TNA Invades NXT

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    NXT show prior to the event...

    Triple H comes out to address the crowd.

    HHH: "About a month ago this downtrodden, sad...pathetic even, little organization came to my door BEGGING for attention. They demanded that we recognize them and offered a challenge to the WWE to face them. When this woman, some of you may know who she is, began acting like her little joke she called a wrestling company was on the level of the WWE global juggernaut, well...I laughed in her face. But then I got to thinking about it, there is a definite lack of competition in the world of sports entertainment and perhaps there was some mutual benefit we could get out of it. So I went to NXT's General Manager, William Regal, and asked what he would think of getting his guys some fresh competition. Rather than me just telling you what he said, I'll let him tell you himself."

    Regal's music hits and the NXT crowd explodes.

    Regal: "I don't think I need to tell any of you the kind of unique opportunity that my good friend Triple Haitch presented me with. A once in a lifetime battle between two active promotions. It was my honor, on behalf of everyone in NXT, to accept this offer to test our abilities against some of the finest athletes outside of WWE's walls. This unique wrestling experience will be called NXT/TNA Showdown and will go down in history as the first of it's kind. Tonight will mark the kickoff show of this exciting..."

    Regal is suddenly cut off by some music familiar to the TNA audience as Dixie Carter comes to the ring with Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud in toe.

    Carter: "As I recall, Mr. Levesque; with all due respect; I remember our conversation going a bit differently. I called you to hammer out the details for an event some of our talent is going to be mutually attending to clear up any legal issues when YOU suggested we work together. I know you recognize TNA as the biggest threat to your organization in the world and..."

    HHH: "Dixie, with all due respect, you're delusional. But please continue..."

    Carter: "Do you mind? Would I interrupt you when you're speaking? Maybe you should have respect for someone who has more money than you'll ever be able to imagine."

    HHH: "I'm doing just fine Dixie, thanks. In fact..."

    Carter: "OH I'm sorry! Were you talking? How do you like it, huh?"

    HHH (whispering to Regal): "No wonder her company is failing..."

    Carter (exasperated): "EXCUSE ME? You know what, no, I'm not going to lower myself to your level. What this is all about is the talent and I have in the ring with me one of the top young talents in the world, a man that YOU never treated with any respect. Since coming to TNA he has taken the company by storm and he will be one of the men leading the charge against NXT. Let me introduce to you ETHAN...CARTER...the THIRD!"

    HHH: "Hi Derrick."

    EC3: "What's up Toucan Sam? *pause for over-exaggerated laughing* Let me make this quick. TNA has admittedly had it's ups and downs but the crop of guys we have assembled in the back will easily crush anyone put in front of us. When we're done making your NXT roster look like the giant man children they are, we're coming for the top guns, so smile while you still can Triple-X Nose, it won't last much longer."

    HHH (giggling): "I'm not going to lower myself to your level...what is your name now? EC3? I feel like I've heard of similar initials somewhere...hmm, probably just a coincidence. But seriously, I'm not going to lower myself to your level because, frankly, it doesn't get any lower than your performance when you were in NXT. And that actually gives me an idea. I'm going to put a few talents on loan that I think you'll be familiar with for this big event, I'll reveal who they are in the days to come but trust me when I tell you...this event is going to be one of the biggest that there has ever been."

    Before things get out of hand, Regal says they are going to have a preview of the action that can be expected at the pay-per-view with a few inter-promotional matches tonight!

    Opening Match: Mojo Rawley vs. Samoa Joe

    The announce team put over Samoa Joe as the top talent never to be under a WWE contract and Joe makes pretty short work of Rawley.

    Winner: Samoa Joe

    After the match, Joe grabs a microphone.

    Joe: "I may not look like the typical superstar but I guarantee everyone watching that I will lay waste to anyone that William Regal puts in front of me. I look forward to this new opportunity to test my abilities against some of the best the world has to offer and..."

    Suddenly Joe is interrupted by completely unfamiliar music as a name making his debut appearance for NXT comes out to address him...Fergal Devitt!

    Devitt: "Joe, you may be one of the greats outside of this company but you've stepped into a whole new level of competition than what you're used to. I have a lot of respect for you but you have the...opportunity? misfortune? of being my first opponent. See you at the big event."

    Tag Team Match: The Ascension vs. The Bro Mans

    A good match with some back and forth but the Ascension soon overpower the Jersey bros, sending a definitive statement to TNA that NXT will not go down so easily.

    Winners: The Ascension

    After the match the American Wolves appear to make an official challenge to the Ascension!

    Main Event: Sami Zayn vs. Austin Aries

    A back and forth match with the announcers putting over their similar histories. The match never gets a proper conclusion however as the huge pull apart brawl is sparked off during this match.

