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    Date: January 21, 2016
    Location: Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
    Attendance: 3,000
    Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Byron Saxton, John Bradshaw Layfield

    It's the go home show for the Royal Rumble and Roman Reigns is already in trouble tonight with a handicap match against the entire League of Nations. This show is almost destined to end with a big brawl between most of the different major factions in the Rumble and it wouldn't feel right if things ended any differently. Let's get to it.

    Opening sequence.

    Here's Chris Jericho to open things up. It's been fourteen months since he's been on Smackdown but he wants to talk about three days from now, which will be the biggest Royal Rumble of all time. Jericho instructs the monkeys to show us what happened on Monday, which leads us into the three and a half minute recap of most of Monday's events, including the Highlight Reel to end the show.

    Back in the arena, Jericho says Brock may be the beast incarnate but Jericho is here to save the WWE. That's Sunday thought because right now, he's here to be interrupted by the New Day. Big E. wishes shame on Jericho for destroying Francesca and now making light of things while New Day is in mourning. Woods thinks there should be a documentary made about Christal (yes Christal) called Making a Brass Murderer.

    Jericho is so cold blooded that he wouldn't give a crippled crab a crutch. We get a moment of silence for Francesca but Jericho says this, along with the horns on New Day's heads, are stupid. Jericho thinks they need better unicorn names, like Sparkles, Bartholomew, Rootie and Tootie. That's enough to get them into the ring but Jericho says they already have a six man scheduled.

    New Day vs. Usos/Dolph Ziggler

    Maybe this will be a bit more entertaining than the rather boring Jericho vs. New Day segments. I know they sound great on paper but they're really not working in practice. Dolph has some face paint of its own. Kofi and Jimmy get things going with Kingston taking over and telling the fans not to call them Rootie Tooties. It's quickly off to Jey for two off a double back elbow. It's off to Woods (or Tootie, giving me flashbacks to the Facts of Life, which is odd as I've never watched the show) who gets caught in a neckbreaker from Ziggler, followed by a big elbow drop for two.

    Big E. comes in for a quick belly to belly and the Warrior Splash. As usual there is no reference to their history together because once something ends in WWE, it is never brought up again ever, or at least until they go back to that exact story. It's back to Kofi for a chinlock but he tries to go up top and gets dropkicked out of the air.

    The hot tag brings in Jimmy to clean house with dropkicks all around and a running Umaga Attack to Kofi. Big E. low bridges him though and we take a break. Back with Big E. holding Jimmy in the abdominal stretch and Woods shouting at the fans. Woods gets two off a faceplant as Ranallo mentions Xavier going for his fourth college degree. That's just impressive.

    Jimmy kicks Big E. away and scores with a Whisper in the Wind, allowing the real hot tag to Ziggler. Everything breaks down and Jey dropkicks everyone he can find. Well everyone not on his team and not wearing a referee shirt that is. A double dive takes out Kofi and Big E., leaving Woods to take a triple superkick for the pin at 14:44.

    Ranallo refers to Reigns having to face all four members of the League of Nations as a “stiff test.” That's rather subtle.

    Rumble By the Numbers video.

    Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox

    Charlotte and Flair (kind of surprising to see him on Smackdown) are on commentary. Fox runs her over to start and takes Becky to the floor for a kick to the chest. For some reason (likely fallout from her being crazy) Alicia grabs a northern lights suplex on the floor and holds the bridge for a count that is never coming. Back in and Becky starts her clotheslines comeback until Fox knees her in the face. Not that it matters as Becky reverses a slam into the Disarm-Her for the tap at 2:59.

    It's time for MizTV with guests Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. Miz explains the rules of a Last Man Standing match until Ambrose comes out to cut him off. Dean says Sunday isn't really even a match because it's more of an amusement park. Miz asks Ambrose if he thinks he can do a better job hosting this show.

