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    Impact got a 1.17, their highest in a year.

    Date: January 25, 2013
    Location: Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, California
    Commentators: Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield

    It's the final show before the Rumble and most of what we're getting on Sunday is set in stone. Tonight is likely going to be the final push towards the Rumble which probably means a big brawl at the end of the show with people being thrown over the top rope a lot. Other than that I wouldn't expect much more other than the weekly tag team main event. Let's get to it.

    Rock is going to be here again tonight to address his attack by the Shield.

    Here's HELL NO to open the show. Before they say anything though we get a recap of the hugging celebration from Raw. JBL: “I even heard a report that a lion was hugging an antelope on the Serengeti.” Kane says the champions have plenty of anger in them still (Bryan: “YES!”) and they'll prove that on Sunday when they retain the titles (Bryan: “YES!”) and then he's going to win the Royal Rumble (Bryan: “YE....”).

    Kane talks about how many Rumbles he's been in and his eleven eliminations, but Bryan chops his legs off by saying “Yeah, but you've never won the match.” That sums up the argument against Kane for Mr. Royal Rumble in one sentence. Bryan says that he'll win and an argument breaks out, which draws Big Show to the ring. Show says HELL NO has a 1/30 chance of winning the Rumble while Show has a 100% chance of getting his title back.

    Bryan points out that he beat Show for the title last year (it was the year before that) but Show yells him down. He says that he'll beat both of the champions which makes Kane stand up to the Big Show. This brings out the Rhodes Scholars with Sandow talking about how Kane and Big Show are underestimating others in the Rumble like Goliath underestimated David.

    Sandow proposes an alliance with Big Show to take out HELL NO. Cue Del Rio but before the brawling can start, Booker makes a six man tag main event. Oh and it's elimination rules. Show charges at Del Rio but gets his leg kicked out and the Scholars run, sending Show to the floor as well.

    Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

    Why does WWE insist on giving us the same match six or seven times in as many weeks sometimes? They slug it out to start with Sheamus getting two off a clothesline. Wade comes back with a dropkick of all things for the same result and we head to the floor for a bit. As they come back in Sheamus loads up the forearms in the ropes but Wade comes back with a guillotine on the ropes and a big boot to send Sheamus to the floor.

    We take a break and come back with Sheamus getting clotheslined to the outside again. As Barrett pounds away on him as he comes back in, Sheamus comes flying back in with the slingshot shoulder. Now the ten forearms hit and a Regal Roll gets two on Wade. The Irish Curse gets two but Barrett blocks White Noise. Sheamus goes up top only to get slammed down to the mat and superkicked down for two. Barrett goes to the middle rope and jumps into Sheamus' boot but he blocks himself before he connects. Sheamus trips him down though and hits White Noise for no cover. The Brogue Kick finishes clean at 7:48 shown of 11:18.

    Video on Rock being attacked by the Shield on Monday.

    Heyman and Punk are here.

    Natalya vs. Rosa Mendes

    Epico, Primo, Horny and Khali are all on commentary here. Rosa takes Nattie down to the mat with a headscissors as JBL makes short people jokes. A hair pull puts Natalya down again and it's off to a modified bow and arrow hold. Primo asks if we can focus on the match instead of JBL's WWE.com show as Rosa gets to the rope to avoid the Sharpshooter. Rosa dances in the ring so Horny dances on the table. The distraction is enough for Natalya to hook the Sharpshooter for the submission at 2:46. I think this was supposed to be funny.

    Here are Punk and Heyman with something to say. The champion talks about how everything that's coming up is just the surface that he's about to scratch. However, one thing can make 432 days go up in smoke, and that's.....not The Rock. Actually it's the Shield that Punk is worried about because of the stipulation that Vince put into place on Raw. Heyman pulls out a letter that states if the Shield interferes, Punk loses the title. Punk talks about how The Shield is a threat to his title reign because he has no control over them.

