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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Pay Per Ghost, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Before I start, I have to say that I AM NOT anti-indie or anything. A little uneducated perhaps but this forum has over the years kept me up to date about the Steens and sundry.

    Speaking of Steen, I still remember to this day that almost every ROH match back in 2010-11 felt so real. It was stiff and strong and at times borderline crazy; but that was the charm. The fans were so 'smart' that you had to make your punches and kicks make some noise, quite literally.

    I'll fast forward, I just watched Burch vs Dunn and uhh... making your shit look real is one thing, slapping your knee at every contact is a tad too much. Because if by logic that stiff punch by Burch is supposed to be his signature, it has lost its luster because both of them have spent the whole match killing the mystique of that move..

    Now this is the British style thats been around for decades I guess but most of us came across this when we discovered ROH or a smaller promotion around that D Bry, Nigel, Steen era; rounding up the earlier story and coming to the point...

    I have seen the likes of Rollins bring this to the main roster as well and it is great when he has to hit that finisher of his but, its that same indie slap your knee at everything style that really kills it for me

    I KNOW The Rock used to do it too, with his punches but man he built it to that big spit punch. At the same time, he had this ridiculous habit of slapping someone when he was DDTing them (haha). So I know it's been around, but shouldn't you build to that?
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    Jake The Snake Roberts, the inventor and master of the DDT has always done that. The reason it's done is to let the opponent know when he was gonna drop them so they could prepare themselves and not get injured.
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    I have to admit, I was fooled the first time I saw a wrestler do the knee slap (can't remember who, I'm old o.k. ) and I thought he was really punching people in the match. But now-a-days, these knee slaps are used in every single match in WWE if you look closely enough. It would make it easier if they just had a little speaker under the ring and hired a guy to press a button that makes a big slap noise from the speaker. Don't be surprised if WWE starts doing that. Keep a look out for -Button Slap Noise Guy- in the job ads.
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    Arena's are smaller for NXT, crowds are quieter, therefore the slap is more audible.

    Simple explanation
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    Sometimes it's used too much, but it's not something that happens all that often and it doesn't really bother me. A lot wrestlers have utilized slaps with their punches in order to sell impact. Before the past few years, most of the guys I saw doing it would sort of slap themselves across the chest or stomach while throwing a punch; Kane does it all the time as does Roman Reigns, though Reigns' punches are muffled because of the vest he always wears.

    But yeah, I don't really worry about this sort of thing as there are much bigger issues to complain about.

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