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Discussion in 'The Media Hub' started by Mac Attack, Aug 16, 2017.

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    I don't know how this would actually be possible, but if both accompanied were to split the cost of production and revenue would you want to see a Marvel/DC crossover movie.

    I think in some ways a crossover movie would blend the best of both movies. Marvel is much more light hearted and humorous, where DC tends to be dark and gritty and if they could meet in the middle I think they'd make a good movie.

    On the flip side Marvel has its niche and it works if you look at the money and DC despite its criticism also does very well. Logically speaking I'm not sure people would want to see the blends of each in the movies.

    I recognize that it would ever happen as the profit would not be there, but given the chance would you want to see it?
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  2. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    I feel that both DC and Marvel want to get through their catalog of comics to movies first. That could take a long time too. DC will want Justice League and how many possible sequels and spin offs, if they can get 1/3rd the success The Avengers did then that would be a good start for them.
  3. Fire Marshall Bill

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    I think obviously most people would want to see it at least out of sheer curiosity. As of right now though, they'd probably only believe it might be good if Marvel hired the producers and director.
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  4. Jack-Hammer

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    It could be a lot of fun or it could be a clusterfuck.

    When I look at both cinematic universes, Marvel, from an overall standpoint so far, is vastly superior in terms of character depth, storylines, structure and what the ultimate goal is. For instance, DC has already "killed" Superman rather than wait until things were much, much further along as such an event should've been a centerpiece moment of the cinematic universe; he'll be brought back, of course, but he won't be part of the Justice League movie unless it's a brief cameo or something in a mid-credit scene. It simply didn't feel like a big deal whereas the deaths of someone like Captain America or Iron Man in the MCU at this point would as a LOT has been done with the characters over the years to allow people to really get invested in them. A Justice League movie without Superman front and center is like eating at KFC and not ordering chicken. As a result, I'd be far more enthused with Marvel picking who ultimately is in charge of the project as well as who writes the screenplay.

    Another thing to consider would be if this would just be a one time deal or if it'd be the first in a series of movies with shared continuity. If it's the former, there's not as much pressure or detail needed but if it's the latter, then careful planning is needed and Marvel has almost a decade of cohesive, entertaining movies as part of its universe.

    Also, if it'd be the first in a series of movies, maybe it'd be best if they kept the crossovers small for the first several movies. For the first one, maybe do something with Superman & Batman and Captain America & Thor or the Hulk and build things up over a period of years in which eventually both the Justice League and Avengers team up to combat the threat that's ready to tear apart both universes.

    I think the biggest problem with this would be both sides coming to an agreement on certain aspects of the characters. I mean, in all honesty, I'm sure someone in the brass of either company might take a look at the script and be miffed because they felt that their characters weren't being made to look strong enough or something. Egos would come into play at some point.

    In all honesty, it might simply be easier to do a Marvel/Star Wars crossover since Disney owns both properties.
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  5. sikkbones

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    There is no way this would ever happen, and we are far more likely to see a fox marvel property vs. MCU first.

    It would be nice to see a reference to green lantern in deadpool 2 but its far more likely if they are going to have deadpool/Ryan go meta reference his role as Hannibal king.
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  6. Mitch Henessey

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    Crossovers sound good on paper, but they rarely live up to the hype or fan's ridiculously high expectations. Freddy VS Jason was fun, but it's far from perfect. AVP was an awful film, and they tried to make up for a lack of gore with more blood and guts in Requiem, but it wasn't enough.

    You also have to think about a mess as far as the story goes. On the Never Sleep Again and the Crystal Lake Memories documentaries, they talked about how six or seven different endings were considered for Freddy VS Jason, and it's almost a guarantee things will be more complicated on a bigger stage for Marvel and DC. And I just can't picture a scenario, where both sides won't feel the need to get into a dick measuring contest over superiority.

    When Freddy VS Jason happened, both franchises were basically dead in the water and you can say the same thing about Alien and Predator. Marvel is established as the dominant brand in the superhero market, while DC is still trying to catch up. If a crossover happens, it'll take years and years and a lot of changes on both sides. Freddy Vs Jason was released in 2003, but Jason Goes To Hell, released in 1993, had the first official teaser, with Freddy pulling Jason's mask into hell.

    Of course, I would love to see a crossover between Marvel and DC, but you can be sure fans on both sides, the same fans, who want a crossover, and the groups, who will overreact to just about anything, will flood social media and message boards with one nitpicky complaint after another.
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  7. Dagger Dias

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    I like crossovers so I would be interested in seeing it if it did happen. I do have a tendency to put too high of a standard on what crossovers could look like and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Something like The Avengers teaming up with the Justice League taking on a villainous alliance containing supervillains of both brands would be phenominal if done properly. I know that would be nearly impossible, though. On a smaller scale, one Avengers guy teaming up with one DC guy against a couple of their main villains would still be fun to see. Superman and either Iron Man or Thor as allies in that film for instance. Not sure how any of it would work within the storylines of either cinematic universe or how it could come together as a real project, so who knows. There's lots of potential in such projects if it were ever possible. I'd probably give it a chance and watch it if they do a Marvel & DC crossover.
  8. A11oftheLights

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    As others have said the egos would clash and one company would want their guys looking stronger than the other, thats whats going to prevent this from getting off the ground or translating into a good film.

    On the other hand, if it was to get up and going it would be interesting to me at least to see how it would work because marvel obviously have the superior cinematic universe but DC have probably the two biggest superheroes in Superman and Batman, with Spiderman a close third and then daylight. On top of that they probably have the biggest villain in the Joker as well. Although the marvel universe has significantly closed that gap to make Iron man and co. more of a household name
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