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    Earlier today, former wrestling great Chavo Guerrero, Sr. passed away after battling liver cancer. To most modern fans, Chavo was best known as "Chavo Classic" and the father of Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and for his later in life appearances in WWE and Lucha Underground.

    Chavo was a significant star in various NWA promotions but was best known for is work with All Japan & New Japan Pro Wrestling, while they had working relationships with the NWA and for the Los Angeles based NWA Hollywood Wrestling throughout most of the 1970s. Chavo was a major star for NWA Hollywood, which also catered to a large Hispanic audience, winning the NWA Americas Heavyweight and Americas Tag Team Championships 15 and 11 times respectively as well as a couple of runs as NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion.

    After NWA Hollywood shut down in 1982, Chavo continued to make the rounds in the territory, though the peak years of his career were pretty much behind him. He had a lengthy stay in the San Antonio based Southwest Championship Wrestling, which was owned and founded by Joe Blanchard, and spent much of 1988 feuding with Badd Company over the AWA World Tag Team Championship with his brother Mando Guerrero.

    Chavo came to WWE circa 2004 and eventually adopted the "Chavo Classic" moniker, though he was mostly around for comedic purposes. His biggest claim to fame in the company was winning the original WWE Cruiserweight Championship at age 55.

    Last year, Chavo was listed among the wrestlers who're part of the class action lawsuit against WWE. I imagine they'll do a little something, at least do an "In Memory of" graphic at the start of Raw on Monday.

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