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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jeff Deliverer of Mail, May 18, 2016.

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    When you look at the titles the main roster has, you can mirror them with NXT. WHC vs NXT Champion. Tag team vs NXT Tag team, Woman's vs NXT Woman's.

    But then you have The Intercontinental Championship and The United States Championship. In NXT there is no mirror for these championships. NXT has no focus on a mid card title. You could say they don't have enough time to focus any energy on a mid card title with only an hour of programming.

    NXT could inject a brand new mid card title to the roster. Maybe it can even be viewed as a lower card title to make it seem less important than the tag and woman's title. NXT does a great job with the focus on the woman's title, I wouldn't want them to lose focus on that. But a lower card title could be a show opener user.

    They could even manage something brand new instead of rehashing The European Champion or Television Champion. The NXT Triple Fire Champion, the belt could be completely unique and have a fire design and a traditional side plates at the same time. It can only be defended in triple threat matches. This will give lower card guys or newcomers some experience carting around a championship belt. With NXT, that could be an excellent learning experience for these guys considering the NXT Champion usually has a long run at the top.
  2. ヒュー G. レックション

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    No... I've seen many wanting this but I'm completely against it. No more titles! NXT's beauty is in it's simplicity. If there's only one singles belt it makes it all the more prestigious not to mention more possibilities for contenders.
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    They already fore-go showcasing their champions for 2-3 weeks at times because 1 hour is limiting (Granted they have more actual show than RAW thanks to being commercial free). I just don't think a midcard title fits in now, we get plenty of personal feuds in the midcard that don't need a title to get over, and not having the belt involved can make them even less predictable in many cases.
  4. Jack-Hammer

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    This is far from the first discussion of NXT adopting a mid-card title and it won't be the last.

    It's highly unlikely that a mid-card title will be introduced as long as NXT is only a single hour each week. If they expand to two hours or if they create another one hour NXT show, then the limited time won't be much of a factor.

    There are some episodes in which no NXT champion makes an appearance on the show, it's a pretty frequent occurrence really, and time can be potentially be found for introducing some sort of mid-card champion. As with the other title holders, he wouldn't be featured on a weekly basis and title defenses would be a pretty rare occurrence outside of house shows and TakeOver specials. When it's all said and done though, it's probably quite a bit easier for NXT's creative team to book three championships instead of four given their extremely limited amount of time to work with. With only a single hour each week, three titles is enough and, truth be told, it's probably a lot easier to work with three than four titles.

    NXT is great at taking advantage of the time they have, but maybe adding another title to the roster with their limited time to work would come across like cramming something into the show that isn't really of viable importance at this time.
  5. dsotm5150

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    Given the amount of broadcast time NXT has, there isn't any need currently for a mid-level title. Even WWE has times where they can't seem to figure out what to do with its mid-level titles with one of them usually getting thrown to the wayside.
  6. Vanilla Midget

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    Maybe in five to ten years, and providing NXT becomes a full fledged brand with at least 2 hours of weekly televised (or Network) programming.

    Until then it always seems like a preference to me. The NXT champion is essentially a midcard champion. That strap is not a world championship. It's generally held by future transfers to WWE's Raw and Smackdown roster.

    Holders of the NXT championship have ranged from World title holders like Seth Rollins to enhancement talent like Bo Dallas. Why do you need a midcard title to your top of the midcard championship? It doesn't make the most sense.

    NXT has a rotating cast. The midcard title would barely be featured if it was created. Also what is it called? NXT Intercontinental title? That's confusing for the original.

    Adding weightclasses is pointless. WWE is an entertainment company where you don't have to have weightclass to have a fair fight. In WWE, Rey Mysterio can defeat Big Show. In MMA, Connor McGregor will not defeat Brock Lesnar.

    I think the Op, and the hundreds of previous OPs, have all subjectively thought it would be cool to add another title. Neat idea, but until NXT truly graduates to second brand status, they don't need a midcard title. It wouldn't get the respect it deserves and would be lost in the mix.

    If anyone has a solid argument as to how a midcard title would concretely improve the brand, help develop stars, give indy veterans in NXT a proper push, or actually improve the already excellent storylines, then I'm all ears. NXT is doing just fine with what it has.
  7. Navi

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    I see NXT as a development brand and doesn't need a mid card title. They only have one hour a week to showcase their talent and you don't want that taken up by just title matches.

