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    *Pyros go off*

    Copeland: New Orleans, Louisiana is hotting up as we're only days away from crowning an Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Hello again everybody, I'm Sebastian Copeland alongside Jack Cohen. Now Jack, Redemption is surely the most unpredictable pay per view we've ever seen?

    Cohen: I could be seen that way. I mean we got top calibre stars in high class matches and still some more to be announced.

    Copeland: But do you think Titus, Everest or Bratchny will send any early messages before they meet on Ascension tomorrow and more important at Redemption?

    Cohen: Hard to say really, but I think lots of people will be asking about what's happening with Big Dave's change in stances which I'm liking in some ways or who Corey Payne will name as his tag partner to face Ty Burna or Lars Reidar.

    Copeland: Not to mention a few surprises coming up that Chuck Myles has to announce, one them is regards to this Tag Team Title defence which is happening right now!
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    Harrys: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the WZCW Tag Team Championship!

    "Carry On Wayward Son" hits over with both members of Heavy Artillery coming through the curtain. They pose at the top of the ramp with their championship belts before making their way down, sliding under the ropes and posing on the turnbuckles.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 458 pounds, the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Max Karzai and Jordan Lights, Heavy Artillery!

    Copeland: The Tag Team Championships are on the line this week as Chuck Myles decided to grant The Ghetto Stars a shot this week because he has something special planned for Redemption. He plans to announce it later on.

    Cohen: So a special surprise to go with new champions? Bring it on!

    “We Fly High, Hailing Mary (Mix Track)” kicks in as Mr. Baller comes out with his basketball alongside James Baker with his spiked out baseball bat. Baker and Baller both walk down to the ring as they both slap hands with the fans before sliding under the bottom rope. As they enter the ring, James goes to the top rope and plays up to the crowd as Baller grabs a sharpie from his jumpsuit, signs the basketball and then throws it into the stands.

    Harrys: Their opponents and challengers, at a combined weight of 452 pounds, James Baker and Mr. Baller, The Ghetto Stars!

    I might take that back. But either way, let’s just cancel this and have the special announced!

    Copeland: And there’s me thinking you love tag matches?

    The referee takes the belts from the champions and raises them in the air, presenting to the crowd all around, he then hands them over to the timekeeper and signals to get the match started. Baker and Lights will be starting as both lock up in the middle but then shove each other off, they lock up again but benefits neither man. They break the hold and Baker takes Lights down with a clothesline. Lights is back up and is taken down with a quick snap suplex by Baker who follows up with a quick elbow to the chest. He gets up and tags Baller in who walks over to Lights’ position and hits a standing moonsault, he goes for a quick cover 1……2…kickout by Lights. Baller heads over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the top rope as Lights get to his feet, Baller leaps in the air but is met with a dropkick and lands flat on his back from the force.

    Lights tags Karzai in who drops a leg on Baller, gets him up and pushes him into the corner before slapping a few chops on Baller’s chest. He irish whips Baller into the opposite turnbuckle and hits it chest first, stumbling backwards into Karzai who lifts Baller up but loses his balance and is countered into a bulldog. Both men slowly get back up with Karzai bouncing off the ropes looking for a quick move but it’s countered into a neckbreaker by Baller as Karzai holds his head. Baller tags Baker in and both get Karzai up and hit a double DDT which adds more pain to Karzai’s head. Lights looks very concerned as he tries to call for a tag from his partner. Baker rolls Karzai on his front and locks on a side headlock to the already injured head, this one could be over soon. Lights looking on, unsure of what to do, he quickly retracts his hand and drops down to the floor and goes underneath the mat, with the referee still keeping watching on Karzai in the headlock, he’s unaware of Lights’ disappearance, only Baller appears to be.

    Copeland: Jordan Lights just went under the ring, I wonder why?

    Cohen: Probably crawling to some hole down there admitting defeat.

    Suddenly Baller drops from the apron and lands face first on the ring top, falling to the floor, the referee notices this and heads over to Baller as Baker looks over in that direction whilst Lights comes back from under the apron and gets back in his corner. Baker lets go of the headlock and heads over to the ref and Baller, asking “What happened?” Baller is confused but explains that he seemed to have been pulled off for some odd reason and that Lights disappeared under the ring, they all turn in that direction only to see that Karzai has crawled nearer his corner and he tags in Lights before anyone can make a sudden movement.

