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    Pro Wrestling This Week was a weekly wrestling show created by Joe Pedicino that started in late 1986, running about a year. It was hosted by Pedicino and the great Gordon Solie and recapped the happenings in various promotions in the US and internationally.

    PWTW was almost like if PWI was a television show. I was a young wrestling fan who scoured all of the London Publishing wrestling mags so I was stoked when discovering it. Unfortunately, it was later into the shows run and I just vaguely remember a few episodes before it was taken off the air. I had completely forgotten about it until I stumbled across an episode on YouTube. I thought it would be fun to go back and take a look at what was happening in 86/87, a terrific era for wrestling.
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    btw, I've never done a review, so it may be awkward, but the subject is great and that's what matters! The first episode is from November 8, 1986. Lets begin!

    Generic eighties intro music and sweet ring graphic are awesomely fitting as the show opens and leads to Pedicino and Solie in the studio. Pedicino introduces the show and the hosts while Solie tells us what we have to look forward to; Abdullah, an interview with the new WCCW champion Kevin Von Erich, Bill Apter, a classic match with Wild Red Berry, mammoth ladies in Japan and Adrian Street. Sounds like a great show. These guys are very polished and professional and really add credibility to the news format of the program.

    First an update on the condition of the recently hospitalized Magnum TA. He's still in critical condition in intensive care in Charlotte. This was a horrible blow to the NWA, as he really was a talented young wrestler who may have gone on to become a big star.

    To the Cotton Bowl for a cage match between Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody. Fritz Von Erich is officiating here because "no other referee is willing to take the job!". Match is joined in-progress with Brody coming off the top onto an already bloody Abby and then kicking him for a while. Abdullah turns the tide when his manager Gary Hart slips him a fork, pounding Brody and shoving Von Erich. Fritz is a Von Erich in Texas, so he takes the fork and beats the brakes off Abdullah with it, throwing Brody on top and counting the pin. Hart isn't pleased with this miscarriage of justice and gets in Von Erich's face, distracting him so Abby can hit him from behind. Fritz shrugs it off and proceeds to fork the shit out of both of them until people have to come in and pull him off. His white shirt is covered with Abdullah's blood. Winner: Fritz Von Erich

    A WCCW Report informs us that World Class has merged with USA All Stars to form Texas Championship Wrestling, and we have an interview with their new champion! Kevin Von Erich is humble and has fulfilled his dream, dedicating the win to his brother, Mike, who died in Japan. He also informs us Kerry is progressing well from his serious injury; the doctors say three months but Kevin is confident he'll be back quicker. A little thing like a missing foot can't keep Kerry Von Erich down for long. Kevin tells us about his upcoming matches in Japan and Malaysia, and in a funny moment, realizes he will already be back by the time the episode airs. "Well, I guess I'm home now".

    Now to Continental for a Southeastern Heavyweight title match with Adrian Street defending against "The Hustler" Rip Rogers. Chicanery is promised.

    Footage begins with Rogers on the offensive. Rogers was a solid wrestler and here he uses heel moves to keep Street down. Street stages a brief comeback before the aforementioned chicanery takes place. Roger's valet, Brenda Britton, hands him a foreign object and he nails Street in the head and gets the pin. Street's valet, Miss Linda, is not only sexy, she's smart; she had taken the object from Rogers and snuck it into the back of his trunks. As Rogers was announced as the winner, Linda showed the ref the hidden object and the decision was overturned. DQ victory for Street and he remains champ. The women get in each others faces and Rogers destroys Miss Linda with a clothesline and leaves with the belt. Outrage from the broadcast booth.

    Time for some NWF wrestling from Newark, New Jersey, a match pitting Jim Fannigan and Apollo Martinez versus the NWF tag champs, the Executioners, in a non-title affair. On commentary is a young Paul Heyman, before he was Paul E. Dangerously. Neat.