    Also these are hopefully the wrestlers that will move up to replace or enhance the main roster, holding an NXT title, whatever one that is sort of holds them back. It's hard to compete on RAW when you are doing double duty as an NXT title holder. Owens managed it for a short time, but lost the NXT title soon after he debuted.

    Now that Balor has won and lost it, there is no reason to hold him back any longer. He should be on the main roster with Styles and the rest of the Bullet Club, same with Bayley. Yes it's nice for them to win the titles in NXT, but if you look at Enzo and Cass, they didn't win the tag titles, and they will be well on their way when Enzo comes back.
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  8. NegativeFeedback

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    NXT Underground Championship. It's defended almost exclusively at live events and only occasionally on the show.
  9. King Patrick Star

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    I've said this before on another thread...

    ...and I still think it's a good idea. It was a professional wrestling championship contested in 15 minute IronMan matches. A medal was held by the title holder, rather than a championship belt that is primarily used in professional wrestling. With the time constraints argument, this could be the middle ground between those that want a secondary Championship Title in NXT and those that don’t.
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  10. ShinChan

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    As Navi pointed out, NxT is a developmental WWE territory. The main aim of every NxT wrestler should be to win the titles and then move on to the main roster.

    For singles competitor, there is NxT title for men and women. For tag also, there exist tag titles. There is no slot for any midcard title.

    Why would a NxT wrestler want a midcard titke instead of the ultimate title?

    That could be a great idea. And addition of such medals could freshen up the whole scenario.

    Also if a person is able to defend his medal for specific amount of time, he could get a title shot as a reward.
  11. OYDK

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    Something small that isn't given a ton of notice or time would be ideal in my opinion. I think a re-branded TV title would work because there are usually one or two jobber squashes per week on NXT that could be used for something a bit more interesting in my opinion. If you have somebody that you need to keep on TV but you know isn't going to be a star player, No Way Jose for instance, defending the TV title every week at least adds a new layer to the character and the show as a whole. Plus, we all saw how beautifully the US Open Challenge worked out. Could be the same type of scenario just with less time.

    Than again, there's always that idea of, if it ain't broke don't fix it. NXT will probably need a shake-up eventually, maybe even by the end of the year, but as of now everything seems to be clicking.
  12. Trill Co$by

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    Congratulations, you're wrong.

    NXT is its own brand. It's not developmental, but it's not the main roster. If it was developmental, then why are guys like Balor, Joe, Aries, and Young there? Don't tell me they need to develop when all four of them are on par developmental wise as AJ Styles. If it's developmental, then why would they have had Rhyno in NXT previously? Why would they have used Too Cool to lose to Ascension? Also, since when has a developmental brand received virtually Pay Per View events AND started touring globally? If you consider NXT developmental, then your brain is developmental.

    NXT needs a second singles title, it just does. Why? Because guys like Apollo Crews, Tyler Breeze, and Baron Corbin never worked for the NXT Championship picture. No Way Jose won't work for the NXT Championship. But does that mean you can't use an NXT secondary title to see how well they'll work with a higher brand's mid card title? Does that mean that we can't see a full development in a character the same way we used to see them develop? Wrestling has been built on having the premier men's title and a secondary title. That secondary title has always existed. Hell, even the WWE has used mid-card titles for their developmental companies. Don't believe me? Then maybe you'll believe the FACT that the OVW Television, FCW Fifteen Minute, UPW Internet, UPW No Holds Barred, and UPW Southern California/Shoot Championships exist(ed).

    So to say that NXT doesn't need a mid card title because it ruins it, to me is like saying you just don't like wrestling. Wrestling needs the mid card championships the same way the NFL, NBA, and MLB needs Conference championships/pennants... Because they matter and they make both the main championships and lower championships mean THAT MUCH MORE.

    Also, for those who think the one hour show limits the title limit... please keep in mind that NXT shows operate completely different than Raw and Smackdown. NXT is more about old school style of developing characters and champions while using new school wrestling. Raw and Smackdown are all about segments. NXT can and has fit more matches in their one hour programming than Raw and Smackdown have fit in their entire 5 hours of programming.

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