    The champion calls The Shield to the ring and says he's not leaving until they come to the ring. Cue The Shield who Punk preaches to as usual. He talks about how he's going to beat Rock on Sunday in the biggest match of his reign. He's never asked for or needed Shield's help because he's the best in the world. The Shield surrounds the ring so Punk picks up the chair he was standing in, causing the trio to back down and head through the crowd.

    Punk says that's how the champ takes care of business and on Sunday you're going to see him take care of The Rock. On Sunday Punk is going to prove that he's the best in the world and the greatest of all time. He says it again and here's Rock to a huge ovation. Rock says that he doesn't care about the Shield because his boot is going inside Punk on Sunday. There's clearly an audio edit as Rock says this so maybe he flubbed the line.

    On Sunday Rock is going to wrap his arm around Punk's chest, lift him in the air, and then time will stand still. At that point the thought in Punk's head won't be about how he's the WWE Champion or the best in the world, but only that it's over. The Rock has promised that he's going to end Punk's reign and on Sunday, it's over, if you smell what The Rock is cooking. This was AWESOME and has me really wanting to see the match for the first time.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton

    Drew pounds him into the corner to start but Orton hits a bit harder to take over. There's the powerslam followed by the backbreaker, but as Orton loads up the Elevated DDT, Mahal runs in for the DQ at 1:06. He didn't touch anyone but it's a DQ anyway. All three 3MB members get RKO's. Was there really a need to protect Drew McIntyre there?

    The Miz vs. Darren Young

    Cesaro is on commentary here. Young pounds away to start and gets two off a fast clothesline. We hit the chinlock in about twenty seconds as Cesaro talks about Albert Einstein. Young pounds away in the corner but Miz comes back with left hands in the same corner. There's the running clothesline as Titus keeps blowing the whistle. Miz gets sick of it and kicks him in the head before hitting the top rope ax handle. The Finale is countered and the Figure Four ends this at 1:54. The Figure Four was at least passable this time but Miz still doesn't need to be using it.

    Rumble By The Numbers. I love this.

    30 superstars
    1 winner
    36 Hall of Famers who have competed in the Rumble
    25 main events of Wrestlemania those HOF'ers have competed in
    754 losing entrants
    39 eliminations by Shawn Michaels, a record
    35 eliminations by Kane, good for second place
    13 consecutive Rumbles for Kane
    11 eliminations by Kane in 2001
    201,497lbs that has competed in the Rumble, or over 100 tons or 457 Big Shows
    440,004 people that have attended the Rumble
    62:12 that Rey Mysterio stayed in the 2002 Rumble, another record
    3 wins for Austin, the most ever
    2 seconds that Warlord lasted in 1989
    1 second that Santino lasted in 2009
    2 is the number of wins for both #1 and #30
    4 is the number of wins for entrant #27, the most ever
    58% of winners that win a world title at Wrestlemania

    HELL NO/Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show/Rhodes Scholars

    This is elimination rules ala Survivor Series. Rhodes and Albeto start things off with the champion flipping out of a wristlock and hitting a headscissors out of the corner. A BIG kick to Cody's head gets two and it's back to the armbar. Off to Sandow vs. Bryan with the latter firing off a bunch of kicks before it's off to Kane for a chokeslam to eliminate Sandow at 2:19.

    Big Show comes in and is immediately pounded into the corner by Kane. A running DDT gets two and there's the top rope clothesline followed by a regular clothesline to put both giants on the floor. Kane charges into the knockout punch and is eliminated by countout at 3:40. Big Show counting along with the referee is a nice touch. We take a break and come back with Bryan fighting out of some hold by Cody as Big Show offers encouragement to Rhodes. Didn't they use to hate each other?

    Cody hooks a bow and arrow hold but Bryan escapes pretty quickly. Simultaneous cross bodies put both guys down but Big Show gets the tag before Daniel can make one. Bryan fires off kicks to escape a chokeslam and takes out Big Show's leg. He goes up top but jumps into a chop before being sent over the top. Bryan skins the cat but walks into the KO punch to send him to floor for another countout (and count from Big Show) at approximately 10:00.