    The fan reactions send Miz to sit in the corner and Dean gets back to the amusement park idea. He goes outside and points to the apron, which is the first ride he's going to take Owens on. “Has anyone ever noticed that Owens kind of looks like a bear?” That's why he calls the edge of the steps the bear trap because he can get Owens' hand caught behind them and hit him with anything he wants, including the new Smackdown announcer. That leaves Dean with the announcers' table, which he calls Memory Lane. He can't wait to give Owens the kind of beating he deserves on this table but here's Kevin to interrupt.

    Owens says he's more of a zoo enthusiast than an amusement park guy (amen brother) but more than that he's obsessed with getting his Intercontinental Title back. That's why on Sunday he'll do whatever he has to do to get his title back and leave Dean laying. Ambrose wants to fight right now but Miz jumps Dean from behind at the mention of DeanTV. This brings Owens to the ring.....to lay out Miz with the Pop Up Powerbomb. Dean fights back on Kevin but can't give him Dirty Deeds. Owens bails so Dean gives Miz the DDT instead before counting to ten (it wouldn't be the build to a Last Man Standing match without one of those).

    The Wyatts are here.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Ryback

    After a clip of the Wyatts laying Brock out on Raw, Ryback hits an early cross body and pounds away at Bray's head. There's the Thesz Press with Ryback ramming the back of the head into the mat. For some reason Ryback heads outside though, allowing Bray to Rock Bottom him onto the apron as we take a break.

    Back with Ryback running Bray over and hitting a.....dang it he hit a superkick. You would think RYBACK would be immune from using that move but it really is spreading out of control. Bray avoids the top rope splash though and gets two off the backsplash. Ryback hits a quick spinebuster and Meathook but Harper offers a distraction, allowing Strowman to send Ryback into the steps. Sister Abigail puts Ryback away at 8:00.

    Post match the Wyatts lay Ryback out again.

    Stardust vs. Titus O'Neil

    Yes again. Titus starts fast with the hard overhead chops but Stardust takes him to the floor and sends Titus into the barricade. Back in and we hit the crossface chickenwing for a bit before Titus comes back with a shoulder and clothesline. Such varied offense. Stardust gets two off a DDT but gets crotched on top, setting up the Clash of the Titus for the pin at 3:04.

    Kalisto talks about Alberto being up there with Mil Mascaras, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero in Mexican wrestling, Sure Del Rio is bigger and stronger, but Kalisto has been fighting Goliaths his entire life. Del Rio comes in and says Kalisto's wins were flukes. The League appears and beats Kalisto down.

    Roman Reigns comes out for his match but says he's not really surprised that the odds were stacked against him again. That just makes the fight bigger and he can't wait to come back home with his WWE World Title. Simple and to the point here.

    Roman Reigns vs. League of Nations

    Sheamus starts for the team but can't drag Reigns over to the corner. It's off to Rusev instead but he's low bridged to the floor and driven into the barricade. Back in and it's quickly off to Sheamus for a hard knee to the ribs. That means it's back to Rusev, who shouts at Reigns to tag his partner.

    Sheamus puts on a chinlock with a knee in the back until Reigns sends him into the corner for a breather. Rusev comes in and misses a charge, allowing Reigns to come back with some clotheslines. The referee tells them to go home because they've got one minute, meaning it's time for Del Rio and Barrett to come in and jump Reigns for the DQ at 4:57. Barrett and Del Rio never tagged in.

    Post match the League keeps up the beatdown until the Usos come in. This draws out the Wyatts for the long beatdown on Reigns to end the show.

    Usos/Dolph Ziggler b. New Day – Triple Superkick to Woods
    Becky Lynch b. Alicia Fox – Disarm-Her
    Bray Wyatt b. Ryback – Sister Abigail
    Titus O'Neil b. Stardust – Clash of the Titus
    Roman Reigns b. League of Nations via DQ when all four attacked Reigns






    Royal Rumble 2016
    Date: January 24, 2016
    Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
    Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Byron Saxton

    It's time to start the Road to Wrestlemania and it's never started on this hot of a note. This year it's all about the World Title as Roman Reigns is defending the title in the Royal Rumble itself for the first time ever. That leaves a lot of possible options open and with Reigns starting at #1, there could be a lot of drama by the end. Let's get to it.

