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    I've had some what of a inquisitiveness awe of clarity has of late and I've been meaning to create a thread of this newly found curiosity for awhile now. I would like whom ever is reading to join me and mediate on this subject with me, if you will . Come and join me on this journey of enlightenment and witness the rebirth of your mind. First let me elucidate myself for a moment and say that I have almost absolutely no real knowledge on the topic aside from a few videos I've watched(which I will post below). Most of this I had to research because I had no way to properly articulate myself and get this down without embarrassing myself.

    Lets begin.First off has anybody ever heard of the Venus Project? If any of you have ever watched any of the Zeitgeist movies then you might know of some of the background.

    (fuck you guys, I'm going to cheat and copy from Wikipedia :p )

    Okay, so what does all of this actually mean? Well, Jacque Fresco firmly believes that the current system we live in, the monetary system is flawed on doomed to fail since it's inception. He believes we need to abandon this system in favor of a more resource-based economy. Instead of polluting our planet with harmful emissions and fossil fuels, we should be more conservative. This is common knowledge among people but everybody knows fossil fuels, oils, natural gas are nonrenewable resources. Jacque believes we should drop this way of production in favor of focusing on what's renewable and available to us at any time.

    Addressing the bold
    ; Eliminating the need for payed labor would, I think be a great liberation for people. Nobody wants to work for a living, we need to because that's what society tells we need to do in order sustain a reasonable living. Keep a roof over our head, put food on the table and keep clothing on our busted backs. Have you seen how miserable people are when at their jobs? Or even afterwards when all they can do is tell you how miserable they actually are and how much they detest their jobs? We all work jobs we hate in order to buy useless junk we don't need. We feed back into the system and into a seemingly never ending cycle of corporate greed and injustice. I believe the population's attitude would greatly improve and people overall would be more happy.

    I truly believe this is the way human's were meant to live. Not slave away working jobs we hate to pay for shit we don't need. To pay for bills we can't afford, to cut ALL expenses. In many ways, the world Jacque Fresco describes could be consider a perfect world by some. It may seem to good to be true and just a distant dream. In order to change the entire world we live in and overturn literally a few millennium of progression for a system that it is by all means theoretical and may or may not actually work. It would take an unmatched devotion and unwavering fortitude and global cooperation from everybody to even begin to get this off the ground. While there are many people who have dedicated their lives to the Venus Project and Jacque Fresco vision, it won't be enough to spark any incentive within the population. I think most people are just waiting for the current system to collapse before people are willing to open their eyes.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, I have no real education or intellect on the subject and I pretty much just ran through the parts I knew. I will post a few video's and I implore you, if you have the time, check them out. I've learned a lot and its given me a lot to think about. I'm not going to say they opened my mind or anything. It more or less just expanded on it if anything. If you are a skeptic and don't really believe what you are watching then that's cool, no worries. You can explain your side of things below.

    The Venus Project - Paradise or Oblivion

    Zeitgeist the movie

    So, what is your whole take on all of this? Is the monetary system outdated and in need of replacing? If so, is the Venus Project the answer? If not then please share some of your ideas.

    If you were say, an extraterrestrial who for some reason had the ability to camouflage yourself into the appearance of an every day regular schmuck. Would you consider Earth and its people, with the type of society for you? Or would you perhaps just bail and look elsewhere?

    If you could choose. Which would you prefer, the monetary system we currently live in now or the Resource-Based economy as proposed by Jacque Fresco?

    Feel free to contribute anything else! Sound off below.

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