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    He is the 64th successor of the Hokuto Shinken style of martial arts, roughly translated as Divine Fist of the North Star. He was raised by the 63th successor of the art, a man named Ryuken, who taught the young Kenshiro everything he knew. The Hokuto Shinken style is unique because it allows the user the ability to use 100% of their muscle strength instead of the usual 20% or 30%.

    The Hokuto Shinken is quite formidable; it allows Kenshiro to target an opponent’s tsubos, or secret channeling points which act like sensitive pressure points. By targeting these tsubo points, Kenshiro can kill, cripple, maim, or distort an opponent or even objects simply by touching them. It’s not unusual for him to make a human body explode. The Hokuto Shinken also grants Kenshiro further enhanced abilities such as super hearing and super smell, and like Goku he can even sense an opponent’s life energy.

    Kenshiro is a just and honorable man who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and will not hesitate to defend those whose rights have been violated. Those that dare to cross him rarely survive if he aims to kill them.


    Enhanced Strength: Using Hokuto Shinken allows Kenshiro to use 100% of his muscles latent energy. He has been seen effortless punching through rocks, concrete, and steel.

    Enhanced Speed: Kenshiro has the ability to move much faster than the average human; he is capable of throwing 50 punches in less than 3 seconds. He can react fast enough to grab bullets out of the air.

    Enhanced Senses: Kenshiro has super hearing and super smell, and his eye sight is seen enough to allow him to see an opponent’s life energy.


    Martial Arts: Kenshiro is a master of the Hokuto Shinken which allows him to not only kill opponents with a touch by making their organs explode, but he can rip off limbs by making them explode. He can alter an opponent’s senses and even their emotions, and can even use the Hokuto Shinken to heal.

    Weapons Master: Kenshiro is also well adept in using nunchaku and throwing knives.


    High Intelligence: Kenshiro possesses keen intellect which allows him to adapt quickly to changing scenarios. He is well practiced in ancient Chinese medicines, and knows the function of the human body to the point where he can manipulate any way he wants using the Hokuto Shinken.

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