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    Spring Stampede 2000
    Date: April 16, 2000
    Location: United Center, Chicago, Illinois
    Attendance: 12,556
    Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, Scott Hudson

    This is a show I've wanted to do for a good while now. Russo and Bischoff are in charge now and have rebooted WCW. In short, all titles are vacant and will be decided tonight in a bunch of tournaments and random one off matches. The interesting thing to me is that the titles were vacated on Monday before this show. What was the card for the PPV before they did that? Let's get to it.

    The opening video is about Russo vs. Flair and Russo stealing Flair's Rolex watch. Also Eric has recently turned on Hogan and made the New Blood. Oh and they brought back the stupid Hummer angle (even though it was a different color) and had Bischoff driving it.

    For those of you that don't know what the heck I'm talking about, in 1999 there was a BLACK (this was white) Hummer trying to run over various people. The question was who was driving it. It was heavily implied to be Sid and everyone assumed it was him. Bischoff brought it back 9 months later after everyone had forgotten about it. Amazingly enough, no one cared at all.

    Eric yells at Kidman, Torrie and Russo.

    Hudson runs down the participants so fast that we can't keep up with them. I'll try to give you the brackets as the show goes on but don't hold me to that.

    Tag Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Mamalukes vs. Team Package

    Team Package, Flair and Luger, say that Flair is in street clothes because Russo has made it a street fight. Who wears golf clothes to a street fight? I think Team Package are the faces here but I have no idea for the most part. The Mamalukes have Disco Inferno with them. I have no idea if there has been another round before this one or if there were only four teams in the whole thing.

    After taking a good while with the intros, here's Russo to shake things up a bit. Russo says this isn't an even playing field because you have two rookies against two established veterans so let's even this up a bit. He adds the Harris Brothers to make it 4-2. After a beatdown to start Flair fights back and gets the Figure Four on Johnny the Bull, only to let it go for no apparent reason.

    Vito kicks Flair's head off and they're legal to start. This is a one night tournament. Luger comes in because he can and the handicap aspect of the match starts to become a lot more clear. Flair wrestling in street clothes looks weird. He tries to go up top but gets slammed off by a Harris Brother. Everything breaks down again and Disco sends Luger into the post, only to get decked by Liz.

    Two “security” guys come out and take Disco out. No idea who they are. Oh ok this is something to do with the Mamaluke angle that sucked. Hot tag to Luger and after waiting on Vito to jump on him, house is cleaned and Bull is racked after heel miscommunication, sending Team Package to the finals.

    Rating: D+. It's just a big brawl but it wasn't boring. Flair and Luger having to fight off the insane odds was fine I guess but it's not like the odds ever really came into play after the first minute or so. Flair was pretty easily able to fight off both Harris Brothers and the other Mamaluke, making this pretty weak overall.

    Mike Awesome is the surprise 8th entrant in the US Title tournament and fights Ernest Miller later. He's not afraid of Cat and Bigelow comes up to complain about Awesome being in the tournament. Awesome decks him from behind.

    We recap Jimmy Hart vs. a radio show host. Yes this is happening on a PPV.

    Mancow vs. Jimmy Hart

    Hart has some big guy out there with him and is wearing a Howard Stern t-shirt. I don't recognize the guy but Hart is able to find people at will so it's not exactly surprising. Mancow is a celebrity in Chicago so the crowd is completely one sided. The big guy is named Hail. Mancow comes out with his entourage including some hot women. Mancow runs his mouth for a bit and the “match” begins. Seriously what are you expecting here? It's a bit under three minutes long and there's a ref bump and a chair shot. Hail interferes and Mancow wins anyway.

    Kidman comes out to beat up Hart for no apparent reason.

    Russo yells at the four guys that Team Package beat.

    US Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: The Wall vs. Scott Steiner

    Steiner comes out to his old Steiner Brothers theme here for some reason. This is New Blood vs. New Blood. They're both power brawlers and they completely live up to those stereotypes here. Steiner pounds away in the corner then Wall pounds away in the corner. Sting is the only member of the Millionaire's Club in this particular tournament. Wall takes a low blow and Steiner hits a belly to belly to take over.