    Lights takes down Baker and then runs over to shove Baller off again, he hits a sidewalk slam on Baker and signals the still dazed Karzai to get in the ring, Lights picks up Baker as Karzai gives a few stiff punches before running at the ropes and getting taken out from a dropkick by a quick and annoyed Baller. Lights shoves Baker to the mat and gets in a fist fight with Baller. Baker suddenly moves over to Karzai and locks in the Notorious Clutch which the referee keeps watch on whilst Lights and Baller keep at it until Lights kicks him in the gut and hits the C.Y.A. whilst Karzai still screams in pain. Lights goes for the cover on Baller 1……2……3, but Karzai is tapping at the same moment the ref slammed the three down. There’s an air of confusion around the ring as there’s a double finish.

    Copeland: Wait, so Baller was pinned…

    Cohen: Karzai tapped!

    Copeland: It appears at the same time, who are the tag team champions?

    The referee takes the belts and isn’t sure what to do, Lights grabs one belt whilst Baker grabs the other and both start disputing over who had the victory. But running down the ramp comes Chris Jones and Mark Hancock who slide in and start fighting with Baker and Lights. Suddenly through the crowd comes Steven Kurtesy and Doug Crashin who go after Baller and Karzai. The brawl is turning into a frenzy between all eight men until “Indestructible” plays as Chuck Myles comes out with a disapproving look.

    Myles: Alright, alright. Stop that all or everyone will be suspended on the spot!

    Everyone stops the attack as they all stare at Myles at the top of the stage.

    Now before this travesty occurred, I was looking forward to giving a big surprise regarding the Tag Team Titles at Redemption. That being said, you all forced my hand! In regards to the Champions dispute, I watched the footage carefully. Now Jordan Lights did pin Mr. Baller by a three count…

    Lights and Karzai cheers and tries to take the belts

    However! At the same time, Max Karzai did submit to James Baker’s submission hold.

    Baker and Baller try to take the belts

    But as far as I saw, neither Mr. Baller nor Max Karzai were the legal men, so I’m officially declaring this match a no contest where the titles will not change hands, nor will I vacate them.

    The crowd boos but Heavy Artillery are estatic.

    That being said. With Jones, Hancock, Kurtesy and Crashin wanting a piece of the action, I’ve decided that at Redemption, I will stick all eight of you in a match at once with the titles at stake. But as you can’t seem to contain your violence, I’m going to put you all in a Steel Cage Match! The stipulation is that you first must survive, each other via elimination by pinfall or submission. When two teams remain, it’s the first to pin, cause their opponent to submit or escape the cage will the tag titles be decided. Survival is of the essence! Now get out of my ring, especially you Kurtesy and Crashin as you have a match later, which you both will need to survive!

    Copeland: Ladies and Gentleman, I’m still trying to process this. As of this time, Heavy Artillery are still the Tag Team Champions because of a no contest ruling. However the titles will be defended in a four team cage match where it begins as elimination rules but when you’re down to the last two teams remaining, standard cage rules kick in and the first to pin, earn a submission or escape wins.

    It’s the ultimate form of survival for all four teams, I just love how Redemption is shaping up. Give me some more excitement tonight please!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Garth Black!

    The crowd pops as PCP hits and Garth makes his way down the ramp. He slaps the hands of nearby audience members before walking around the ring to the commentary table.

    Copeland: Thanks for joining us here, Garth!

    Garth: Thanks for having me.

    Enya stomp hits and the crowd pop again as Chris Beckford makes his way out, arms spread.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from
    Leeds, England, Chris Beckford!

    Beckford gets into the ring and does his signature taunt again before backflipping off the turnbuckle and waiting for his opponent.

    Copeland: I have a feeling you’re gonna be backing Beckford in this match, Garth

    Garth: He's a talented kid, I think he has a great chance of winning the Elite X title at Redemption.

    Cohen: I think he kinda sucks. But that’s just me

    “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” by the Smashing Pumpkins plays as the arena goes dark. Fire shoots up on the sides of entrance stage as Phoenix appears. He scans over the audience and slowly walks down to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from the great beyond, Phoenix!