    The Executioners are in control, using quick tags, teamwork and some brutal offense, including a nice belly to belly. Straight up squash here as they pick up the win when one holds Martinez while the other comes off the second rope with a clothesline. Executioners had defended the titles against some very good teams, including the Fantastics, and look strong here. NWF runs an ad promoting shows in PA and OH with Brody and Abdullah going at it again.

    The WCW Ring Report is selling us on Starrcade '86 and Joe Pedicino is interviewing Jim Cornette. Cornette is with Big Bubba Rodgers and in full indignant mode here, bemoaning the "total horrification" that is the Midnight Express' upcoming scaffold match with the Road Warriors. His well-known fear of heights is mentioned which prompts Cornette to point out Pedicino's lack of courage. He then explains the match to all the illiterate people out there and that there is a good chance somebody will not only be hurt be but killed, "Ain't no soft fall from twenty-five feet!". He then informs us that the only reason the Warriors wanted this match is to get their self respect back after the Midnights kicked their asses and ran them off. Cornette is absolute gold in front of the microphone and is on top of his game here. Great stuff.

    Solie and Pedicino talk about Starrcade for a minute and speculate Cornette is very worried about the scaffold match. Weren't these guys paying attention? Cornette just emphatically told us the Midnights got this shit covered. Rare lack of professionalism here from a couple legends. They attempt to cover their blunder by taking us to Hawaii for some Polynesian Pro Wrestling.

    The three hundred plus pound Farmer Boy Epo takes on JR the Wild Hog in this match-up featuring two legends of the industry. Quite a contrast in wrestlers here, as JR the Wild Hog is a big, fat, hairy white guy and Farmer Boy is a big, fat, hairy Polynesian guy. They wrestle like their names imply they would. This amazing feat of athleticism ends with a running splash by Epo. Fans of Jerry Blackwell may appreciate this match, but I fear other wrestling fans may not be able to appreciate the artistry.

    Poor Solie can't contain his jealousy that Pedicino got to go interview former AWA Womens Champion Candi Devine. He practically drools as he introduces the segment, where we see Pedicino and Devine looking like she just escaped an LA Guns video. She's resplendent in her one piece under a feathered jacket, with big, permed platinum hair and an endearing overbite. She's pretty good in front of a mic, detailing her upcoming matches in Canada and Japan and telling us she's going to win the belt back from Sherri Martel. WCCW graphic promotes The Dingo Warrior and Lance Von Erich(and much more!) Thanksgiving night at Reunion Arena. If only I had a time machine....

    Now we're going to Bill Apter's office in New York. A PWI cover is shown(Great Scot! Rowdy Roddy Piper Turns Good). Apter is going to be covering the Florida and Tag Team top ten rating and discussing the Von Erich Family- are they jinxed?

    Florida Top Ten as of 11/5/86
    1-Lex Luger
    2-Barry Windham
    3-Ron Bass
    4-Hacksaw Higgins
    5-Kendall Windham
    6-Kareem Muhammad
    7-Ed "Bull" Gantner
    8-Ron Simmons
    9-Chris Champion(New Breed, fuck yeah)
    10-The Falcon

    Good mix of talent. I'm going to have to start digging up more FCW.

    Tag Team Top Ten
    1-Road Warriors
    2-Rock N Roll Express
    3-The British Bulldogs
    4-The Fantastics
    5-Ole and Arn Anderson
    6-The Midnight Express
    7-Buddy Rose and Doug Somers
    8-Buzz Sawyer and Matt Borne
    9-Midnight Rockers
    10-John Tatum and Jack Victory

    How great was the state of tag team wrestling in the mid-eighties? Fuckin' incredible, that's how great.

    Apter touches on the recent tragedies in the Von Erich family; David's death, Mike's near death, serious shoulder injuries for Kevin, and Kerry's horrific motorcycle crash. Bill tells us that not only isn't the family jinxed, but that it is blessed. Mike and Kerry are near returning and the courageous First Family of Wrestling is inspiring in their ability to deal with tragedy. I have the utmost respect for you, Bill, but methinks you whiffed on this one.

