My work schedule can officially blow me

Discussion in 'The GSD Archives' started by Serious Mozzarella, Apr 28, 2011.

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    So when I started at Bath & Body Works, I was of the understanding that a vast majority of my shifts would be "call-in" shifts, where basically, I would call in an hour or two before my shift to see if they actually need me. The reason for this is because I am a "shipment processing associate," basically meaning, I stock the shelves when the shipment comes in. They don't usually know how big the shipment is until the morning before the shipment, so if the store gets a shipment of like, 50 boxes or whatever, the sales associates can do those on their down time. But if they get a shipment of like 300 boxes, like they did today, then they need me and my crew to come in.

    Unfortunately, these "call-in" shifts open up possibilities for utter bullshit to happen, like it did today.

    Basically, my call in today is from 2-7. So I called in at around 11 to see if I would be needed, and they told me I would, because there's 300 boxes. So I get ready, and I head over to the bus stop. I get on the bus, THEN I get a call from Bath & Body Works, "Oh yeah, the shipment is going to be two hours late, we don't need you until 4."

    "But boss lady, I'm already on my way..."

    "I understand that, but I can't let you clock in until 4..."


    So not only did my entire shift get moved over two hours (4-9), but then I had to catch the next bus home, as I was NOT about to spend two hours doing nothing at the goddamn cesspool that is the mall.

    I was rather close to telling my boss that this isn't what I signed up for. I signed up to be a full-time stocking guy, not a "get called in as needed" stocking guy, getting something like 15 hours a week, only to have the least stable schedule in the history of jobs.
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    You're bitching about having work.

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    Try working 6-8 everyday.

    Though the money is good.
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    He could stock boxes of Styrofoam dicks and it'd essentially be the same job
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