    Pre-Show: Darren Young/Damien Sandow vs. Ascension vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Mark Henry/Jack Swagger

    One fall to a finish and the winning team gets spots in the Rumble. Swagger and Young get things going but it's quickly off to Henry as the fans want Sandow. That changes into a “HEY! WE WANT SOME SANDOW!” chants and that's exactly what they get, including the Wind-Up Elbow for two on Jack. Konnor tags himself in and it's a big four way standoff as we take a break.

    Back with Swagger holding Konnor in a chinlock but D-Von tags himself in, only to get stomped down in the corner. Konnor puts D-Von in a chinlock as the fans want Sexual Chocolate. D-Von avoids a charge and it's a double tag to Bubba and Viktor with the former cleaning house. A Rock Bottom gets two on Viktor and Young takes What's Up, meaning it's table time. Actually scratch that as a 3D gets two on Viktor with Swagger making a fast save. Henry splashes D-Von and covers Viktor for the pin and the Rumble spots at 7:58.

    Vince and Stephanie arrive before the opening video with Vince saying (while stooping down to be on JoJo's height) they're going to give Reigns an opportunity to do something unheard of tonight. Vince loves this night, almost as much as he loves himself. Pretty pointless scene but good night Vince is a ball of energy.

    The opening video focuses on the statues before going into a regular video all about Reigns being up against the entire roster tonight.

    Intercontinental Title: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

    Owens is challenging in his rematch from TLC and this is last man standing. It's a brawl to start with Owens taking an early bulldog to send him outside. Dean sends him over the announcers' table with a suicide dive with Cole being wiped out by Kevin. Owens hits the champ in the ribs with an iPad so Dean whips him into the steps for four. It's already kendo stick time and Cole is suddenly a huge Ambrose fan.

    Owens comes back with a Cannonball to drive Ambrose through the barricade for a nine. They head inside and the fans sound like they're mainly on Owens' side. The backsplash keeps Dean in trouble and it's time to throw in a bunch of chairs. A chair to the back drops Ambrose again but Owens has a seat instead of following up. The Rebound Lariat puts Owens down but Dean has to counter the Pop Up Powerbomb with a backdrop through the chairs.

    Kevin bails to the floor but suckers Dean in for some hard whips into the steps and a seven count. It's table time (fan: “I feel like you're wasting your time right now!”) as Dean is laying on the apron, which should earn him a count. Owens stacks up two tables on top of each other in front of a post but gets a chair pelted at his face. It hangs around his neck so Dean starts punching the chair until it falls off. That's not the brightest thing in the world champ.

    The Pop Up Powerbomb is countered with a hurricanrana and Dean grabs Dirty Deeds for eight. Dirty Deeds onto the chair has Owens in trouble but he rolls outside and onto his feet to break the count before collapsing. Dean loads up another table at ringside (“HEY! WE WANT SOME TABLES!”) and drops the top rope elbow for a double eight count. We get yet another table in the ring and they trade shouts of I HATE YOU.

    Ambrose loads up a superplex through the table but Owens reverses into the fisherman's superplex for the big crash. They're both back up again so Owens grabs a hard Pop Up Powerbomb for nine and a half, only to have Dean collapse at 9.6. Frustration sets in for Owens as he loads up all the chairs and goes up, allowing Dean to shove him off the top and through the double tables at ringside for the win to retain at 20:21.

    We recap the destruction of Francesca the Trombone. That's a really odd statement if you're reading this a long time from now. In other words it's time for the Tag Team Titles.

    Tag Team Titles: New Day vs. Usos

    New Day (Kofi/Big E.) is defending and Kofi asks for a moment of silence, allowing Woods to debut Francesca II. Yes Xavier will miss Francesca but he has, ahem, needs. As for tonight, one of them will also win the Rumble because 2016 will be the year of all gold everything. Thankfully the Usos have the different color boots on again.