    Garth keeps his eyes fixed on Phoenix, who gets into the ring slowly, shoots at glance at Beckford then taunts on the turnbuckle. The referee rings the bell and both men walk to the centre of the ring and lock up. Phoenix backs Beckford into the corner and the ref tries to break it up, counting to five. Phoenix breaks the grapple at four. Suddenly Beckford explodes out of the corner, delivering right hands to Phoenix’s head. With Phoenix dazed, Beckford runs at the ropes and comes back with a huge clothesline, taking Phoenix down. With the adrenaline flowing through him, Beckford quickly ascends the top rope and waits for Phoenix to get to his feet. Beckford jumps off the turnbuckle, but Phoenix moves out of the way. Beckford manages to land on his feet, but he turns around into a running knee lift from Phoenix, taking him down. Phoenix leans against the ropes for a second, recovering from the earlier onslaught before picking up Beckford. He gets Beckford in a front facelock, hooks the leg and nails a big Fisherman Suplex with a bridge, 1.... 2.... Beckford kicks out!

    Cohen: Veteran stuff, Beckford made a mistake and now Phoenix is all over him!

    Garth: Phoenix and I learned everything about wrestling together. It’s just a shame it’s come to this.

    Phoenix picks up Beckford and backs him into the corner. He drives his shoulder into Beckford’s gut twice before lifting Beckford up and placing him on the top rope. Phoenix goes to climb up the turnbuckles but Beckford hits him with a big right hand. Phoenix wobbles on the second rope, dazed from the punch. Beckford stands up and flips himself over Phoenix, hitting a huge powerbomb off the second rope! Beckford crawls over to Phoenix for the cover, 1.... 2.... Phoenix gets a shoulder up. Beckford gets up and measures Phoenix for the Cross Drop. Phoenix gets up but quickly rolls out of the ring before Beckford can hit the move. Phoenix stumbles around outside the ring, trying to clear the cobwebs from his head. He locks eyes with Garth, who stands up. Phoenix quickly backs away but Beckford comes from behind, turning Phoenix around before hitting a few right hands. He slides Phoenix back into the ring before hitting a DDT. Beckford goes for the pin, 1.... 2.... kick out by Phoenix!

    Copeland: Clearly you’re on his mind, Garth. Just the sight of you almost cost him the match.

    Garth remains silent as in the ring, Beckford drags Phoenix over to the corner. Beckford gets on the top rope, signalling for the Cross Country. He leaps off the top rope, but Phoenix manages to get his knees up. Beckford rolls on the mat, clutching his ribs as the referee starts to count. Both men get to their by 7. Beckford goes for the clothesline on Phoenix but he ducks under it and hits the Incinerator on Beckford. Phoenix goes for the pin, 1.... 2.... kick out by Beckford! Phoenix starts to look angry as he gets to his feet. He climbs to the top rope, getting ready for the Final Flight, but Beckford quickly gets up, and quickly delivers a right hand to Phoenix, who loses his balance. Beckford gets Phoenix in a front facelock before delivering a top rope DDT. With Phoenix not moving, Beckford quickly goes for the pin, 1.... 2.... Phoenix gets his foot on the bottom rope! Beckford lets out a yell of anger. He gets up and again gets ready to go for the Cross Drop. Phoenix slowly gets up, using the ropes to steady himself. Beckford goes for Phoenix, but Phoenix hits the Rebirth out of nowhere on Beckford! Phoenix drapes an arm over his opponent, 1... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Phoenix!

    Copeland: What a match! Beckford came so close, but he just couldn't pull out the win.

    Cohen: Great win for Phoenix! I’m no fortune teller, but I think that looks like your future, Garth.

    Garth gets up and walks away from the commentary table watching Phoenix celebrate in the ring. He gets up on the ring apron and again locks eyes with Phoenix. Both men stare at each other for a moment, before Phoenix quickly rolls out of the ring and walks back up the ramp without looking back.


    We cut backstage to Becky Serra with Karen Swindle.

    Becky: Ladies and Gentleman standing with me at this time, Carmen Bratchny's manager, Karen Swindle! Now Karen, how must Carmen be feeling that he has a great chance to become the Unified World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday?

    Karen: Well Rebecca, Bratchny has been very focused and if he carries the strength and the will that he had when he defeated Ricky at Kingdom Come, I think it's safe to say he will be having his big moment of glory at Redemption...

    Both of them are cut off by Lars Reidar and Ty Burna who enter the interview area.

    Ty Burna: Just think about how short Bratchny's reign will be once I claim the King For A Day shot I...we rightfully deserve. Because come next Meltdown, one of us will be walking out as the Champion.

