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What is Your Feeling on John Cena?

  1. I despise him!

  2. I am not a fan of his

  3. I don't like him or hate him

  4. I like the guy

  5. I am a Cena Fanatic!

  6. I like him, but don't think he's a good wrestler

  7. I don't like him, but do think he's a good wrestler

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  1. SuperSwanton

    SuperSwanton Dark Match Jobber

    Jul 1, 2008
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    sorry for the double post but JackAttack you are completely right with the superman thing. Is Cena not aloud to make a comeback during a match? Does he have to lose once his opponent gets on offense? NO! that is just a terrible excuse and a random reason for people to hate him. Just pathetic.
  2. Rusty

    Rusty Is hanging up the boots

    Sep 6, 2007
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    The rapper gimmick is what first got John Cena noticed in the WWE. Then he became a strong mid-carder with a few United States Title reigns and was having interesting feuds. I remember him having matches with Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and The Big Show. He really stood out to me from back then in 2003/2004. I'll admit it, I actually liked the rapper gimmick and the fans loved it too. He got a huge reaction from the crowd especially when he turned babyface. The guy can rap, and thats why it succeeded. He was entertaining back then as a rapper, and he still is entertaining now.

    Why people call him boring is beyond me. Calling him boring because he "wins" all the time is ridiculous. The guy has lost many pay per view matches this year and hasn't held the WWE Championship for over a year. He got pinned at Wrestlemania meaning that he isn't booked as 'superman' like some claim him to be. In 2005 after he won the WWE Title, he dropped the rapper gimmick and became a success as the champion. He was still entertaining and was often called "one of the most controversial WWE Champions of all time" by the commentators, they said that for a reason.

    Losing the rapper gimmick worked to his advantage as he quickly became the WWE's top draw. And still is to this day. Everytime he walks into the arena, the crowd goes nuts. Nobody is more over than John Cena at the present moment. Sure, he still gets booed by the fans that still think its still cool to boo him. But he gets a fair amount of cheers from the fans who respect him for what he does, as well as the kids that buy his merchandise. A heel turn would be huge, but it won't happen and it doesn't need to happen. The guy is still the top merchandise seller in the company and is the face of the WWE.

    The WWE has done everything possible to get the fans to cheer him. But some fans just won't budge. At least now almost everybody respects Cena for his work ethic and for performing at his best every single week. The guy attended Smackdown the same day he got out of hospital from neck surgery just to see his friends at his workplace. Anyone that does that deserves respect. He has passion for the business like no other and enjoys what he does every single week. Cena has starred in movies and has even made his own album. But he still says that he prefers wrestling over anything right now. He could go down the route of The Rock and become more rich and famous by starring in movies and dropping wrestling altogether. But I know John Cena won't do that. And thats why I respect him more than any other superstar in the WWE.

    He doesn't need a heel turn and he doesn't need a change of character at all. He is over for who he is, not because of some fake gimmick. Guys like The Undertaker are over, but they needed a good gimmick to do it. If the Undertaker wasn't the 'deadman' he has been for most of his career, I don't think he would be as over as what he still is. Cena is the modern day Hogan, whether you like it or not. I personally can't wait for him to return, as WWE television just isn't the same without him in my opinion.
  3. OIL

    OIL Championship Contender

    Mar 21, 2008
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    RAW, and the WWE needs Cena back.

    No matter what anyone says, he's entertaining. Look at his time on RAW, filled with controversy & emotion. Might not be 100% in the ring but he makes up for that in so many other ways. His promos are always solid and obviously draws. Just look at the ratings. When he leaves RAW's ratings go down. People tune into RAW to see Cena, well, some of them do.

    RAW isn't the same without Cena. There isn't that person who you'll cheer your ass off for, or boo insanly for. He provokes a reaction out of EVERYONE. Gets you on the edge of your chair, or just pisses you off immensely.
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  4. The Roid Rage

    The Roid Rage Getting Noticed By Management

    Oct 13, 2008
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    John Cena needs to turn heel desperately. People have grown tired of his face gimmick. Sure 8-15 year old girls and some younger boys like him and that's all fine, but it's pretty bad when the boo's overwhelm the cheers. Not to mention the "Boo, Yeah, Boo, Yeah" that gets yelled when he is in a back and fourth with someone. That's the fans saying we're tired of it. We had to deal with him beating everyone and their dog for a couple years straight basically, and the whole indomitable Superman gimmick basically and not only did they run out of people for him to beat, but people got tired of watching him just beat everyone. It got to the point where people didn't want to watch his matches because you always knew he would win, but you did anyways in the hopes that someone would beat him. And for God sake, it wasn't until he was injured to the point of not being able to compete that he lost the title, that's pretty bad.

