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Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by TheBadGuy92, Sep 27, 2017.

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    The mini shield reunion had an interesting build and so far I’d say has paid off pretty well with some classic matches with Cesaro and Sheamus. Which got me to thinking a couple guys with history who are currently on smackdown id like to see pull off the same thing.

    Sami Zayn hasn’t done, really.. anything since going to smaxkdown and who knows what Kevin Owens will be doing after HIAC. Whether it’s a full blown heel turn for Zayn playing up the fact that KO was right and he hasn’t done much in his career and went dirty to win the tag titles(Sami’s first title) or some how wwe pulls off a face turn for KO.

    It puts some life into the tag title scene on SD, gives some fresh feuds and gives two top talents something relevant to do.

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  2. JoeMallard

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    I've always had it in the back of my mind that this would be the perfect storyline for them to become friends again, but in a Step Brothers kind of way.
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    I hate the fact that Sami Zayn's entire WWE career resembles around Kevin Owens though. Alright we get it. Good friends, bitter enemies. Sami has done nothing, asbolutely nothing ever since that Strowman feud. And it's a shame really, because he may not be a charismatic guy or a guy that sells, but damn that man may be one of the best in they have in the ring. And not like Ziggler best. Actually being good. They way he sells should be taught a special lesson for the folks down at NXT. Ring psychology? The guy gets it.

    It could work, in order to turn Owens a face, which will undoubtly happen at some point, but Owens is about to murder Shane in that Cell. I don't think going face after that is the direction they're going.
  4. ShinChan

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    At this moment, turning either of Zayn or Owens would be a big mistake. Owens is looking extraordinary after the rub from Mr. McMahon. Zayn is just there like most of the times and it sucks. But I don't think that Zayn should turn heel. He fits into the underdog role and I don't think that any babyface fits better in this Daniel Bryan-esque role.

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