    On the subject of jinxes, we segue into a WWF report discussing the just days-old injury of Ricky Steamboat at the hands of Randy Savage. Steamboat's throat was crushed by Savage and he was stretchered out of the arena. This is an actual spoiler, as Pedicino tells us it won't be announced on WWF television for another couple weeks. Segment does a good job of showing this to be a credible wrestling news program and makes me curious as to how it was received in WWF headquarters.

    Back, back, back to the past. 1953, to be exact, for the second fall of a match between Wild Red Berry and Cyclone Anaya. All of you Red Berry fans are in for a treat here. Berry was a pretty accomplished star as a light heavyweight and was later the long-time manager of Gorilla Monsoon and The Fabulous Kangaroos so he's a pretty important figure. I know nothing of Anaya; research shows he won an assortment of titles, notably the Texas Heavyweight, along with several NWA tags. A couple decorated guys here, so I'm looking forward to it.

    Berry has an interesting style; he kind of hulks up and no-sells and can then immediately ask for mercy. His movements have an odd look to them, kind of hunched almost like George Steele. He hits some nice hip rolls from the second rope before being caught in Anaya's version of the abdominal stretch, the Guatemalan Stretch(announcer tells us he is from Guatemala, Mexico). The hold is well executed(he hooked the leg!) and Berry submits, ending the second fall. Announcers tell us Berry won the first fall with a step over toe hold. Who won the third fall? They don't say. Great wrestlers, legendary announcers, and now a bit of mystery-this show has it all!

    NWA graphic pimps an upcoming show in DC at The Arena and Starrcade at the Omni on Thanksgiving night. After the break....."From Across the Seas....Japanese Women?". The question mark was theirs, as they are implying these ladies may be too big to be called women. Okay.

    We're now in Calgary, where JR Foley and his army have a new recruit in the returning Makhan Singh. Singh was a 350 lb. bruiser who made life hell for good guys in Canada-including the Hart Family-for a long time before becoming Norman the Lunatic in WCW and Bastion Booger in the WWF. Here he takes on the pride of Athens, Greece, 220 lb. Kon Kavitas. Singh is convincing as a big, mean brawler and shouts at announcer Ed Whalen while beating the snot out of the Greek. Apparently, Whalen had given Singh the nickname "The Toilet Bowl" because he wanted an appliance nickname like William"The Refrigerator" Perry had. Singh hates the Toilet Bowl moniker, which is one attribute of a good nickname--as soon as a guy lets it be known he hates a nickname, he's stuck with it. Singh throws Kon onto the announce table and says it's a gift for Whalen. Singh destroys Kavitas, ending it with a running splash into the corner. Fun squash which added to the heat between Singh and Whalen.

    Donna brings us the AWA report. She reminds us of how awesome Nick Bockwinkel is(very) as both a wrestler and an actor, and reports that Buddy Rose and Doug Somers have fans clamoring for personal fitness instruction from the talented team. The Midnight Rockers, disrespectful as always, claim the public yearning for the titleists workout plan is bogus. Who do these pups think they are, questioning the champs? Larry Zbysco was then compared to Mike Ditka due to his propensity of giving hecklers the bird.

    Now off to Japan for the International Match of the Week, pitting Bull Nakano and Dump Matsumoto against the top team in Japan, The Crush Girls. These two teams have had some fine matches, so this is a treat. Pedicino promises us we've seen nothing like Matsumoto.

    Matsumoto is a tank and begins the airing beating her high-flying opponent unmercifully. Some women jump in for some reason and help her beat the Crush Girl up some more. I'm not sure why or who they are, as the announcers are speaking Japanese, which I don't know. Shit breaks down in a big way, with women brawling outside the ring, getting choked with mic cords and thrown into ringposts. Back in the ring, The Crush Girls take advantage after reversing a table spot and kicking the behemoths into the table. Back to the outside, where there are women brawling everywhere, fighting into the crowd and hitting each other with anything they find, including what looks like wadded up paper, before ending in a double count out. Short clip of a wild match, but entertaining with the women beating the piss out off each other all over the place.