    It's Alberto alone vs. Big Show and the giant knocks him out to the floor for a nine count. Del Rio gets back in but slides back to the floor to get himself a breather. Show throws him back in so Alberto kicks him to the outside for the third countout of the match at approximately 12:00. So it's down to Cody vs. Del Rio with Rhodes jumping Alberto from behind. Alberto comes back with a bunch of clotheslines and a superkick for two. The corner enziguri is enough for the pin though at 10:02 shown of 13:32.

    Post match Big Show lays out Alberto and covers him with the announce table just like Alberto did to him. Show counts to ten in both English and Spanish for good measure to end the show.

    Sheamus b. Wade Barrett – Brogue Kick
    Natalya b. Rosa Mendes – Sharpshooter
    Randy Orton b. Drew McIntyre via DQ when Jinder Mahal interfered
    The Miz b. Darren Young – Figure Four Leg Lock
    HELL NO/Alberto Del Rio b. Rhodes Scholars/Big Show – Enziguri to Rhodes




    Royal Rumble 2013
    Date: January 27, 2013
    Location: US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona
    Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield

    As the tag line for the show says, FINALLY we're here. The main events tonight are Punk defending against The Rock and of course the Rumble itself. The shows have been rather awesome lately so hopefully they can keep things going tonight. Hopefully things don't change that much between tonight and Wrestlemania but odds are they will. Let's get to it.

    Pre-Show: US Title: The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro

    Cesaro is defending and this is mainly happening because of Ric Flair, as Flair was on Miz's talk show and Cesaro interrupted. Flair “gave” Miz the Figure Four and apparently that's Miz's big weapon here tonight. A fast rollup gets one for Miz but Cesaro grabs a headlock to slow things down. Miz comes back with a back elbow for two and hooks a headlock on his own on the mat.

    Miz hits the rope and charges into a kind of tilt-a-whirl powerslam to shift momentum again. Off to a bow and arrow hold by the champion which doesn't last long. A sitout slam gets two for Cesaro and a European uppercut keeps Miz down. There's the gutwrench suplex for two and Cesaro pounds away in the corner. Miz charges into a kind of Irish Curse for two and a jumping double stomp keeps him in trouble.

    Cesaro hooks a double arm lock which is quickly broken, allowing Miz to hit the Reality Check for no cover. Miz pounds away in the corner and hits the running clothesline but the ax handle misses. He may have injured his knee on the landing. They trade rollups for two each and Miz goes after the knee. The Figure Four is easily blocked so Miz kicks him to the floor instead. Cesaro lures Miz in and sends him into a piece of metal under the ring, setting up the Neutralizer to retain at 7:40.

    On with the show!

    Smackdown World Title: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Last man standing with Del Rio defending. After Big Show's entrance, we cut to the back where Alberto and Ricardo are getting ready. Bret Hart of all people pops up and says that he's proud of Alberto. Hart sees Del Rio as a Mexican Bret Hart while Del Rio sees Hart as a Canadian Del Rio. Ricardo says he's a big fan so Bret gives him some sunglasses. I have no idea what the point of this cameo was but it wasn't bad.

    Show chops him into the corner to start and gets seven off a series of shows to the chest. He loads up that reverse powerbomb of his but gets caught in a hurricanrana to put him down. A top rope seated senton takes Big Show down again but the armbreaker is easily countered into something resembling a one armed Angle Slam.

    Show heads to the floor to grab a chair but Alberto dropkicks the knee out and cracks the chair over Show's back a few times. Then he pounds it into the ribs even more but another huge show is deflected and Show hits a chokeslam for an eight. Del Rio rolls to the floor where Show slams him down onto the floor. Alberto kicks him low and superkicks him to get a nine count.

    The Big Bald kind of swats Alberto into the floor before throwing him into a piece of the set. Show misses a superkick into said piece of the set so he whacks Del Rio in the back with a light bulb that doesn't break. Instead Big Show loads up a table in front of that piece of the set. Show climbs onto the set and pulls Del Rio up onto it with him with one arm. A hip toss/chokeslam through the table (it wasn't a huge fall) gets nine and Show is ticked off. They head back to the ring but Del Rio heads to the floor to hide from the KO punch. Show follows him out and loads up the steps but can't hit the champion.

