolution has attacked Fox. Absolution jumps Asuka as well with the rest of the division running out for the save.

    Jason Jordan still wants a match with Samoa Joe but angle turns him down again. Angle says he’ll get there eventually but it’s when Angle says so. Jordan: “Ok Kurt.”

    Dean Ambrose vs. Samoa Joe

    Jordan comes out to watch from the stage, allowing Ambrose to jump a distracted Joe. A crossbody bounces off of Joe so he stomps away for a bit. Dean goes after the knee and takes it to the floor but gets sent into the steps as we take a break. Back with Joe missing the backsplash but peppering Dean with jabs to the face.

    Joe grabs a suplex to cut him off again but here’s Jordan for a distraction. Jordan and Joe go face to face but Dean dives on him. Dean gets in his face so Joe dives on both of them as well, followed by a backsolash t Jordan. Back in and the Koquina Clutch knocks Ambrose out at 10:49.

    Video on Strowman vs. Kane.

    Kane vs. Braun Strowman

    The winner gets Lesnar at the Rumble. Strowman wastes no time by splashing Kane in the corner, followed by a running dropkick for one. Kane avoids a charge though and a chokeslam gets two. Another chokeslam gets the same before Strowman chokeslams Kane for good measure. They fight into the crowd and Strowman spears Kane through the barricade for a double countout at 4:31.

    The fight continues post match with both guys picking up steps. Said steps are rammed together with Strowman getting the better of it but he can’t crush Kane’s throat again. Kane chairs Strowman in the knee and then the back, finally taking the monster down. Kane sets up a table but a double clothesline gives us a double situp. Strowman muscles him up for the powerslam through the table to end the show.

    Paige/Mandy Rose b. Mickie James/Bayley – Kick to Mickie’s head
    Finn Balor b. Curtis Axel – Coup de Grace
    Seth Rollins b. Sheamus – Wind-Up knee
    Cedric Alexander b. Mustafa Ali, Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese – Lumbar Check to Daivari
    Roman Reigns b. Cesaro – Spear
    Samoa Joe b. Dean Ambrose – Koquina Clutch
    Braun Strowman vs. Kane went to a double countout


    Date: December 12, 2017
    Location: US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Commentators: Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

    It’s the go home show for Clash of Champions 2017 and things are starting to pick up. The most recent weeks have focused on the Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon and company feud. Therefore, tonight is probably going to be more centered around the World Title match between champion AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal. You know, the title match on the show about champions. Let’s get to it.

    We open with a long sequence on last week’s big story, seeing Shane McMahon making Orton/Nakamura vs. Zayn/Owens for the pay per view with himself at the referee. If Zayn/Owens win, they’re done in WWE.

    Here’s Styles to open things up. He won the title a little over a month ago and wants to be a fighting champion. This Sunday he defends against Mahal and lists off what Mahal will do to get the title back, including bringing in Great Khali. Cue the Singh Brothers, who say they’re not introducing Mahal tonight. We look back at Mahal attacking the two of them two weeks ago so AJ wants to hug it out. AJ: “Come hug it out with Uncle Al!”

    The Brothers get in the ring and say they want to be in Mahal’s corner on Sunday. One of them rants about how horrible Mahal is (“He thinks we’re twins!”) while the other tries to calm him down. AJ doesn’t buy it and shows a still of the Brothers being in Mahal’s corner this weekend in India. They swear they’re done with Mahal, who comes out looking rather angry. AJ of course doesn’t buy any of this (thank goodness) and lays the Brothers out.

    We recap the Riott Squad debuting and picking apart the women’s division. This is in no way shape or form a copy of what Absolution has done.

    Charlotte vs. Ruby Riott

    Non-title with Natalya on commentary. Charlotte suplexes her down for two but stops to yell at Natalya. We take an early break and come back with Charlotte hitting a Lethal Combination into the corner. Sarah Logan has to be knocked off the apron and Natalya gets forearmed as well. Natalya clotheslines Charlotte for the DQ at 5:04. Not enough shown to rate of course but this was an angle instead of a match.