    AWA promo touts their upcoming events in the Bahamas, Florida, Wisconsin and Nevada. The show concludes with the naming of their highly sought after Wrestler of the Week award, which this week goes to Kevin Von Erich in honor of his title win over Black Bart. To celebrate, let's go to the match finish!

    Von Erich is struggling to get into the ring when Bart hits him with a sweet guillotine legdrop across the middle rope. Von Erich-according to the ref, who is showing typical Texas Von Erich bias-kicks out right before the three. As Bart pleads his case with the crooked ref, Von Erich hits a top rope dropkick and running splash to get the title win. The crowd goes apeshit.

    Our hosts run down next weeks show before saying goodbye. Excellent debut for this show; effective squashes, attention on women's wrestling with the hardcore tag bout and Devine interview, blood, the breaking of the Steamboat storyline, an excellent Jim Cornette interview, and some World Class action, which I always mark out for. You couldn't ask for better hosts and a great mix of wrestling from around the world. I emphatically recommend it, as there is something for everyone. Hope you enjoyed, I did!
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    Back by popular demand, another PWTW review. The show again opens with Pedicino and Solie in studio and giving us a rundown of the upcoming show. It beckons a pretty great hour of wrestling; we'll be going to Calgary, Puerto Rico, Oregon, Alabama, Atlanta, and a mat classic with the Sheik. And much more!

    We're supposed to be starting off with a tag bout between Owen Hart and real-life brother in law Ben Bassarab against the Viet Cong Express but JR Foley's Army attacks the popular team, hospitalizing Owen. Bassarab is a courageous competitor, though, and agrees to take on the Viet Congs in a handicap match.

    We see the Express using their numbers advantage to punish Bassarab until the plucky fan favorite turns the tide with a desperation clothesline followed by a drop kick. He gets a near count with a sunset flip but with the help of some distraction by their manager, the other Viet Cong is able to break it up with a "martial arts stick". The Express proceed to beat the shit out of Bassarab with the stick while the referee manages to miss it all completely. Bassarab is able to shrug off the double team beating and delivers a double dropkick to the dastardly duo. In a rage, he grabs the stick and starts caning the Viet Congs but the ref picks this time to turn around and dq's the Hart Family wrestler. This was a fun scuffle and made Bassarab look strong. That's one hapless ref, though, even by wrestling standards.

    Back to the studio we go, where Pedicino puts over Bassarab and Solie gives us the rundown on our next stop, San Juan. Pedicino had gone down there to give a Wrestler of the Month award to the "very deserving" Invader 1, "one of the greatest heroes in the wrestling world". They are in ring and Pedicino says some nice things and reads the plaque to Invader. Invader is very grateful for the award and the fans cheer in appreciation. All in all, a touching scene for the beloved star. It was such a respectful and serious occasion that no wrestler came out to interrupt and break the plaque. That's a classy wrestling promotion down there, they at least waited to attack him later in the night. We'll see highlights next week.

    Back in studio, Pedicino tells us about a wrestler he saw down there, Jason the Terrible. So we are going back to Puerto Rico to see Jason take on the unfortunately named Charlie Camper.

    Complete and total destruction as the Terrible destroys Camper. Jason the Terrible is a big, strong dude and as vicious as his name implies. He gets a submission with an over the shoulder backbreaker.

    "Impressive indeed" intones Solie as we're back in the studio. He tells us our next stop is Deep South wrestling. Tommy Rich has brought in Grizzly Boone to help him in his battle against the Masked Assassin and Dirty Rhodes.

