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    Real Name:
    Kendrick Xavier

    Gimmick Name:
    Kendrick Xavier

    Announced As:
    "The X-Man"


    215 lbs.

    Riverside, California

    Billed From:
    Silicon Valley, California


    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Silicon Valley, weighing in at 215 pounds, Kendrick "The X-Man" Xavier!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length:
    Short shaven black hair

    ----------------Eye Colour:

    ----------------Facial Hair:
    Lightly trimmed mustache & peach fuzz chin hair

    ----------------Ring attire:
    Black tights that come down to the thigh laced with white and gold trim wrapped around each other. White boots with "X-Man" in gold put in on the side. On his right forearm, he wears an electronic wristband to control his gadgets and technology that he brought around the ring.

    ----------------Backstage Attire:
    He would wear similar outfits to this while riding around on his Hovertrax:

    ----------------Physical Features:
    Slightly above average physique.


    Sample Pic of Wrestler:
    Pic base: Pooch hall


    Main Gimmick:
    Technology fanatic who sees WZCW as a chance to be famous doing something that he want's to do.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
    • Incorporates his high level technology in matches to entertain the fans, playfully mess with his opponents, and gain an advantage when backed into a corner
    • Socially awkward around humans at times so feels more comfortable around his creations and holograms

    Brief Bio/History:

    Kendrick Xavier was born the in 1990 son of an electrical engineer for a father and a mother who was an athlete and an honor student of her own at the University of California at Riverside. The family packed up and moved ship to Silicon Valley during the internet bubble and found great success in a variety of fields and projects. As time moved on and the technology advanced, Kendrick grew up and became fascinated with the latest and most innovative pieces of futuristic equipment. During a show and tell portion of a class in his 2nd grade year, he went to show off a device to his classmates that went completely and terribly wrong. Xavier was so distraught that he ran out of the school and cried the whole night, leading to his parents to take him out of school and home school him for the rest of his educational days. While being home schooled, he developed an interest for professional wrestling and would often try to copy some of his favorite wrestlers that he saw on TV. He would train with some of the robots his father invented whenever he had time between studies and family outings. Wanting to gain fame on his own merits, Kendrick took to looking for wrestling companies that would sign him. Hopefully, WCZW would be the break he was hoping for.

    Entrance Music:
    "Here I Go" by Mystikal


    Entrance Description:
    As the music begins, the lights dim down and a flickering gold spotlight forms on the stage. A few seconds later, Kendrick comes wheeling out on a Hovertrax vehicle dressed in a traditional boxer's robe with "X-Man" scrolling across the back of his robe. He smiles and waves to the crowd as he rolls down the ramp, soaking in the reaction that he's getting. He stops at the time keeper's area and steps away from the Hovertrax and climbs up to the ring apron. Xavier moves into the ring and scales up the turnbuckle, pumping his arms to get the crowd hyped up. He finally jumps down and gets his last stretches out of the way as he waits for his opponents.

    Fighting Style:
    Mat based technician

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
    One of his biggest fears is having the crowd laugh at him when he is the butt of certain jokes. He's very insecure about himself so he gets real embarrassed when his tricks and gadgets malfunction and/or backfire, which causes him to end interviews early or take his focus off his opponents during matches.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    • X Chip (Shotgun Stunner)
    • EMP (Asai DDT) Normally used when up against bigger opponents

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    • Inverted headlock neckbreaker
    • Twist of fate
    • Surfboard

    12 Most Used Moves:
    • Fisherman's suplex
    • Sitout jawbreaker
    • Underhook suplex
    • Inverted atomic drop
    • Camel clutch
    • Reverse chinlock sleeper hold
    • STO
    • Single underhook DDT
    • Russian legsweep
    • Running leg drop
    • European uppercut
    • Running bulldog

    Sample RP.

    The scene opens up with a dark silhouette sitting at their desk with their laptop open. The shadowy figure moves his mouse around and they click on an icon to check on their email. A list of emails pop up and at the very top is titled "WCZW Application Video." Intrigued, the figure double clicks on the email to open it and a video fills up the screen. The video fades in and the figure is now fixing his eyes onto a man dressed up in some sort of absurd outfit that seemed like it hasn't even came out yet. The man in the video is smiling as he's surrounded by an entourage of people pampering and feeding him.

    Kendrick Xavier: Good evening fellow viewer! For those that are unaware, I am your fellow humanoid, The X Man, Kendrick Xavier and I am YOUR guy for WZCW!

    Xavier stands from his spot while the camera tries to keep up with him but stops halfway. A sigh of frustration can be heard as Kendrick moves forward and manually picks up the camera. He fixes his face to return to his smile as anyone watching the video can tell he was now holding the camera himself, and not doing the best of jobs at it

    Kendrick Xavier: Haha. Don't mind that minor setback. Let's focus on the setup *pauses* for the road to stardom that yours truly can start as soon as this video gets into the right hands. If my calculations serve me correctly, you my good sir or madam, are the link to my genesis.

    He pans the camera around the futuristic setting of his house, his entourage playfully posing, smiling, and waving for the camera as it swings by them. The camera settles and refocuses itself back on Xavier

    Kendrick Xavier: As you can see, the future is here and the last thing you want to have happen is that you get stuck in the present because the present quickly turns into the past. Prepare for the future by signing the man of the future, Kendrick Xavier

    Kendrick chuckles to himself as he moves around but accidently trips over his feet, stumbling head first into his entourage. He falls through one of the people as it is revealed to be nothing more than just a hologram. The hologram become static and disappears along with the rest of his crew as the phrase "Simulation Terminated" could be heard being repeated loud and clear by a female computer voice. A barrage of swears can be heard coming from Kendrick's mouth as he crawls over and grabs hold of the camera. The last image the figure watches before the screen cuts to black is a super close up of a slightly dejected Xavier mumbling a few more words and pressing a couple of buttons. The shadowy figure chuckles a bit as the camera zooms out and the scene fades to black

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