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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by ShinChan, Jan 27, 2017.

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    So as of now, TNA has two PPVs namely Slammiversary and Bound For Glory. Last year, the time period between these two was almost 6 months.

    The point of this thread is to ask if TNA should organise 4 PPVs per year with time period being 3 months between each PPV. 2 PPVs are quite less in a whole year.

    Instead of doing Genesis and other such episodes, why not have a 3 month build to each PPV? It also will decrease the need to drag a grudge match for the either of aforementioned 2 PPVs.

    Plus, don't give title match zero importance like given to X-Division title match at Bound For Glory.
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    Because they need to pay extra for PPV production, live transmission and possibly flying in talent in a week they aren't filming or schedule episode filming the days after the PPV. There's logistics behind it that aren't difficult to fix, but just don't seem to be a priority with TNA because their PPV market was never good to begin with and has plummeted. Doing PPV's would really be more a vanity for them than a marketable gain.
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    TNA also happens to have a title match every week, so PPV's are kinda pointless in this period of time. But nonetheless, I still don't get why they insist on making those One Nigh Only PPVs. The last one was cool and it was connected with the stories on their programming, but those before were just 'special wrestling only' events with no repercussions and no hype behind it.

    Into the matter at hand, I think TNA doesn't need more PPV's but a better use of their TV shows. Like I've said, having at least one title match per week doesn't really help you a lot. I think they should really build for their special episodes, like "Genesis", like they were PPV's. Try and add an extra hour for those, maybe POPTv goes for it and maybe they can add more revenue with the ads. I don't know though if that happens and I'm just putting out my ideas. Something like a Clash of Champions. Those were always fun to watch and they mattered. Now imagine if Terry Funk and Ric Flair were fighting every other week on TV or Ric Flair was defending every other week. It would get old and their match (one of my favorites) would have not had the same mystique behind it.

    I just think TNA could maintain their viewership even without the hype for title matches every week and spike those ratings up for the big showdowns. SmackDown Live! is a perfect example of a show that has a lot of title matches every other week, but still, when the show is stacked it does get his bigger rating results. It can work for TNA too. Also, ease up on those "Final Deletions". It's not everyone's cup of tea and therefore it shouldn't take out all from your shows.
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    I think 4 PPV's would be enough for TNA, working out roughly every quarter, the timing of these could be situated around the TV Tapings. They are apparently touring India this year, so they could do a PPV in India followed by tapings over the next couple of days for instance.

    The multiple tapings isn't great, basically TNA is a taped TV show and has been for a while now, I'm not sure how long a company can survive or just how long it can be taking seriously for as an alternative.
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    I think 3 pay per views a year would be good for TNA Impact Wrestling.

    February- Lockdown
    June - Slammiversary
    Ocotber - Bound for Glory

    Four months apart would be more than enough time to build solid storylines. They should save all of the Championship Title matches for only 3 times a year, and exclusively on PPV. This would also really stretch out their reigns, like the way it was back before my time.

    Use the weekly television shows to build contenders. I'd keep the Champions appearances to a minimum, doing promos and interview segments. I'd even have them on commentary during number one contenders matches. Run-ins are a given. I'd would, however, allow cashing in the Feast or Fired briefcases at anytime, even during Impact, to add to the surprise factor.

    They also don't run into the same months as any of WWE's Big 4. They can run on the week between a Raw PPV and a Smackdown PPV. Lockdown after the Royal Rumble, before WrestleMania. Slammiversary after WrestleMania, before SummerSlam. Bound for Glory after SummerSlam, before Survivor Series. I would add an Impact Special titled Final Resolution / Genesis on New Year's Eve, where the main event is the Feast or Fired match, after Survivor Series, before the Royal Rumble. It's perfect timing.

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