    Now Steiner takes a low blow. Are you noticing the whole mirror image thing? Have you noticed how stupid the all No DQ rules are really freaking stupid? Oh wait there are disqualifications but they have to be REALLY big things to cause one. Remember that. We go to the floor and Wall pulls out a table. Steiner blocks a chokeslam through it and a blinded Wall chokeslams the referee through it for the lame DQ.

    Rating: F+. It was stupid but they had to hurry through it because they have about 13 matches to get through tonight. Wall was a guy who was supposed to be all insane and crazy but when you're up against Scott Steiner, your craziness is kind of overshadowed. This was nothing significant and was just a way to get Steiner to the final four quickly.

    Ernest Miller isn't worried about Awesome. There's a James Brown reference for no apparent reason and Bigelow drops Miller.

    US Title Tourament Quarter-Finals: Mike Awesome vs. Ernest Miller

    This is six days after Awesome, still ECW Champion at the time, ran in on Nitro after jumping ship. Bigelow jumps Awesome and has taken Miller's spot it seems. Well sure why not. Big dive to the floor takes Bigelow out and then dumps him into the crowd. Awesome busts out an Ahmed Johnson style dive over the railing as the brawl keeps going. Top rope clothesline back inside gets two. Bigelow wakes up and slams Awesome down and adds the headbutt for no cover. Here's Miller who kicks Bigelow in the head and dances a bit. Awesome kills him with a powerbomb and frog splash to advance.

    Rating: D. The brawling was decent and Awesome was incredible as usual but the whole Bigelow/Miller thing was totally pointless. Also it makes no sense as either guy not named Awesome should have been disqualified for interference but whatever. This was nothing interesting but was there to have Awesome get pushed harder, which is fine.

    Russo tells Bischoff to calm down. Bischoff tells Kidman to take care of Hogan.

    Bagwell and Douglas say they'll be champions and Shane wants to beat up Flair.

    Tag Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Harlem Heat 2000 vs. Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas

    This is Stevie Ray/Big T (Ahmed Johnson). Shane vs. Stevie starts us off after a quick brawl. Harlem Heat beat on Buff for a bit and then we get a tag to Shane who hits a release Pittsburgh Plunge to end this in less than three minutes. I've never seen such a nothing match that went so long.

    That makes the finals Team Package vs. Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas

    Booker says he's not New Blood because he doesn't agree with Bischoff about anything.

    US Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: Booker vs. Sting

    Yes it's officially Booker after he lost the rights to the letter T to Harlem Heat (don't ask). They're treating this like an epic battle and while it's not quite that it is a big deal I guess. Leave it to WCW to have it in a match on this show in this position that gets about six and a half minutes. Sting gets a hip toss for the first move of the match. Sting keeps up the dominance and we head to the floor.

    Booker goes into the metal barrier and the crew goes flying. Over to the announce table since we can't have a match without a brawling segment because that's what WWF and ECW does. Booker gets in a shot and back inside we go. Off to the chinlock which lasts a bit until we get a knee drop and hey, let's go back to that chinlock. Axe kick hits for two and the announcers are stunned. Booker spins up but walks into a DDT for two. Stinger Splash hits but a second jumps into the side kick. Booker tries a suplex but gets reversed into a Death Drop to end it.

    Rating: C+. Not a bad match but you would think this was Benoit vs. Angle at the 03 Rumble based on the reactions. It was certainly good and by far the best match of the night so far but it's just not as good as what they're hyping it up to be. If they had more than 7 minutes it could have been but we don't have time for wrestling here on this wrestling show people.

    Booker brings him back to shake his hand. Booker is New Blood according to Tony. Whatever man.

    Torrie, Bischoff and Kidman aren't worried about Hogan.

    US Title Tournament Quarter-Finals: Billy Kidman vs. Vampiro

    Vampy takes over to start with a bunch of headbutts and right hands. It's kind of hard to get into these matches that are happening for the sake of a tournament rather than a story or a feud between the guys in it. Kidman snaps off a rana to take over and pounds away in the corner the same way. Ten punches are countered into a SWEET release powerbomb but the Nail in the Coffin is countered into a facejam by Kidman.

