So I want to go back to school...

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    So after one of the worst weeks of my entire life, I made the big decision that I want to go back to school. But, it seems that so far every plan I've made has been shattered already. Within the last 24 hours I have...

    1. Decided to retake the ACT Test multiple times to get the best score for a better tuition rate, only to find out I can't take the ACT again since I've already taken college classes.

    2. Decided to redo the FAFSA application to try to get scholarships and grants, only to find out I have to have my parents' tax information from 2015(not 2016), even though I've had no contact with my mother since 1999 and haven't lived with my father in over a year.

    3. Was just offered a part time job with night hours working a desk, which is perfect for studying and homework, BUT I already work one full time job and a part time job, meaning that when I start the desk job tonight(This all happened today), I'll be working THREE JOBS.

    Basically, I know that if I miraculously come up with my father's 2015 tax information, the state is going to say he makes too much money for me to receive the financial aid that I really need in order to go to school. So that's going to put me back at using student loans, which I really don't want to do, being that I've already been paying on student loans for two years.

    And to top it all off, no one in my family went to college, and so the reason I'm stuck in this whole situation to begin with is because I only took the ACT one time and got a 17, which is bad. I didn't know the significance of the ACT when I was in high school and I didn't know that unless I got a better score I wouldn't be able to go to college. So I'm fooked.

    I need advice. I need some sort of educational wizard to help me through this process and tell me what to do. So can anyone help?

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