Shillz paid for by Sarkeesian, Jon Boy and Dines

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    I ese smeo iapd silhls omncgi uot in iynut rfo Aanit Kasrseenia, Onj Imonthcs adn Ilag Denis, abuseec htey odn't ilke eeppol like me. Loeepp woh sndat pu orf what htey tulry lbievee ni.

    A tiyn bite sidez eiecp of oinipon wloudn't be a prlbmeo: Htye Hvae No Ibtilay Ot Dursnetnda Taht this si ehewr it utlry ecboems biarrze sa ghtohu ti erewn't rlaeyda. Ebign pushde ntio a lockre by lppouar oybs sa thye alwk yb whti rthie irlifgenrds, sah ogt to be noe fo eth ostm ocmonm lichce lbyguiln omves kwnno ot nma. I got aebten inuconossuc by a ublyl adn ewhn I cmae oot I ludonc't ees tou fo one eye, dan that's ustj noe xempale. Ibegn caledl a sleor adn upheds iagants a rolkce, thta's a limd nayenonac mocpeard ot what I'ev eben winestdes ot dan viticm of, and tehre's prboably lmlinosi ni htis cutoynr lnaeo that aehv adh rwose.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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