    Lars Reidar: It doesn't matter to me who wins the belt if I have to be honest, there's only guarantee that the gold is coming in our direction...hopefully mine. Just be watching what we do to Doug Crashin and Steven Kurtesy, they want to survive...who better than us to teach it...

    Both men walk away as Karen and Becky stare on in disgust.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall.

    Bad Case of Loving You hits and Dr. Steven Kurtesy and Doug Crashin come out onto the ramp. Kurtesy does his usual taunts while Crashin nervously makes his way down to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 475 pounds, Doug Crashin and Doctor Steven Kurtesy!

    Kurtesy does his usual taunts as Crashin nervously walks down to the ring.

    Copeland: Crashin might just be fearing for his own well being tonight.

    Cohen: I would be too if I was him.

    Blackened the Sun hits and the crowd starts booing loudly. The arena goes black with an almost static like flash of white light goes off and on.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing 235 pounds, Ty Burna!

    Ty Burna makes his way slowly to the ring, his head lowered down with his hood covering his face. He gets to the end of the ramp and leers at Crashin with an evil smirk before getting into the ring.

    Copeland: Usually Ty is all business, but something tells me he’s gonna play with these guys a bit tonight.

    Broken Soul hits and again the crowd start booing loudly. Reidar starts making his way down the ramp slowly.

    Harrys: And his partner, weighing 275 pounds, Lars Reidar!

    Copeland: With Corey Payne being so annoying lately, Ty and Lars will be looking to take out some frustration in this match.

    Reidar gets into the ring and as both teams discuss who’ll start out the match. Ty and Crashin make their way onto the apron, with Kurtesy and Reidar starting off. The bell rings and Kurtesy walks right up to Reidar and slaps him in the face. Anger spreads of Reidar’s face as he goes to punch Kurtesy, but Kurtesy ducks under it, unleashing a series of right hands on Reidar. Kurtesy runs off the ropes, hitting Reidar with a clothesline. Reidar stumbles back, but doesn’t fall to the mat, so Kurtesy again clotheslines him, this time harder the last. Reidar stumbles back again, but still doesn’t go down. Kurtesy shrugs, and kicks the back of Reidar’s leg, causing him to go down on one knee. Kurtesy then nails Reidar with an Enziguiri, finally taking him down. Kurtesy goes for the pin, 1.... Reidar powers out. Kurtesy quickly tags in Crashin, who looks slightly scared as he gets into the ring. Reidar quickly gets to his feet and angrily launches himself at Crashin, with vicious lefts and rights. Crashin collapses back to the corner, where Reidar starts maliciously pummelling him. Reidar takes a moment to look menacingly at Kurtesy, who stares defiantly back. Reidar picks up Crashin and lifts him into a Torture Rack. Crashin screams out loudly, but shakes his head as the referee asks him if he gives up.

    Copeland: Say what you want about Crashin, but he’s refusing to let Kurtesy down here.

    Cohen: Eh... Fighting spirit... Or whatever.

    Reidar lets go of Crashin, who’s limp body falls to the mat with a thud. Reidar tags in Ty, who lifts up Crashin before dropping him with a huge Spinebuster. Ty goes to pin Crashin, 1... 2... Crashin kicks out! Kurtesy is jumping slightly on the apron, begging to be tagged. Ty picks up Crashin again and viciously throw him into the corner post. Crashin stumbles backwards and into the waiting arms of Ty, who lifts him up and nails the Ouija Flame. Ty goes to pin Crashin, 1... 2.... Kurtesy breaks it up. Kurtesy quickly gets back onto the apron with Ty starting to look mad inside the ring. Ty tosses Crashin into Kurtesy’s corner, motioning for Kurtesy to tag himself in. Kurtesy hesitates, but then slaps Crashin’s back and gets into the ring. Both men lock up, with Kurtesy getting the advantage with an arm wrench. He trips up Ty, and manages to lock in a fujiwara armbar on the mat.

    Copeland: These guys made a fatal mistake when they underestimated Steven Kurtesy!

