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    Maybe I am looking into this too much, but Bray and Matt have had a below par Title run (Well anything on RAW is below par these days), but I get the feeling that perhaps this B Team could be part of a bigger picture "Bray Team".

    Bray turns on Matt, Brays new stable takes the belts. We finally get Bray and his real life brother in Bo with Axel as a new trio. This could be part of Brays bigger picture and plan.

    Just a thought ans was thinking this during the Promo last night...
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    I doubt it, I think it's more likely that Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas becomes "BROKEN." I remember reading awhile back that Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy were very opinionated on wanting Dallas and Axel to join them. I have a feeling this story won't end too quickly. I doubt this match takes place at Money In The Bank. We'll likely see this go down at RAW or Battleground (if that's still around), in a Deletion style match at The Hardy Compound. That bout would likely see Bo and Curtis put in a lot of work, but ultimately gets thrown into the lake of recarnation.
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    I believe the OP is trying to put meaning into the meaninglessness that is piss poor Deleter of Worlds tag title run. B-Team being a master plan for a Wyatt heel push would seemingly justify the inexplicable non-push the new tag team champions have received since WreslteMania.

    It's far more likely that creative doesn't want to push tag team wrestling. Wyatt and Hardy have done nothing and The Club vs Bludgeon Bros was just dropped to the pre-show of MITB 2018. The Authors of Pain are absolute beasts, but can't even get on Raw. The Revival has been a non-factor. Tag teams aren't a priority in WWE right now.

    Bo finally uniting with Bray is often brought up in forums and wrestling discussions. I see the allure of the real life brothers, sons of IRS, uniting on television to take on the world. All it really amounts to is a feel good story.

    Bo Dallas is the most over he has ever been in his career at this point. Making him a Wyatt lackey now after he just broke away from Miz lackey status would be nothing short of several steps backwards. If Bo is ever going to provide any value, ever become anything resembling a draw, he's going have to do by carving out his own gimmick.

    Bo will be the eternal jobber if he dons the Cape Fear gimmick and becomes diet Wyatt. That would also signal no upward movement for a guy like Bray Wyatt. Hard to believe he was WWE Champion 14 months ago.

    Bo Dallas isn't a guy that's going to be a top draw. I unfortunately see the B-Team going the way of Slater/Rhyno, Sandow, and Ryder. They're very over, but it's hard to see a comedy gimmick get top billing in WWE.
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    Keeping Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel employed is WWE's way of thanking IRS and Mr. Perfect for their "service"; call it what it is. There are so many examples of nepotism on the WWE roster, it is in desperate need of a trimming.

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