    Ricardo tries to jump Big Show but gets thrown into the barricade for his efforts. Show misses a spear and crashes through the barricade for a close nine count. Alberto hits a bunch of chair shots to the back and hits a kind of Conchairto on the shoulder using the steps. Then he sprays Show with a fire extinguisher as Show staggers back inside. Is that really going to keep him down? Back in and the cross armbreaker goes on as Ricardo uses duct tape to tie Show's legs to the ropes ala Cena vs. Batista. Alberto lets go of the hold and wins the match at 17:00.

    Striker is with Ziggler, AJ and Langston in the back. Ziggler is going to enter at #1 because he can. Matt says that's hard to do (remember that Ziggler had to pick #1 or #2, and there's such a HUGE difference between 1 and 2) so AJ gets in his face. Langston then cracks me up by going into an impersonation of a stereotypical nerdy news reporter asking Ziggler on his thoughts on his chances. Ziggler says he'll win both titles at Mania. That was awesome by Langston. The others, not so much.

    We get a medley of promos from people in the Rumble ala the old days.

    Cesaro says he'll win because he's foreign.

    Young and Titus do their thing.

    Orton says he's winning because he's awesome.

    Cena says what you would expect him to say.

    Barrett says he'll be the first Intercontinental Champion to win the Rumble.

    Sheamus says he can win his second in a row because of the Brogue Kick.

    Ryback says he isn't a predator and he doesn't eat Fruity Pebbles. Just feed him more. He might not be so hungry if he ate Fruity Pebbles.

    Tag Titles: Rhodes Scholars vs. HELL NO

    The Scholars are getting what is probably their 95th title shot in a few weeks. Bryan and Rhodes start things off with Cody having a leap frog countered into a surfboard. Off to Kane as JBL goes into a mini rant on Dr. Shelby. Kane fights out of the heel corner and slams the now legal Sandow. Bryan comes back in to fire off the kicks as JBL goes off about the hugging on Raw.

    Kane kicks Sandow through the ropes and Cody is thrown on top of him. Bryan hits a suicide dive (JBL: “THE FLYING GOAT VEGAN!”) to take out both challengers and the fans seem fired up. Back in and Cody gets in a few shots to take over with a half Boston crab as the announcers talk about 1980s TV. Sandow comes in for the Wind-Up Elbow and some stomping for two. Cody comes back in and gets kicked in the face to take him down. Sandow blocks the hot tag though and brings Cody right back in.

    Rhodes hooks an over the shoulder backbreaker for a bit but once the hold is released, Bryan hits a running DDT to take Cody down. Kane finally gets the tag (no reaction) and house is cleaned with Sandow taking a side slam for two. Kane loads up the top rope clothesline (JBL: “That's a flying taker.”) but Sandow breaks it up. A kind of running swinging neckbreaker gets two for Damien but Cody comes in for a double suplex. Bryan makes a blind tag at the same time though and it's a chokeslam for Cody and the NO Lock for Sandow for the tap out at 9:30.

    Rumble by the Numbers.

    Vickie gives HELL NO their numbers for the Rumble. Kane sees Bryan's and says interesting. Bryan wants to see Kane's and penis jokes ensue. Ron Simmons unfortunately doesn't show up.

    We recap Fan Fest which had the NXT tournament.

    Royal Rumble

    This is earlier than I was expecting. 90 second intervals and Ziggler is #1. He says he's going to be here at the beginning and at the end. Ziggler doesn't care who #2 is so he doesn't mind when......CHRIS JERICHO is #2??? Jericho has a big tattoo on his left arm now and if you remember correctly, Ziggler got Jericho fired last year. Ziggy throws him to the apron but Jericho comes back with a top rope forearm to the head. Jericho clotheslines him to the apron but Ziggler gets right back in. Cody Rhodes is #3 and the double teaming begins.