    Post match the Squad goes after Charlotte and loads up the steps but Naomi returns (after missing a single week) for the save. Carmella, Tamina and Lana come in to help as well with the Squad running off. Again, THIS IS THE SAME THING THAT ABSOLUTION DID ON RAW! Can we really not get a second idea?

    Daniel Bryan is on the phone with Shane when Zayn and Owens come in, both wearing modified Bryan shirt (YEP instead of YES). They don’t say anything but hand him a sign with Shane’s face crossed off.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

    Non-title with Bobby Roode on commentary. Corbin drops him with a single right hand before yelling at Roode. Ziggler is back with a dropkick and avoids a charge to send Corbin into the post. Roode gets off commentary and removes the robe before getting inside. A Glorious DDT plants Ziggler for the DQ at 1:34.

    Corbin takes a DDT as well.

    We see a clip of this week’s Fashion Files where Breezango challenges the Bludgeon Brothers for Sunday. The challenge has been accepted.

    Bludgeon Brothers vs. Colin Delaney/Joe Monroe

    Graves eludes to Delaney’s former time in WWE as he’s dropkicked into the corner. Harper’s clothesline takes Colin’s head off and an assisted Batista Bomb plants Monroe (with a loud scream). The double spinebuster finishes Delaney at 1:21.

    Here are Owens and Zayn to occupy Smackdown. Owens does the ranting, talking about how Shane is abusing his power on Sunday. Sami says YEP to every statement Owens makes, including Owens telling everyone to come out here and occupy the show. No one comes out until Bryan walks to the stage….with his music starting once he’s out there.

    Owens and Zayn praise him for inspiring this movement but Bryan wants to know what they’re doing. He’s nothing like them because the YES Movement was about the fans instead of him. Sami says this is about what they deserve and Owens begs him not to drink the Shane Kool-Aid. Bryan says there’s an understanding between he and Shane and this Sunday he’s going to be the second guest referee.

    Usos vs. Aiden English/Rusev

    Non-title and New Day is on commentary. Before the match, English sings the Eight Days of Rusev (including three unhindered Jinders). The Usos come out to make jokes about English’s hair but here are Shelton Benjamin/Chad Gable to interrupt, saying they’ll win the titles on Sunday. Joined in progress after a break with Rusev bearhugging Jey. A kick to the head allows the hot tag to Jimmy as New Day does their over the top commentary. English dives into a superkick for two but Rusev makes the save. Rusev’s superkick sets up a layout DDT to end Jimmy at 2:35 shown.

    We look back at the opening segment.

    Mahal jumps Styles before AJ has an interview.

    Sunday’s Kickoff Match is Mojo Rawley vs. Zack Ryder.

    Pay per view rundown.

    Here are Orton and Nakamura for a chat before their main event. Orton says he can’t wait to get rid of these two and make sure they lose their jobs. Renee Young asks Nakamura if he’s confident for Sunday. Nakamura: “Yep.”

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens

    Bryan is on commentary to continue a trend tonight. Owens grabs a headlock for a bit before getting kicked in the chest for his efforts. A knee to the ribs cuts Nakamura down though and a backsplash gets two. We hit the chinlock as Bryan talks about how Shane’s stipulations aren’t exactly fair. Nakamura fights up but can’t hit the knee in the corner. Instead he gets sent hard into the barricade as we take a break.

    Back with Owens stomping away until Nakamura gets in a running kick to the face. Some YES Kicks have Owens in more trouble and there’s Good Vibrations for a bonus. The running knee in the corner gets two but Owens breaks up a superplex. His Swanton hits knees but Owens blocks the reverse exploder. The referee gets bumped and Bryan takes over instead. Nakamura’s spinning kick to the head gets a delayed two as Orton and Zayn get in a fight. The distraction lets Owens hit a Pop Up Powerbomb for the pin at 14:29.

    Kevin and Sami say no one is taking their careers away because they’ll win at the Clash.