    Kofi and Jimmy get things going with Kofi missing his reverse leapfrog, allowing Jimmy to throw him down. It's off to Jey as we have a discussion of Byron's street cred. Big E. comes in and sends Jey shoulder first into the post to take over. It's back to Kofi to pummel away in the corner as Woods rants about being in the match as well. The fans want Woods to play Francesca but Woods says not so fast.

    Both guys try superkicks (shocking I know) but Kofi pulls Jey down by the leg so Big E. can get in a splash. A slingshot stomp crushes Jey again but he enziguris Kofi off the apron and out to the floor for a nice crash. Jimmy gets the tag and starts cleaning house with a Samoan Drop and Whisper in the Wind getting two on Big E. Everything breaks down and Big E. knocks Jimmy off the top, setting up a belly to belly for two of his own.

    Jey dives off the apron (out of the WWE Universe according to Cole) to take Kofi out, followed by Big E. spearing Jimmy through the apron in an always cool looking spot. Back in and the Midnight Hour is broken up, allowing Jimmy to superkick Kofi into a very quiet Superfly Splash. Woods makes the save though, earning himself a suicide dive from Jey. Back in and Jey superkicks Kofi down but misses a blind tag to Big E., allowing the Big Ending to pull Jey out of the air for the Big Ending to retain the titles at 10:54.

    We recap the Highlight Reel from Monday and the ensuing chaos.

    The Wyatts talk about slaughtering the Beast and the Chosen One. Tonight they slaughter them all on their way to the title. Then he really will have the whole world in his hands. Run.

    US Title: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto

    Del Rio is defending and this is the rubber match because WWE can't count to four. They've traded the title in recent weeks with Del Rio's League of Nations teammates beating Kalisto down three days earlier on Smackdown. Kalisto hammers away in the corner to start but gets kicked in the chest for two. Del Rio rains down some right hands in the corner but gets kicked in the back to knock him out to the floor.

    We get another suicide dive to take the champ out but he knocks Kalisto off the top with an enziguri. A chinlock gives both guys a breather before the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker drops Kalisto again. They head outside again so Kalisto can snap off a hurricanrana. Byron: “Kalisto looked up to guys like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.” JBL: “He looks up to everybody Byron. He's short!”

    Del Rio whips him into the barricade and it's time to go for the mask, which you know is enough to start a comeback. That's quickly cut off by the low superkick for two but Del Rio misses another running enziguri. A very nice tornado DDT gets two for Kalisto and there's the corkscrew crossbody. The hurricanrana driver gets two more but Kalisto takes too long going up, allowing Del Rio to reverse superplex to connect for two.

    They botch a sunset bomb but Kalisto turns into a quick rollup for two more anyway in a close enough save. The top rope double stomp misses and a springboard Salida Del Sol gets two more with Alberto grabbing the bottom rope. Kalisto tries a springboard but lands on two knees for a unique counter. Del Rio would rather take the turnbuckle pad off though, only to be sent face first into the steel. A quick Salida Del Sol gives Kalisto the title back at 11:30.

    Kickoff recap.

    Paul Heyman comes in to see Stephanie and the disgust is quickly on. Heyman talks about Brock winning the title tonight with just ten weeks before we go to Wrestlemania. He promises that Brock will eliminate the entire Wyatt Family tonight but all Stephanie cares about is Reigns being eliminated. If Brock gets rid of him, Stephanie will gradually renegotiate Lesnar's deal, which is all Heyman wanted.

    Ad for Edge and Christian's Network show.

    Fastlane ad.

    We recap Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch. They were friends but Charlotte freaked out after losing to Becky, triggering a heel turn as Charlotte wanted to be more like her dad. Becky tricked Ric Flair into setting this up by implying that Charlotte was a coward.