    Ziggler gets knocked down and Cody is put in the Walls, only to be quickly broken up (or down?) by Dolph. Kofi is #4 and Dolph has to duck Trouble in Paradise. Cody and Jericho both try to dump Kofi to no avail and we enter into the lame brawling section. Santino is #5 and throws Cody and Jericho to the apron but no further. The Cobra takes Kofi down but Ziggler superkicks Santino out. The heels double team Kofi but can't put him out.

    Drew McIntyre is #6 and more heel alliances form. Jericho BARELY survives being thrown out by dangling until Titus O'Neal is #7. He picks up Kofi and does the Millions of Dollars dance before hitting him with a backbreaker. McIntyre is sent to the apron and kicked out by Jericho. Ziggler is sent upside down on the ropes but hangs on at the last second. The fans chant for Jericho as Goldust returns at #8.

    Goldie goes right for Cody to a big pop and there's the kneeling uppercut. Cody hangs on to avoid elimination as the fans cheer for Goldust. Otunga is #9 as the ring is getting too full. JBL goes into a weird series of insults to Lawler about how Cole kept beating him which goes nowhere. Heath Slater is #10 as we need someone to come in here and clean some people out. Jericho puts Ziggler onto the apron again but can't get him out.

    Sheamus is #11 and after a bunch of forearms he dumps Titus and Otunga. Slater tries to jump Sheamus resulting in a big heel beatdown. Tensai is #12, giving us Ziggler, Jericho, Rhodes, Slater, Goldust, Kofi, Sheamus and Tensai. Cole talks about Jake Roberts being the first person to eliminate someone in 1998 (you read that right) as people keep fighting by the ropes. Brodus Clay is #13 complete with the Funkadactyls who are rocking some shorts.

    There are way too many guys in there at the moment as Goldust sends Rhodes to the apron. Cody pulls his brother to the apron and slides back in where he whips Goldust into the post to eliminate him. Cool sequence there. Rey Mysterio returns (kind of) at #14 in a weird looking low cut singlet. He hits a few 619s and the top rope splash on Jericho but has to fight off Rhodes.

    Darren Young is #15 and joins a group of guys to eliminate Brodys. Kofi low bridges Tensai for an elimination. Ziggler knocks Kofi off the apron where he lands on Tensai's back and is dropped onto the announce table. Kofi teases jumping off the announce table to the ring as the camera stops focusing on the match at all. He asks for JBL's chair as Bo Dallas is #16. Kofi hops with the chair to get back to the apron and gets back in. Ok, last year it was a cool idea but this took like a minute to work which makes it WAY too much.

    Kofi dumps Darren (who looked to injure his knee on the landing) but gets Disaster Kicked out by Cody. Godfather returns at #17 and is dropkicked out in two seconds by Ziggler. Gee I'm so glad they wasted this spot on him. We've got Ziggler, Jericho, Rhodes, Sheamus, Dallas, Mysterio, Slater and now Barrett at #18. Barrett and Jericho try to put Sheamus out but Mysterio breaks it up for no apparent reason.

    Cody and Barrett are the only ones on their feet as Cena is #19. All of the heels stare him down and it's a dog pile as he gets into the ring. There goes Slater (immediately checked on by referees) and Rhodes as well but Jericho blocks an AA attempt. Dallas goes after Cena so points to him for trying. Sandow is #20 and Rey tries to rana Barrett to the floor, only to get kicked to the floor. Sheamus goes after Barrett because that's the law anymore.

    Jericho busts out the Walls on Cena but can't quite hook them. Now he gets them on as Daniel Bryan is #21. There are the kicks for Ziggler and some for Barrett as well. Daniel is the only one on his feet at the moment but he and Sheamus can't put Jericho out. We get dueling Cena chants as Cesaro is #22. Nothing of note happens so Khali is #23. This is his 7th Rumble which is really surprising. WAY too many people in there again.

    Ziggler hits a kind of stunner on Cena as Cesaro tries to put Sheamus out. Kane is #24 and sends Ziggler to the apron for about the 17th time. More people lay around until Zack Ryder is #25. There's a Rough Ryder for Dolph and Kane dumps Khali. Bryan dumps Kane but Cesaro knocks Bryan right into Kane's arms. Kane isn't sure what to do but eventually he drops Bryan to the floor, more or less turning him heel for one night only.

