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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Gavschenko, May 25, 2016.

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    Now with seth rollins back and in the title picture with roman reigns its seems as if this will be the title picture for the next few ppv's since seth is only back and needs a big match and roman has nobody else really to face.

    But with the money in the bank as the next ppv i see only ambrose winning the briefcase as he has been getting a push recently with facing lesnar in a big match at mania too now beating jericho it seems only fitting that he will get the briefcase even though im not a fan of his.

    It seems to me that we are going to get the shield fighting in a triple threat for the title at summerslam with Ambrose cashing he title in and my opinion he will win it what do you guys think?
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    Ambrose paid his dues and does have a case to win the MITB Briefcase. I just don't see him winning it. I think KO wins it this year.

    Although he lost his feud against Ambrose, since then he's been booked pretty strong. He lost the IC title. He's involved with the best feud in the company right now which he should win. He just got a clean win over the top face star (AJ Styles) on this past RAW.

    I'm not sure when he'll cash in.

    I think Reigns vs. Cena will be the Summerslam main event. They've been keeping Reigns and Cena apart and with the rumored WM main event being Cena vs. Taker, Summerslam would be the best time to do this match. I think they may have The Shield triple threat at WM 33.

    Reigns vs. Cena
    Rollins vs. AJ

    WrestleMania 33
    Rock vs. Brock (if The Rock is cleared to wrestle)
    Taker vs. Cena
    Reigns vs. Rollins (co-RR winner) vs. Ambrose (co-RR winner)
  3. sagar.enigmatic

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    I think Ambrose winning MITB makes more sense than KO. Ambrose has been getting kinda stale of late. KO is still fresh and can easily carry out another 3-4 feuds before getting into the title picture. Acc to me, the final guy to qualify for MITB should be Baron Corbin. Ambrose should win the match and KO should continue feuding with Zayn with their final showdown at Summerslam (Mind you KO and Zayn havent had a single's match against each other in a long time). Meanwhile, Reigns somehow retains at MITB and Rollins pulls some threads and gets a rematch at Battleground where he gets screwed by HHH when Reigns turns heel and joins the Authority, leading to Rollins vs HHH at Summerslam, with Rollins going over. Heel Reigns vs Cena at Summerslam would also be interesting with Reigns retaining with dirty tricks. I see Rollins winning the Royal Rumble and challenging Reigns ( having a good long title reign) at Mania. However, Ambrose gets involved and announces that he will be cashing in at Mania( Good guy Ambrose, pre announcing his cash-in), hence making it a Shield triple threat. And we can get Cena vs Taker at Mania. KO, on the other hand, can finish his feud with Zayn, have a nice long feud with AJ, Wyatt and a couple more guys and maybe face off against Lesnar at Mania.
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    I think Summerslam will look like this...

    WHC Match - Reigns Vs Lesnar - "THE Guy" Vs "THE Beast"
    Rollins Vs HHH
    US Title - Rusev Vs Cena

    Just like "sagar.enigmatic" Reigns wins in controversial fashion and Shane grants a rematch for Battleground, HHH screws Rollins and that sets up that Match.
    Reigns even though hes retained the title twice in dirty fashion he still proclaims to be "THE" guy. Shane isnt happy and puts him up against "THE" beast and Brock gets screwed over somehow.

    As much as im not a fan of his, i think Ambrose will win the MITB (Im hoping for a KO win) and then do the general MITB winner thing and fade in the back for a bit and flirting with cashing in and like other people have said he'll do the good guy thing and announce that hes cashing in at mania. Seth wins the rumble. Boom. Shield triple threat.

    So then Mania 33 could look like this...

    WHC - Reigns Vs Rollins Vs Ambrose
    Cena Vs Taker
    Triple H or Brock Vs The Rock
    The other one^ Vs Bray Wyatt

    So basically the main events that were supposed to happen at WM32 only a year later
  5. DirtyHall

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    i keep seeing cena vs rusev again... personally i think he may feud with miz for the IC belt... Cena has never won that belt and everyone as of late that the Miz has been feuding with is in the money in the bank match... I think the cena miz feud could go all the way to summerslam as well. However the brand split could change that too.
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    I've enjoyed playing the SummerSlam booking card over the past few weeks, but the brand split throws a real wrench into any guessing because 1) we don't know who will be on which roster and 2) we don't know if there will be another world title in the picture.

    Based on current information, though - I think the best guess is still Reigns vs Lesnar. Their WHC match WrestleMania 31 was much better than I expected, and that's even without the Rollins cash-in at the end. So I think there'd be some excitement for this match. But more importantly, Brock Lesnar has been booked like a legitimate bad ass for the past 2 1/2 years. If the WWE really wants to "make Roman look strong," then the best way to do that is to have him take out Lesnar.

    While the Reigns/Rollins match-up - complete with the Ambrose 'cash-in' guess - would be quite interesting, I think we need to remember that Reigns/Rollins are fighting at MITB already. And even still, there's another pay-per-view between MITB and SummerSlam. Essentially, if this main event occurred, it would likely be the third-straight pay-per-view headlined by Reigns/Rollins. That might come off as overkill by the time August rolls around. Now, could it be done? Sure. There are plenty of examples of long programs working really well. However, it's a risky proposition, and it's not one I trust the current writing staff could pull off successfully.
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    Summerslam Main Event should be Reigns vs Lesnar. As far as I'm concerned, Lesnar is still owed a rematch for the WWE WHC since his match with Rollins last year was a no contest because of Taker interfering. Reigns vs Lesnar gives us a hard hitting brawl for the main event.

    Have Reigns go over, though barely due to someone again costing Lesnar (maybe Bray Wyatt). Reigns celebrates, only for the Money in the Bank winner KEVIN OWENS to cash in on a beaten and battered Roman Reigns and win the title.

    Other matches on the card:

    Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose: Owens beat out Ambrose at MITB for the briefcase, Ambrose challenges him for the briefcase and loses.

    Seth Rollins w/Shane vs Triple H w/Stephanie: Shane gets control of Raw, Stephanie of Smackdown. They intend to use Seth as a mole on Raw, only Triple H costs him the WWE WHC against Reigns and Rollins aligns with Shane.

    John Cena vs Rusev: Cena wants the US Title back, Rusev retains.

    Sasha Banks vs Charlotte: Sasha finally wins the title from Charlotte and ends her reign.

    AJ Styles vs Finn Balor: Balor comes up and aligns with The Club and they torment AJ for not taking their help and not appreciating it.

    Sami Zayn vs The Miz: Zayn wins the IC Title from Miz.

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