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    Real Name: Jasper Benson

    Gimmick Name: The Beard

    Nickname: The Manliest Man in Professional Wrestling

    Height: 6’6’’

    Weight: 285 lbs

    Hometown: Allentown, PA

    Billed From: Beard City, USA



    ----------------Hair Color/Length: Long, wet, and greasy (when wrestling). Ponytail (when backstage)

    ----------------Eye Colour: Brown

    ----------------Facial Hair: Long straggly beard. Unkempt and untrimmed

    ----------------Ring Attire: Black sleeveless shirt with a silhouette of his first in yellow. On the back shoulders "#BeardNation". A long sleeve on his right arm, black wrist tape on the left. Blue jeans and boots. During big events a satin jacket with "Beard" embroidered in cursive on the right breast and the Beard silhouette on the back with Beard Nation around it.

    ----------------Backstage attire: Essentially the same as wrestling attire but with a hoodie.

    ----------------Physical Features: N/A

    ----------------Tattoos: N/A

    Alignment (Heel or Face, not Tweener): Face

    Main Gimmick: A former WZCW veteran getting one last shot at the big time as his road to redemption begins.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Fun loving,

    Strengths/Weaknesses (3 of each):
    Strengths: Power, athletic for a man his size, never intimidated

    Weakness: Hot tempered, lack of in ring experience (green in simpler terms), takes unnecessary risks

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: [​IMG]

    Brief History: Since leaving the promotion luck has not been on The Beard's side. WZCW recruited the veteran to make a return to the promotion. Beard knows this could be his last shot. More focused than ever Beard looks to channel the power from Beard Nation as he looks to prove himself once again.

    Entrance Music: [youtube]HuXhwpX59tc[/youtube]

    Entrance Description: The lights are out and as the music hits a spotlit Beard is standing there with a towel over his head. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down and draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!". He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with all the members of Beard Nation. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee as he bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes and throws his arms out as a crooked smile comes across his face.

    Finishing Moves:
    Flying Beard (Diving Headbutt)
    Poetic Justice (Cross Rhodes)

    15 Most Used Moves: (No finishers, 3 signature moves):
    Running Crossbody
    Cannonball Corner Senton (Think Kevin Owens)
    Exploder Suplex (sometimes into the corner)

    Snap Suplex
    Corner Splash
    Repeated Elbows to cornered opponent, followed by a shoulder barge
    High Speed Leg Drop
    Backbreaker (sometimes double arm)
    Running Elbow to a cornered opponent (Beard runs into the opposite corner and does a flying elbow)
    Jumping Elbow Drop (occasionally done from middle rope)
    Belly to Belly Suplex
    Beard Wash (Think a face wash, but with a Beard)
    Jumping High Knee
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Flying Clothesline (either running or off the top)

    Sample RP:

    The room is near dark as just a flicker of light can be seen in the distance. All of a sudden the lights flash on and we stare at the back of a burly man in a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up. The man turns around and we are witness to a man with an enormous beard. The bearded man closes his book as he stares into the camera.

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I---
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”

    Robert Frost. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

    The bearded man pauses as he sips from a glass of wine.

    You seem confused? Why would a man of my stature succumb to drinking wine and reading poetry? Thus must make me weak. Oh contraire my friend, it is quite the opposite. I’m big, I’m bad, and I’m bearded and don’t think for one second I won’t stop and kick your ass.

    The bearded man again pauses as he sips from his wine.

    Let me formally introduce myself to the WZCW world. I am The Beard. I live by one motto. Big. Bad. Bearded. That is the only way I know how. A great man, Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” That statement reign true until today. Today the only thing you, WZCW have to fear is The Beard. Each and every night from here on out you will….FEAR. THE. BEARD.

    The Beard as we now know takes a deep breath before grabbing his wine and shutting all the lights off as it ends as it all began…in the dark.



    • World Tag Team Champion (With Le Gentleman Masque as "The Bearded Gentlemen"
    • King For A Day 2013
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