    Rich was supposed to lead Big Bubba to take on the Assassin but the masked one informs us that Dirty Rhodes has taken Bubba out. Rich is unperturbed-he tells us there are many wrestlers he can turn to to collect the bounty to unmask Assassin(Rich: "twenty-five dollars. Big money!"). While Rich is running his mouth, Rhodes and Assassin begin stalking him. Out comes Boone who destroys Assassin. After hitting him with a mammoth splash, Boone is able to unmask the Masked Assassin. Unmasked Assassin covers his face with his arms while sliding out of the ring and Rhodes lets him hide his head under his shirt so no glimpse of the mystery man's face are shown.

    NWA graphic promoting a Christmas Spectacular Fan Appreciation Night Bunkhouse Stampede match and P.S. Michael Hayes is up next!

    The Freebird has been badgering our hosts for his own spot on PWTW called P.S. Rumors. Pedicino and Solie are the very definition of credibility and like to deal only with facts so they are quite uncomfortable with the idea. This is Michael Hayes, though, what can you do? Here's the debut of P.S. Rumors!

    Hayes appears and promptly puts over what a great job Pedicino is doing. So great, in fact, that he is unable to handle the "influctuation" of mail coming in. Particularly, mail wanting to know about the hottest promotion in the country, the UWF. And who better than Purely Sexy to give you the lowdown on the biggest thing in professional wrestling? He's one third of the Fabulous Freebirds, the greatest thing to ever hit wrestling! He promises insights and interviews but never gave either. I guess it's something we're going to have to look forward to.

    Sticking with the UWF, Pedicino gives us the results of the Popeye's Spectacular on Thanksgiving night in the Superdome supershow. One Man Gang had an incredible night, retaining his heavyweight title and winning a $100,000 two ring battle royal. Dr. Death beat Michael Hayes in a double cage. The bad night for the Freebirds continued as Buddy Roberts was defeated by Terry Taylor in a barbed wire cage match. The event drew over 13,000, the largest wrestling crowd at the Superdome in over three years.

    Sad news from the UWF as Hollywood John Tatum was in a car accident in Shreveport, LA. He suffered two broken legs and internal injuries and will be out of action two to three months. The UWF was running the $100,000 tournament with PWI, which you may remember was a cover on the magazine at this time. One of the matches is Dr. Death vs. Sting and we're going to that in progress. Cool.

    Sting is in control early, using elbows, slams and punches to control Williams. The elevation Sting got on his leaps is pretty impressive. Dr. Death is able to take control after an ill-advised off the top rope attempt by Sting. Back and forth action during which Sting hits what will be known in the future as a Stinger Splash on Williams(J.R.: "well, that's an unusual maneuver"). Dr. Death gets Sting up and levels him with an Oklahoma Stampede but Missy Hyatt leaps to the apron and uses distraction tits on the referee. Williams has Sting pinned for about five seconds before the ref is able to take his eyes off the glorious Missy and start his count. Williams gets the three, anyway. That powerslam had the Stinger pinned nearly ten seconds. We fade away with an image of Dr. Death while Born In The USA plays.

    Solie is on screen, and tells us more details of the tournament are forthcoming. Now, he is sending us to the best announcer in the history of the sport, Lance Russell, who will be calling the action as the Rock N Roll RPM's take on David Razor and Keith Erich. Memphis wrestling is my thing but I don't recall the Razor. The RPM's were Tommy Lane and Mike Davis, a very solid team. The RPM's thoroughly dominate the match as Razor and Erich don't get a single offensive move.

    We're off to New York City with Bill Apter. Apter is given time where he gives some top ten lists and talks a little wrestling. I am a big fan of Apter and this is a segment I look forward to.