    They keep exchanging control with Kidman having it as I type this. Nail in the Coffin (Michinoku Driver) is countered into another facejam and we head outside. Vampiro gets a spin kick in and works on the arm after injuring his rib. And let's cut to the back where a Dodge Charger containing Hogan is here. Hogan comes in and with the referee watching he beats up Kidman with ease. By that I mean he does it for several minutes. The idea of disqualifications are forgotten though so this is all cool. Hulk uses the steps as a step to chokebomb Kidman onto the table. Kidman is slammed through it and Vampy gets the pin.

    Rating: C-. Hogan killed this period. The lack of disqualifications is just stupid as why shouldn't the entire New Blood come in and beat up every member of the Millionaire's Club every match and ensure that they win? My guess would be that would make sense, which is why this gets really old really fast. I mean the referee is watching the whole thing and doesn't even try to interrupt it. It takes the wrestling out for the sake of brawling, which isn't why I watch these shows. Once in awhile is fine, but not in every single match.

    Hogan, ever the stealth one, gets on a mic and shouts that he's coming for Bischoff.

    In the back Russo leaves Bischoff to freak out on his own.

    Hogan goes Bischoff hunting and finds him in like the 7th door. And never mind as cops with guns are here to get him off. Yeah that's not going to go badly at all is it?

    Oh before I forget, here are the US Title brackets:



    Terry Taylor tells Terry Funk that the Hardcore match is going to begin in catering. “Take a right at the Doritos.”

    Hardcore Title: Terry Funk vs. Norman Smiley

    Norman is hiding in the men's room and is in a catcher's uniform complete with chest protector. They're into catering now and it's all Funk. Funk pours a bunch of Cokes on him (still in cans) as Tony says this isn't a match, despite Taylor calling it a match and a bell ringing. They're in the kitchen now and they crawl through a dish return line to get there. Tony talks about the merits of industrial strength cookie sheets as he probably wonders how he still has a career.

    They head into the hallway and Norman climbs a conveniently placed ladder. Norman gets some chair shots in and we head to the arena. Terry is taking a bunch of chair shots to the head which are scarier each time. Madden wants to know why Terry would do this to himself. The term “middle aged and CRAZY” doesn't work for Madden I guess. It's Wiggle Time but you don't simulate anal sex on a Texan! Funk hits a huge chair shot and we're back outside.

    Terry pulls out a ladder and puts it between the bottom and middle ropes on the inside. Dustin Rhodes comes out because we MUST have more Rhodes vs. Funk because the feud only started 25 years ago so we're all begging for a continuation right? Dustin of course fails because he's booked like a clueless putz when he's not Goldust so he causes some pain for Norman. Funk drops a ladder over the top onto Norman for the title.

    Rating: C. These matches are hard to not smile at a bit. Yes they're stupid and mindless brawls but at the same time, they're stupid and mindless brawls. Nothing great and Dustin added absolutely nothing to it at all (which should be on his tombstone), but Funk vs. Smiley was a weird combination that made for entertaining comedy and with the Hardcore Title, what more can you ask for?

    Russo tells Booker to watch his step and wants a favor.

    US Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner

    Steiner takes him to the mat to start which is smart as he wants to keep the power/high flying guy on the mat where he can't use his physical advantages. Awesome is sent to the floor but he manages to get the slingshot shoulder to take over. Splash gets two. This is Mike's second WCW match after his debut earlier. Top rope clothesline gets two but the spinning belly to belly shifts things again. With Awesome taking back over here's Nash with a crutch (same thing Awesome did to Nash) to take Awesome out. Recliner puts Steiner in the finals.

    Rating: D+. They only had three minutes to work with so how good could it be? This was all about Nash getting his shot in on Awesome to set up a match that I don't think ever actually took place. Awesome's fate was written on the wall here though as he never would become anything significant in WCW at all due to an extreme amount of talent.

    Dustin, who is somehow New Blood, is fired for not keeping Funk from winning the title. Russo takes credit for Goldust and making him everything he ever was. I give up.