    Divas Title: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

    Charlotte is defending. Becky takes her to the mat to start but can't get the arm this early. An armdrag sends Charlotte into the corner as they're sprinkling in some Steamboat vs. Flair. The Figure Four doesn't work so Charlotte cranks on an armbar of her own. The fans are entirely behind Becky here but Charlotte takes over with some good old cheating from her dad, who kisses Becky to distract her.

    Back in and a suplex gets two for the champ and we hit the figure four neck lock with Charlotte slamming her face first into the mat. The hold stays on for a long time until Becky fights up with some running clotheslines. Becky forearms out of the Figure Eight and grabs a t-bone suplex for two. The running legdrops set up another t-bone but Charlotte hits a quick spear to take over again.

    Becky is sat on top but grabs Charlotte's arm and rolls into an armbreaker. That's countered into a pretty impressive powerbomb for two more as Flair's cheerleading gets louder and louder. Back up and Charlotte baseball slides her dad by mistake, allowing Becky to grab the Disarm-Her. Ric throws his coat onto Becky's face though to break up the hold (and somehow not draw a DQ). Another spear retains Charlotte's title at 12:37.

    Post match Charlotte beats Becky down even more until Sasha Banks comes out (on her own thank goodness).....and kicks Becky to the floor. Sasha says she wants the title but waits until Ric leaves before putting on the Bank Statement. Somehow Flair doesn't notice this for a bit, despite the fans going NUTS for it.

    Some fans won a tour of the Performance Center from Chex Mix.

    Rumble by the Numbers video. Good night they're stretching the heck out of this.

    WWE World Title: Royal Rumble

    Roman Reigns is defending and is coming in at #1 with ninety second intervals. The fans instantly boo Reigns to continue their tradition. It's Rusev in at #2 as we get the final two from last year starting this year. They slug it out to start and Rusev elbows out of a Samoan Drop. There's a spinwheel kick to stagger the champ and Rusev throws him through the ropes to the floor. That sets up the Apron Boot and a spear to get rid of Rusev quick.

    It's.....AJ STYLES in at #3 and the fans lose their minds at the reveal. Roman looks as stunned as anyone as the announcers acknowledge the internet rumors, which to be fair were on WWE.com. An early Styles Clash attempt doesn't work so AJ Pele Kicks him, only to have another Clash countered into the Samoan Drop. Tyler Breeze is in at #4 with kicks to both guys as the fans chant for AJ. Breeze can't get Reigns out so AJ picks him up, only to have Roman punch AJ in the ribs, sending Breeze out to the floor.

    Curtis Axel is in at #5 and actually gets in the ring. Axel actually gets the best of it to start but the Outcasts' interference doesn't work, allowing AJ to clothesline Axel to the floor. Chris Jericho is in at #6 and goes after Reigns before elbowing AJ down. Reigns is sent shoulder first into the post, leaving AJ to try another Clash on Jericho. That's countered into a Walls of Jericho attempt but Reigns makes the save. Kane is in at #7 and Cole actually calls him arguably the greatest Rumble performer of all time. You know, minus the whole WINNING THE MATCH thing.

    Kane kicks AJ in the face before going after the other two as things settle down. Goldust is in at #8 and Kane is the only person on his feet. Everyone gets into the same corner as the fans are still chanting for AJ. Ryback is in at #9 and WOW the fans are not happy. Kane and Jericho form an unlikely team (time heals all hot coffee wounds) to put Ryback on the apron but not to the floor. Kofi Kingston is in at #10 and goes after Jericho. AJ hits the springboard forearm on Jericho but gets dropped to the mat for his efforts.

    Titus O'Neil is in at #11 and does the usual cleaning house spot, including eliminating Goldust. We've got Reigns, Styles, Ryback, Jericho, O'Neil, Kane and Kingston in at the moment and it's R-Truth in at #12. That means it's time for a ladder but there's no briefcase to grab. Kane gets rid of him in a few seconds and throws Kofi out as well, only to have him land on Big E.'s shoulders for the save of the year. Kofi stops to have a Coke and it's Luke Harper in at #13.

