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    These are my musings that I'm going to put on here and not no Facebook because I don't want to inundate friends and acquaintances with thoughts that may offend.

    Today I'm going to start with me being liberal for a little while.

    I'm really annoyed about how everyone suddenly has an opinion on so many things after the Paris bombing, and it comes from both sides of the aisle, but mostly the right.

    The first thing that annoys me is the French flag overlay that people can put over their pictures. I have no issue with people using this to express their sorrow with what happened in Paris this past week. My question is, where were you the past year plus when ISIS was committing atrocities on a daily basis. Where was the support for the people of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, etc? Why all the empathy now? Is it because it happened in a place where mostly white Christians live? Is it because the victims likely went to a church instead of a mosque? Is it because suddenly you realized, "Oh shit, these ISIS guys can kill people not in the Middle East?" and throwing up this French flag is your way of comforting yourself that if something happens in the United States, the world will be just as outraged?

    Next complaint: I find it incredibly frustrating that people are calling for us to go to war with ISIS. I understand that after an act of terrorism, revenge is the first thing on everyone's mind, but war should not be rushed into because of blood lust. First of all, ISIS WANTS a war with the West. The West going to war with ISIS would be a huge propaganda win for ISIS, and if their numbers swell because suddenly the Caliphate's predictions about the future and nearing end times are coming true, it would be even more difficult to kill off ISIS. By the way, losing a war to the West? Also part of ISIS' propaganda. (Obviously if we eradicate ISIS that would be ideal, but we've failed at eradicating any enemy of the United States thus far.) Not only that, but the logistics of fighting ISIS would be a nightmare. They don't occupy a single country, they have territories in multiple different countries. It's easy to say, "Let's go terrorist hunting," it's much harder to do it, especially when these terrorists are living side by side with civilians. Furthermore, where do we draw the line with ISIS? Do we only go after the armed forces of ISIS, or do we also consider the families happily living under ISIS rule enemies of the world as well?

    The refugee crisis is also pissing me off. I get that it's scary to let people that worship a different god (even if it's the same god, but with a different name) into your country, especially if they're coming from a country that they were forced to leave because people who looked like them and worshiped the same god as them started killing them. But the fucked up thing is that the United States and our allies are the reason the Middle East is as unstable as it is. We helped to try to overthrow Assad, we took out Saddam Hussein, and we're the ones who continue to do nothing to condemn the highly suspect behavior of Israel. And now we have the gall to say, "Sorry, we know we burned down you house, but you can't stay with us." The US seems to want to throw their toys on the floor and expects the toys to pick themselves up.

    And finally, how are we letting these Republicans get away with saying some of the shit they've been saying? Today Justice Scalia compared homosexuals to pedophiles. Later, Donald Trump said if he was elected president, he would seriously consider shutting down mosques. Both of those statements show a complete lack of value for basic human rights... and yet one of these guys is an entrenched Supreme Court Justice, and the other one is one of the most popular candidates for Republican nominee. Is our country that bigoted that we're okay with denying rights to gays and Muslims? If so, we're a lot closer to the countries we are suddenly so keen on invading than we'd all like to admit.

    Feel free to comment. I'll try to reply. Questions also welcome.

    Maybe I'll complain about something less controversial next time.
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    I can't help but agree with everything you've said. Just a few minutes ago, I read that Ted Cruz wants us to allow only the Christian refugees into the country, because they pose no risk of terrorism.

    I, being an atheist, am quick to call bullshit on this. If he were a true Christian, he would be willing to open the doors to everyone, of any faith, because it's the right thing to do. Also, he's full of shit, because Christians have terrorised people for a long time. Holocaust? KKK? Native Americans being wiped out? All by Christians, and all in recent history. I'm not trying to make this a debate on religion, but I can't help but poke holes in his story.

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