    Orton is #26 and fires off a bunch of clotheslines and a powerslam for Ziggler. Bo Dallas manages to stay in, only to be caught in a double Elevated DDT at the same time as Ziggler. Ryder eats and RKO and is gone. Jinder Mahal gets lucky #27 as we now have ten guys in there at once. Cena dumps Cesaro and slingshots Ziggler to the apron but can't put him out. The Miz is #28 and gets in a fight with Cesaro in the aisle. Apparently Miz has a bad ankle from the pre show match and is limping a bit.

    Sheamus knocks Mahal out and Miz hits the Reality Check on Cena. Sin Cara gets #29 and totally misses a kick to Ziggler's head as he comes in. Sheamus puts Cena on the apron as Bo Dallas pulls Wade Barrett out in a big surprise. Miz and Jericho fight on the apron as Barrett pulls Dallas out of the match. There's Dallas' first feud I guess. The Bull Hammer lays Dallas out as well. Ryback gets #30, giving us WAY too many people for me to list at the moment.

    Ryback dumps Sandow and Sin Cara and glares at Miz for trying to toss him. There goes Miz and we're down to six: Jericho, Ziggler, Cena, Sheamus, Orton and Ryback. Jericho fires things up and dropkicks Sheamus to the apron but poses too much and gets superkicked out by Dolph. Orton and Sheamus go at it which is probably a title match at Mania. Ryback goes shoulder first into the post and walks into an RKO as does Cena. RKO to Sheamus and an Elevated DDT to Ryback but there's no one on their feet to eliminate.

    Ryback counters an RKO and clotheslines Orton out. The Brogue Kick knocks out Ziggler at roughly 50 minutes and we're down to three. It's Cena, Sheamus and Ryback left and Ryback gets double teamed. Now the two superheroes look at the sign and slug it out. Cena fires off his finishing sequence by Ryback breaks up the Shuffle with a Meathook. Sheamus escapes Shell Shock and hits White Noise on Ryback. The pale one loads up the Brogue Kick but gets dumped out by Ryback.

    So we're down to Cena vs. Ryback and after a catchphrase battle, Cena walks into a spinebuster. There's the STF to Ryback and the bald one passes out. Cena tries to pick him up but Ryback is dead weight. Cena is fine with that though and sits Ryback on the top, only to get caught in a kind of Thesz Press off the top. Ryback puts him in a kind of powerslam position but Cena escapes and throws him out to win at 54:50.

    We recap Rock vs. Punk which means the Divas Title match got scrapped. That's likely a good idea. Anyway you should know this by now: Punk doesn't like Rock because he thinks Rock has too much handed to him while Rock got this shot because he won a match nine months ago. The main idea here is that Shield might interfere against Punk's wishes but if they do, Rock gets the title.

    Rock goes on a rant about not getting drafted into the NFL which turns into a longer rant about adversity and his mom having cancer. Oh she's here tonight. That's a relief. Anyway, Rock talks about Punk saying the fans don't count but insists they do. He reaches out his hand ala Dusty Rhodes in Hard Times (look it up) and says tonight he and the fans are one. Good ending to an oddly started promo.

    Raw World Title: The Rock vs. CM Punk

    Shield attacked Rock on Monday so he has some bad ribs. Rock wins a fast slugout but can't hit the Rock Bottom. Punk gets knocked to the floor but gets in a shot to Rocky to slow him up. The champ (Punk) loads up the Spanish announce table....and then puts it right back where he found it. Well at least Mama Punk taught him well. Rock sends Punk into the barricade so Heyman hits him in the back. Heyman: “MOMMY!” CM comes back and messes with the table again before we head back inside.

    Punk hooks a bodyscissors to slow things down and knees Rock in the stomach for two. Off to something like the cousin of the Anaconda Vice before Rock comes back with some right hands. Punk will have none of that as he leg lariats Rock right back down. Rock gets draped over the top rope as we get a dueling catchphrase chant (Knees 2 Faces and Rock's version of the same line).

