[Tag Team] Phantoms of Chaos

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    Name of Tag Team: Phantoms of Chaos

    Name of Wrestler’s who are in the Tag Team:
    Ty Burna
    El Califa Dragon

    Entrance Theme:

    Entrance Description: Static lights flash throughout the arena as the music begins. Pillars of fire burst forth along the entrance stage as El Califa Dragon and Ty Burna slowly walk out among the fire. Both men flip their respective hoods back, Califa throws his hands out as Ty looks around the arena, nodding his head to the music, a smirk forming on his face. Califa runs towards the ring as Ty walks swiftly behind him. Califa jumps up and over the top rope as Ty slides under the bottom rope. Califa poses in a kneeling position as Ty stands behind him, his arms held out to his sides as the static lights stop and the house lights come back up.

    Combined Weight: 415 pounds

    Tag Team Finisher (Maximum 2):

    Chaos Reigns: Straight Jacket Suplex off the top rope, followed by a Dragon de Vuelo.

    The Dragon's Massacre: Double Underhook Backbreaker into Backbreaker Submission, with Califa coming off the top rope with double knees to the stomach of the trapped opponent.

    Tag Team combination moves (Minimum 2):

    Straight Jacket Strangle Hold (Ty) Running knee to face (Califa)

    Top Rope Huracanrana (Califa) into Big Boot (Ty)

    Spike Powerbomb Backbreaker

    Regular move list:

    Ty Burna:
    1. Mo’ Murda – Facebreaker DDT
    2. Running high knee
    3. Repeated Rib Breakers
    4. Pumphandle flipping slam. (Pentagon Jr Driver)
    5. Straight Jacket Suplex – X plex
    6. Shoulderbreaker
    7. Muta Lock (Inverse STF)
    8. Running Knee Drop
    9. Kick to the back of the neck
    10. Straight Jacket stranglehold
    11. Double underhook backbreaker into....
    12. Backbreaker submission
    13. Powerbomb Backbreaker
    14. Double stomp to opponent trapped across turnbuckle into...
    15. Running stomp to back of opponent's head while they lie face down on middle or bottom turnbuckle.

    El Califa:
    1.Curb Stomp (Standing Inverted Indian Deathlock into a Surfboard followed by a Head Stomp)
    3.Spinning Head Scissors
    4.Springboard Legdrop
    5. Tope Suicida (Suicide dive through second and third ropes)
    6. Missile Dropkick
    7. La Magistral Cradle
    8. Rolling Fire (Rolling Liger Kick)
    9. Violent Flurry - Gets opponent in corner and delivers a knife edge chop followed by a punch in alternating fashion for a minute before allowing the opponent to stagger out before hitting a stiff roundhouse kick to the head.
    10. Moonsaults from various locations (standing, springboard, top rope)
    11. Springboard sunset flip
    12. Top rope Huracanrana
    13. Headscissors face plant into an armbar.
    14. Leaping Tornado DDT
    15. Top Rope Side Thrust Kick
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