    US Title Tournament Semi-Finals: Vampiro vs. Sting

    Sting charges to the ring as there's an actual feud to this one. Sting no sells some stuff and hammers away with strikes. Out to the floor and it's all Sting. Back in a top rope splash gets two after a lot of looking at Vampy. Back to the floor for more brawling and Sting misses the move that always misses, the splash onto the railing. Vampiro gets a chair and puts Sting face first onto it before a superkick puts Sting down.

    In a weird moment, Vampiro rolls him in and sets for something off the stop but Sting won't lay still and clearly shakes his head no at Sting. Vampiro is like dude what are you doing and just jumps off with no real contact. I don't get that. Suplex gets two instead. Another suplex gets two again. A top rope...something is countered into either a powerbomb or spinebuster. Death Drop sets up the Deathlock to send Sting to the finals.

    Rating: C-. The top rope stuff was rather odd but Sting continues to look good here. He was all fired up and they had to have someone in there to give the Millionaire's Club a finalist. Not great or anything but these two had no real chemistry in most of their matches. Sting would beat him again the next month in something close to a squash.

    Sting vs. Steiner for the title later.

    Page wants to beat Jarrett.

    Cruiserweight Title: Artist vs. Chris Candido vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Shannon Moore vs. Lash Leroux vs. Crowbar

    No Evan Karagis for 3 Count here. I think they would split soon after this. The two 3 Count guys do their thing before the match. It's a Suicide Sixway. The other guys run out and the big fight is on. Shane is on the outside and not in the match. Candido vs. Moore at the moment and I don't think tags are required. Ok so yes they are. Crowbar escapes a DDT and gets a northern lights suplex for two.

    One fall to a finish here. If DQ rules have been relaxed why not allow everyone to run in all the time? Lash vs. Juvy now as this is going to be one of those insane matches. Juvy Driver gets two as Artist saves. Daffney accidently hits a Frankenscreamer on her man crowbar and then screams her way out of trouble. We bust out the dives by everyone and everybody is down.

    David Flair comes in and beats up Helms and Candido is crotched by Artist. Candido misses a swan dive and Artist hits an Angle Slam (called a Samoan Drop) and Tammy debuts with a chair to give Candido the title. I can't complain about her in a see through nightgown and a nice thong shot.

    Rating: C. This was your usual insane Cruiserweight spot fest but I could have gone for it being longer than 5 minutes. The non-high flying power brawler as champion is the usual bit for them and that's fine. The title hadn't meant anything in years so throwing this together is fine. Nothing great but it did its job I guess and we have a new champion now and he's New Blood.

    Jarrett says he's not worried about Page.

    Tag Titles: Team Package vs. Buff Bagwell/Shane Douglas

    Russo comes out with the New Blood and sits in on commentary. Luger vs. Bagwell gets us going. Russo is guaranteeing victory. Buff rakes the eyes to stop the offense and it's off to Shane. Luger casually gorilla presses him and Flair gets in a right hand and they go to the floor. Tony shouts BS about something as the New Blood beats on Flair. How a guy that was world champion seven years ago can be considered New Blood is beyond me but it's WCW so who cares.

    Bagwell beats down Flair and Tony wants more choking and violence. That would be cool if we hadn't seen it in every single match so far tonight. Flair gets a chop and they hit the ropes, bumping heads to put both guys down. Luger FINALLY does something to break up the beating on Flair. There's the hot tag to Luger who cleans house for a bit and there's the Figure Four on Shane. Russo gets up with the bat as the Blockbuster hits Shane by mistake. Russo pulls the referee out as Kronik debuts and hits the double chokeslam on Luger to give the New Blood the titles with Russo counting the pin.

    Rating: D+. Just another match here and Kronik added nothing for the most part. The New Blood win the first tournament and I'm sure that's all they'll win right, because it's not like they're going to put all the titles on the heel faction like the NWO because that would just be stupid when they had done that a few years ago right?

    Steiner says he's not worried about Sting because he has big arms.

    Sting says Steiner is the next casualty of this war.

