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    *pyro goes off*

    Taz:Welcome Folks to the inaugural episode of Action!

    Michael Cole:we're very excited for this day indeed Taz.

    Taz:Here comes Kazarian​


    *Kazarian walks in,poses and goes in the ring*

    *Styles walks in accompanied by Flair*​
    Cole: here comes the most talented wrestler on the roster.
    Taz: I beg to differ, Cole
    Kazarian vs AJ Styles​

    The match starts and AJ hits Kazarian with a cheap shot.Kaz falls and AJ goes to the floor and starts hammering on Kaz.Kaz reverses and kicks AJ on the head and he falls.Kaz gets up and AJ gets up kicks him on his head,picks him up and hits the Styles Clash.1..2... KICK OUT!Kaz reverses again punches AJ until he falls. Ric Flair pulls Kaz's leg until AJ hits THE PELE KICK and pins him. 1...2.....3..

    Taz and Cole:Kazarian is no longer a part of Fortune
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    wow, that match was short. It literally took me about, 15 seconds to read, I hope you are doing more than one match per show, or I am not reading
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    9/16 WBCW Card continued....​

    *Dinero and Lethal entrances get skipped*


    *The crowd goes crazy as the "Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy comes out !

    *All other entrances get skipped*

    Television Title Match:D'Angelo Dinero vs Jay Lethal vs Jeff Hardy vs Brian Kendrick vs Kevin Nash vs Daniels vs Shelton Benjamin vs Ken Dykstra vs MVP vs Rob Terry

    The match starts as everybody is trying to take Kevin Nash out.Dykstra goes for a kick,but Nash reverses and throws him out of the ring for the first elimination.Mostly everybody, except for Kendrick and Lethal, get off of Nash. MVP and Rob Terry start brawling as Terry is just dominating MVP.Dinero and Benjamin start brawling as Shelton and Pope keep punching each other Hardy hits Daniels with a Twist of Fate and tosses him out easily.Kendrick and Lethal stop double-teaming when Kendrick lands Sliced Bread #2 on Lethal,tossing him out. Nash tries clotheslining Pope out of the ring but runs into a loud Codebreaker.Shelton takes this as an opprotunity to toss out Nash but,Nash is still and chucks Shelton out.Rob Terry Freakbusters MVP out of the ring.Kendrick attempts a Sliced Bread on Nash but gets thrown out on a Nash reversal.Hardy and Dinero brawl fiercely with punches and kicks flying at each other.Nash and Terry are having a fierce battle also,but Nash gets the upper hand and Terry HITS A FREAKBUSTER! Nash is down and out.Hardy tosses The Pope after hitting the Twist of Fate. Rob picks Nash up and hits a Freakbuster out of the ring.Hardy and Terry have a staredown and Hardy hits a dropkick right to the temple of Big Rob.Terry gets up and attemps a Freakbuster but Hardy counters and land a SPINNORAMA! and Big Rob out of the ring​

    Cole:what a horrible result.

    Taz: the crowd is just ecstatic about Hardy

    *Hardy poses with the title*

    *Going backstage*​

    Zack Ryder is on the phone with someone:What do you mean he broke his kneecap.Are you serious?*Person hangs up*That idiot Hardy won the title.I DESERVE IT!!!!​

    *Kaval walks in*

    Kaval:You know that Hardy beat more than 8 people to win.Zack,jealousy isn't taking you anywhere near the title.

    Ryder: are you serious? How about you and me RIGHT NOW!!


    *Zack Ryder walks in angrily to about forty thousand boos*


    *Kaval walks in to cheers*​

    Kaval .vs. Zack Ryder-Singles Match​

    The bell rings and Kaval is just jumping around everywhere.Zack runs at Kaval but gets caught with a dropkick. Zack gets up and cheap shots Kaval with a kick to the groin when the ref wasn't looking.Zack picks him up and hits a vertical suplex.When Kaval gets on the floor Zack bends down and starts hammering his fists on Kaval's face. Kaval couunters and kicks Zack in the head. Kaval gets up and hits an enuzigiri on Zack. He gets on the top rope and Zack gets up and runs to Kaval and gets on the top rope.Zack and Kaval exchange blows on the top rope.Kaval finally gets the upper hand and hits a FLOAT OVER DDT! Kaval kicks Zack a few times on the floor. Then,Kaval goes to the top rope and he's going for the Warrior's Way! AND HE HITS THE WARRIOR'S WAY!WAIT NO ZACK REVERSES WITH HIS KNEES!!Kaval falls on the floor holding his ankles,writhing in pain.Zack picks him up and hits the Zack Attack!He pins Kaval 1....2.....3....​

    Cole:Finally a good result.Ryder is great!!​

    Taz:Shut your mouth cole or I'll do it for you!!!

    Ink.Inc vs 3D coming up!


    *Moore & Neal come out to cheers*

    *3D come out from behind and attack Neal and Moore*​

    Inc.Ink vs 3D ends in a No Contest​

    Taz:get ready for the Tag Title match coming up next



    Motor City Machineguns and Beer Money entrances are skipped​

    WBCW Tag Title Match:MCMG vs Beer Money vs Wolfe/Williams vs LAX​

    It starts with everybody going for Douglas Williams and Desmond Wolfe. EVERYBODY throws out Wolfe and Williams.Alex Shelley and Hernandez start brawling as well as Sabin and Homocide.Beer Money is just looking on. Sabin trys throwing out Homocide and succeeds. Hernandez goes nuts and hits the Border Toss on Shelley and Sabin. Homocide thorws a ladder in the ring. Hernandez gets the ladder and hits Beer Money with it(both members of BM get hit).Hernandez picks up Shelley and tosses him out. Outside the ring Homocide hits the Gringo Killer on Shelley. Robert Roode gets up and grabs the ladder from Hernandez.He hits Hernandez with the ladder and James Storm gets up and Beer Money hits DWI on Hernandez and toss him out. Chris Sabin gets up and hits a loud dropkick on both members of Beer Money.When Beer Money(both members) get up Sabin hits AN AMAZING DOUBLE SLICED BREAD!!!! Outside the ring LAX is double teaming Shelley. Sabin jump from the apron onto LAX:wtf:Beer Money win!!!!!
    *We go to commercial break*​
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    *Abyss's theme plays*

    *Abyss walks in to boos*

    *All other entrances are skipped*​

    WBCW Championship Match:Abyss vs RVD vs Matt Morgan vs Samoa Joe vs Bryan Danielson vs Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Batista vs Christian​

    Christian wins via throwing Edge out the ring.
    Abyss throws out Samoa Joe
    Batista throws out Kurt Angle​

    Danielson throws out Abyss​

    Edge throws out Batista
    Jericho throws out Danielson​

    Christian throws out Jericho​

    Edge throws out Matt Morgan
    Christian throws out Edge to become the WBCW Champion​

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