    Cue the League of Nations and Vince to pulls Reigns to the floor for a beating, which is likely the way to keep him out of the match until much later. The camera ignores everything going on in the ring as the beating goes on, continuing a long stretch of bad camera work tonight. Stardust is in at #14 as Rusev splashes Reigns through the French announce table. We've been away from the ring for the better part of two minutes at this point.

    The camera FINALLY goes back to the ring as the League walks off with a monitor for some reason. Kofi was eliminated off camera and it's Big Show in at #15, giving us Show, Reigns (down on the floor), Styles, Jericho, Harper, Stardust, O'Neil, Ryback and Kane. Titus and Ryback are dumped by Big Show as a stretcher comes out for Reigns. Neville is in at #16 and Reigns gets off the stretcher but goes to the back anyway. We finally see that it was Jericho who eliminated Kofi earlier in the match.

    Braun Strowman is in at #17 and runs people over before breaking Kane's chokeslam attempt. Strowman dumps Kane with ease and it's time for the showdown with Big Show. Another chokeslam attempt is broken up and Strowman chokes him out for another easy elimination. So the old giants are already out and we're not even to #20 yet. That's quite the surprise. Kevin Owens is in at #18, limping to the ring to sell the injuries from earlier.

    We've got Jericho, Strowman, Harper, Stardust, Styles, Owens and Neville in the ring at the moment with Reigns in the back. Kevin goes right for AJ for the slugout but Neville breaks it up. The Clash is broken up again as Owens superkicks Styles and throws him out for a bit of a surprise. Dean Ambrose is in at #19 and goes right for Owens as you would expect. The fans start cheering for AJ as he leaves and we recap the League beating Reigns down earlier. Sami Zayn is in at #20 for a big surprise and goes right for Owens, tossing him in pretty short order.

    Erick Rowan is in at #21 to give us three Wyatts with Bray still to come. The Wyatts get together to dump Stardust and Neville before Strowman starts choking Jericho. Mark Henry is in at #22 and Strowman slams him with ease. The three Wyatts dump Mark about ten seconds after he got in and get rid of Sami as well. Strowman chokes Jericho some more and it's Lesnar in at #23. Brock goes right for Jericho and Strowman before suplexing anyone he can find.

    We get Brock vs. Braun and a BIG forearm puts Strowman on his back. Lesnar clotheslines Rowan out and German suplexes Harper. Strowman elbows out of one but misses a charge into the post. Another clothesline drops Strowman and Brock is looking winded. Jack Swagger is in at #24 and charges right into an F5 for an elimination in fifteen seconds. We've got Lesnar, Strowman, Harper Ambrose and Jericho in the ring.

    Miz is in at #25 and goes to commentary where he promises to turn Suplex City into Mizney World. Lesnar gets rid of Harper and it's Alberto Del Rio in at #26. Brock throws him down with ease before clotheslining Braun a few times for the elimination. Del Rio, Jericho and Ambrose gang up on Lesnar and it's Bray Wyatt (Cole makes it sound like a random Uso) in at #27. The rest of the Wyatts come back for the gang attack but Brock shrugs them off like the nothings they are.

    It's time for Bray vs. Brock and Wyatt is quickly suplexed. Harper saves Bray from the F5 though and we get a big gang beatdown. Sister Abigail allows the rest of the Family to dump Lesnar and set up a Wrestlemania match. Dolph Ziggler is in at #28 and starts cleaning house with his usual stuff. Miz finally gets in the ring and plants Dolph with the Skull Crushing Finale. It's not enough for an elimination though as Jericho goes after Miz until Sheamus is in at #29. Reigns decks him in the aisle and gets back in to eliminate Miz and Del Rio.