    Winner: No Contest

    After the big pull apart, full of familiar faces, and a big staredown between the champions of each organization (Neville and Lashley), Regal comes out to make a big announcement. Both the NXT and TNA Championships will be defended at NXT/TNA Showdown!

    Confirmed for NXT/TNA Showdown...

    Fergal Devitt (NXT) vs. Samoa Joe (TNA)
    The Ascension (NXT) vs. The American Wolves (TNA) Non-Title
    Sami Zayn (NXT) vs. Austin Aries (TNA) The Rematch!


    Every few days leading up to the event a new match is announced...

    - Interpromotional Battle Royal (special stipulation that the final survivor from NXT will get to face Kurt Angle later in the night while the final survivor from TNA will get to face Seth Rollins, the first ever NXT champion, later in the night)

    - A singles non-title match between Gail Kim and Charlotte

    - A singles match between Tyler Breeze and Jeff Hardy!

    - The announcement that Adrian Neville will defend against Ethan Carter III!

    - The announcment that Bobby Lashley will defend in a 4-Way dance against Robert Roode, Rob Van Dam, and Christian!

    - Dean Ambrose, Bo Dallas, and Kofi Kingston will be added entrants into the Battle Royal!


    NXT/TNA Showdown!

    Huge ballyhoo, an announce team that includes Regal and Taz, and a rundown of the card which leads into the pre-show match!

    Pre-Show: Inter-promotional Battle Royal
    Dean Ambrose, Bo Dallas, Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kidd, Cory Graves, Colin Cassady, Enzo Amore, Kalisto, Sin Cara, and Scott Dawson (NXT) vs. MVP, Abyss, James Storm, Mr. Anderson, Low Ki, Eric Young, Sanada, Gunner, Bram, and Magnus (TNA)

    The match has some showdowns between Abyss and Colin Cassady, impressive spots involving Kalisto/Sin Cara/Low Ki/Sanada, some nostalgia moments such as Kingston trading blows with Mr. Anderson, and some great smarm as Dallas gives encouragement to each and every wrestler eliminated.

    The final six comes down to Dean Ambrose, Corey Graves, and Bo Dallas for NXT with Mr. Anderson, James Storm, and Eric Young being the final survivors for TNA. The NXT guys seem to be on the same page until Dallas blindsides Graves and tosses him out of the ring! Everything suddenly falls apart as the TNA guys gang up on them, only for Anderson to betray his TNA team mates by tossing out Young in similar fashion! Storm superkicks Anderson in response to his treachry which sends him over the top! Dallas stays down pretending to be hurt as Ambrose faces off with Storm. Storm has already won himself a match with Seth Rollins later in the night, an opportunity Ambrose is certain to want for himself, and Abrose descends on Storm like a vulture. After some back and forth, Ambrose and Storm find themselves next to the ropes when Dallas runs over tossing both men over the top! Storm hits the floor but Ambrose manages to hang on! Ambrose stands on the apron and gives Dallas a crazy stare, Dallas tries to knock Ambrose off with no success and then begs off! Ambrose beats the crap out of Dallas then tosses him out!

    Dean Ambrose (NXT)


    Card Rundown:

    TNA Heavyweight Title: Bobby Lashley (c) (TNA) vs. Robert Roode (TNA) vs. Rob Van Dam (NXT) vs. Christian (NXT)
    NXT Title: Adrian Neville (c) (NXT) vs. Ethan Carter III (TNA)
    Champion vs. Champion: The Ascension (NXT) vs. The American Wolves (TNA)
    Champion vs. Champion: Charlotte (NXT) vs. Gail Kim (TNA)
    Special Attraction: Kurt Angle (TNA) vs. Dean Ambrose (NXT)
    Special Attraction: Seth Rollins (NXT) vs. James Storm (TNA)
    Singles: Fergal Devitt (NXT) vs. Samoa Joe (TNA)
    Singles: Tyler Breeze (NXT) vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA)
    Singles: Sami Zayn (NXT) vs. Austin Aries (TNA)

    NXT comes into the show with a 1 - 0 advantage after the battle royal victory!

    Opening Match: Sami Zayn (NXT) vs. Austin Aries (TNA)

    Incredible back and forth encounter, both men knowing each other well, and setting the bar for the quality of matches that can be expected throughout the night. While Aries brings his A-game, getting in some great moments, Zayn proves to be better on this night.

    Sami Zayn (NXT)

    Regal and Taz stand to applaud the match, Taz saying he isn't happy with the outcome but it was a hell of a contest.

    NXT is up 2 - 0!

    Champion vs. Champion Match: The Ascension (NXT) vs. The American Wolves (TNA)

    The Wolves quickly knock the bigger men down to size, using their years of teaming experience to their advantage. A very stiff, tough match between two teams looking to find their place in the history books. The Wolves may be one of the greatest tag teams of the century but even they can't escape the Fall of Man.