    Ty manages to roll backwards, pinning Kurtesy’s shoulders to the mat, 1... 2... Kurtesy rolls off his shoulders, not letting the armbar go. Ty struggles to get free, but can’t escape. He pushes himself up with his legs and free arm, creating a bridge. He pushes off to the left, covering Kurtesy, 1... 2... Kurtesy kicks out. Ty wrenches his arm free, but favours it heavily, with some damage obviously done. Kurtesy quickly gets up and runs at Ty, but gets caught with a high knee from Ty. Ty leans against the ropes, trying to get feeling back into his left arm as Kurtesy quickly starts crawling back to his own corner. Ty tags in Reidar as Kurtesy tags in Crashin. Crashin runs into a big boot from Reidar followed by a Northern Lights suplex. Reidar stands over Crashin for a few moments.

    Cohen: Like we said, Reidar is just toying with his prey.

    Reidar picks up Crashin and lifts him up for the Judge, Jury and Executioner, but Crashin lands behind Reidar. Reidar turns around and Crashin grabs him around the waist and hits an over the head Belly to Belly suplex. Reidar falls to the mat and Crashin sits up with a look of amazement on his face. He gets up and raises his arms, but Ty comes out of nowhere, taking out Crashin with a Bicycle Kick. Ty stands over Crashin, but Kurtesy runs in, hitting Ty with a clothesline which sends both men over the top rope. Reidar gets up, and so does Crashin. Crashin walks into Reidar, who grabs Crashin and hits the Judge, Jury and Executioner. He pins Crashin, 1... 2... 3.

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Ty Burna and Lars Reidar!

    Reidar stands over Crashin for a moment, before getting out of the ring. On the outside, Kurtesy and Ty are still brawling, but Reidar gets Kurtesy from behind with a forearm shot. He then picks up Kurtesy and hits a powerslam on the floor. With both their opponents writhing in pain, Reidar and Ty make their way back up the ramp.


    We cut backstage to EurAsian Champion Big Dave who's walking up towards the arena with the crowd booing heavily, he walks past different backstage crew before stopping and staring off camera. The camera pans to find Showtime Cougar leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

    Showtime: I'll see you at Redemption!

    Showtime stands away from the wall and walks off as Dave just looks ahead without looking behind him.

    Dave: Will be seeing you sooner!

    Dave continues his walk to the arena.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "Headstrong" by Trapt plays as Austin Reynolds walks out to the entrance ramp. He spreads his arms out before pointing to his tattoos before walking confidently to the ring. He slides in and hops up to the second turnbuckle and points to the tattoo on his arm.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from The West End of London, England. He stands' 6'0" and weighs 190 lbs, Austin Reynolds!

    The lights go out but no music plays at all. A single spotlight shines down at the top of the entrance ramp where Big Dave walks out to the middle of. He walks down to the ring with a focused look on his face, and the entire arena is dead silent. The spotlight follows him all the way down. He climbs into the ring and raises up the Eurasian title and then hands it to the referee and stands in the corner, staring across at Reynolds.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from London, England. He stands' 6'1" and weighs 268 lbs, the Eurasian Champion, Big Dave!

    Copeland: The Eurasian Champion Big Dave takes on Austin Reynolds, the Elite X number one contender, just a short time before Redemption. Should he be concerned Cohen?

    Cohen: Not at all Seabass. Big Dave has proven to be a dangerous force alongside Karnage since breaking away from that flip flopper Ricky. Showtime should be taking notes on how bad he'll be beaten at Redemption.

    The ref signals for the bell as Dave looks to lock up with Reynolds. Reynolds slips out and connects with a few forearms, but Dave quickly lifts him up and tosses him into the corner. He goes to work with shots to the midsection. He backs up and hits a few shoulder thrusts before whipping Reynolds into the opposite corner. Dave follows up quickly but Reynolds grabs the top rope and floats over Dave and connects with a drop kick. Dave bounces into the corner head first. He turns around but gets hit with a leg lariat by Reynolds. Dave drops to the mat and Reynolds follows up with a quick legdrop. He covers Dave but barely gets a two count.

    Copeland: Reynolds taking advantage of the edge in speed he has over Big Dave. He's outmaneuvering him out there.

    Cohen: Seabass, just like an annoying bug, once Big Dave gets a hold of him he'll be splattered across the ring.

