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    Second reminder, this time in the Pay-Per-View section:

    Some of you are obviously stupid enough to ignore the rulebook, so frankly, this is your last chance.

    If you post spoilers here—that is, anything that has yet to air on television—you WILL be infracted and/or banned, no questions asked. No warnings, and I don't want to hear you cry about it, either. I won't wipe your tears and I won't remove your infraction or apologize. You break the rules, you will pay the price. Period.

    When you sign up to post here you agree to our rules, so it's not our fault if you refuse to read them and end up breaking them.

    If you enjoy reading spoilers, by all means, indulge yourself, but do not ruin it for those who actually wish to see it when it is intended to air.

    So one last time, and I really hope it sinks in deep for your sake: DO NOT POST SPOILERS HERE.

    - IDR
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