    US Title: Sting vs. Scott Steiner

    Steiner hammers away to start but Sting gets a drop....he gets a kick...we'll call it a leg attack to take over. They go to the floor for a bit but Sting gets caught coming in off the top rope. We get into a nice rhythm here: Steiner hits Sting to knock him down then yells at the fans then hits Sting to knock him down then yells at the fans. Repeat that for about 2 minutes and you have the middle of this match.

    Sting starts his comeback and hits the Stinger Splash. The second one results in the referee getting crushed so Sting goes for two more of them. The first one hits but the second is stopped as Vampiro pulls him under the ring through the mat and Sting is gone. He comes back and is busted open and out cold. Steiner puts on the Recliner and wins the title by TKO.

    Rating: D-. Well this was worthless. Sting was more or less waiting around for the Vampy thing which wasn't needed as he beat Vampiro cleanly earlier on in the night. Steiner gets the title after beating three guys despite being a terror in the back at this point. Steiner would hold the title for a few months until getting suspended for using a banned hold. Not bad for about 12 minutes combined in three matches.

    We recap Jarrett vs. DDP which was set up Monday. Jarrett got his spot in this automatically while Page had to beat Luger and then the winner of Sting vs. Sid. Sid was champion but was stripped of the title instead. DDP beat Sting after New Blood interference in all three matches.

    WCW World Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

    Kimberly is with Page here. Page hammers away to start us off and a discus clothesline puts Jarrett down. Spinning DDT gets two and a pescado follows. We're on the floor again and Kimberly slaps Jeff. They go into the crowd and there's a crutch used on Jarrett's back. We can't see anything here for the most part due to a combination of bad camera work and the fans being in the way.

    Jarrett tries to cheat but gets caught in a sunset flip for two. Almost all DDP here so far and as I say that he gets crotched. There's a superplex and Jeff goes to grab a chair. Jeff works over the back without using the chair because he'd rather wrestle. I can't believe I'm saying this but God bless you Jeff Jarrett. Page starts firing back with right hands and a sitout powerbomb gets two.

    Bischoff is standing in the aisle. They head to the floor where Jarrett uses various instruments on him. He rips up a copy of Page's book and posts Page's balls on the post. Page starts a comeback and rams Jeff's balls into the post for some nice comeuppance. Jeff blocks the Diamond Cutter and down goes the referee. A belt shot puts Page down and the referee makes a two count.

    Figure Four goes on to Page and Kimberly grabs the guitar. If you don't know what she's going to do with it, you're a freaking moron. Page is still in the hold as we wait for the SHOCKING, yes SHOCKING I SAY heel turn by Page's chick. He finally reverses it into a small package for two. Jarrett jumps into a spinning Rock Bottom for two. Jeff throws on a sleeper which is reversed, drawing Eric and Kim up to the apron. Diamond Cutter hits and there's the turn and Jarrett wins the title.

    Rating: C. It's probably the best match of the night and that's because it had some time to develop. If my memory and math are right this was the only match that went over ten minutes all night. I can understand having a problem with that when you have 13 matches, but there's a simple solution to that: DON'T HAVE THIRTEEN MATCHES. Not a great match or even a good one but after three hours I'll take it.

    The New Blood celebrates together to end the show.

    Overall Rating: D. If you're a fan of tournaments, RUN out and find a copy of this show because it's all your fantasies come true. Otherwise, it's three hours of sloppy brawling in place of wrestling and a total of maybe two watchable matches out of 13. This was a nothing show and shows the problems of rebooting the freaking company six days before a PPV. Not a fan of this at all as the company was on the verge of its final downward spiral due to Russo booking the company so far into the ground it couldn't see the light of day. Bad show due to the booking being WAY too overdone.
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    Great Review by yourself KB, at the time I thought it was a good ppv but looking back at it now so many years later, it was actually pretty awful some of it did not make sense (storyline wise). At the event itself they had a total of 14 matches which is waaaay to long, most of them were awful, some of them on paper looked pretty good tbh except they turned out absolutely crap.