    Reynolds quickly moves to the outside and waits for Dave to get up. He springboards off and goes for a clothesline but Dave catches him and lifts him up for the Stamp of Authority! Reynolds struggles on Dave's shoulders before reversing the hold into a head scissors. Reynolds gets to his feet but is met with a huge clothesline from Dave. Dave stands over the downed Reynolds for a moment just staring at him before pulling him up and whipping him into the ropes. He quickly throws Reynolds down with a powerslam and goes for the pin, getting a two count. He pulls Reynolds up again and tosses him into the corner again and begins punching away at him until the ref counts to five. He backs away and Reynolds stumbles forward and gets dropped with a front choke slam. Dave goes for the pin again and gets 2 and 3/4.

    Cohen: What did I say Seabass? Look how impressive the Eurasian Champion is. He's tossing Reynolds around like a rag doll.

    Copeland: I would suspect Showtime is taking notes here. With their match at Redemption looming he'll need all the help he can get. Big Dave has shown absolutely no mercy since Kingdom Come.

    Dave gets up and motions Reynolds to get up. He goes for a dropkick but Reynolds moves out of the way. He bounces off the ropes and rolls across the ground. He springs up and connects with a rolling kick to the rising Dave. He climbs to the outside ropes and signals for the Ego Crush. Dave gets up and Reynolds springs off and tries flipping under Dave. Dave catches him though and goes for a powerbomb. Reynolds floats over and goes for a rollup, getting a two count before Dave rolls Reynolds up and gets a handful of tights for the three count!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the Eurasian Champion, Big Dave!

    Copeland: Go figure Dave would cheat to win. I'd say Ricky taught him too well.

    Cohen: Whatever Seabass, get over your self righteousness for once and applaud a man who will do anything for the victory.

    Big Dave gets to his feet and his hand is raised by the referee and is handed the Eurasian Title. Reynolds argues with the ref as Dave exits the ring and walks to the back, the lights dimming and the single spotlight shining down on him.

    Copeland: Stay tuned, we have the KFAD winner taking on Blade in our main event! Will Payne reveal who he has chosen as a partner against Ty Burna and Lars Reidar?

    Cohen: Does it matter who he picks? If I were in the back I would avoid Payne like the plague. Who would want to carry a drug addict with a knee so torn up that he can barely walk against two of the most dangerous men in WZCW history?
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

    “Bliss” by Muse hits the arena as Blade steps out, accompanied by a flashing red light and a heavy guitar riff. He does his signature taunt as the crowd boo him from their stations. He looks out into the crowd and laughs a little before beginning his descent into the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds, from Dublin, Ireland… “The Zero Hunter”, Blade!

    Copeland: A man who knows how to evoke a reaction from these fans for sure, Blade has a big opportunity ahead of him.

    Cohen: I have said for months that he can mix it with the big boys and winning this match would prove it.

    Blade gets to the ring and enters up the steps. Once inside, he mounts the nearest turnbuckle and does his signature taunt again as “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed hits the arena. The lights go out and “It’s time” shows on the titantron screen. After a few moments, the lights brighten to show Corey Payne standing on top of the ramp. Payne throws some rights and lefts and begins his descent down into the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 250 pounds, The King For A Day, “Prototype”, Corey Payne!

    A man who has had a meteoric rise in the company will meet someone with everything to prove, this ought to be a classic.

    Cohen: You said it, Seabass. I am looking forward t seeing this one. Payne is in need of a beating to get him back into line.

    Payne continues down the ramp and then sprints into the ring. He takes off his hoodie and launches it into the crowd as the fans go wild for him. The referee makes his final preparations and calls for the bell.

    Both men stare at each other as they sum up the task that lies before them. Both men begin to circle the ring and then tie up in the middle. Blade lands a quick knee to the gut that takes Payne to a knee. Blade then lands a heavy forearm to the back of Payne as Payne meets the canvas for the first time. Blade does his signature taunt and feeds off of the crowd heat as Payne gets back to his vertical basis. Blade grabs his head and lands a heavy uppercut as Payne staggers backwards. Blade lands another and then one more and Payne struggles to keep up with The Zero Hunter. Blade drives Payne into the corner and delivers a chop to his chest as the crowd “Woo” with every stinging blow. Blade lands another and as the crowd boo, Payne finds some life and reverses the move. He tosses Blade into the corner and lands a chop to the chest that reverberates around the arena. He tells the crows to be quiet by putting his finger to his mouth and then lands another loud chop to the chest as Blade’s chest begins to light up. Blade recoils out of the corner and Payne allows him to walk a little, clutching his chest with his hands. Payne lands a belly-to-back Suplex that takes Blade to the canvas for the first time. Payne quickly covers Blade and manages to get a one count before Blade powers out.