    Bray is up to go after Roman as Sheamus hasn't gotten in the ring yet. The Superman Punch decks Wyatt and the booing is all over the place again. Reigns is the only man standing and indeed it's HHH in at #30 to give us HHH, Reigns, Sheamus (on the floor) Jericho, Wyatt, Ambrose and Ziggler as the final group.

    HHH and Reigns have their big staredown but Ziggler has to be Pedigreed. Bray gets speared and it's back to the staredown with all seven still in. They slug it out with Reigns countering the Pedigree. Sheamus gets in and throws Reigns to the ropes before it's time for the parade of finishers. Bray gets a Codebreaker and Lionsault but Jericho can't put Reigns out. HHH sidesteps a charging Dolph for an elimination and we're down to six.

    Bray and HHH have a bizarre staredown but HHH points to Reigns. That's not cool with Bray who punches the boss in the jaw, only to have Sister Abigail broken up with a Brogue Kick. HHH and Sheamus put Bray out but are both sent to the apron by Reigns. Ambrose takes Sheamus down with a neckbreaker but Jericho drops Dean with a high cross body. A Codebreaker drops HHH but Dean throws Chris out to give us Ambrose, HHH, Reigns and Sheamus (he's always there near the end) for the final four.

    Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and gets Superman Punched to the floor, only to have HHH throw Reigns out for a big ovation. We're down to Ambrose vs. HHH which is a really surprising final pairing. The fans are all behind Ambrose (duh) and there's an early Rebound Lariat (which Cole actually calls, I kid you not, the Wacky Line). The Pedigree is broken up and Dean sends him to the apron but charges into a knee. HHH backdrops him out and wins the title at 1:02:45.

    A very quick celebration takes us out as it's 11pm.

    Dean Ambrose b. Kevin Owens – Ambrose shoved Owens through two tables
    New Day b. Usos – Big Ending to Jey
    Kalisto b. Alberto Del Rio – Salida Del Sol
    Charlotte b. Becky Lynch – Spear
    HHH won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Dean Ambrose

    Quick Results

    Monday Night Raw
    Roman Reigns b. Rusev – Spear
    Natalya b. Brie Bella – Sharpshooter
    Big Show b. Heath Slater – KO Punch
    Becky Lynch b. Tamina – Disarm-Her
    Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio b. Kalisto/Dean Ambrose – Brogue Kick to Kalisto
    Big E. b. Jey Uso – Big Ending
    Neville/Titus O'Neil/R-Truth/Mark Henry b. Stardust/Tyler Breeze/Ascension – Red Arrow to Breeze

    Impact Wrestling
    Jeff Hardy b. Tyrus via DQ when Tyrus shoved the referee
    Gail Kim b. Awesome – Pin after throwing Jade onto Kongo
    Beer Money b. Eli Drake/Jesse Godderz – DWI to Godderz
    Mike Bennett b. Pepper Parks – Divine Intervention
    Matt Hardy b. Ethan Carter III – Carter couldn't answer the ten count

    Sami Zayn b. Adam Rose – Koji Clutch
    Apollo Crews b. Tye Dillinger – Lifting sitout powerbomb
    Baron Corbin b. Rich Swann – Deep Six
    Carmella/Bayley b. Emma/Alexa Bliss – Leg crossface to Bliss
    Samoa Joe b. Johnny Gargano – Koquina Clutch

    Usos/Dolph Ziggler b. New Day – Triple Superkick to Woods
    Becky Lynch b. Alicia Fox – Disarm-Her
    Bray Wyatt b. Ryback – Sister Abigail
    Titus O'Neil b. Stardust – Clash of the Titus
    Roman Reigns b. League of Nations via DQ when all four attacked Reigns

    Royal Rumble 2016
    Dean Ambrose b. Kevin Owens – Ambrose shoved Owens through two tables
    New Day b. Usos – Big Ending to Jey
    Kalisto b. Alberto Del Rio – Salida Del Sol
    Charlotte b. Becky Lynch – Spear
    HHH won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Dean Ambrose

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