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    Discussion of important topics is the nucleus of our forums. Naturally, we encourage everyone to participate in the forums as much as possible to drive discussion, debate with others, and produce new topics. We have provided many different sections to our forums that allow everyone to participate in many aspects of discussion, focusing mostly on professional wrestling.

    We all know how exciting it is to create new threads and see the replies and reactions from other posters about the subjects and issues that we choose. The creation of new topics is strongly encouraged by our staff and we all look forward to the new topics that we can debate about on a daily basis. But many posters don’t seem to understand the amount of work it takes for the mods and admins to keep WrestleZone Forums one of (if not THE) most organized and clean pro-wrestling forums on the internet.

    As the WrestleZone Forum staff, part of our job is to consolidate your new threads and ensure they have been placed in the proper sections (if you failed to do so). Therefore, we ask that you follow this Thread Creating Etiquette in order to make our jobs easier:

    1. Read the Forum Rules

    There really isn't a better way to say this. This guideline should be followed first and foremost when thinking about doing ANYTHING on this forum. Our rulebook contains every which way possible for posters to avoid any type of warnings or infractions, to post properly in every section of the forums, and gives you direction and guidance on everything that is in regards to our forums. There is no reason the rulebook shouldn't be the first thing you read before even thinking about posting a new thread in any of the sections.

    2. Check ALL forums and subforums for possible duplicate topics BEFORE posting your new thread.

    If anything at all, this is the most important form of etiquette, since it will cause you to be warned/infracted if it is not followed.

    A good rule of thumb is to check the first four pages of threads within the forum. If you see a subject that is even remotely similar to the one you’re about to post, please reconsider posting your new thread or consult a member of the staff and find out if it is a duplicate topic. Since it’s one of the easiest rules to follow on the forum, we'd hate having to infract you for this rule but we’ll still do it every time.

    3. Place new threads in their proper section.

    If you’d like to create a thread related specifically to the current WWE product, please don't place it in the General Wrestling forum (for example). Take the time to consider the topic of your thread and how it relates to one of the forums on this board and place it appropriately.

    That also goes for all other forums and subforums. Please make sure you familiarize yourselves with all of them before taking a risk and posting your new thread in the wrong section. Posting in the wrong section may result in a warning/infraction.

    4. Put some EFFORT into new threads.

    There is nothing that annoys staff more than when posters create threads that they put little to zero effort into. If you don't want to put any effort towards your thread, why should anyone else?

    For example, threads that (basically) mimic front-page stories on are lazy ways of making threads. Especially when said poster cuts and pastes the story into the thread and writes "Discuss." It might be a good idea to take about 2 extra minutes and try to think of your own, ORIGINAL thread topic.

    Knowing all of this, we'd appreciate if your opening post is ORIGINAL, includes YOUR opinions on the topic, and DOESN'T look like this:
    The purpose of topics are to create discussion within the rules of the forum. As staff, we frown upon posters who violate our spamming rules in the opening post of a new thread. If your opening post is a spam post, you can expect more spam to be posted in the thread and this causes more work for the staff. Please keep that in mind.

    5. Please use proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in thread titles.

    We’re not judging you if you’re not the best speller in the world. If you’re posting within the thread, we don’t expect you to write a 5-star novel with perfect wording, punctuation, and grammar. But, at the very least, please keep the thread title as neat as you possibly can. It takes a lot of time for us to constantly correct your grammar.

    6. If your thread is merely for the purpose of asking a CLOSED question, please understand where it should be posted.

    What is a closed question?
    A question which has a limited number of logical answers (e.g. 'yes' and 'no'), as opposed to an open or open-ended question.

    What is an open(-ended) question (or discussion)?
    A question that gains information and promotes discussion, usually beginning with who, what, why, where, when, how, or more subtly '"tell me about.."

    If you want to start a thread with a closed question, you shouldn’t be placing it in non-spam sections. Those sections are reserved for open discussions ONLY. Creating a thread that asks a closed question should be placed in the Spam Friendly Sections. Please understand the difference between the two sections prior to posting any new threads.

    For example, if you wish to start a brand new thread whose purpose is to ask a closed question such as:
    Since this new thread subject is a closed question that has only one definitive answer and cannot promote any kind of real discussion, it should not be placed in the World Wrestling Entertainment forum or any of its subforums. Instead, the proper section for it would be the Wrestling Spam Zone.

    7. If you are unsure and you believe that your new thread could possibly break any of these guidelines, CONSULT A MOD/ADMIN FIRST PRIOR TO POSTING.

    This is self-explanatory. It’s easier to ask for permission than forgiveness on our forums. It only takes about a minute to PM a member of the staff to ask them if you’re following the proper guidelines when creating a new thread. If you’re on the fence as to whether your new thread may borderline break these guidelines, consult a member of the staff, first.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and follow these guidelines. By doing so, you’re solidifying this forum’s reputation as the best on the internet.

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