    I would of had guys such as Booker T and Goldberg members of the Millionaires Club, understand that they were younger guys but they would of been better off in the Millionaires Club, it did not make sense that they were with New Blood yet they were associated with the Millionaires Club. The younger guys such as the Filthy Animals side with The New Blood due to being sick of not getting what they claim to deserve and their hate for guys like Hogan and Nash, it was great bringing in Mike Awesome but I would not insert him into the US Title Tournament, I would have him go straight into a feud with Kevin Nash. I would not have Kidman feud with Hogan either, it just didn't do anything for me.

    It was a good concept that all the titles were to be placed up for grabs, I would narrow down the amount of matches they have take place and scrap some of them such as the Jimmy Hart Vs Mancow match. Overall it was a bad ppv and they did not keep hold of their respective titles for too long either.

    If you will, I would like to give what I feel the best card would be:

    1) Ric Flair & Lex Luger Vs Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell
    WCW World Tag Team Championship Semi-Final Match. This takes place as a semi finals instead, I would have Flair and Luger beat the Harris Brothers to get here whilst Douglas & Bagwell beat the MIA to get here, Douglas and Bagwell beat the veterans here to advance to the finals.

    2) Kronik Vs Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrax
    WCW World Tag Team Championship Semi-Final Match. This would be the other Semi-Finals match with Kronik beating Mysterio & Konnan to get here whilst the NBT beat the Mamalukes to get here, I would give this one to Kronik as they advance to the finals representing the Millionaires Club.

    3) Scott Steiner Vs Bam Bam Bigelow
    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Semi-Finals Match. This is part one of the Semi-Finals match, I would have Steiner beat Kanyon instead of the Wall and have Bam Bam Bigelow beat The Cat instead of Mike Awesome, I wanna keep Awesome for something different. Steiner gets the win here with the recliner on Bigelow to advance to the finals.

    4) Booker T Vs Sting
    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Semi-Finals Match. This would be the 2nd Semi-Finals match, Sting beats Vampiro to get here and Booker beats Kidman to get here, Sting gets the win and advancing to the finals to face Steiner, both men represent the Millionaires Club here. Booker comes up short against Sting.

    5) Chris Candido Vs The Artist Vs Juventud Guerrera Vs Shane Helms Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Lash LeRoux
    WCW Cruiserweight Championship Six-Way Match. I would add Helms and Mysterio in there instead of Crowbar and Moore. Candido gets the win here and holds onto the title for a little longer then 2 weeks, I would give it more time instead of like 5 fricken minutes.

    6) Kronik Vs Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell
    WCW World Tag Team Championship Finals Match. I would still have Douglas and Bagwell win the match and instead beat Kronik and hold onto the titles for a good month or so before dropping them to Kronik.

    7) Scott Steiner Vs Sting
    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Finals Match. This stays the same except give it more time and have Steiner keep the title for a good amount of time and have Vampiro interfere here again.

    8) Jeff Jarrett Vs Diamond Dallas Page ( with Kimberely)
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship Finals Match. I would still have this as a the main event, DDP beats Sting to get to the finals and Double J beats Big Sid thanks to outside help. Jarrett had 4 World Title reigns that lasted all of 65 days. This time he hold onto the title till Slamboree and I would have Ric Flair win the title from him and then drop it a couple of weeks later but this time he needed to be built up as a credible champion.

    That's my card, I've trimmed down the card to 8 matches, after this show I would have Awesome attack Nash the next night on Nitro and have a match with him at Slamboree instead, Jarrett loses the title to Flair at the next ppv in a triple threat match that involves DDP as well but wins it back a couple of weeks later.

    Steiner holds onto the belt till the summer giving him a good 4 to 5 month reign, Bagwell and Douglas hold onto the belts for a couple of months till Flair screws Douglas and then Douglas screws Flair out of the title shot. I would have Goldberg come back at the GAB and instead help Nash. Towards the summer the WCW phase out Hogan and reduce his role, I would have Booker T win some sort of battle royal or tournament to get a shot at the WCW Title against Jarrett and slowly get rid of the NB vs MC angle and put more creativity into story telling and actual matches.

    Instead of playing hot potato with all the titles, let them have good strong lengthy reigns. This is what I would do to try and make it better.
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