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    I get it. This is definitely not going to happen, but the idea of all it flat out intrigues me. So our story begins on RAW, December 14th, 2015, the Slammys. Charlotte is in the ring and is having a match with Sasha Banks, with Paige and Becky Lynch and Naomi and Tamina at ringside. Ric Flair is also seen watching from the backstage area and Charlotte and Sasha are going back and forth in the corner of the ring....


    *Charlotte and Sasha immediately turn to the stage area. Paige, Becky, Naomi are immediately scared by Lesnar's music hitting. Tamina notices but doesn't seem to care much*

    Byron Saxton: What.............


    JBL: Brock doesn't owe anybody anything, and that includes explanations, something you've obviously forgotten. It is great to see Brock Lesnar back

    Byron Saxton: Whatever the reason is for Brock Lesnar coming out here for the first time since the night after SummerSlam, it's obviously not good for anybody right now. All these Divas might want to run right now.

    Brock, in a fancy shirt, slacks and all, circles the ring once, pulls up a chair at ringside near the announce table and sits, which all the girls take notice of and at times get distracted by it

    The match ends by Sasha Banks being pinned by Charlotte, where PCB immediately begin celebrating. Brock then enters the ring.

    Team PCB are immediately confused and appear to be a bit afraid. Brock extends his hand out to Charlotte, which she then shakes, along with Paige and Becky Lynch.


    Immediately after the commercial, Team PCB are interviewed by Renee Young to get their thoughts.

    Paige: Well Renee, if you think about it, it's just so unlike Brock to come to the ring while us Divas are in the ring doing our jobs. He's said that he's here in WWE to "kick ass and bring pain", and

    Charlotte: When Brock's music first played, I was very afraid and I could see that Sasha was too. Now we also know that Brock would never put his hands on a woman, so we then knew that thankfully, we weren't going to be going to Suplex City. But the sight of him itself is scary. And Brock actually then coming into the ring we didn't see coming at all, but to say the least it was very interesting. Despite Brock Lesnar coming, I still won my match and did it with Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOOO

    *commercial and more irrelevant matches*

    Paige, Charlotte and Becky are immediately surrounded by the rest of the Divas about the Brock confrontation, and it is that moment they decide that they are going to talk to them. *another match* Team PCB are then seen asking people if they know where Brock Lesnar's locker room is, and eventually they run into Paul Heyman.

    Charlotte: Well hello Paul. Do you know where Brock would be by any chance, because the three of us would like to talk to him about how he came out to the ring during my match. Not upset or anything, I just want answers. It seems so unlike Brock to be doing these kinds of things.

    Paul Heyman: Hello to the three of you. While I personally question but understand your decision of wanting to speak to my client, I shall think about allowing you to speak with him. You see, my client has authorized me to inform you that while he has been away for the last few months, he has taken an interest in watching your matches. Same for you, Paige and Becky. While my client is still here tonight and has an announcement for later on, if you can find his locker room and he is in there, feel free to speak with him. But for now, I am about to go out to the ring and present a Slammy. Good luck finding him.

    *another commercial and this shall be continued later on*

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