    Cohen: That was a quick count referee!

    Copeland: Seemed fine to me…

    Cohen: Well, that’s only because you hate Blade. You don’t see how much of a talent he is like I do.

    Payne continues his dominance and Blade is feeling the effects as Payne begins to get into his stride. Payne knocks Blade onto the ropes with a quick Superman punch. As he looks to follow up with a lariat, Blade pulls the top rope down and Payne crumples to the outside of the ring. Blade uses the ropes to get back to his feet and the crowd boo as he smiles wryly. Blade drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring. He picks Payne up by the head and puts him into the bear hug position. He quickly runs into the ringpost and causes damage to Payne’s back. Payne yells out from the floor as Blade begins to take control. The referee begins his count as Blade picks Payne up once more. He tosses him into the protective barrier that surrounds the ring and rolls back inside as Payne struggles to get back to his feet. The referee reaches a count of seven and Payne is grabbing onto the apron, willing himself back into the ring. The referee counts to 8 and Payne finally gets up, rolling into the ring at a count of 9. Blade shakes his head and smiles as goes to work on Payne again. Blade picks up Payne for a third time and lands a spinebuster that inflicts more damage to the weary back of Corey Payne. He covers him and manages to get a two count. Blade laughs out loud and forces Payne’s shoulder back the canvas, covering him again. Payne kicks out once again.

    Copeland: Blade has been all over this match tonight. He looks impressive.

    Cohen: Blade is a master technician, Seabass. He knows what he is doing inside and outside of a ring, as demonstrated perfectly there.

    Blade is beginning to look frustrated now and does his signature taunt as he gets to his feet once more. The crowd boo and hiss as he begins to stalk Corey Payne from behind. He is looking for The Halo and as Corey Payne gets to his feet, Blade makes his move. Payne sees him coming though and ducks under Blade’s grasp. As Blade turns back around, Payne hits him with the DDT and both men crumble to the canvas. The referee begins a double count and both are struggling to regain control of their senses. Blade begins to stir and Payne crawls over to the ropes. Blade gets up and as Corey uses the ropes to help him to his feet, Payne turns to spot his opponent. Blade goes towards Payne and attempts to land a punch to his opponent; Payne blocks it and hits him with one of his own. He tries to follow up on this with a few more shits but Blade ducks under his flailing arm and lands an enziguiri to take Payne down. The crowd hush again as Blade looks for the Texas Cloverleaf. As Blade grabs Payne’s legs, Payne takes him down and locks in the locks in the Protolock from nowhere, in the middle of the ring. Blade struggles for a few seconds and tries to shake Payne off of him. Payne asks the referee to ask him and Blade refuses to tap. Moments pass and Blade has not tapped out. The referee goes over to check on him and sees that he has passed out and calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, “The Prototype”, Corey Payne!

    Copeland: Great fighting spirit from both men there. Payne refused to give up on the match and Blade just refused to give up altogether.

    Cohen: He will need to be better to challenge for the Elite X or the EurAsian Championships, Seabass. Karnage and Dave will have no problem snapping his neck in the ring.

    Suddenly Ty Burna and Lars Reidar run down the ramp and stand on either side of the ring as Corey doesn't know where to go but he hits baseball slide on Lars as Ty comes round to join him as they both double team him. They slam him into the steel steps with Ty unloading rights on Payne as Lars starts taking apart the announce table, throwing the moniters away.

    Copeland: Come on guys, you've done enough already!

    Ty gets Payne back up and stands him tall. Both men grab him by the throw and double chokeslam him through the announce table. They look around the arena before heading away from the carnage they have caused.

    Copeland: How is Corey Payne going to cope with this at Redemption? He has yet to name his partner, who's going to stand with him?

    Cohen: You mean who's crazy to pair with him?

    Copeland: Regardless of that, we have go off now. What will happen with Payne when he takes on Lars and Ty at Redemption? And what will happen when Everest and Titus meet in the ring tomorrow night on Ascension? It's action packed we draw near to the pay per view. But until then I'm Sebastian Copeland with Jack Cohen. I'll see you at Redemption!
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    Corey Payne vs. Blade - Thunder
    Chris Beckford vs Phoenix/Ty & Lars vs. Crashin & Kurtesy - Blade
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