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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Hyorinmaru, Jan 8, 2017.

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    I always said if someone was able to get rid of Dixie Carter I would start watchin iMPACT again and with Anthem taking majority control and bringing back JJ as a creative consultant I decided to give it another shot after half a decade if not more (whenever Spike dropped them) so I know I'm late to the party on most if not all of this. All I've watched is this weeks iMPACT and I'm currently watching the other days ONO

    • All the new talent I'm seeing and the older people I've seen before are providing some of the most entertaining wrestling I've seen in a while. Especially the guys I've never seen before.
    • Rosemary just popped up on my screen so let me just mention the characters. I love seeing the more out there type characters. It's not all just guys and girls giving us so called reality. I'm liking The Decay.
    • Fuck Gail Kim, she needs to go away. I've never liked her.
    • Eli Drake is someone I'm going to be watching very closely from now on. He's someone I kind of wanna punch in the face.
    • Madison Rayne is pointless in the booth, so is her boy toy. Give me Pope & JB.
    • Lashley and Maria specifically surprised me. I know it's not their fault but I had no idea either one of them could talk as well as they d
    • The Broken Hardys. This goes with my love of out there characters. No one is as out there (on TV) as Matt Hardy, I absolutely love it. Weird seeing Jeff play 2nd fiddle to Matt for a change but this wouldn't work any other way.
    Anthem has started well with hiring Jeff & Dutch back so I'm going to keep watching and be cautiously optimistic for the future.
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    I completly agree with you, i had stop watching TNA a little bit before SPike drop them but started to re watch it again 2 years ago and during the first years, they had some interesting stuff but nothing that would keep my attention and it was just background noise for most of the time, then when Billy corgan came in on the creative team for a while last year and started to book some of the stuff that it'S still on t.v today, like Decay and eli drake. Lashley becoming a great heel. Mike bennett and maria becoming probably the best heels in the business today. I'm kinda of sad to know they might leave by the end of the year because iwas enjoying their work.

    And now that anthem are the majority owners and have 2 of the greatest creative mind still available in the business to help with creative, i think the sky is the limit for them if they don'T lose to many players in the first few months.
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    I was watching TNA for a few months before Hogan & Bischoff came on board (during Main Event Mafia's run), but religiously after because of Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, RVD and the talent I had come to love namely Matt Morgan, Beer Money, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles! When Jeff Hardy (Immortal) faced Stong for the belt was I think the last PPV I watched until 2016!

    When I returned there was NONE of the TNA originals or Fortune guys (WWE/ROH) for me to root for however I did see familiar faces who had strepped their game ALL THE WAY UP!

    The Hardyz, Maria & Lashley have without a doubt legitimized the show over the past year. The Miracle, Moose, EC3 & Jessie Godderz have been the staple talent any brand would need to keep a show running. The Tag division has taken a hit by focusing on The Hardyz but it's barely noticeable. But the ADDITION of Cody Rhodes gave me reason to hope for TNA.

    I watch WWE, NXT, ROH, NJPW, Lucha Underground and TNA and mostly enjoy them ALL equally which speaks volumes for the actual "wrestling" on the product but where some lack is in theatrics and spectacle but TNA isn't one of those. I HAVE NO FAITH IN DIXIE CARTER and STILL believe she'll EVENTUALLY run this company into the ground. I am actually amazed that after the amount of close calls that have been reported on the company can exist, but Dixie Carter is ressilient and persistent and seems keen not to lose or sell her company which is wonderful but she much like Stephanie McMahon seems to be getting in the way of her product by inserting herself into storylines needlessly!

    Authority figures on wrestling shows should be used in extreme cases for example when one wrestler is fucking up your entire roster/broadcast and no one can corral him ala Stone Cold Steve Austin
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    Dixie has zero power, dude. Zero. She has only 5% of the company. She does not even show up in TNA anymore. She is making no decisions.

    She hated JJ and Anthem's first action was to hire him. These two people cannot be in the same room. That is why TNA bought JJ's share in the company a few years ago, it's cause Dixie could not stand the idea that he was running a promotion like GFW yet still has stakes in TNA. She couldn't sleep at night! lol

    Carter will never ever be on TV again.
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    I started to watch TNA again in late 2015.

    I stopped watching it when Hogan and others were there. I used tp catch glimpses of any random week but wasn't interested.

    The first thing that got me back was Ethan Carter III. He was undefeated at that time and I liked him at mic too. Then came my another favorite Drew Galloway. And last year Cody and Rex came. So that's what made me a regular viewer again. Not to forget Lashley.

    As of now, Ethan Carter III is my favorite here. He gave TNA Match Of The Year against Lashley at Bound For Glory last year. Very improved in the ring.

    The Hardy stuff was initially liked by me. This is easily the best Matt Hardy ever. But this isn't my area of interest.

    Decay has been a good tag team. Their gimmick has been quite good at execution.

    Moose has been good. So has been Drew Galloway. Except his feud against Ethan Carter III, Bennett hasn't impressed me yet.

    In X-Division, Trevor Lee is awesome. Jesse Godderz is another good one who's just waiting for a push. Jesse does deserve a good midcard title run for sure.

    So in one sentence, TNA is improving and that's a good sign.

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