    Charlotte b. Ruby Riott via DQ when Natalya interfered
    Dolph Ziggler b. Baron Corbin via DQ when Bobby Roode interfered
    Bludgeon Brothers b. Colin Delaney/Joe Monroe – Double spinebuster to Delaney
    Rusev/Aiden English b. Usos – Layout DDT to Jimmy
    Kevin Owens b. Shinsuke Nakamura – Pop Up Powerbomb


    Date: December 13, 2017
    Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
    Commentators: Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness

    This is a special show as we’re on the USA Network as part of WWE Week. It’s the first time that the modern version of NXT has aired on TV and there’s no way to guess how well this show is going to draw. That being said, it’s a big time show with a qualifying match for the upcoming four way #1 contenders match. Let’s get to it.

    Note that there was a slightly different version of this show airing on the WWE Network. Things aired a bit out of order so if you’re reading this after watching the normal version, there might be a few differences.

    We open with a look at the NXT Title situation and the four way #1 contenders match being set up last week.

    Opening sequence.

    Andrade Cien Almas vs. Fabian Aichner

    Non-title. Aichner beat Almas a few months back before Almas won the title. Almas dropkicks him down to start but charges into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The champ bails to the floor but gets caught with a HUGE springboard dive. Back in and a tornado DDT gets two on Almas, followed by a hard powerbomb for the same. They head outside with Almas sending him into the steps as it’s time to get fired up. Back in and the hammerlock DDT puts Aichner away at 2:15. Fun while it lasted.

    Video on Aleister Black.

    Video on Ember Moon, including her rise to the Women’s Title.

    Authors of Pain vs. Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan

    Burch slugs away at Akum to start and everything breaks down in a hurry. Burch and Lorcan both hit running shots in the corner but Razar runs Lorcan over. A death valley drivers into the corner sets up the Super Collider and the Last Chapter ends Lorcan at 1:18. Another very energetic match while it lasted but rather short.

    Next week: Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne for the UK Title and Undisputed Era vs. Sanity for the Tag Team Titles.

    The following match didn’t air on the USA version but did air on the Network.

    Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce

    Non-title. Royce gets a rather nice reaction. Peyton wastes no time in kneeing her down, only to get caught in a headscissors. That’s enough to send Peyton bailing to the floor so Moon dives onto both of them for a not great looking crash (she didn’t get a ton of height). Back up and Royce’s version of the Tarantula takes us to a break.

    We come back with Moon armdragging her way to freedom and kicking Royce in the ribs. A double underhook is blocked and Royce fires off some kicks to the face for two of her own. The kickout draws some screeching and Mauro calls Peyton Royce the J Lo of WWE. Nigel: “IT’S PEY RO!” Royce’s spinning kick is countered and a middle rope stomp to the ribs sets up the Eclipse for the pin at 7:36.

    Post match Billie Kay jumps Moon (Mauro: “Every kick begins with Kay!”) and Royce adds a knee. Nikki Cross of all people makes the save. The Aussies bail and Nikki looks at the title.

    The Street Profits talked to the fans, who seem to like them.

    Sanity says they haven’t left the battlefield and next week, they’ll finish what they started.

    Adam Cole is ready to win the NXT Title.

    Shayna Baszler is coming.

    Fatal Four Way Qualifying Match: Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black

    Black gets him to the mat for a headscissors but Cole easily flips out for a pose. Back up and Black calmly drops him before firing off the rapid strikes. A knee to the head has Cole bailing up the ramp. We take a break and come back with Cole driving him down into a Crossface until Black gets over to the rope. Cole manages to pose but Black doesn’t think much of the trash talk.

    Back up and Black starts the strikes, including the running kick to the head. The springboard moonsault drops Cole again but it’s too early for Black Mass. Instead Cole goes up but dives into a kick to the head for two. A jumping enziguri sets up Cole’s Backstabber for two more and we hit that NXT chant. More kicks to the head rock Black and the fireman’s carry backbreaker gets two more. Black blocks a low superkick though and knees Cole in the jaw. Cole: “WHAT DO YOU GOT???” Black Mass ends Cole at 11:15.

    Andrade Cien Almas b. Fabian Aichner – Hammerlock DDT
    Authors of Pain b. Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan – Last Chapter to Lorcan
    Ember Moon b. Peyton Royce – Eclipse
    Aleister Black b. Adam Cole – Black Mass

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