MD 131 - Tony Mancini versus Xaitlyn Serpiente

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    Deadline for RP submissions is Friday the 10th of June at 23:59
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    The camera turns on and we see Gino and Tony sitting in the green room of a local and popular nighttime talk show in New York City. Tony's nose is the size and color of a tomato after getting punched in the face during his match with Xander LeBelle. Gino is eating the food provided while Tony is sitting there with a slight look of irritation on his face about being there in the first place. All of a sudden the notification tone on his phone goes off and he sees it's an Email from his father.
    As he hits send a producer opens the door to the green room and tells Tony that he's up after the next commercial and that he should come with her. She takes him to just off stage and tells him that he's going to be OK and that he's got nothing to worry about. Tony stares at her with no emotion and when he finally responds it's also with irritation in his voice.

    Tony Mancini: This isn't my first time in front of a camera I'll be fine.

    Before she can respond the show comes back from commercial and the host announces him to the stage.

    Bryan O'Connor: Ladies and gentlemen my next guest is a professional wrestler with WrestleZone Championship Wrestling. Please welcome Tony Mancini!

    Tony walks onto the stage amidst mostly blank stares with a smattering of boos from the audience members who watch WZCW.

    Bryan O'Connor: I must say Tony I was surprised you wanted to do this. Usually it's the fan favorites like WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage or former Champion Theron Daggershield.

    Tony Mancini: The way I was told it's because of all my loses. Management says I'm not doing good enough in the ring so I have to promote the company in other ways. I say they're full of (beep). I may have a tiny losing streak going but my matches have never been boring.

    The crowd gasps at Tony's use of language as O'Connor cuts Tony off there and quickly moves on to the next question with a small laugh.

    Bryan O'Connor: You have to admit they have a point. In all your matches with the exception of your one victory against elegANT you've made mistake after mistake and ended up losing. When are you going to learn?

    Tony's eyes narrow at the tone in O'Connor's voice and he immediately goes on the defensive.

    Tony Mancini: None of those were my fault Bryan. If you look at those matches again I had them all won but the referee screwed it up every single time. If any of them knew how to do their (beep)ing job properly I would have more than a single win on my (beep)damn record!

    Tony takes a deep breath and gets control of his anger before saying anything more.

    Tony Mancini: That's enough about the past O'Connor it's time to talk about the future.

    Bryan O'Connor: The future? Does the future include you attacking men twice your age while they aren't looking? I want to show something to the people who may not watch professional wrestling but I have to warn you this isn't for the faint of heart.

    With that being said a small flat screen TV rises from behind the desk and every watches the clip of Tony attacking Luke Mansion on the last episode of Ascension

    As the clip ends even more people are booing while the rest are just in shock that one human being would be capable of doing that to another.

    Bryan O'Connor: That has to be the most disgusting display I have ever seen in all my years doing this Do you have any explanation for that or are you ok with people thinking you're a horrible human being?

    Tony Mancini: Did you see the clip O'Connor? I explained it already. The old man is in debt to some people that are tired of waiting for him to pay up. If you want to know anymore I would tune in to WZCW this week.

    The look on Tony's face says he's done talking about this topic so O'Connor tries a different tactic to get information.

    Bryan O'Connor: By some people you mean your father? It's common knowledge around New York that your father runs one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the city.

    Tony's expression changes from indifference to rage but he manages to keep his seat while on camera even if the fury can be heard in his voice.

    Tony Mancini: Common knowledge Bryan? That is nothing more than a vicious rumor started by my father's business competitors out of spite and jealousy when they realized they can't compete with us on a business level. If I ever hear you've helped spread that rumor being sued for slander will be the least of your worries do I make myself clear?

    Flustered O'Connor clears his throat and adjusts his tie as he gets ahold of himself and continues the interview

    Bryan O'Connor: Ahem, OK then lets move on shall we? You're next opponent is Xaitlyn Serpiente who you will face on the 131st edition of Meltdown. What are your thoughts on that?

    Tony Mancini: I'm not sure what to think. On one hand my parents have taught me from before I could walk that under no circumstance is a man to hit a woman. On the other hand, and this is the side I'm on, she joined a wrestling company with no women's division. She knew she would face men when she signed that contract. She lost her debut against Luke Manson & Noah Ryder so someone is ending their losing streak and I promise you and everyone watching that one way or another that someone will be me.

    Bryan O'Connor: Tony Mancini ladies and Gentlemen, catch him and all the superstars of WZCW every week on Meltdown and Ascension. Up next Angelina Jolie to talk about the possibility of a Tomb Raider 3 after thirteen years.

    Off camera the producer signals that they're in commercial and Tony gets up and gets right in O'Connor's face, grabbing him by the tie so he can't get away.