    First up is the WWF Top Ten, as of 12/3/86:
    1. Hulk Hogan
    2. Randy Savage
    3. Paul Orndorff
    4. Jake Roberts
    5. Hercules Hernandez
    6. Roddy Piper
    7. Tito Santana
    8. Magnificent Muraco
    9. Harley Race
    10. Dick Slater

    Now the Top Ten on PWI's Most Hated list:
    1. Randy Savage
    2. Ric Flair
    3. Paul Orndorff
    4. Col. DeBeers
    5. Brian Adias
    6. Jake Roberts
    7. Eddie Gilbert
    8. Tully Blanchard
    9. Abdullah the Butcher
    10. Terry Gordy

    Apter begins to editorialize: though he isn't number one on the fans most hated list, Apter's personal most hated is the vile Col. DeBeers. DeBeers is subjecting the nation's youth to his sickening apartheid views on national TV. He even says DeBeers is "a very stupid man". I have to agree with this, as Apter tells us DeBeers apparently thinks the obviously Polynesian Jimmy Snuka is in fact, black. Apter gives thanks that there are good men like Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka to battle the nefarious South African. Between Invader 1 and Snuka, they're going pretty heavy on the praising of murderers this week. Apter apologizes to the viewers for losing his cool.

    Pedicino takes over to give us the rundown on a big event held by WCCW, a Thanksgiving Spectacular(lotta' Spectacular shows then) at Reunion Arena. Kevin Von Erich retained his title against Black Bart. The Dingo Warrior came out on top in a terrific chain match against Master G. Mike and Lance Von Erich defeated the team of Matt Borne and Brian Adias. The Grappler beat Mark Youngblood. Scott Simpson was unable to wrest the TV title from Crusher in a time limit draw. Tim Brooks lost to Scott Casey. In the battle of The Clawhold vs. The Sleeper, Fritz Von Erich came out of retirement to beat Abdullah the Butcher-using the claw. In a lights out match, Al Madril took the title from Kevin Von Erich.

    Pedicino explains how the lights out match came about. It started with an incident between Brian Adias and Kerry Von Erich. Kerry is pleading with friend Adias, with whom there has been tension, reminding him of how far they go back. Madril butts in: "You ain't got no guts, boy. You fell off your tricycle, stubbed your toe and now you can't wrestle." Damn, that's harsh. Also: "You're nothin', Von Erich. You're nothin', and you've never been nothin'!". Madril takes out the crippled Von Erich, bashing his stubbed toe with a crutch while Adias looks on, neither helping or attacking. Kevin Von Erich comes out for the save and confronts Adias on why he didn't help Kerry. Madril attacks Kevin from behind and holds him, telling Adias to hit his former pal. Adias finally does, completing his heel turn. More Von Erichs make the save and Kevin gets Madril back in the ring where they have a big brawl until the locker room comes out to break it up. Very well done angle.

    Now Solie takes us to Portland, where the Crippler Rip Oliver is the champion taking on the Assassin. The Crippler has asked out of the match, claiming to be crippled with a broken hand but is being forced to compete. Match joined in progress here and both competitors are already pretty winded. The men exchange blows until Oliver hits him with a loaded piece of pad wrapped around his hand. Assassin is finally able to wrest control and the action spills into the stands where Oliver's face is planted into a steel chair. The fight continues through the crowd and both men are counted out.

    Pedicino is here to give us the rundown on the NWA's Starrcade '86-Night of the Skywalkers event. In one of the most exciting matches of the night, Brad Armstrong wrestled Jimmy Garvin to a draw. Precious was one of the most beautiful sights of the night! Wahoo McDaniel beat Manny Fernandez in a strap match, the Russians retain the US title against the Jayhawks. Jimmy Valiant beat Paul Jones, who had his head shaved. Rock N Roll Express beat the Andersons in a cage to keep the World Tag Titles. Tully Blanchard draws First Blood to take the TV title from Dusty Rhodes. Ric Flair and Nikita Koloff battled to a double DQ in a rare title vs. title match and the Road Warriors threw the Midnight Express off the scaffold to win the Skywalkers Match.