    Punk fires off a kick to send Rock to the floor but he might have hurt his knee in the process. He goes up top and hits a forearm to the head but hurts his knee again in the process. The suicide dive keeps Rock down as they seem to be in second gear or so here. Back in and Punk misses the springboard clothesline so Rock goes after the bad knee for the first time. Both finishers are blocked as is the Sharpshooter but Punk counters into the Vice.

    In a smart move, Rock rolls over into a cover so Punk has to leg go to escape. A DDT puts Punk down for no cover but Punk rolls through the Rock Bottom. Now the Sharpshooter is hooked but Punk finally makes a rope. Rock loads up the announce table but doesn't set it back like Punk did. If nothing else, Punk wins the manners battle. Punk gets placed on the table but escapes with a kick to the face. A GTS is countered into the Rock Bottom but the table collapses underneath them. Rock is holding his knee but pulls off a Rock Bottom on the floor, presumably to buy some time.

    That gets two back inside and Rock's knee seems ok. That's a good sign. Rock picks Punk up but gets caught by the high kick to put both guys down. A slugout goes to the Great One and there's the flying clothesline to set up the spinebuster. Rock loads up the People's Elbow....and there go the lights.

    We can hear something happening at the announce table and flashes of light show the Shield. Rock is put through the announce table but the referee didn't see it so the match doesn't end. DOES VINCE NOT WATCH THESE SHOWS??? Punk is all like “oh dear what an unfortunate turn of events.” He insists he has nothing to do with the Shield and rolls Rock back in....for the pin at 21:30.

    Thankfully Vince comes out and says not so fast my friend. He says that he saw the Shield so as Chairman he has to....be cut off by Rock. Rock says Vince doesn't take the title from Punk because that's what Rock is here for. He wants the match restarted and Vince says do it. Punk immediately stomps Rock down in the corner and hits the running knee. There's the Macho Elbow for two more as the fans are getting into this. The GTS is escaped and there's the People's Elbow for the pin and the title at 26:47. There was only about two minutes of extra stuff so the old rating stays, but MAN that was a fast ending for Punk's reign.

    Alberto Del Rio b. Big Show – Big Show couldn't answer the ten count
    HELL NO b. Rhodes Scholars – NO Lock
    John Cena won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Ryback
    The Rock b. CM Punk – People's Elbow

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Randy Orton b. Antonio Cesar – RKO
    Big Show b. Zack Ryder – WMD
    Ryback b. Heath Slater – Shell Shock
    Dolph Ziggler b. The Miz – Zig Zag
    Kaitlyn b. Alicia Fox – Spear
    Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus went to a no contest
    Alberto Del Rio b. Tensai - Moonsault

    Wyatt Family b. Yoshi Tatsu/Percy Watson – Clothesline to Watson
    Sasha Banks b. Alicia Fox – Small Package
    Corey Graves b. Jake Carter – 13th Step
    Oliver Grey/Adrian Neville b. 3MB – Corkscrew Shooting Star Press to McIntyre
    Big E. Langston b. Axl Keegan – Big Ending

    Impact Wrestling
    Tara b. Velvet Sky – Tara pinned Sky after Jesse tripped her
    Zema Ion/Kenny King b. Rob Van Dam/Christian York – Ion pinned York after a springboard Blockbuster from King
    Bobby Roode b. Hernandez – Bulldog
    Jeff Hardy b. Christopher Daniels – Swanton Bomb

    Sheamus b. Wade Barrett – Brogue Kick
    Natalya b. Rosa Mendes – Sharpshooter
    Randy Orton b. Drew McIntyre via DQ when Jinder Mahal interfered
    The Miz b. Darren Young – Figure Four Leg Lock
    HELL NO/Alberto Del Rio b. Rhodes Scholars/Big Show – Enziguri to Rhodes

    Royal Rumble 2013
    Alberto Del Rio b. Big Show – Big Show couldn't answer the ten count
    HELL NO b. Rhodes Scholars – NO Lock
    John Cena won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Ryback
    The Rock b. CM Punk – People's Elbow
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