    The Ascension (NXT)

    Taz is beginning to sweat on commentary, in disbelief so far at what he has seen, while Regal makes a big deal about the possibility of a clean sweep! Regal feels even more confident with the next match being for the NXT title!

    NXT is up 3 - 0!

    NXT Championship Match: Adrian Neville (c) (NXT) vs. Ethan Carter III (TNA)

    Carter comes to the ring with Rockstar Spud and seems determined to prove the organization that cast him out wrong. Neville is used to being up against insurmountable odds and is filled with confidence thanks to the dominance of NXT so far. Neville gives Carter all he can handle and for much of the match it seems Carter is down and out. Then comes the interference from Spud behind the referees back which allows EC3 to catch Neville with the One Percenter and...omg! We have a NEW NXT Champion!

    , and NEW NXT Champion: Ethan Carter III

    Taz throws a huge one man party, saying that no matter what happens tonight, TNA is now in possession of the highest prize in NXT! Regal says he is normally in favor of any form of underhanded trickery but this win was an absolute travesty. Either way, TNA breaks the drought!

    NXT is up 3 - 1!

    Singles Match: Tyler Breeze (NXT) vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA)

    Hardy gets a near standing ovation for his return in front of a pro-WWE audience as he takes on the top heel in NXT. Breeze looks good, with the commentary team equating him to a less polished but arguably more talented version of the man he is facing. Breeze makes a show of it but Hardy pulls out the big moves in the end to pick up another win for TNA.

    Jeff Hardy (TNA)

    Regal gives applause to Hardy, saying it is good to see he has turned his life around and is performing at such a high level again. Taz gives credit to Breeze who put on a valiant effort in his loss.

    NXT is up 3 - 2!

    Champion vs. Champion Match: Charlotte vs. Gail Kim

    An absolute classic by women's standards, Kim being able to carry anyone to a good match and facing someone who is improving faster than any Diva before her is an absolute treat to watch. Just as it seems Charlotte is going to pull out another huge win out of someone with far more years of experience, Kim remains calm and pulls out the Eat Defeat from nowhere! The roll for TNA continues!

    Gail Kim (TNA)

    Both Regal and Taz praise that contest as the reinvention of women's wrestling, where both ladies will go down in history for their contributions to the huge increase in talent that has come in the past year.

    NXT and TNA are tied at 3!

    Singles Match: Fergal Devitt (NXT) vs. Samoa Joe (TNA)

    Both Regal and Taz both say this may be the match they were most looking forward to tonight, which is saying something of a card jam packed with talent. Devitt and Joe don't disappoint, Joe not wanting to lose his credibility as the best man not in WWE and Devitt not wanting to lose his first match in front of an NXT audience. There simply are not words for how great this match ends up being with an offensive trade to end the match that will go down as one of the best in history. Joe manages to counter Devitt's flurry of offense into a grapple which leads to a huge muscle buster that puts Devitt away!

    Samoa Joe (TNA)

    Regal and Taz both stand to clap for the contest they just saw. Taz naturally rubs it in that TNA has taken a come from behind lead. Regal is speechless for a while before saying he is a little upset that NXT lost again but that nothing can replace the rush he just received from watching two of the greatest men at their craft put on an absolutely breathtaking performance.

    TNA is up 4 - 3!

    Special Attraction Match: Seth Rollins (NXT) vs. James Storm (TNA)

    Taz says this is where TNA finally puts NXT out of it's misery but Regal tells Taz to never underestimate a man like Rollins. And underestimate he shouldn't as Rollins dominates a considerable amount of the match. Storm hangs in there however as each man looks to out-heel the other. Storm attempts to spit beer in Rollins' face but Rollins ducks, the beer hits the referee, Rollins takes the opportunity to low blow Storm, then to hit the Peace of Mind. Rollins proves he is one of the top men in wrestling today as he wins a dominating match over Storm.

    Seth Rollins (NXT)

    TNA and NXT are tied at 4!

    Taz gives props to Rollins, saying he hasn't seen a talent like that in a long time. Regal says if he is impressed by that then he needs to keep his eyes open during the next match as Ambrose may be even better yet. Taz says he will have to be if he hopes to even come close to matching Angle.

    Special Attraction Match: Kurt Angle (TNA) vs. Dean Ambrose (NXT)

    Ambrose earned the opportunity earlier in the night while Taz makes subtle complaints that Ambrose isn't REALLY an NXT guy anymore. Angle may not have a lot left but he puts in all he has, using every advantage he has to punish the younger, hungrier Ambrose. Ambrose accidentally busts Angle open which keeps opening up no matter how many times they try to close it. The image of Ambrose standing over a bloodied Angle is a powerful one but the torch isn't ready to be passed just yet. Just as Ambrose has certain victory in his hands, a last second surge from Angle sees the crafty veteran grab victory from certain defeat.