    The PWTW team was at Starrcade and Pedicino is shown interviewing the Road Warriors. Legion of Doom bellows about their victory and how they are the masters of the scaffold match. Hawk: "I've got a taste in my mouth that I'm savoring. No, it's not the victory, it's Dennis Condrey's butt, it's right in my mouth, right where I sucked it out of his forehead". Also: "There are two types of people in this world: weasels and weasel slappers. And we ain't no weasels!" WWF really needs to quit scripting promos for their wrestlers, they are missing out on some great stuff.

    Solie in studio: " interesting interview with those men". More $100,000 tournament action now in Alabama for Continental as Kevin Sullivan has stolen the money from the tournament and Steve Armstrong is not happy about it. Solie is interviewing Sullivan in a ring and Sullivan is calling for a match with the money on a pole. Sullivan explains the origin of the pole match; in Calcutta when they find a thief or a wife stealer, the sultan himself sits there and they dig a pit. They put a pole in the pit and the man who climbs out is innocent of all crimes. The man left is stoned to death and his fingers are cut off and he's led downtown so everyone can see his shame. The two are scheduled to wrestle a best of seven series and Sullivan is threatening to do it "Calcutta-style" and "break all seven fingers".

    Pedicino here with the WWF report, informing us that Andre the Giant has been spotted in London filming a motion picture but is coming back to the WWF. Tunney announces the suspension will be lifted and Andre will be let back in. Bobby Heenan is not happy about that but has acquired the services of Hercules Hernandez, who he bought from Slick. Hernandez promptly lost to Hulk Hogan on SNME. Also on the card ,"a very unusual match, between two rulebreakers", Jake Roberts and Randy Savage. Both men were counted out. They recount the recent Pipers Pit, where Adrian Adonis returned and laid the Rowdy Scot out with a crutch and then a sleeper.

    We are going back in time, to Detroit in 1963, for a match between the Sheik and Sam Shell. Match is joined in progress and the action quickly spills outside the ring. Sheik rams Shell into the post and hits him with a chair before dragging him back into the ring where he chokes him with the rope. Crowd chanting for Dory Funk, Jr., who is in the building. Poor Mr. Shell may be the least intimidating looking wrestler I've seen and doesn't get a lick of offense before submitting to a camel clutch.

    Now we go to Donna in Minneapolis for the AWA report. Sherri Martel is outraged that she wasn't featured in a recent magazine which named the ten sexiest women in America. She blames tampering by the winner, Cybil Shepherd, and claims she should win the top spot. I say put 'em in the ring. Donna then tells us the Sheik is attempting to buy all the remaining $50 US eagle gold coins and he's backed by some of OPEC's richest oil men. It is all a part of his scheme to dominate the US money supply, the rascal. This one is new to me: Donna tells us that with his proven public image of a clean cut all-american boy, Greg Gagne is a candidate to be on the Wheaties box. He is very passionate about teaching proper diet to the youth of the country and encouraging them to stay away from drugs. His motto is "Get ahead, not dead". Just the thought of a Wheaties box with that motto above a smiling Greg Gagne has me throwing all my money at the computer screen. Back in the studio, Solie and Pedicino agree that it will be interesting to see Gagne on a box of Wheaties. Truer words have never been spoken.

    The show closes out with the hosts giving out the Pro Wrestler of the Week Award. This week it goes to Ben Bassarab, after his courageous performance against the VietCong Express. Well deserved, I say.

    I really enjoyed the last show I reviewed and liked this one even better. Bassarab put in an award winning performance, though it would have been cool to see Owen in there. I mark out for almost anything Tommy Rich, so I really liked the segment with him and Boone. The Memphis match was a dud but anytime I get to listen to Lance Russell is a pleasure. The Von Erich/Adias was a memorable angle and this showed a pivotal point of the feud. There were some really fun interviews, Missy Hyatt, young Sting, the Sheik's attack on US economy and Greg Gagne on a cereal box-I highly recommend checking this gem of a show out.

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