    Tony Mancini: Don't think you're getting off easy because you made those comments on camera. After your show is over me and you are going to have a long talk about things you shouldn't say on television.

    With that said Tony shoves O'Connor back into his seat and walks off stage as everyone melts out of his way. He grabs Gino out of the green room but instead of leaving the building they walk into another dressing room. As they close the door the camera focus on the name BRYAN O'CONNOR before fading out.
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    After losing the triple threat match at Ascension 107, Xaitlyn Serpiente along with Brendon Stokes returned to her home country India. They both arrived at New Delhi via a flight and then took a tourist bus straight to Dehradun.

    We see them both sitting on the top of the bus. Although the bus had
    enough space for them, yet Xaitlyn preferred to sit above the bus, much to Stokes' dismay who feels embarrassed over such an action. Xaitlyn is enjoying the touch of nature and smiling, while Stokes is too irritated which makes him initiate a talk with her.

    Brendon: I think that you surely owe me a justification for your debut loss.

    Xaitlyn: Nah, I don't. I just don't care enough about losses to justify to you.

    Brendon: But I do care, dammit.

    Xaitlyn: Really? Then stop doing so.

    Brendon: But I demand a reason for your loss? And I want it right now.

    Xaitlyn: I wasn't in good mood.

    Brendon: So does mood determine your fight's result? Too dumb. Promise me now, that you would try to win each and every fight, no matter what mood you're in?

    Xaitlyn: Calm down, dumbo. I promise to dismantle and decimate my each opponent and conquer them by winning the fight.

    Brendon: Nope. See, I can afford you losing some fight while you were tryin' your best, But I can't afford trash-talking by you in your match. Why were you doing so in the midst of your debut match?

    Xaitlyn: Ugh! I already told you that I wasn't in good mood and therefore couldn't focus on my opponents. That's why I lost.

    Brendon: Don't change the topic. Just justify me for such rude behaviour with the fans.

    Xaitlyn: That place sucks, that's why.

    Brendon: Why you think so?

    Xaitlyn: Because a year ago, my mentor Dean Broom was beaten to death by some gangsters here and no one dared to help him and take him to hospital atleast. If that city natives could have helped him, my mentor would have been alive today.

    Saying so, She starts crying a lot. Brendon hugs her and tries to calm her down. As the scene fades to black, we see Ennette who see silently watching this whole verbal encounter while being inside a snake hide.
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    ***After 48 hours***

    We see Xaitlyn with Ennette sleeping in her lap while sitting on a rocking chair. Xaitlyn opens the email sent by Stokes on her mobile and starts talking to herself.

    "Your Opponent= Tony Mancini
    Event= Meltdown 131
    Place= Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Picture of Opponent

    Height= 6 foot
    Weight= 275 pounds

    Xaitlyn: Again a heavyweight! I love such challenges. It would be fun to mesh up with his wrestling style.

    Then Xaitlyn closes her eyes and repeats her opponent's name in her mind. After a couple of minutes, she restarts talking with herself while eyes still closed.

    Xaitlyn: Anthony is "A male given name, in regular use since the Middle Ages." Mancini is a surname of Italian origin which, etymologically, comes from the Italian noun mancino, literally meaning "left handed".

    Then she opens her eyes and resumes reading about her opponent.

    Main Gimmick: The only child of notorious NY crime boss "Don" Angelo Mancini he has been told his entire life he is heir to his father's fortune and criminal enterprise and treated like a prince by his father's underlings. He thinks he can do no wrong and may be linked to some of his father's criminal undertakings and is watched by the FBI organized Crime Division's Agent Henderson. Because of this as well as other Families causing trouble 'Don' Angelo has tasked Gino Rizzoli, a soldier in the Family, to keep an eye on his son and accompany him ringside for all his matches.

    Xaitlyn: So basically a gangster. Wow.

    She resumes reading further.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Will go out of his way to insult his opponents as well as people he feels are beneath him. Will not tolerate anyone talking bad about his family and will get pissed very quickly any time someone brings up his or his fathers alleged criminal activity.

    Xaitlyn: So he has enough reasons to be dismantled by me. I have a golden opportunity to beat a gangster legally.

    Then Ennette wakes up and initiates a talk with Xaitlyn.

    Ennette: So who's your opponent this round?

    Xaitlyn: Basically an Italian Gangster named Anthony Mancini. I must say that WZCW consists of people from various backgrounds.
    Continued in next post due to less space.
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    Ennette: That's right. But still no one like you has ever joined WZCW. At last, they all are just human beings
    whereas you're...

    Xaitlyn: Shhhhhh.... Be cautious. Even walls have ears.

    Then Xaitlyn smirks and sends the following email.

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