    Kurt Angle (TNA)

    Regal is beside himself while Taz celebrates the huge victory. All the same, Regal still stands to applaud the efforts put forth by both men, a match that had the audience on the edge of the seats and occassionally bouncing out of them after a particularly suspenseful move. Taz says it is time for TNA to put NXT to rest as Bobby Lashley is unstoppable!

    TNA is up 5 - 4!

    MAIN EVENT: TNA Heavyweight Championship:
    Bobby Lashley (c) (TNA) vs. Robert Roode (TNA) vs. Rob Van Dam (NXT) vs. Christian (NXT)

    Taz puts over Roode big time as the brightest veteran TNA has ever produced with Regal also saying how impressed he has always been with Roode's work. Taz says Lashley is the greatest he has ever been and Regal says he would love to see a Lashley/Lesnar match, to which Taz resoundingly agrees. Taz mentions that there is a uniqueness to this match in that every man involved has been a former TNA Heavyweight champion so anything could happen!

    And anything does happen as all four men battle with their hearts. Roode and Van Dam exchange blows while Christian desperately tried to fend off the hungry Lashley. Not long into the match Lashley lays out all of his challengers as MVP and Kenny King stand ringside to applaud his efforts. At one point MVP says something to Christian which leads to MVP getting slapped across the face! The referee finally kicks MVP out of ringside leaving only King behind. This plays in later into the match as Roode hits his finisher on RVD with no one else around. King reaches in and pulls Roode off of RVD, costing him the title and leading to King being kicked out as well!

    Taz is livid as King just prevented TNA from getting the definitive victory for the night! Taz says he still believes in Lashley and Regal is noticeably nervous as he watches the unstoppable destroyer. Lashley looks to have the match in hand when RVD dives onto him, taking both men out. It seems Roode has another chance at victory as Christian took the brunt of the damage from Lashley throughout the match but a counter into the Killswitch sees everyone in the arena suddenly on their feet! Christian covers! 1-2-...3! The crowd explodes!

    , and NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion: Christian (NXT)

    Taz sits with his head in his hands while Regal runs to the ring to celebrate the victory. Taz finally gets himself together and mentions how the entire landscape of the wrestling world has changed tonight and that there is no telling what will happen now as the top titles of each promotion are now in the hands on the enemy!

    The night ends with the sight of Christian celebrating with the NXT locker room as the EC3 comes to the entryway with the TNA locker room behind him, still looking strong, as while they may have lost the main event, neither side scored a definitive victory on this night!
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    Hey, This is my review

    Overall this was an awesome show

    Best part: The Main Event

    Worst: Opening Segment

    I hated the opening segment as well they shouldnt have referenced Derrick Bateman and how their company is but very good jokes though hope you get back to me!!
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    EC3 winning is stupid, The TNA championship match is stupid as it literally involves nobody from NXT. Other than that its pretty good except that the commentators stand and applaud everything by the sounds of it
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    I disagree on the EC3 winning point, I think he if he took the momentum he has in TNA and could carry it over to NXT then he would easily be at a level to win that championship. Plus it was done in a dastardly way that leads to a lot of storyline possibilities.

    My justification for the main event is two-fold. One, all of the workers were TNA champions in the past so the crossover with half of them being in WWE now would be big, and, two, Christian/Rob Van Dam were top guys in the 'new' ECW which was the precursor to NXT in many ways. Also I have Triple H state right off the bat that he'll be including some 'surprises' and the fact that they are both 'WWE' guys as opposed to 'NXT' guys makes it an even bigger deal imo.

    As for the applauding, there were only three matches where that happened and each of which could easily be good enough to deserve it. Zayn/Aries, Joe/Devitt, and Ambrose/Angle would be amazing. Regal and Taz are both super into the actual competition of wrestling so that wouldn't be out of character at all, especially since the NXT crowd would likely be doing the same.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I agree that the Bateman joke hurts but I figured Triple H is all about trying to bury people so I wouldn't put it past him. Appreciate the positive remarks, as I was coming up with the idea I realized this was something I would really want to see so wanted to share it with others!
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    Hey Thanks for responding back to me

    But are you doing anymore nxt/tna shows?
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    If anything it would be even better if TNA here were to invade RAW and Smackdown pretty much invading the whole WWE like think WCW when they invaded WWE back in 2001, instead of them invading NXT they should have invaded RAW and or Smackdown because their invasion would have had much more of a bigger impact especially if it was on the main roster by having them go after bigger superstars like Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Reigns, Ambrose, etc. and then have superstars like Lesnar, Batista, etc. come back for the invasion as well

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