    Now as of recent he has lost and lost. We have seen him drop down the ranks and be beaten by enough people that the last few years are forgivable, especially finally loosing to Triple H. A lot of people wanted to see that happen after the Wrestlemania loss and we got it, so that was nice. Cena needed to beat Triple H to get over bigger and be more believable and that's what they did, everyone thought there was no way he was beating Triple H, and do so made him even more legit. Now Triple H needed to beat him to prove that he was legit and they did so let justice be served and the better interests of the business prevail.

    At any rate I am going of course, back on track. I like Cena, he is a decent wrestler. Not the most technical but he has enough skills to make you believe he can win, and is strong enough that you don't question that either. Not only that he can sell very very well, and is a damn good worker for anybody, he understands his role, and the business and plays ball accordingly for these reasons I believe he has been given the prestige he has. But knowing all this, knowing that the kids love him, the girls swoon for him, the wrestling trekkies mostly hate him, and the business loves him. This is why he should turn heel. As I mentioned earlier he has lost quite a few as of recent and that could work perfectly into a storyline to turn heel. He could come out and talk about how everyone boo's him, and how he works so hard to entertain them but they hate him, and how trying to be the classy upstanding guy got him nothing but a bunch of snot nosed little kids asking him for autographs, it is perfect. It would be a huge shocker and make peoples heads spin. He could go on about after his injury and a couple losses everyone forgot about him, and that he's tired of being forgot, hated, disrespected, and wants to get his title back.

    It would be beautiful. The kids would be heartbroken, the people who already hate him(which is the majority) could still hate him and it would only feed into his gimmick better, some people who didn't like him would jump on board because they thought he was "cooler" now, and he could do something he hasn't done for a long time, be a heel. Remember when he was a heel at first? He drew massive heat as the loudmouth rapping white guy who hadn't proven himself. Well, now he has proven himself and been through enough that you could convince people he has a lot of hatred in him it would be perfect. As I said earlier, people have grown tired of his face run and it shows all the time, it has become old and stale. Why do you think Triple H has gone back and fourth, because the same thing gets stale, you have to reinvent your character. The Undertaker has shown us that over his career, and we've seen it recently with Chris Jericho. Since his heel turn he has been way way bigger than wen he returned as a face, that flopped on him, and so they did something different with him and he's got huge for it. The point is it is time for a change I think for Cena. Hell, most people I know who hate him now, liked him as a heel, they liked him talking trash, and rapping about people, and pumping up his Reebok's, and cheating to win matches. Don't forget he won his first title at Wrestlmania 20 against Big Show by hitting him with his necklace wrapped around his fist to gain the U.S. title. Then he came out, customized the belt, started singing a different tune though, and they launched one of the biggest faces since The Rock, Stone Cold, or Jericho. They changed his image, it is time now for the same thing, if he doesn't his popularity is going to fade.
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  5. Richard

    Richard Est. 1991

    Aug 21, 2008
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    Vince won't turn Cena heel, not now. He is too marketable and too profitable for Vince. Cena generates a lot of profit for Vince, why would Vince wreck that?

    Another problem is that with the people who hate him and despise him, I just have a feeling that if Cena turns heel, all the haters could then jump on the Heel Cena bandwagon and support him then, just my opinion.

    So yeah, Cena will be a face for a long time.
  6. zeroGRAVITY

    zeroGRAVITY Dark Match Jobber

    Nov 8, 2008
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    i'm not a HUGE fan of cena, and i seriously think he's overrated, but i still like him. you gotta admit, he's really talented and he does some pretty crazy shit in the ring. i can't see him being world heavyweight champion though. i have a feeling jericho's gonna beat him a survivor series, because every way i think of it...he's just not really a world heavyweight champion.
  7. Edgeheadfan

    Edgeheadfan Dark Match Winner

    Nov 10, 2008
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    I just think it sad he going after a title that mean Nothing he should go after the WWE title The WWE world title has no value to it I mean it was not held for 10 years so why when a title that has no legacy
  8. 48.7 is Approximately 49 Times Better Than You

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Cena is the best in the WWE. Period. It's not even close.

    Name one guy that brings the intensity that John Cena does.. Name one guy that tells a story in the ring as well as John Cena.. Name one guy that can get a reaction from the fans like John Cena can.. Name one guy that has the same passion for the business that John Cena has..

    You just can't do it. There isn't anyone.

    John Cena is the hardest working, most passionate, and most dedicated superstar in the WWE. Love him or hate him, that is undeniable.

    And on top of that, he puts butts in the seats.
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