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Discussion in 'Legends Tournament 2009' started by Hyorinmaru, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Hyorinmaru

    Hyorinmaru Sit Upon The Frozen Heavens
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    Dec 7, 2007
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    With a final vote of 21-20 Bret Hart just beat Ric Flair for the title of best Legend of all time. That match could have gone either way as it was tied most of the time.

    Now that this is over I would like to again say thank you to IC25 for letting me do this and to Sly and Shadowmancer for making the brackets. I would also like to thank everyone who took time out to post in here. I had a lot of fun doing this and I may make this a Yearly thing with a whole new batch of People with only Bret staying and defending his title.
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  2. Mr. TM

    Mr. TM Throwing a tantrum

    Mar 16, 2007
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    Another tournament has come and gone here at WrestleZone. And Bret Hart once again has proven to be a force to reckon with when it comes to Wrestling fans. I have said this already, and I will say it again, American wrestling fans and International wrestling fans may not always see eye to eye on favorites. While people like Bret Hart may be people in Canada, they may not be as popular in America as someone like Ric Flair. But I think we can all rightfully say, Bret Hart is a true legend, and everyone who knows anything about Wrestling would agree.

    Congrats Bret.
    Thanks Ace for the appreciation.
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  3. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Great final that could ahve gone either way here. Both men are absolute legends that have met in the ring less times than they should have. Both are masters of their crafts but completely different styles at the same time. You have Bret who was as serious as a heart attack but just as deadly and Flair who could do it all and cut some amazing promos which got better with more coke in his system. I'd have gone with Flair, but I have no issue at all with Hart winning. Maybe the best in ring worker of all time winning a wrestling tournament works for me any day.
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  4. My$terio_Fan

    My$terio_Fan I can do whatever I want

    Dec 26, 2007
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    Good job with the tournament! I still think Hogan is the biggest "legend" but Bret and Flair are "legends" in their own right aswell, so all is good :)

    Bret Hart is a legend for his ability in the ring and for being one of the best in ring performers ever. He is a god in Canada, and most fans agree he is one of the best ever(even if his attitude stinks now a days).

    Ric Flair is a legend because of his legacy and because of the charisma he had. He was able to get the fans to either love him or hate him, and fans are still very passionate about him even after he has peaked.
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  5. kid chameleon

    kid chameleon Dark Match Jobber

    Jan 26, 2009
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    i never got why it was that people got a hard on over ric flair.

    then i watch some old videos my cousin gave me and now i understand.
    the way he'd either get the crowd to love him or hate him. they'd be eating out of the palm of his hand the whole time. truly one of the greats.
    also if flair is 16 time world champion i assume thats whc not wwe title. which means hhh will have to win whc about 12 more times b4 he catches up. or is it classed as a title win an thats added on the stat.
    like if flair had beat cena for wwe title would it be 17time champ, or 16 time, 1 time kinda thing.
  6. pyrusane

    pyrusane Getting Noticed By Management

    Jan 20, 2009
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    His 16 championships include 2 WWF title reigns, back in the early 90s. Actually, he won the NWA title, the WWF title, and the WCW title at various times to add up to his total of 16 championships.

    He was also given the WCW title once, by Kevin Nash, and for about 45 seconds they were calling him a 17 time world champion. Then he had a "heart attack" in the ring, and that 17th title reign was never heard of again. Just a footnote in the pages of history...
  7. Jane

    Jane ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    May 25, 2008
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    I wasn't really posting at the time of this. I wish I was. Damn, Flair deserves this. The man is amazing. He could fight the best of the best untill he was 60 years old. He elevated the career of Triple H and started the careers of Batista and Randy Orton. So many legends cite him as their inspiration, notably Shawn Micheals, who called him the best of all time. Bret Hart is a legend but... I don't know. He wasn't the same level as Flair. I definetely do not know him as well as Flair, but I just don't think he is the greatest legend.

    Oh well, it's over anyways. Looking back, the whole thing looks awesome and I want to congratulate you on an amazing tournament that looked like fun to all the posters.
  8. HBK-aholic

    HBK-aholic Shawn Michaels ❤

    Nov 10, 2007
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    Yay I gave Bret Hart that final vote. So technically, his win is down to me. Honestly, he deserves to win this. You hear a lot about the legend that is Hulk Hogan, but Bret Hart is left out of that quite a lot. He's done everything in the wrestling business, and if you think about where he'd be now if his career hadn't been cut short, both by illness and WWE, you can see Hart is a true legend.
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  9. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam Rear Naked Bloke

    Aug 24, 1973
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    He's won the WrestleZone tag team tournament; and convincingly, might I add. He's won the WrestleZone legends tournament. But he has never won "the big won" - the WrestleZone tournament.

    I'm glad none of the obvious options won. Having Flair win would have been groan-inducing. I mean, could you just leave the memories alone? After watching his DVD, I realised how overlooked Hart truly is - and I came to that conclusion as I watched just a summary of his career.
  10. Sasori

    Sasori Pope of Dope

    Apr 25, 2009
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    I had no doubt that Bret would win!
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