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    Real Name: Michael Brown

    Gimmick Name: Mikey Stormrage

    Nickname: None

    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 361

    Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

    Billed From: Southwest, Puerto Rico


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Long black curly hair

    ----------------Eye Colour: Brown

    ----------------Facial Hair: long messy unkempt beard

    ----------------Ring attire: Various colors themed wrestling shorts(think Samoa Joe) with black boots, and wrist tape matching his shorts

    ----------------Backstage Attire: Picture the clothes if Xavier Woods and Neville had a fat child. Not a fan of suits.

    ----------------Physical Features: A big ol' dick

    ----------------Tattoos: A Super Mario themed half sleeve on his left arm. On his right, he has a half sleeve dedicated to those he has lost, it includes a dragonfly for his mother, a deer for his father, a rose for an ex girlfriend, an a yellow bird for a girl he doesn't speak of. On his right leg, he has a sleeve of those who have impacted his wrestling life. A black and yellow bar code for James Howard. Script of Live Mas for Matt Tastic. A broken heart and lipstick print for Eve Taylor.

    Alignment (Heel or Face, not Tweener): Face

    Main Gimmick: On the surface, Mikey is a run of the mill man child nerd. Cut through the layers (of fat) and you find a man who is deeply depressed and fills his life with many vices including sex and alcohol.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Mikey is something of an idiot savant. In 98% of the aspects of life, he is a failure and lacks common sense level knowledge. In the other 2% he is among the best of the best. Pro Wrestling and video games fall into that 2%.

    Due to his refusal to seriously treat his mental health, Mikey suffers from a myriad of issues. He is deeply depressed and tries to cure it with various vices. He is a borderline alcoholic, constantly has meaningless sex, is a glutton, sleeps long hours, and has terrible hygiene. He also craves attention and attachment, but often tries to destroy his relationships out of fear.

    Strengths: 1)Knows how to use his size to full advantage.
    2)Thanks to extensive training with James Howard and Matt Tastic, he is among the best strikers in WZCW.
    3)His everyman persona helps the crowd to connect to him, and Mikey feeds off the WZCW Universe like few others. He has incredible heart and absolutely refuses to quit with the crowd behind him. Only one man has ever beaten Mikey by submission, Ty Burna with his Harbinger's Omen triangle choke. Mikey refused to tap and lost consciousness, resulting in a ref's stoppage.

    Weaknesses: 1)More than once Mikey has shown up unfit to wrestle. His vices always take priority over his wrestling.
    2)Mikey has injured his back twice in his WZCW career. Once at the hands of Ty Burna in Hell in a Cell, and once at the hands of an underhanded attack by Mark Keaton. Medical advancements meant recovery was possible and his career not be cut short, but it goes out and gives him problems from time to time.
    3)Mikey is an IDIOT. He will never back down from a fight, but it isn't easy to pull the wool over his eyes.

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Brief History: Growing up in rural Indiana, Mikey was the nerd, the dork. A constant target of bullies and always picked last, Mikey was the definition of uncool. At the age of 22, Mikey Stormrage made his WZCW debut after a short career on the independent circuit. Wrestling was the first place Mikey ever felt at place, and his success speaks for itself. Despite this, his personal life always remained hell, so his mental health further went south. He continued to ignore those issues all while distancing himself from his family. The deaths of his father and then mother in short succession caused him to hit rock bottom. Despite being World Champion, Mikey was empty, going through the motions. After a vicious attack put his career in jeopardy, Mikey has recovered and as he returns to the ring, is taking a new stab at life, but old habits die hard.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: The entrance changes based upon Mikey's mental state. The lights go down a bit and green flights pulse to the music for each entrance. If Mikey is in a positive mood, he will have his usual energetic entrance, slapping hands with and interacting with fans, before rolling into the ring and climbing the turn buckle and shouting a might "Game Over!"

    If he is depressed, he often is late to the ring in regards to his music. He keeps his head toward the floor while looking lethargic. Once in the ring, he slumps in the corner and awaits the match to start.

    If Mikey shows up drunk but manages to swindle officials into allowing him to wrestle (has happened) he basically stumbles through excessive crowd interaction. Once he manages to make it into the ring, he does his best to sober himself up, sometimes having the ref slap him about.

    Finishing Moves:
    Game Over - The World's Strongest Slam
    Random Access Mutilation (R.A.M.) - Coquina Clutch (will grapvine if it goes to the ground)
    *will use a moonsault in high stakes matches as a desperation finisher

    15 Most Used Moves: (No finishers, 3 signature moves):
    Falcon Punch(Pop up European Uppercut)
    Live Más Slam(Side Belly to Belly Suplex with Stormrage falling on top of opponent for added damage)
    Headshot!(Bionic elbow with theatrics)

    Short arm clothesline
    Suicide dive
    Exploder suplex
    Seated Senton/can be followed by pin
    Abdominal Stretch(with slaps to the chest or butt)
    Spinning Samoan Drop
    Sidewalk Slam
    Fallaway slam
    Running body block
    Various attacks from the second turnbuckle (axe handles, clotheslines, tackles, ect)

    Sample RP: (This was poop, so I removed it from the app)



    • 3x World Tag Team Champion (With James Howard as "Strikeforce"(2) and Matt Tastic as "Live Mas")
    • Eurasian Champion
    • 2x World Heavyweight Champion
    • Main evented Kingdom Come VIII
    • Had Sex with Eve Taylor
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